tagBDSMAn Ultimate Fatasy

An Ultimate Fatasy


I’m sitting watching the football game. You’re working in the den on the computer. The kids are up north at grandpas for the weekend. It’s Saturday morning, & it appears to be another boring day at home. But unbeknown to me you have other ideas.

After closing the blinds to the rear sliding door & then locking the door, you innocently walk past me into the bedroom & begin changing into an outfit you recently purchased for this day. Because we have been together for over 8 years you have learned my deepest darkest fantasy is to have you for a whole day as my obedient servant performing odd, demanding & sometimes demeaning sex acts but until today you have been unwilling & mentally unable to fulfill them. In your mind you have found them to be too embarrassing, & haven’t been able to release your inabitions even though you have always wanted it done to you. But today is different. Today you feel hornier then you have ever felt before, your feeling utterly raunchy. Today would be different; you purchased your outfit & other oddities just for today. You have finely built up the courage to do it, to let go & enjoy your own dark side.

You exit the bedroom & quickly walk between me & the TV to the front door with your head cast down & a little smile on your face, not daring to look at me, where you lock the deadbolt & apply the safety chain.

“I don’t think we want any interruptions… Master.” You mischievously say as you close the blinds.

My eyes almost popped out of my head when you past in front of me. You looked incredibly raunchy. You have on black high heels, black fish net stockings, connected to a shiny black latex garter belt. You also have on the matching latex g-string panties, & push up bra, the kind that act like a shelf that simply cup the under side of your breasts, leaving your nipples exposed & on your nipples you have your nipple jewelry. A simple noose design that tightens around your nipples causing them to become erect & extra sensitive.

You very slowly walk towards me never looking up; your eyes always cast down in a presentation of passiveness. But as you approach I immediately get into character & order you in a stern voice to stop. You immediately do so, wondering what was going to be the first thing I wanted from you.

I approach you & whisper into your ear, “Are you sure about this?” & begin kissing your neck.

With out looking up, with my hot breathe on your neck, the moisture spreading in your panties, you answer in a whisper, “I wish only to please you & for you to use me as your pet… Master.” Then with a slight chuckle in your voice you add, “But don’t let this go to your head, at noon tomorrow we both return to being the respectable mommy & daddy that every one knows… Let the games begin.”

My hand moves to your ass & then slowly moves down the crack “Bend over” I say. “Then of course as a good pet you have inserted your toys…Haven’t you?” My finger now at your button hole, finding only it’s tight pucker.

A surprised look on your force. “Master, I was so busy getting dressed I have forgotten. I have no other excuse. I am sorry.” “Normally I would let you off with your small butt-plug. But since this is such a simple task that should have been performed first, I think your punishment should be that you must go into the bedroom, take one of your vibes & without turning it on, insert it into your pussy. Then bring me the lube & one of your other vibe’s so I can insert into your ass.”

“But master” are the only two words that escape your lips, before my hand lands sharply on your ass. The stinging pain quickly reminds you of your place, & your pussy moistens even more.

“Go now, or should I just fuck your ass right now?”

“Please not yet master. I will not disappoint you again.”

You quickly go to the bedroom and take out the toy box from it’s hiding spot in the closet. You remove your favorite vibe, move your moist panties to the side & insert it into your pussy. You find the anticipation of what is to come has excited you to the point that your about ready to cum. You almost turn it on, but remember my admonishment, so instead you reluctantly move your panties back in place to hold it in. You quickly return to the box & start searching & comparing your remaining vibes trying to find the smallest, skinniest one. Unfortunately none of them seem small enough to be comfortable & realize that none of your vibes are as small as your plug. You also realize that this will be the largest object that has ever violated your ass, so you just grab the smoothest of your collection, thinking no need for ridges or bumps for where he’s going to put it.

Then as you turn to come back to me, the vibe you inserted in your pussy almost slides out. If you hadn’t been wearing your panties it would have. You reach down to push it back up & feel your panties drenched with your juices. “God” You think aloud, “I better get control of myself, or I won’t last long.”

You leave the bedroom & as you enter the living room, I tell you to stop.

“Yes Master”

“Reach down & turn on the vibe.” I say with a wicked smile on my face. “And by the way. You know you are not aloud to have an orgasm unless I say you can.”

God. That was the last thing you wanted to hear, but you comply with my wishes slowly & hope you can hold out, so you reach down & set the vibe to it’s lowest setting.

“Oh come now pet I don’t think that’s high enough... Turn it up.”

“Yes master.” You say as you reach down & turn the vibe up. You can feel your orgasm building & clench your legs together hoping to hold it back.

I let you just stand there as you squirm in place. Your hands at your side, clenched into tight fists. Your eyes closed, concentrating, trying to hold back the floodgates of your orgasm.

“Now come to me, so you can take your punishment.” You approach me slowly, your juices dripping down your legs & hand over the vibe you have selected for your ass.

“Now bend over my chair, & spread your legs.”

As you begin to lay over the chair arm & spread your legs. Your orgasm suddenly over whelms you. You suddenly freeze & dig your fingers into the chair cushion as you feel the pulsations of your orgasm surge through your body.

As your orgasm subsides you finely realize I have been watching you & look back to into my face.

“Master… I’m sorry. I couldn’t hold back… It just came on me so fast.”

“Be quite slave.” I say as I reach to your vibe & turn it off. I then slowly pull it from your inflamed soaking wet pussy.

“Just for that, I have a new punishment for you. Go to the bedroom, get the two bullet vibes that are connected to the single controller. Insert one in your ass & one in your pussy. Then put some thing short & sexy over what you’re wearing now. We are going out.”

As you get up & start walking away I say, “I think I’ll call Ginger & see if she would like to join us.” Ginger is an old friend of ours who mentioned one day, after several margaritas, that she had the hots for you. But up until today you wouldn’t allow it, so I thought it would be worth a try.

You turn & smile. “As you wish master… She is expecting our call.” Then wink as you leave to the bedroom.

To be continued…

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