tagNovels and NovellasAn Undeniable Passion Ch. 10

An Undeniable Passion Ch. 10


Chapter Ten

Virginia was still protesting loudly and struggling to get free of Drake's arms when he abruptly dropped her on the bed. Flinging back her hair she jumped to her feet. "How dare you!" She raised her hand to slap him but he caught her small hand easily in his and twisting it behind her back he pulled her close to him.

As he gazed down at her, he thought it such a pity that she never looked more beautiful than when she was furious with him. Her fiery red hair in wild disarray, her heaving bosom, the color in her cheeks and of course her brilliant green eyes sparking with fury. "Take your hands off me! You should know by now that I have no desire to be touched by you!" she spat at him.

"Listen to me you stubborn little minx," he retorted. He struggled to stay calm and not let his own mounting anger get the best of him. "I told you before that this is the safest place for you. My crew were hired for their sailing abilities, not for their gentle manners where ladies are concerned and quite frankly, there I some I wouldn't trust within a hundred feet of you. So, whether you like it or not, you will be sleeping here. With me." He pulled her tightly to him with the last words of his statement before releasing her.

She staggered away from him, her chest still heaving in self righteous anger. "You only want me here so you can extract your payment." Her voice began to rise as she berated him. "You expect me to just lay down for you, well forget it. I will not barter myself-"

"That's another thing," he said sharply, cutting off her tirade. His voice softened as he continued, "I would like to apologize for my behavior yesterday morning. I didn't mean what I said about you having to pay for your crossing, either in my bed or in any other manner."

Uncertainty edged out the anger in her eyes as she weighed what he had said. Before she could respond, he turned on his heel and abruptly left the room, locking the door behind him.

Virginia flopped backwards onto the bed, a huge sigh bursting through her lips. His apology played back in her mind. Realizing that what had shocked her the most when he had demanded his 'payment' was that it was so unexpected. It was completely out of character for him. But both of their emotions had been running high, both were behaving erratically, she reasoned. He had meant the apology, of that she was sure. The stress drained from her body as she forgave him and she felt a sense of peace. The first she had felt in such a long time, even before sneaking aboard his ship.

She knew it wouldn't last though. As soon as he walked through that door, as soon as she gazed into his glowing amber eyes it would all begin again and most likely another incident like the last would occur. Throwing her arm over her eyes, she let out a groan. She couldn't take it anymore. But what could she do?

She again thought of Violet and how she would view the situation. What would her friend's advice be? Violet always said the most scandalous things but didn't really mean most of it. She was just as chaste as Virginia. Well, almost, she thought with a wry smile, at least before this voyage. Before she had embarked on this crazy adventure, Violet had always been the more daring one, the more passionate one, falling in love with a different young gentleman every week. But asides from the occasional embrace and kiss, she was as virtuous a girl as Virginia had been.

So how would her friend advise her now? Stay strong, don't let the volatile attraction you feel for each other get the best of you? Go ahead and seduce him, get it over with and then you both can get some sleep? She almost laughed out loud, thinking that is most likely what Violet would say, but joking of course.

Sitting up on the edge of the bed, she thought, why not? The only reason to behave in Liverpool was for the sake of propriety, of not ruining one's chances of marriage. But if she made love to Drake here on the ship, who would know? Banishing any thoughts of what would be expected of her on her wedding night when she did eventually marry, she began to concoct a plan. One that Violet would be proud of.

Drake strode onto the deck, his body humming with pent up tension. Just that brief encounter had re-kindled his passion for her. Holding her in his arms as he carried her down to his cabin and then tightly against himself had been more than a little arousing. How were the two of them going to manage the next few weeks? He didn't know how much longer he could last around her, especially when she kept responding to him, melting beneath his kisses and arching against his caresses. A warmth began to spread through his limbs as he recalled the lush feel of her full breasts beneath his hands. How her pert nipples always responded to his touch and how sweet she had tasted when he sucked that tender pink nub into his mouth.

This isn't doing me any good, he thought, biting back a groan. Unbidden images of her eyes, the brilliant green clouded with desire, her lips, slightly swollen from his kisses, breathily pleading for more, asking him to take her, to make love to her.

"Damn it," he muttered beneath his breath. He wanted her more than words could describe, but the guilt he would feel afterwards far outweighed it. She would want, would expect, marriage and he couldn't offer her that. What woman would want a husband who's away six months or even more of the year? If he married her, he wouldn't be able to stay away from her for two days, let alone half the year and being a sailor was the only thing he knew how to do. What was he thinking? Shaking his head, he began to pace the ship, breathing in the salty air, letting it sweep away thoughts of her, at least temporarily.

They avoided each other for the remainder of the day, Virginia eating her meals in the cabin while Drake ate with his crew. He found that the best way to keep her from his thoughts was physical labor and so again joined his men in repairing the damage from the storm. By the time he staggered down the stairs to his cabin, he was bone weary and looking forward to a good night's sleep. It was late and he thought she would be asleep, so was surprised to see a faint glow emanating from beneath the door.

His weariness instantly evaporated the moment he entered the room. Adrenalin surged through his veins as his heart began to pound in his chest. Blinking, he couldn't believe his eyes. Virginia lay on the bed on her side, supporting her head in one hand, her thick coppery curls spread around her. She was clad in only a thin chemise and it clung lovingly to her curves, dipping enticingly low over her full breasts, the taut nipples straining against the delicate fabric. Shifting her legs he caught a glimpse of calf and knee but it was her eyes that had him entranced. The soft light from the single lamp and her half closed lids did nothing to diminish the blazing passion burning there.

"Are you just going to stand there?" she purred, her free hand slowly stroking over her hip and thigh.

"Wh-what are you doing?" he stammered, finding it difficult to find his voice.

"Waiting for you," she again purred. The soft, low sound of her voice washed over him as his brain slowly grasped what was happening.

"It's late, you should be asleep," he said lamely.

"But I don't want to sleep." A small smile hovered on her lips as she slowly rose from the bed. Drake suddenly found he couldn't breathe as she approached him. He watched the dim light of the lamp play upon the fabric of her chemise, changing it in turns from transparent to opaque. The beguiling glimpses of her flesh through the seductive garment caused a stirring in his body. What in the world was she doing? Did she not know that he would not be able to resist her? She must know what she's doing, he thought. There's no way she doesn't realize the effect she's having upon me.

She stood before him and without taking her eyes off his, unbuttoned his jacket and then his vest. His heart thundered beneath her hands as she slid her palms over his chest, only his shirt separating their skin.

"Dear God woman, what do you think I'm made of?" he rasped, taking in deep gulps of air as her hands slowly stroked his broad chest. "What are you trying to do to me?"

"I should think it's rather obvious what I'm trying to do to you," she whispered, her hands wrapping around his neck, gently stroking the soft skin there. Ebony locks tumbled to his broad shoulders as she ran her fingers through his hair, pulling it free of its restraint. "I want you Drake. I can't deny what I feel for you anymore, it's driving me crazy, it's driving us both crazy. Take me and end this agony." Her hands pulled at his shirt, tugging it out of his breeches.

He gripped her small hands in his. Breathing heavily, he stared down at her. "Do you really know what you're asking me? I can't offer you anything after this, I won't marry you," he said sternly, wanting to make sure she understood.

Smiling indulgently at him, she replied, "I don't want you to marry me, I only want you to make love to me. Tonight. Now." She slid her hands beneath his shirt, her fingertips stroking his soft skin.

With a growl of pure need, he gripped her arms, pulling her tightly against him and pressed his lips to hers. His hands slid down her arms to her waist, one arm wrapping around her the other hand cupping the cheeks of her behind, pulling her up, grinding his hips against her. He plunged his tongue into her mouth, seeking the sweetness there as she melted against him. He had been half expecting her to come to her senses and begin struggling but her obvious acceptance was almost more than he could bear and he knew he was past the point of no return.

He paused only to tug off his boots as her eager hands tugged open the buttons of his breeches. Stumbling backwards, they tumbled to the bed where Drake pinned her beneath his large body. Straddling her hips, he sat up, yanking off his jacket, vest and shirt before once again leaning down to her, his lips capturing hers, demanding nothing less than full surrender and she gave herself up to him completely.

Her mind whirled, comprehending nothing but what he was doing to her, what he was making her feel. She could feel his hardness pressing against her thigh and she was surprised by it. Having never witnessed a man's physical arousal before she was curious as to what it would be like, how big it would be and from what she was feeling, it was big.

Dipping his head to her throat, he nuzzled the hollow at the base as he placed his hand on her hip and squeezed gently, going slow with her, taking his time. Slowly, he begin gathering up the fabric of her chemise pulling the hem up, revealing her heavenly body inch by inch. He slipped his hand under it and caressed her thigh, running his hand up her leg to rest again on her hip.

She tentatively stroked the arm that was touching her, feeling the muscles and the incredibly soft skin. She ran her fingers through his hair, pushing it back from his face. He began to place kisses along her jaw line and tipping her head back he again kissed her throat. His hand moved from her hip to her stomach and Virginia held her breath as his hand continued to move higher. She gasped loudly and threw her head back when his hand cupped her breast. As he gently squeezed and ran his palm over her nipple she could scarcely breathe.

"Oh, Virginia, Virginia," he whispered against her skin.

She ran her hand over his shoulder and down his back, hesitating slightly before continuing lower and resting her hand on his hip, pushing down the breeches he still wore. She was relishing the swirling sensations radiating through her body. She never knew she could feel this way.

Drake dipped his head lower and began kissing her breast. When his lips closed over her nipple she again gasped loudly. Pushing her chemise up further he turned and kissed the other breast, giving that nipple attention as well. Raising himself up, he pulled her chemise off over her head. Virginia reveled in the admiring look in his eyes as his gaze hungrily devoured her. Writing against the sheets, she pulled him down to her, their lips again meeting with a frenzy of desire.

He began to kiss her more passionately, murmuring her name, trailing his kisses lower and lower until he was kissing her stomach. Virginia trembled as his kisses trailed even lower. He began to kiss down her right thigh and then back up her left. She clutched the sheets and gasped for breath as his hands massaged and caressed her silky thighs, working their way up from her knees. When his hands reached the tops of her thighs, she held her breath.

He gently slid a finger through the soft folds between her thighs. Emboldened by how wet she was he slipped a finger inside her. She made a small sound and released the breath she was holding with a rush and writhed on the sheets as he continued to stroke her. Her breathing became ragged and she moaned loudly as his fingers touched her clit. Flames of pleasure flooded through her as he centered his attention on that sensitive mound.

When his head dipped between her legs and his mouth joined his fingers she thought she would lose her mind the pleasure was so intense. He flicked her clit with his tongue, driving her wild, causing her to cry out and writhe on the bed. Alternating between gently nibbling on the sensitive nub and suckling it tipped her over the edge and her stiffening body along with a sudden gush of wetness signified her orgasm.

She lay gasping for breath as Drake kissed his way back up her body, tasting the salty sweetness of her sweat slicked skin. He kissed her deeply, causing her passions to again rise and swirl within her. He gently massaged her breast with one hand and with the other he guided her hand to his body. Virginia had never even seen a naked man before let alone touched one. As her hand closed around his shaft he moaned aloud with pleasure and his kisses became even more intense. He moved her hand up and down, showing her how to stroke him.

When he rolled on top of her, she became scared. She knew what was about to happen. After Violet's mother had had the birds and the bees talk with her, she had rushed over to Virginia's house to tell her all about it. They had talked about it for hours, wondering what it would be like and now she was about to experience it. He saw the scared look in her eyes and told her not to worry, he would be gentle.

As he first entered her, she gasped and arched her back, clutching at him. There was a sharp sting of pain but when he began to move back and forth, there was only pleasure. And what pleasure it was. Virginia could not believe that she could feel this way. As his thrusts became faster and deeper she found herself moving her hips, meeting each plunge. The pleasure continued to build, until it exploded, radiating throughout her whole body, right out to her fingertips and down to her toes. She cried out his name and dug her nails into his back and a moment later she felt him shudder inside of her and he cried out as well. As the waves of pleasure subsided, Virginia lay limp on the bed. Drake collapsed on top of her. Both of them were panting and slick with sweat. He rolled off of her and held her in his arms, kissing her softly.

"Oh Drake, that was amazing," she panted, her pulse still racing.

"And we're not even done yet," he whispered as his hands resumed caressing her body.

"But you..." she stammered, staring at him wide eyed.

"And I will again," he murmured, kissing her gently. "We both will."

She felt him swelling against her thigh and glancing down at his thickening manhood, she couldn't help but giggle. The giggle turned into a sigh of delight as his head again dipped to her heaving breast, sucking a nipple into his mouth. She wound her fingers into his silky hair holding his head to her as she again felt the warmth in her belly flare into liquid fire, the flames racing through her body.

"Tell me what to do, how to please you," she urged as his tongue flicked her hardened nipple.

"Being here with you is pleasure enough. Touching you, tasting you is all I need," he whispered.

"There must be more, show me," she pleaded. His kisses and caresses made her feel so deliciously decadent, there must be more that she could do than just lay there for him.

With a wicked grin, he gripped her hips and rolled them over so that she was on top. "Straddle my hips," he instructed.

Sitting up, she did as he directed and gazing down at his erection directly in front of her, she felt excitement bubbling within her, guessing what she was to do. A deep moan escaped his lips as she wrapped her hand around him, gently stroking him. She rose to her knees and guided him between her thighs. The tip of his cock touched her wet folds and she sighed, her head tipping back. She stroked herself with him, enjoying the sensation of his soft yet hard head sliding between her lips.

Lowering herself slightly, she guided him into her, letting just the head penetrate her. She groaned softly and glanced down at Drake, his eyes closed and mouth open, breathing heavily beneath her. Slowly, she sank down, feeling every inch of him filling her. His hands reached up and gently squeezed her breasts, finding the nipples and tweaking them.

Grinding her hips against him, Virginia was overwhelmed by the sensations flowing through her body. Every nerve was on end, her senses overloading with the erotic messages they were sending to her reeling mind. She never dreamed she could feel like this, so wantonly sexy, so desirable and wicked.

Lifting herself up on her knees and then lowering back down, she pumped herself on Drake's pulsing shaft. He lay back and watched this beautiful woman riding him with such abandon. Her full breasts were bouncing on her chest, her hair flying about her head as she flung it back with a loud cry. "Oh Drake, yes, oh yes," she groaned, grinding against him, losing all sense of what she was doing her as orgasm tore through her, causing her to tremble and shake.

Without waiting for her senses to calm, Drake quickly rolled them over and rising from her, flipped her again, onto her stomach. Pulling her hips into the air, he plunged into her with a fierce growl. He held her hips tightly as he plowed into her, his intense need for release driving him deeply into her.

Virginia lay quivering beneath him, small cries coming from between her lips and he roughly took her. She could feel another orgasm building, her body responding to his harsh treatment of her. Crying out loudly, she clutched the sheets in her fists as her insides squeezed around him repeatedly, her climaxes coming quickly, tumbling over each other, causing her head to spin.

She again cried out as she felt a sharp slap against her behind. Drake raised his hand and slapped her again as he continued to plunge into her. He slapped her twice more before he finally reached his own release, a loud groan filling the air as he drove deeply into her one more time.

He flopped down beside her, his breathing heavy as Virginia slowly lowered her hips to the bed, her own breath coming quickly.

She didn't realize she had fallen asleep until her eyelids fluttered open. The most amazing sensations were swirling through her body and looking down she saw Drake's dark head nestled between her thighs. Her senses finally registered what was happening and gasping loudly, her back arched as her fingers wound through his hair.

Lifting his head, he gave her a wicked smile. "How do you feel?" he asked.

"Wonderful," she murmured, pushing his head back down. "Don't stop, please don't stop."

Ignoring her pleas, his smile widened. "How adventurous do you feel?" he asked.

Puzzled, she asked, "What do you mean?"

"Do you want to do something a little wild?" he asked, his eyes twinkling mischievously.

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