An Ordinary Man's Life Ch. 02


It is normal for most people attending a concert to show their appreciation by clapping from time to time. Todd and Andromeda never got around to any of that this night as they held each other's hand refusing to let go the whole concert, ignoring all the inquisitive eyes around them. They both really enjoyed the concert and left afterwards having had all their expectations satisfied. Andromeda was extremely happy at that point that Samantha had decided to throw a hissy fit and cancel her planned date with Todd for this concert.

It was just after 10:00PM as they walked back to the car. It just so happened that an older couple, the woman appeared to be in her fifties, walked beside them as they left the concert. Suddenly the woman blurted out, ʺAre you two a couple, ʺ obviously she could no longer control her curiosity.

Momentarily taken aback at the older woman's rudeness, yet still thinking quickly, Andromeda decided to have a little fun at the nosy woman's expense, ʺYes, we are recently married. My husband is eighteen and I'm ten years older but we can't keep our hands off each other. He is soooo good.ʺ

The inquisitive older woman looked shocked and her husband seemed to be a little bit miffed at her. They reduced their walking pace and fell behind Andromeda and Todd, who simply grinned at each other.

Without further interruptions they found their car and after waiting through the traffic with all the other cars, they were soon on their way to the club.

Andromeda knew all about the club, but was still surprised from the greetings and the kisses Todd received from two beautiful waitresses.

A few minutes later Charley came to their table and Todd could immediately tell that seeing Andromeda had created a totally different reaction then when he had brought Samantha to the club.

He couldn't hide his surprise and said so. ʺWow Todd, not to be too forward, but you have really improved your taste in women.ʺ

Todd answered without hesitation. ʺMy friend, may I introduce you to Andromeda Faltinger. My love this is Charley Ringer, more or less my second father. I've learned a lot from him about life.ʺ

Andromeda stood up and shook Charley's hand in a very friendly manner. You could see he was even more spellbound. ʺNice to meet you, ʺ both said.

This time he took a seat beside her at which could be considered a respectable distance.

ʺMiss.....ʺ Charley tried to begin formally, but she interrupted him immediately.

ʺI think it would be much easier if you called me Andromeda, and I hope it's ok if I call you Charley. There is really no need for formalities.ʺ

ʺThank you Andromeda, of course I'm Charley. How come such a beautiful woman is keeping company together with this youngster? ʺ He heartily laughed.

ʺI love him to death, ʺ she simply said, which made him speechless for a brief moment.

ʺMy God Todd, you really are a lucky guy. I never expected that you would show up with such a gorgeous creature, but now I'm envious.ʺ

The conversation was interrupted by Diana, who took their drink orders. Charley suggested an old Bordeaux wine from his cellar.

ʺIt's an expensive wine and I believe nobody wants to pay the price. We've stored ten bottles, but only one has sold in the last two years. In my opinion, we couldn't find a better time to open one.ʺ

After Diana returned with the wine and the bottle had been opened and tasted, Charley was happy the wine was free from cork taint. They touched glasses and he said seriously, ʺAndromeda, I see how much Todd loves you and I believe your words. Just never hurt him. He is like a son to me.ʺ

ʺDon't worry Charley, you're a nice guy and I don't want to make you angry, believe me.ʺ

They chatted for some more minutes until a plate of excellent finger food arrived. Charley excused himself with a formal kiss on Andromeda's hand.

ʺYou made a great impression on him, you know? ʺ

ʺYes I realize that, and I think I like him too. He's good looking and easy to talk to. I imagine he isn't short of female companionship is he? ʺ

ʺNo. Not at all, I think he has pretty good luck with women, or so I have heard through the grapevine. As long as I have known him he has never had a serious relationship. He has had a hazardous life in his past. Five years in the service and then another five years as a sailor on a deep-sea fishing boat. He made some good money along the way. Afterwards he went to college to earn a business degree. Then he and my father met and they built this club. Now he owns twenty percent of the club, at the grand old age of thirty five.ʺ

There was no need to leave the club early as the next day was Saturday and his uncle didn't expect them until 3:00 PM. They listened to some good live music from the bandstand and had just fun together. After a wonderful night together, Todd decided that he was indeed a very lucky young man. Andromeda, being of course fantastic as a sexual partner, was just as great company outside of their shared trysts.

It was after midnight as they drove home, showered and went to bed. They kissed each other gently as they drifted off to sleep.

They slept in late the next morning and after a healthy fuck session in the shower, they had a belated breakfast.

His parents were already on their usual shopping tour. Saturday was the only day they had enough time for it.

With an overnight bag for each in the trunk they drove the short distance to his uncle's farm.

His uncle and his step-aunt, Michael and Monica, seemed to have been waiting for them because they came out of the farmhouse just as his car came to a standstill beside his uncle's truck.

Todd had already told Andromeda that his uncle and aunt were the type of people who would only settle for hugs, not settling for mere handshakes. So it was no surprise that they were received with open arms.

Monica hugged Todd tightly as Michael did the same with Andromeda. As always, Monica teased him with her voluptuous body, though there was never anything serious or sexual about it. She treated her nephew like the son she had never had. Due to a serious accident in her youth she couldn't have children. She had adopted Todd in heart and soul from an early age. Teasing him was never meant to infer any sexual feelings for her nephew, as her husband was as virile as his younger brother of two years, sometimes almost too virile for her tastes.

Michael had the some fun with Andromeda and she deliberately returned his attentions. She decided that she liked him from the very first moment, and she didn't mind when he checked out her extraordinary behind.

They then changed partners as both men hugged each other, and the women followed suit.

Michael spoke first, ʺAndromeda you are a magnificent sight for my sore eyes. Todd is a lucky guy, be welcome in our home.ʺ

Monica added ʺIt was time for another visit my son, the last one was almost two months ago. Now I have to keep an eye on my horny husband, otherwise he may mistake your woman for me, ʺ she just laughed.

From a very young age she had addressed Todd as her son. None of their relatives seem to find any reason to take offense at this, and Todd returned the affection by adopting her as his second mother.

He thought that it was time to let the cat out of the bag, though his uncle knew about it of course.

ʺMichael, do you think it's time to show Andromeda your other roommates.ʺ

ʺCome on my dear ʺ Michael told Andromeda. Though she didn't know what to expect she followed him down back behind the house, Monica and Todd followed too.

They came to a sprawling barn with windows in it and a large front door. He took a device out of his pocket that looked like a remote control. ʺSometime ago I decided to make everything easier and employed a special firm to install automatic door openers. Not an easy task with such a large door but it works, now watch.ʺ

As it turned out, it was a remote control. He pushed a button on the control and the large barn doors swung open.

Andromeda gasped loudly, covering the lower half of her face with her hands, she saw them, five beautiful riding horses in their large, well-stocked stalls. She said unbelievingly, ʺNo, no, no, that can't be, and it must be a mirage. Tell me they are really there, Todd knows how much I like horses.ʺ

Michael spoke, ʺBelieve me my dear, they are real. They are waiting for you, go ahead, and go to them.ʺ

They saw tears in her eyes as she went into the barn. They all three stayed behind, not wanting to disturb her.

Too many people underestimate the intelligence of horses. Some of them often have a better insight into human nature than the average human being itself does.

As Andromeda approached them, anyone watching could immediately see how the horses reacted. They were interested and curious as to whom this human being may be.

It is said that an expert can tell from the snort of a horse in which mood it is. There is a movie by the name of The Horse Whisperer that hints at this type of understanding.

By the way the horses interacted with Andromeda; all three spectators could easily see that Andromeda was quickly accepted. After a pat on the forehead and short time spent interacting with each horse, she came out of the barn.

ʺCan I ride them today? I would very much like to, but I don't have any riding clothes with me.ʺ

ʺSure you can my dear, and don't worry about the riding clothes, we have a large variety of them. We often have guests, even paying ones. Todd you know where your room is of course, make yourself at home and find you both some refreshment. In the meantime I'll saddle the horses.ʺ

Todd showed her their room, adorned with a king-size bed, and where to store the contents of their overnight bag. The large room also had an adjoining bathroom. They quickly found suitable riding clothes for Andromeda. Todd had his own stored there and they both got changed and went down to the hall to where Monica was already waiting with their liquid refreshment. It was a delicious iced tea.

She said merrily, ʺI want to prepare a nice dinner for us, be back at six please. That will give you enough time to take a shower and by then dinner will be ready. I will accompany you tomorrow on your next ride, soon after breakfast.ʺ

Outside was Michael standing with the horses already saddled and ready, ʺLook Andromeda, this is Lizzy, a mare. Oh my, she likes you. She is the smallest one and easy to ride. You almost can't make an error with her. Tom you know Chester, and my horse is called Firestorm. Don't worry though; he is a very small firestorm.ʺ

All three horses were certified born thoroughbreds, Lizzy a smaller one mare with a light brown complexion and a beautiful appearance. Chester and Firestorm were both full-sized stallions, Chester with a deep-brown fur and Firestorm with a foxy complexion. That was where the name came from.

Todd thought to help Andromeda in the saddle but she managed it nicely on her own.

The next two hours Michael showed them the farm and what was being grown in each of the different fields. ʺWe change the crop rotation every year and every year a different field will be idle. We only use natural fertilizers and no chemicals. It wasn't easy at the beginning but now we make good profit.ʺ

They also met some of the helpers who lived in a separate big bunkhouse. None of them seem able to keep their eyes off Andromeda. Everyone could see how much fun she had riding Lizzy. She often talked to the mare and caressed her long neck. Her mind was filled with emotions for this horse.

Back at the farmhouse after their horse ride, the lovers unsurprisingly showered together, and they naturally had a nice, quick fuck while they cleaned each other. As they dried each other off, Todd was duly informed that riding is good for the woman's anatomy. Andromeda told him that it kept her orifices tight while all the necessary muscles were strengthened.

They were no sooner out of the shower and dressed when they were called to what turned into a fantastic but long dinner with their hosts. Monica surely knew how to cook.

After the dishes were cleared away they talked a little while longer until it was time to go to bed for an early start next morning. They had intended to simply turn in for the night and sleep, but their fervent and plentiful kisses got them both horny again.

This time she wanted to be on top during the whole fuck session. ʺMy love, we did it yesterday for just a minute or two but now I want to know whether I can ride us to an orgasm or not. I'm curious because the orgasm part would be new to me. I've been on top of some men before but for some reasons I actually never was able to ride them to completion. I don't know why they always changed positions before I could cum. I assumed it was my lack of experience in this position.ʺ

Later she told him her married lover refused her on top. She was sure it was a macho-thing since his preferred position was doggie. Her runaway groom only did her vaginally in the missionary position and fucked her ass from behind. With customers she never had the desire to be on top of them. Her rare lovers outside of business couldn't give her the on-top-experience she always wanted to have.

Andromeda straddled him and inserted his cock slowly in her pussy. She rotated her hips two or three different ways and said, ʺWow, as always it's nice to be on top. I can control for my own how deep you come and in which angle you penetrate me. Furthermore I can control how fast and how hard I fuck you. Let's try it and please don't change the position until I cum.ʺ

After nearly ten minutes Andromeda had effected all the possible movements available in the cowgirl position. Sometimes she was sitting straight up and her whole body was moving, which gave him the chance to caress her breasts with his hands, sometimes she just lay on top of him with her breasts pressed on his chest and only her hips were moving quickly up and down. This allowed Todd the opportunity to repeatedly kiss her.

After the development with the different angles, her motions somehow became more frantic, almost uncontrolled. ʺAaahhh, yeees, that's the right angle, my God, that feels good.ʺ She had found her g-spot and used his cock to further arouse herself.

Todd was surprised when he figured out that this position stimulated Andromeda much more so than him. He felt a tingle in his balls but he wasn't really anywhere near to ejaculating into this goddess. On the other hand, he instinctively felt that if they were to change to another position, he would come soon.

Suddenly she cried out loudly, ʺI'm cuuuummmmiiiing.ʺ

Quickly he grabbed her hips; otherwise her convulsing body would have caused her soaked cunt to lose contact with his hard cock.

The grip on her hips gave him the advantage he needed. With all the strength he could muster he fucked her from below until he was finally able to cum too. He could feel her orgasm subsiding, but what he didn't realize was that she was on the way to another.

The moment he flooded with her cervix with his warm seed she demanded, ʺPut a finger in my ass.ʺ

Because of the state of his mind he wasn't consciously able to control his action. Later he found out that instead of one finger, he drove three fingers in her ass.

ʺYeeeeaaaahhhh, ʺ she wailed and came again. He fucked her maybe two minutes longer until there was no more energy left in his system.

They crashed together from their sexual high, totally exhausted. Afterwards they weren't even able to shower again, they simply fell asleep.

On Sunday morning they made time for a shower, this time without sex, just playful teasing.

After a sumptuous breakfast all four went for a ride. Monica told them that she had something precooked and wouldn't need much time to finish it. Andromeda offered to help and her offer was accepted.

After a pleasant ride with a quick shower afterwards to wash off the smell of the horses, the women went to the kitchen as the men occupied a couch in the farm hall.

ʺTodd, Andromeda is a goddess, I'm sure you know this though. Where did you find her? ʺ

Todd thought for a brief moment and decided that he did not want to reveal the truth yet. He wasn't afraid of being embarrassed by the truth, but he was afraid of embarrassing Andromeda, so he attempted to inject some humor instead.

ʺWell, the Goddess Andromeda came straight from the Mount Olympus, and has made me her mortal slave. I'm destined to change my name to Perseus.ʺ

ʺHa Ha, I see you don't want to tell me the truth. Its ok, I'm just a little bit nosy. You don't meet a woman like her every day.ʺ

ʺYou are very right Michael. Let me just say that I choose to be mysterious about how she came into my life at this point in time.ʺ

After lunch was served the young couple had a few minutes alone and Andromeda surprised Todd. "Monica asked me about us and I couldn't lie to her. She is just too open and friendly with me. Not to mention that I really like her. "

Turning to Michael she addressed him, "Michael, Todd was trying to protect me, which is why he refused to reveal my past to you. I was a hooker for 6 years and it was as a hooker that I met Todd. We just seem to instantly fall in love with each other. But that is all in my past now and it doesn't matter to either of us anymore. Your wife also told me it didn't matter to her, and she has my thanks for that.ʺ

ʺHey girl, it doesn't matter to me either. What you have done in the past is something that you have to deal with by yourself. I tend to judge people by who they are now. You have a great personality and I like you. I believe that quite frequently very few couples, married or not, know much about the past life of their partner.ʺ

ʺYou are right Michael. Some of my former colleagues, who quit that business and have gotten married, have never had the guts to tell their spouses. Instead they prayed to God that their partner would never find out. The main problem of course is that there is always a possibility of encountering a former client who can't keep his or her mouth shut. The same naturally applies to me, but in my case, Todd already knows my past and has told me it doesn't bother him.ʺ

They moved on to talk about other subjects and Andromeda was happy inside that she had the confession out of her system and that Todd's aunt and uncle had accepted her.

She also hoped it wasn't her last visit with them and their lovely horses.

It was early afternoon when they decided to go for a walk instead a ride, because the young couple planned to drive home only a few hours later. A ride on the horses would entail changing clothes twice as well as taking an extra shower, and the decision of a walk instead would be less tedious. Michael showed them proudly the large pond with several beautiful koi in it.

After their stroll and back at the farmhouse, they packed their bags and said their goodbye to their hosts, with heartfelt hugs of course.

Andromeda naturally had to extend her farewells to the horses. She said to them, ʺI'll come back, you lovely creatures.ʺ

It was early evening when they arrived at home, enough time for Andromeda to help Jennifer prepare the dinner.

Through the course of the meal and during the after meal conversation, they consumed only one bottle of wine, for all of them had to get up early Monday morning and Todd's parents sensed he wanted to be alone with his girl.

Alone in their room, yes it was now ʹtheirsʹ, they couldn't get rid of their clothes quickly enough.

They jumped on the bed and with very few preliminaries, Todd and Andromeda got down to the business of some serious fucking. They were considerably over-stimulated from their day together with little more than kisses and hugs and as always, they were just eager to fuck each other. It was with no more than a few thrusts and pushing against each other that they came together, long and hard with the usual sounds of grunts, moans and screams. They kissed again, said loving words to each other, and before he could get completely flaccid she pushed him out of her and in the next moment she engulfed his slimy cock in her mouth.

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