tagIncest/TabooAn Uncomfortable Situation Ch. 05

An Uncomfortable Situation Ch. 05


We took a few breaks along the way, but all told, Ali and I stood posed hip to hip with one another for more than three hours, all the while coping with the knowledge that Lisa had watched us having sex.

Each time we stopped for a break, it was almost as though a spell had been broken, and suddenly able to relax, we grabbed for each other, collapsing into each other's arms. It was comforting and it was arousing, Ali's arms around me, and her breasts crushed against me. It didn't take long before I was hard again, and Ali didn't help matters any when she whispered into my ear.

"I want you inside me so bad it hurts."

By lunch time, it was warm enough that Ali and I had a light sheen of perspiration on our bodies and sweat had started to darken the cloth of Lisa's snug fitting top and her shorts.

Lisa looked up from her easel, tugging on her shirt in an effort to fan herself, and told us to relax.

Ali leaned into me, wrapping her arms around me, and as our wet, sticky bodies pressed against each other, Lisa smiled.

"Come on inside," she said. "You can cool off a little, get something to drink and eat a quick snack."

She pulled the patio door open and we followed her inside. I walked in last so I could watch the delightful curves of Ali's ass as she strode gently behind Lisa, and my cock pulsed with each beat of my heart.

Lisa cracked open the fridge and pulled out a plate with some sliced fruit.

"So, what are your schedules like for the next summer session?" Lisa leaned against the counter as Ali and I sipped water and took a few bites. "It starts Monday, right?"

Ali and I nodded.

"I have a class first thing in the morning," Ali said, "and another that gets out early in the afternoon."

"Both of mine are early classes. I'm out by eleven."

Lisa nodded.

"Do you think you can keep coming over every day? I mean, when you need to study, I know that's got to take priority. I should be able to do enough prelim work to tide me over easily through the time you'd need for classes and studying."

Ali and I looked at one another and nodded.

"That shouldn't be a problem," Ali said.

Lisa looked over at me. "You'd be able to come over right after class some days, wouldn't you? I could work on sketching you while we waited on Ali to get here."

I looked over at Ali. The expression on her face implied to me that she didn't care what I answered.

"Yeah. I can come over after I get out of class."

"Great." Lisa took a drink of her water. "You two finish up here. I'm going to set up for the next sketch."

We watched her refill her glass of water.


I looked over at Ali. The way she said Lisa's name, I knew she was about to ask the question that could very likely change the way the three of us got along.

"What is it, Ali?"

Ali looked over at me as though to gather courage for the cause. I watched her face flush as she rallied the nerve to pose her question.

"Earlier... before you came outside..."


The way Lisa said it, Ali didn't need to finish asking the question.

Ali took a deep breath.

"What about yesterday afternoon?"

A moment of brief silence as Lisa looked up at us and smiled. She'd seen us.

"Yes." Lisa's eyes darted back and forth between Ali and me. "Yes. I saw you. Both times."

Silence filled the room. Ali looked over at me. I'm pretty sure both our hearts skipped a beat.

"You're not..."

"Upset with you? Good heavens, no." Lisa took a step toward us shaking her head.

"It's okay," she said, hugging Ali. "It's perfectly natural."


"Really," Lisa said. "Think about it. The two of you obviously love one another. That's easy to see. And you're clearly attracted to one another. I mean, it would be hard not to be... attracted to one another, that is, and... in a setting like this, it's usually feast or famine. The couple either has absolutely no chemistry, save maybe the man gets aroused just from being so close to the woman, or it's the opposite, the couple, like the two of you, has a lot of chemistry and... and nature takes its course. I think we'd have to sedate the two of you to keep you from arousing one another."

"So you don't mind?"

"No. Not at all. In fact," Lisa said, leaning against her counter, "I'm kind of flattered that you feel comfortable enough here to be so open. So many models have all these emotional layers that they hide behind; sometimes I have a hard time really seeing them, getting their essence. But not you two.

"The raw energy and sensuality and... sexuality the two of you have just sort of... oozes. It's so... innocent, genuine. And pure. It gives me a lot to work with."

Lisa pulled at her shirt, blowing down the front of it. Ali and I both looked at her. Lisa's nipples were clearly outlined against the fabric.

"Do either of you mind if I pull this off? I'm still a little warm from outside."

Ali and I both shook our heads and watched as Lisa pulled her shirt off. Her breasts were a little larger than Ali's, hanging a little heavier. Her nipples, areole included, were larger in diameter than Ali's, less puffy and more like gum drops when erect, like they were now, as compared to Ali's, which resembled pencil erasers when erect.

"I consider myself really fortunate to have you both as models," she said. "And if you're not bothered at all by my watching, I can promise I won't be bothered by anything the two of you do together. All I ask is that you not compromise the pose I put you in. As long as you do that, if you so desire, you can pretend I'm not even here."

Lisa smiled and walked across the floor to where she was set up to continue drawing. Ali followed her, and once again, I took advantage of the opportunity to watch the seductive sway and movement of my sister's ass. She sat down on the edge of the set where Lisa was going to pose us. It was made up to resemble a bed on a platform, and was draped with random lengths of beige cloth.

"With any luck, I can capture that passion, lust and desire in my sketches," Lisa said. "Okay. Give me just a couple of minutes to finish setting things up and we can get going again."

Ali waved a hand in front of her face.

"I'm still hot from outside," Ali said.

"You don't want it too cold in here," Lisa said. "Trust me, it would get uncomfortable fast."

"I know," Ali replied. She turned to look at me. "I just can't stop sweating. It's..."

She looked down and my eyes followed hers. Lines of perspiration were running down her chest, two of them zigzagging down her breasts to form rivulets at her nipples.

I leaned forward and latched on to one of her nipples and sucked at it, pulling the sweat onto my tongue.

"Tommy,..." Ali clutched at me.


She shook her head. "Nothing. It's just... that feels really good."

I smiled, leaned down and drew the other nipple in between my lips. Ali sighed and gripped my shoulders tight.

"You're being mean."

"How is this being mean?" I asked as I suckled her again.

"Because I want you to make me cum. I need to cum. You do, too."

My hand wandered down her body and slid in between her thighs. I slowly pressed into her with a finger, her sex warm and molten as she writhed against me.

"Like this?" I asked.

Ali shook her head with a ragged motion as she bit her lip and ground against my hand.

"I want you... to make me cum."

I looked over at Lisa. She stood partially exposed behind an easel, quietly observing us. One hand held a tray with pencils; the other stroked gently at her breast.

I pressed my hand more firmly against Ali, and she moaned as she clutched my head to her breast, almost stumbling as she leaned against me, and all but falling onto the platform.

Lisa's phone rang and we looked up startled. Lisa put down the tray and walked quickly to her phone, snatching it up, glancing quickly at it and then disappearing from view as she answered it.

"Hello, Charles." She smiled as she brushed hair back from her face and leaned against the wall that now stood between her and her subjects.

"Hey, Lees. I was just calling to see how things are going."

She spun away from the wall and stuck her head around the corner slowly. Tommy's lips were once more latched onto Ali's breast as he suckled her.

"Things are going really, really well," she said.

A chuckle on the other end of the phone. "Can you clarify that for me?"

"Remember I told you I didn't think them having sex in my studio was a one-time thing?"


"Well, Tommy let me shave him this morning."

"Both of them are bare?"

"Completely smooth," Lisa said as she watched Tommy squeeze and suckle Ali's other breast, and she smiled as Ali arched her back with pleasure. "And after we finished, he was hard as a rock. We started outside this morning, and while I was getting everything ready, they all but fucked on my patio, and when he came, she swallowed him."


Lisa giggled. "You're hard, aren't you?"

A heavy breath into the phone was affirmation enough for her.

"And you're wet," the voice said.

"I am," Lisa said, leaning back against the wall again and pressing a hand in between her thighs. "And I'm topless."

"Getting naked with the models?"

"A little at a time."

"Ali's not jealous?"

"She doesn't appear to be," Lisa replied. "And I'm going to get some time alone with Tommy. He agreed to pose for me by himself."

"To draw him or..."

"Yes. And maybe that, too," she said as she leaned around the corner again.

I swirled my tongue around Ali's nipple and slid my finger in and out of her pussy as she pulled my hand tighter against her sex and writhed against me.

"I want you inside me," she said, reaching for my cock.

"Lisa'll be back as soon as she gets off the phone..."

"I don't care," Ali said, spreading her legs wider and reaching for me. "I don't care if she sees us or not."

My cock was throbbing, and my feeble argument was the last of my resistance as I climbed over her outstretched limb and hovered over her, my swollen penis aimed in between her legs.

"Ohgawd, yesss..." she sighed as the head of my cock dipped into her the opening of her molten pussy, and she grabbed at my ass, pulling me into her with both hands as she wrapped her legs around me.

"Fuck me..."

"I'm fucking you, Sis," I said as I buried my cock in her pussy.

"Lees? Are you still there?"

Lisa stood there, one hand holding the phone to her ear while the other pressed against her pussy.

And there'd been no mistaking what she'd heard.


She swallowed hard as she watched Tommy begin to thrust in and out of Ali's sodden cunt, and she felt her own chest beginning to heave and her heart beginning to pound as Ali arched her back, responding to her... what was Tommy to her? Was he boyfriend or brother? Whatever their relationship, they were not strangers to each other's bodies.


Lisa bit her lip and slid a finger inside her own pussy as she hid behind the wall again. She needed a penis, wanted a penis inside her desperately. She closed her eyes and imagined for a moment that she was on her back with Tommy between her thighs; that he was fucking her, that his hairless balls were slapping against her.

"Yesss,... I'm still here," she said.

"Ohmigod, Lees. Are you masturbating?"

"Uh-huh. And if you could see what I see, you would be, too," she said.

They both knew that if Charles were here with her, neither of them would be masturbating; she'd have her hands pressed against the wall and he'd be behind her, his cock thrusting in and out of her sopping cunt.

"Are they...?"

Lisa smiled; she could hear the arousal in his voice.

"They're fucking." She stepped around the corner again.

Ali's arms were wrapped around his neck; his face was buried against the side of her head, and she had her legs pulled up, her ankles locked around his back, and with each movement, Lisa could just make out his glistening penis as he paused before sliding it back into her.

"Ohhh... ohhh, Lees... that's awesome..."

Lisa smiled; she could almost hear him unzipping his pants; she could almost see him pulling out his cock and beginning to stroke it.

"Do they know you're watching?"

"I don't think so," she said, breathing in deep as her finger stroked in and out of her swollen sex again. "But I don't think they care, either."

"Ohhh... ohhh... Tommy... ohhh... Tommy, I'm cumming..."

Ali dug her fingers into my back as she clutched at me and I felt a sudden clamping pressure on the head of my cock.


"Cum with me... ohgawd... cum with me, Tommy... cum in my pussy..."

It started at the head of my cock; an increasingly familiar sensation; and then my balls tightened up.

And then I couldn't hold back.

"Unhh..." I grunted as I thrust into her, my cock erupting into my sister's pussy, and then I was thrusting short and ragged, my body driven by instinct as I spewed semen into her womb, desperate to empty myself into her.

I collapsed on top of her, both of us panting, sweating, our hearts racing.

"Ohmigod, that was incredible," Lisa said, clenching her thighs together against her hand.

Silence on the other end of the phone connection was punctuated only by the sound of heavy breathing.

"This is what, the third time you've watched them? And still,...?"

"Charles." Lisa grabbed up her shorts and walked back to her bedroom. "You know as well as I do that the most erotic thing to see is a couple having sex. And, yes, still. I'm telling you, with this pair, three times or thirty, it won't make a difference. They're both beautiful individually, but together... you need to see them for yourself. The drawings just don't do them justice."

Charles sighed into the phone. Time was one thing he just didn't have a lot of.

"It'll be a couple of weeks or so before I can come down," he said. "I'll call and let you know when I can get away."

"Okay," she said as she peered into the mirror. Her nipples were swollen and hard; her pussy lips were likewise swollen, red and glistening. She was so close.

"Be good, kid."

"You, too," she said, and they hung up.

Lisa dropped the phone on the edge of her dresser and flopped down onto her bed, one hand grabbing for her breast, the other going between her legs again.

It's my turn, she thought to herself, and she quickly began taking herself to the orgasm she so desperately wanted.

Ali still clung to me, and our bodies were beginning to stick together.

I pushed up and looked down at her, and she slowly allowed her ankles to fall from my back. She slowly turned her head to the side, looking to where we'd last seen Lisa.

"Where did she go to?"

"I don't have any idea," I replied as I rolled to the side.

Ali shifted on the bed and rolled toward me, and a moment later, our legs were intertwined, her head laid against my chest, and my cock, still oozing, trapped between us, painting her belly.

"I love you, Tommy," she said.

"I love you, too, Sis," I replied, whispering as I kissed the top of her head.

Fifteen minutes later, Lisa peered into the studio and saw them laying still. She'd opted to put on one of Charles' oversized shirts that he'd left behind the last time he'd visited. She hadn't washed it; she liked the way it smelled, and now, with the two bottom buttons fastened, it provided just a minimum of coverage while allowing her to feel connected and sexy all at the same time.

She walked slowly across the floor, smiling at the delightful, feminine curves of Ali's body tangled up with Tommy.

She stepped up onto the platform, looking down at them; they didn't move. They were asleep.

Lisa smiled and immediately stepped down, grabbed up a handful of pencils and a sketch pad.

This was not how she liked to work, but sometimes you had to go with what you had to work with. She stepped back onto the platform, laid the pencils out in front of her and balanced the sketchbook against her hip.

Perfect, she thought to herself. So natural, so...

She squinted, bent forward to look closer and her mouth dropped open.

Ohmigod, she thought as she watched semen trickle slowly from between Ali's legs. Now if she could only capture the essence on paper...

We woke up about an hour later, with Lisa still standing over us, steadily drawing. As much as Ali had pretended she didn't care if Lisa saw us or not, she seemed really embarrassed about being such a mess.

Lisa excused herself and allowed us to clean up, and when we came back, she told us she thought we'd done enough for the day.

Ali and I got dressed, and still clad only in her loose fitting shirt, Lisa walked us to the door.

"Same time tomorrow?" she asked.

Ali nodded, reaching for my hand as Lisa reached for the door handle.

"Ali, I know you were a little uncomfortable when you woke up. A little embarrassed, maybe?"

Ali nodded and looked at me then back at Lisa.

"The position the two of you were in," Lisa said, "was... it wasn't the easiest to draw because of the angles, but I couldn't have posed you better if I'd wanted to.

"I was wondering..."

She let her words trail off, gauging our reaction.

"I was wondering if you might be willing to let me draw you... while you're... while you're doing it."

Ali gasped and she gripped my hand tighter.

"You want to draw us having sex?" I asked.

Lisa's eyes darted between us and she nodded.

"The two of you are so natural together," she said. "There are a lot of different poses we could use, many of them more artistic than erotic, and I can guarantee no one who ever sees them will recognize you unless you want me to draw them so they can."

"You can sell drawings like that?" Ali asked and Lisa nodded.

"I have a client, actually my agent has a number of contacts who have a certain taste in nude portraits," she said. "Some of them are women, and they have an affinity for well sculpted male nudes, especially certain parts of the male body. And others are men, or couples who like well formed women and couples. And some of the clients will pay a good deal of money for what they like to refer to as erotic portraits."

"How much money?" I asked.

Lisa smiled.

"Let's just say that depending on the amount of work you're willing to do, you could find yourselves well on the way to college expenses being covered before the summer's over with."

"You're kidding." Ali's mouth hung open and I thought her eyes were going to pop out of her head.

Lisa shook her head.

"Go home and think about it," she said, turning the door handle. "We can try a pose or two tomorrow and you can let me know what you decide."

"Okay." Ali looked like she was lost in a fog and I held her hand as we walked outside.

She laced her fingers in mine and held my hand all the way home.

Back at our apartment, Ali began stripping as soon as I'd closed the door. Our clothes became one pile there in the entry way, and when we were both naked, she took me by the hand and led me to the bathroom.

A few minutes later, I was sitting behind her in the tub and she was talking me through washing her hair. I'd never done that before; she said mom had told her stories about dad washing her hair when they'd first gotten married. After I'd rinsed Ali's hair, she leaned back against me, pulling my hands to her breasts and sighing.

We finally let the water drain out, took a shower and decided to get something to eat.

I watched Ali slip on a pair of pink bikini panties, a short pair of denim shorts and a tank top. She turned to face me as she settled the top against her upper body, and there was no doubt she was braless beneath it. Her pert little breasts would be sure to draw every eye.

"Is this okay?"

"As long as you don't mind me and everyone else staring."

She grabbed my hand up in hers.

"Does that mean you'll want to fuck me again when we get home?"

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