An Ordinary Man's Life Ch. 02


Andromeda returned the favor and after washing his stone hard cock it didn't take long likewise to jerk him off, though she didn't let his delicious sauce go to waste in the shower.

The moment he yelled, ʺI'm cuuummming.ʺ her mouth grasped the head of his recently soaped cock and collected his spunk in her greedy mouth.

When the second squirt hit her back of her mouth, she returned the previous favor when he slid his fingers in her ass. She pressed her soapy forefinger, minus her recently trimmed nails, straight in to his soapy asshole.

ʺAhhhhhhhhh!?ʺ Todd yelled uncontrollably. His cock jerked in her mouth like a lively snake and his eruption became even stronger until he had drained his balls.

She opened her mouth, shamelessly showing him the big puddle of his milky white cream inside and then swallowed it appreciatively.

Slowly she withdrew her finger from his ass and after a brief look saw there was nothing terribly nasty on it. Without hesitation she put it in her mouth with an unembarrassed expression on her face. She had looked straight in his eyes the whole time which were blinking in disbelief. "Did you like it? "

ʺYes I did, it was strange, but yes I liked it, you dirty wench.ʺ

ʺYour ass tastes good honey. ʺ

They kissed and finally washed the remainder of the soap from their bodies. Thanks to the new hot water system installed two years ago and despite their lengthy bathroom stay, the water had yet to grow cold.

The two lovers then took turns drying each other off with big fluffy bath towels as they laughed and hugged and kissed.

Then Andromeda brazenly and without hesitation showed him how she cleaned her bowels. After four days without Todd, she was primed for her next assfucking.

Jennifer had given Andromeda her spare kit of the Reprop® Clyster as a gift. This of course required Jennifer to order a new spare set.

ʺBaby, it appears that you want me in your ass again, and I'd be more than happy to help. I've also decided that it would better for any woman who wants anal sex with me to choose how often this occurs. I've thought about it and its much more fun for my lover to become desperate to have my cock in her ass then it would be if I would demand this kind of lovemaking.ʺ

At his declaration, Andromeda got on her hands and knees on his bed and Todd prepared her anal opening equally as well as he had done last Sunday. It didn't take long for her to begin down the road to another orgasm.

After taking his time to lovingly prepare Andromeda, he thought she was ready for his cock, but soon found out she had other ideas.

ʺMy love, please go to the drawer with all the toys and fetch that blue vibrator. We are going to try something a little different this time and we will need it.ʺ

Todd disentangled himself and went to the drawer where he found the vibrator His curiosity had him inspecting the toy to find that it was smaller than his cock, though not by much. He walked back to the bed to find that she was still in the same position.

ʺNow put that dildo in my ass but don't engage the vibration switch until I tell you. Oh yeah, please don't forget to use lube.ʺ

As a young man he would have preferred it was his cock inside her, instead of this fake thing, yet he did as he was told.

With a little pressure the vibrator went into her ass until only the round switch to start the vibration was still visible. Todd could tell from her moaning that she liked it.

Suddenly she changed position and lay on her back. She tucked her legs up to her chest and presented her glistening wet cunt to him, with the vibrator poking out below.

ʺNow fuck my pussy darling, and the moment I start to cum please turn on the vibrator. Trust me; this will be great fun for both of us.ʺ

Todd once again used to his teenage cock to impale Andromeda. He caressed her magnificent breasts and her long hard nipples. And he ground his hips in small measured movements wetting his cock in her cunt as he kissed her.

ʺHoney, you're even tighter with this vibrator in your ass. I can feel the toy in your ass against my dick.ʺ

ʺStop talking Todd, I can feel it too. It's fantastic. Now fuck me! ʺ

Todd slowly changed from the small thrusts into longer, harder movements, alternating between shallow and deep strokes it became impossible for them to kiss any longer because they were both breathing heavily.

He fucked Andromeda hard and felt the first sign of his next orgasm stir in his balls. Not wanting to come too soon, he was relieved that she was almost ready to orgasm first.

She gasped out, ʺ you fuck me sooooo gooood, please harder, I'm almost there.ʺ

Todd knew he wouldn't cum too soon. He could hold off a little while longer. He sped up his efforts and a minute or two later he sensed the moment was right and turned on the vibrator.

The effect was dramatic on Andromeda. She cried out ecstatically and her lower body was bucking like a wild horse trying to throw it's rider out of the saddle.

However, Todd seemed to be a good rodeo rider. He managed to remain in the saddle, fucking her hard through her long multiple orgasms until it was time to slow down.

Andromeda deflated like a rag doll, with closed eyes and desperately trying to catch her breath.

He stopped his movements and quickly turned off the vibrator at exactly the right time because the vibration of the sex toy had some unwanted effects on his cock also.

Tenderly he removed her bangs, soaked with sweat, from her forehead and kissed her there. Her heavy breathing prevented any other kisses.

They lay skin to skin without his body weight encumbering her body. He lay on top of her patiently waiting for her recovery. Eventually she opened her eyes looking at him with only love in them. Todd was extremely touched by this woman's adoration. Why couldn't he be at least 6 years older, having finished college and getting a good job? Though he knew this was an unrealistic wish.

They had to make the best of their situation, to put their love for each other in the forefront.

Wordlessly, Todd kissed her lips, softly, tenderly, lovingly, and without any tongue battle. Just the tip of their tongues moved together in slow circles until she was again in full control of her faculties.

ʺMy love, I have dreamed about sex like this, but I never believed it was humanly possible. Now I know that true love is inextricably linked with fantastic sex. To feel your hard cock in me is almost enough to make me orgasm again.ʺ

Todd's as yet unsatisfied cock remained hard because of the very small movements and contractions of her pussy during and after her orgasms.

ʺAndromeda I believe you have spoiled me for the rest of the female population on this planet. However, I couldn't give a damn about any of them. At this moment the only thing that counts is you, my love.ʺ

The next sensation he felt was her cunt muscles caressing his cock anew. Deliberate movements of her hips soon followed.

Gradually but undeniably they both heated up again. One round of sex, even with multiple orgasms, wasn't enough for her anymore, not with the new love of her life.

She had already returned to breathing hard as she said, ʺI want you to remove the vibrator from my ass the moment I come and fuck me there, or as another choice, you remove the vibrator just before you come and fill my bowels with your sperm again. Please do this for me.ʺ

This was exactly what they did. They continued their long, loving fuck session, but this time Todd knew he would be the first to reach the finish line.

He could also tell she wasn't very far away from another climax, but not exactly how close she was.

Eventually the excitement of their lovemaking was too much for him. With a yell he announced his impending eruption, ʺHoney, I'm almost there...fuck...yeah...the vibrator.ʺ

He removed the vibrator from her ass and with one hard stroke his cock went almost completely into her rectum.

ʺYeeeessss, this feels sooooo goooood, Todd. Fuck me hard, baybeeeeee.....ʺ

Two or three more strokes and he couldn't hold back any longer, shooting his load deep in her bottom, making nearly inhuman noises as he finished. He kept moving even after his balls were drained though he could feel he was on the verge of losing his erection. However, before his cock went limp he had another idea.

He turned the switch of the vibrator on and pushed this buzzing toy straight in her pussy.

ʺToooooooooooddddddddddd, ʺ she wailed loudly. He couldn't have hoped for a more excited response.

With the last thrusts of his half-hard cock in her ass, she lost control of her body again. She cried out loud once more and the strong convulsions of her body made it impossible for him to keep his deflating cock in her bottom. She literally pushed it out of her anal passage

This time their recovery even took longer because both were simply exhausted. They even napped for over thirty minutes.

After they took a leisurely shower it was almost half past five. They dressed and went to the living room waiting for his mom and dad. His parents arrived ten minutes later and found Andromeda and Todd sitting on a couch, talking and behaving like a long married couple.

Cheerful greetings were passed around by all and Andromeda immediately asked Jennifer whether she could help her with dinner. Jennifer's response was that of course, she could.

After Jennifer changed into appropriate attire for preparing a meal, the women went into the kitchen and Todd talked with his father.

ʺDad, Samantha and I had a disagreement at school and she cancelled our date for tomorrow. I decided to ask Andromeda and she happily agreed to be Samantha's replacement. I want to invite her to the ʹClubʹ after the concert. You know I told you how happy I was to get those tickets, and I'd already made a reservation. Is this ok with you, dad? ʺ

ʺOf course it is Todd, but may I ask you for the reason of your dispute with Samantha? ʺ

ʺIt's quite simple. On Wednesday she got so horny that she wanted me to go to bed with her after school, but I had a prior meeting with Morgan Dexter, you know him, which I just couldn't let go, though I was definitely tempted.ʺ

ʺI believe it Todd, some young women aren't easy to handle, especially certain ones who think every man should eat out of the palm of their hands.ʺ

ʺYes, and then she tried to use another tactic, which was to ignore me completely. Maybe she thought I would chase after her like a puppy dog, but that would never happen, and of course it made her even angrier. So, in the process of having her snit fit, she cancelled our assignation. I like her a lot but sometimes she seems to have immature ideas.ʺ

They talked a little while longer until dinner was ready. The food was fabulous and Jennifer explained how well she and Andromeda worked together.

Both during and after dinner they all talked as if Andromeda had been part of the family for years. After only one bottle of Cabernet they went to bed at 10 pm. Her overnight bag proved to come in handy.

Andromeda and Todd made love but once that night, not a frantic encounter this time, just slow and gentle. Eventually they experienced a very pleasant simultaneous orgasm. After a quick shower, they fell asleep next to each other, arm in arm like an older couple who have been lovers for a long time.

Friday morning started out with an early rise from bed and a quick shower. For the relatively new lovers, there was little time for anything more than a few kisses.

Tom being an early riser, as he didn't need much sleep, performed a task that was usually left to the woman in most households. Taking advantage of his need for less sleep, he was always the one to fix the family breakfast. Jennifer, Andromeda and Todd had only to sit at the well-laid table and enjoy themselves.

They ate, drank coffee and talked until it was time to separate for the events that this day held for each. His parents went to work, Todd to school and Andromeda to her apartment to do some chores she had left unfinished over the last few days.

Upon Todd opening his locker at school, a somewhat contrite young woman by the name of Samantha approached him.

ʺTodd, could we talk after school at Denny's? Are you mad about me? ʺ

ʺNo, I'm not mad at all. I've already mostly forgotten the incident. I normally don't bear grudges. So sure, we can meet at Denny's. I have some things to say also.ʺ

His speech seemed to lift her mood considerably. ʺThank you, ʺ she sputtered and gave him a quick kiss on his cheek. Hastily she turned and went to her classes. At lunch she sat at his table as she usually did.

It was ten minutes after 3:00 PM when they arrived at Denny's Café. Andromeda would be back at home around 4:30 so there was enough time to talk.

They ordered some beverages and Todd gave Samantha the nod to speak first.

ʺTodd I'm not happy having cancelled our date this evening. Do you think we could..., ʺ she saw him shaking his head and stopped?

ʺI'm sorry Samantha, I already made other plans. I didn't expect you would change your mind so quickly after you were so obviously angry with me yesterday. Please don't be mad at me again.ʺ

Of course, he didn't tell her it was the Goddess Andromeda herself who would accompany him to the concert. Maybe he should change his name to Perseus he casually thought to himself

ʺI know I was a bitch Wednesday and Thursday but I didn't mean it that way. I've just got a terrible temper sometimes.ʺ

ʺIt's ok, honey, apology accepted. And I want to apologize too. I believe I also was a bit rude with my rejection on Wednesday. Sorry! The meeting with my programming buddy was also important to me or I would not have previously arranged it.

ʺLet me also address something you may not want to hear. Yesterday it was not only your terrible temper, there was also an attitude involved I don't like. You're extremely beautiful and intelligent too, but when it all boils down to basics, you're not any better than any other girl at school. And the same principles apply to me, I'm not any better than any other guy at school. I want us to be equal partners with mutual respect for each other. And yes, I do like you a lot.ʺ

Samantha hesitantly said, ʺYes Todd, I think I already know what you are trying to say. I received a good dressing down from my mother after I told her what happened earlier this week between us. I'll try to change my ways. Do you think we could meet up and go out sometime this weekend? ʺ

ʺI'm sorry again Samantha, weeks ago I planned for a visit to my uncle this weekend. He manages a farm about 30 miles from here and he wanted to show me something. I can't disappoint him and it wouldn't be right to blow him off this late.ʺ

It wasn't a complete lie but it wasn't the whole truth either. During classes he'd called his uncle to inquire as to whether or not he could come for a visit with Andromeda. As Todd was his only nephew, he received an emphatic yes in response. His uncle kept riding horses and Todd knew Andromeda could ride a horse even it had been some time ago since she'd had the opportunity.

ʺPity! ʺ Samantha exclaimed disheartened.

They drank their beverages and talked a little longer until it was time to separate. With Samantha being of the female species and Todd being a young male, he really couldn't decipher what mood she was in as he left.

At ten minutes past 4:00 he came home and took a quick shower, without masturbating, as he wanted to save himself for any possible afternoon delight with Andromeda.

Fifteen minutes later the front door opened and Andromeda came rushing in. Todd moved in close against her and on frantically they embraced. It seemed as if they hadn't seen each other for weeks. Eventually Andromeda interrupted their kisses and blurted out, ʺTodd, my car is still open and there are two suitcases in the trunk we should bring in.ʺ

It turned out they were two very large and heavy suitcases, but Todd could easily handle them.

ʺYour mother told me yesterday, while I helped her with the cooking, that I should bring some of my clothes here because there is more than enough storage space in your large closet. She also told me that the extra laundry wouldn't be any problem either.ʺ

ʺFine woman, my mother! ʺ, he commented devilishly.

Half an hour later everything was properly stored away. It was special fun for Todd to see all her dainty and sexy underwear. He even detected some thongs, though not very many. Mostly there were sexy panties. She told him there were a lot more clothes still in her apartment. The empty suitcases went to the box room in the basement.

Back in Todd's room they quickly undressed and jumped on his bed. They kissed each other repeatedly and explored their body parts with hands, legs, fingers, tongues and lips. They combined eager attentions on each other erogenous zones until it was time for Todd to force his stiff cock in her very ready and wet cunt. Despite the fact he hadn't masturbated lately, he was able to last for a little over ten minutes without using the PC muscle. That was more than enough time to make this sensual, responsive woman cum. They changed positions three or four times until they were back to the missionary position where she climaxed heavily. Once more it was exciting for him how her body reacted in an ear epileptic fit. He had also gotten used now to her ecstatic cries of pleasure.

He joined her less than a minute later with a strong ejaculation. His vocal attempts were muffled because of Andromeda's tongue probing his tonsils. After finally catching his breath, he was quite sure she had successfully detected they were still intact.

After a bit of post-coital bliss and a shower with more fun, it was time to prepare for the evening.

Because the concert was in a stadium, they both chose to wear jeans. Andromeda looked fantastic in hers. Because it was a warm spring day she added a bra and a sexy blouse and Todd a nice polo shirt.

She saw him questionably looking at the bra and said, ʺYou sure don't want me to get raped by some horny men with no bra under this blouse.ʺ

She quickly showed him the difference between a bra and no bra. He immediately understood that any man at the concert that night who happened to see her walking around without a bra would have their eyes bulging in appreciation. It was obvious she could not have her magnificent breasts swinging freely under the blouse like they were right before his eyes.

They ate a light early dinner that Jennifer had prepared during her lunch break and left in the fridge for them. Later while they drove to the stadium Todd told her about the plan he had made for the weekend. She was obviously happy and agreed to all his plans, though he didn't tell her about the horse riding yet. He wanted it to be a nice surprise for her. Arriving at their destination, Todd quickly found a place in the big parking lot. Though they had to walk some distance to the entrance to the concert, they walked hand in hand, doing what came naturally.

There were of course many people walking in the same direction. Out of the corner of his eyes Todd could see how most of the men went goggled-eyed upon seeing the couple, first at Andromeda and then at him, obviously trying to find a reason why they walked together hand in hand.

Todd never kidded himself, he knew despite the fact that Andromeda looked a few years younger than she actually was, everyone could see he was a teenager and that she was a mature woman. He smiled inwardly at the thought of what others would think about their sexcapades. Prying eyes seemed to follow them the whole time they walked.

A little later they found their seats, not far from the stage where the opening act was already performing. The musicians were good but all the spectators were waiting for the headlining group.

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