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An Oral Essay


My husband and I have been together twelve years and married nine. We have two children and for most of the past ten years I have been primarily a stay at home housewife and mom. I've never considered myself sheltered by any means and have always assumed that I was quite normal and that my husband and I have a very normal sex life together.

These assumptions I held until about a year ago when I returned to the work place outside the home. Both our boys are now in school and you can only watch so much day time TV. My husband is in the insurance industry and has many contacts in the business. One of his associates owns an agency not far from my kid's school and so it made getting back into the working world an easy transition.

The agency is probably mid-sized with about eight producers (all males) and a support staff of about twenty four (all female). I don't know if it's just the insurance industry or just men in general, but all eight of them are married and without exception, all eight are macho, self-absorbed, egotistical jerks. All of them cheat on their wife's, or at least they claim they do. All are huge flirts and skirt chasers. And I'm sure every one of them would bed any woman in the office if given the chance. Of course all of this may just be male posturing, but that's the general climate of the office.

On the other hand, the woman are total gossips and never seem to mind sharing their opinion about every male (the bosses) in the office and the personal lives of virtually every other woman in the place. For some reason, all of this has come as some what of a surprise to me as I guess I just didn't realize woman talked about other woman in such graphic detail. But what has really surprised me however, is that among all of the chatter and innuendoes is the all most universal dislike of oral sex. Now not the receiving of oral sex of course, that they all seem to like. It's the giving of oral sex that for some reason they all seem to find objectionable and describe as anywhere between distasteful to down right disgusting.

Here is where I have always thought of myself as perfectly normal and yet I certainly seem to be at odds with the majority of females at least in this office. Now I guess I wasn't born liking the art of orally pleasing my partner, and in retrospect I will admit it's an acquired taste, so to speak. But just like making love in general, the entire act is an art form and one that only gets better through practice.

So let me start at the beginning. I think I was a normal teenager, with the normal crushes, hopes, dreams, and I think normal sexual experiences. I started dated in about 10th grade, had a steady boy friend by 11th grade, or maybe two. I lost my virginity the summer before my senior year which seemed pretty much on track, at least with the kids in my crowd. There was always talk of oral sex in the girl clicks, who did what to whom and so on. What did it taste like, was it nasty, how long did it take, did he cum, and of course the big question, did you swallow? I was always very curious, but in all honesty, just a little nervous too. I wasn't sure about how you do it and the swallowing thing was a huge unknown.

My senior year boyfriend and I were hot and heavy for many months. My parents didn't really like him so that only made him more attractive to me. Ever since I was ten years old, my parents would send me off to church camp each summer for four weeks. That summer between my junior and senior year of high school my boyfriend somehow managed to get his parents to spring for the same camp so we could spend the month together. We spent every possible minute together and "went all the way" before the first weekend came around. It was very much the usual teenage thing; kissing, petting, necking for hours, exploring and of course, finally breaking of the cherry. I was scared, but it really was very cool and I loved it. He got what he wanted and so did I. Now finally I had something to add to the tales at the lunch table once school started again.

The only thing we really never got around to was the oral sex part. I think he wanted to, but just somehow never got down to it (so to speak). And I wanted to, but I wasn't sure if it was polite for the girl to go first? I kept waiting for him to do me first and then I'd assume it was ok for me to return the favor. Well it just never happened. Not that summer and not during the next couple of months that we reminded love interests.

After we broke up mid-way through the fall semester I really never had another steady boyfriend that year or the next summer and other than just the usual necking on dates and at the Senior Prom, I didn't have sex again until I went off to college.

Upon my arrival at college I did not consider myself a virgin, but since I'd really only been with one boy, I knew I wasn't really all that experienced. I'd never lived away from home before and I was determined to live the life of a footloose and fancy free coed. I lived in the dorm of course, which was coed by floor, so it was a very target rich environment.

I went thorough Rush and pledged a sorority like most of the freshman girls. I deliberately picked one where the girls looked like girls who wanted to have fun. And since I knew very little of the life of a full blown adult, I figured that hooking up with girls that did would be my ticket to a safe and enjoyable college experience. I knew very little of the college live style and of course I guess I had been a little more sheltered than I thought, but I wanted to attend every social mixer and meet as many guys as possible. About five weeks into the school year we were all invited to a huge party at a frat house that was well known for serious parties and somewhat of an "anything goes" atmosphere. I looked forward to it all week and was actually planning on breaking my "dry spell" of sexual abstinence. So to be honest I went to the party planning on "getting laid," I just didn't plan on what happened next.

Things were going well for the first couple of hours and after five or six beers, I was hooked up with a pretty cool looking football player type guy. We necked on the stairs for a while as we waited for one the bed rooms upstairs to become available. I guess I was a little drunk as I don't even remember moving from the stairs to this guy's room, but once up there, things began to change quickly to the rougher side. This wasn't exactly what I had in mind, but I was drunk and I had no one to blame for the situation, except but myself. He was clearly going get "off" and he didn't really care what I wanted. I don't really remember all the details, but the basic jest of it was that I was going to suck his dick and there wasn't much I could do about it.

The first thing that scared me was that this guy was much bigger than my old boyfriend back home. His pecker was hard as a rock and looked a foot long (I later realized it wasn't, but it seemed that big at the time). He forced me to my knees and stood in front of me with his crouch right in my face. He held my hair tightly with his left hand and with his right hand guided his cock into my mouth. Then, using his right hand he pushed and pulled my head back and forth until I started to gauge. Just when I thought I was going to throw up, he started to cum; and boy did he ever cum. I had no idea it was going to be like that. He pulled my head all the way into his crouch and held me there tightly. He seemed to cum in gushes and I thought I was going to die.

Tears welled up on my face and started streaming down my cheeks. I couldn't breath and I couldn't swallow. I just wanted out of there. But suddenly it was all over and he let go of my hair and my head. He pulled back and immediately started pulling up his pants. He never said a word and in less than a minute he was out of the room and back downstairs at the party. I didn't know what to do. I just sat there on my knees for a minute or two until I heard a knock at the door and someone asking if the room was available. I got up, put myself back together the best I could and ran from the house. I actually ran all the way back to the dorm and locked myself in my room for two days. Luckily my roommate was nowhere to be found, so I had the place to myself until Sunday night. When she came in I had pretty much calmed down and just never told her or anyone else about the whole experience.

The rest of the school year I stayed pretty much to myself. I sort of buried myself in school work and didn't really go out much. And when I did go out, I always made sure I stuck with a sizable group of girls. I just sort of felt safer that way. My sophomore year I started dating again, but rarely got asked out for second dates. My junior year was a little better and I actually had a boyfriend for awhile. But I never slept with him and I'm sure he thought I was a virgin or gay or something.

It wasn't until my senior year that I met the love of my life, my life partner, my future husband. He was a grad student and a TA in one of my classes. I think it was love at first sight. During labs, he couldn't keep his eyes off me and I certainly couldn't my eyes off him. Within two weeks, we were meeting for lunch, in less than a month we had our first date. And I'd known him less then six weeks when I first slept with him. We were actually living together before the semester was over and needless to say, I got an "A" in that class.

He was extremely romantic and we made the most romantic love I could have ever imagined. Sex like I'd always dreamed of; wine, rose petals, clean sheets (quite a commitment for a college student), and of course the most wonderful romantic sex. He was my knight in shinning armor and he was riding a charging white stallion (or maybe I should say I was).

But how does all of this get back to oral sex you ask? Well, ok maybe a little too much back ground, but I felt I needed to tell you where I had been sexually for the past four years and why it took me so long to get to this point.

Probably by the second or third time we made love he went down on me. I was nervous as I'd never had anyone do that to me or for me. Oh, I wanted it, I even dreamed of it for years. I'd just never had anyone do it! And oh damn, was it ever haven. He was soft and sweet and loving and the entire act seemed so totally natural. He started by kissing my lips and then slowly moving to short little traveling kisses all over my face, neck and ears. From my neck he worked his way down my chest lovingly kissing and sucking each nipple until my skin almost glowed red.

Now here is where he started to break new ground. From my breasts, he headed very slowly south to my stomach, my belly button, and finally my pubic hairs. There he spends what seemed like forever kissing and sucking and probing with his tongue. First one vaginal lip and then the other, then both. He gently licked my clit until it was hard as a little rock and then he actually began to suck it. All the while softly massaging my G-spot first with one finger and then with two. I came for the first time in my life and I came hard. He didn't stop and I came over and over again and soon I was lying in a wet spot probably two feet wide.

When he finally took a break I knew it was my turn to return the favor. The incident of my freshman year was absolutely nowhere in mind. I was in total bliss and I couldn't wait to taste him the way he had tasted me. Using his technique as a guide I followed the same path he had just taught me. Stating at his lips and slowly working my way to his south pole. My pussy juice covered his face and lips and the taste almost brought me to another orgasm. By the time I got to his belly button his penis was sticking me in the face. I was so excited I know I most have been leaking all over the place.

First I kissed the tip of his penis and tasted a man's pre-cum for the very fist time. It was just as girlfriends had told me it would be, but the effect it had on be I could not have expected. A warmth or blush just spread over my entire body as I slowly kissed and kissed again wetting more and more of his shaft with each kiss. By this time I was drooling and his cock was soaking wet with my saliva as I went deeper and deeper with each pass. After just a couple of minutes I had engulfed almost its entire length and I was performing what I assumed was the "deep throat" technique. I was very excited and it was quite self-satisfying that I could take almost all of him in my mouth. But it really wasn't all that comfortable for me and I guess I was worried about what would happen if he stated to cum; as I still hadn't resolved the "swallowing" question.

I moved my hand from his balls up to the lower portion of his penis. And then moved my head up to where I was only engulfing the penis head, or maybe just the top quarter of his rock hard and throbbing member. As his body tightened I knew he was about to cum. I didn't want the experience to end, but I couldn't stop. He came hard a few seconds later and at first I let him cum in my mouth. At this point, and maybe subconsciously, my one prior experience must have entered my mind, as I pulled off and spit out what was in my mouth. He didn't seem to even notice, much less care, and that was very comforting to me. I continued massaging his penis with my hand until he finally quit cumming. At that point I returned to sucking him. He was very, very sensitive so I had to go very slow as to not force him to pull away. I cleaned him up with my tongue the best I could and then moved up to kiss his lips. We soon were both fast asleep and don't think we even made love that night. We did however make for it several times the next morning.

That spring we both graduated and he took a job in Dallas. Much to my parent's horror, I followed him and we moved in together. Over the next several years we experimented with every form of pleasing each other we could think of and we much very much acquired a love for pleasing each other orally. As far as I was concerned, oral sex is the most loving, intimate act two lovers could possibly do. It provides every form of sexual stimulation from touch and taste, to sight, scent and sound. I love hearing my husband's breath quicken to short shallow little hee...hee...hees as he approaches climax.

A little over two years later we were married and shortly after that our babies came along. Our sex life continued though out most of my two childbirth experiences and as my due date approached each time, we would revert to oral sex almost exclusively. I don't mean to imply that we don't enjoy vaginal sex ... oh we do. But I don't think either one of us could imagine a sex life without enjoying the oral pleasures.

Now, to finally get to the point of this entire story, the girls at work. I don't know if their lying or just bull shitting the way the men in the office do. But I honestly feel sorry for them. They appear to be missing one the greatest pleasures of romantic love. And I don't know if I should challenge them or just keep the secret to myself. It truly is their loss.

Unless it's really cold in the house or one of the kids is sick ... we normally both sleep nude. My husband normally sleeps on his back (yea, I think its weird too) and I sleep on my right side cuddled up to his left side. This provides me with great opportunities to kiss his ear, his neck and shoulder. While at the same time using my left hand to play with his chest, and stomach, and oh yes, my favorite parts down below. I love to feel him drift off to sleep next me as I cuddle up to his hairy chest. Just as I hear and feel him slip off to sleep, I'll usually begin my oral trek south. I don't think he's really asleep; it's more of that twilight, because as I start to kiss and nibble, I can almost see a little smile on his face, even in the total darkness.

I'll run my finger tips through his chest hairs and down across his belly. I'll then start to make wide but very slow circles around the family jewels. Using just the very lightest of touches, where my fingers are just barely in contact with his skin, or really not in contract at all, just skimming his body hair. Even in this twilight stag of sleep I can hear his breath quicken and I know its ok to proceed. As so not to fully awaken him I'll move my kisses down his side and then when I get to his waist I'll slowly start to left myself up so as to gently rest my head on his stomach. His penis will usually be semi-flaccid at this point and that's my absolutely favorite. I adore kissing it before it starts to get fully hard as I want it in my mouth so as to get the full sensation. Kissing the tip gently I'll almost suck it into my mouth and ever so slowly allow my tongue to start its sensuous massage. Gently and with great love and tenderness I will orally massage him to full erection.

Depending on whether we've already had sex that night or not, it may take several minutes or it may be almost immediate, but I always get his attention. At full erection he's way too big for me to totally deep throat, but that's not my goal anyway. I want to feel him grow in my mouth; bring him to total ecstasy, then savior every drop that cums my way. So other than wetting the entire penis with saliva, I really concentrate on the tip. After twelve years together, I know how to bring him to the very point of exploding, and then hold him there, just at the very edge ... without losing the experience.

I consider this an art form, and an art of absolute love and affection. One that I love as much as he does.

Now that brings me to the office girls. What in the hell are they thinking? Is it all women, most women, or just these prima donnas that have been told it nasty, or just assume it's nasty? I really don't get it. Bring my husband to climax, especially orally, is the most loving and satisfying form of sexual fulfillment I can imagine. I truly feel sorry for these women and all I can hope is that through love and patience they will see the error of their ways.

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