tagIncest/TabooAn Unexpected Bonus

An Unexpected Bonus


I sat thinking about her. And as I thought, I felt my penis starting to harden.

As I pictured the sexy little blonde, I felt my cock push against my trousers trying to escape. I slipped my hand into my pocked and felt it. It was rock-hard.

Each day the skirt had been a little shorter. As my cock leapt, I began to massage it through the material.

Each day the top had been a little tighter -- I could feel my pre-cum.

Today, she had definitely batted her baby-blues at me whilst wriggling that tasty little arse of hers -- and I could swear I'd had a glimpse of a naked bottom!

I unzipped my trousers and my rock-hard cock leapt out. I began to stroke it -- up and down -- as I imagined putting it between her tight little pussy lips.

As my breathing became laboured, I started to push my cock in and out of my hand, faster and faster as I imagined it was her little pussy that I was plundering, her dark little hole that I was fucking.

As I wondered whether or not she was a virgin, I came all over my hand with a loud, satisfied grunt.

So there I was -- in my office at work -- covered in sticky semen! A grown man of 50 something! Well no woman (let alone a little tart) had had that effect on me in a very long time.

BUT my wife of some 30 years had been away for a week (visiting her sick mother) and we did normally have a very active sex-life so ........

I decided to ring her and see when she was coming back. I missed her like hell -- especially at night!

"I'm sorry Colin -- but mother still needs me, you understand," she was saying as I tried to persuade her to come home, "She's old and she needs me at the moment. You're a grown man -- you can cope without me for a month or so!" A month or so!!

I'd just proved I couldn't even last a week on my own -- how on earth would I manage a month?

I got through the rest of the day and then alone in bed that night I had decided to do something about it.

So, the very next day, when the sexy little blonde had deliberately sidled up beside me, feeling very brave I had slipped my hand under her little white skirt. I had caressed her naked buttocks - sure enough she wasn't wearing knickers. But instead of pulling away, she had pushed herself against me.

So with my other hand, I had caressed her flat little belly under her skirt, coming to a stop at the top of her legs. Her warm little haven was just inviting me to plunder it as she parted her legs and leant back a little.

As I looked down, I could see that her mound was covered in pale blonde hairs. As I looked closely, I could just see her little pussy lips protruding.

I had slipped one finger tentatively up inside her hole -- expecting her to slap my hand away. She hadn't and it was soaking!

She had leant into me and smiled. So I had used my other index finger to find her tight little rosebud and I had started to play with that too, as she began to writhe.

I ripped off her little crop top and discovered also, that she had no bra on -- didn't girls wear underwear anymore? Her fair sized breasts bounced out. She pushed her chest into me and so I dropped my head and took one nipple into my warm mouth and started to suck.

She began making little mewing noises (a bit like a kitten) so I continued.

I now had two fingers in her ass and three fingers in her soaking wet pussy. She unzipped my trousers and released my rock-hard penis. As it sprung out she murmured, "oooooooh, you're big, bigger than I expected. I don't know if I can take all that!"

As far as I was concerned, it wasn't an option -- not now we'd come this far!

I unzipped her little skirt, which dropped around her ankles and there she stood - naked but for high heeled boots. She was about 18, tall, blonde and beautiful.

As I wondered what on earth she saw in me, she leant in and kissed me full on the mouth with her little tongue forcing its way between my lips. As I reciprocated her little hands were working on my cock -- and I could feel the pre-cum.

I pulled her over with me to a chair and I sat down with my rock-hard cock standing to attention sticking out of my trousers.

Still with her high boots on, she straddled me with one foot each side. Then looking me deep in the eyes, she lowered herself onto the very tip of my cock. I grasped her hips and pulled her straight down hard so that my large, cock went all the way up inside her wet, tight, young little pussy -- all in one go!

Due to my size, I could feel it tearing at her soft tissue but as she cried out with the force of it, I just pushed my tongue deep into her mouth and continued to plunge my cock in and out of her tight pussy -- holding her hips and bouncing her up and down on my knee as she squirmed -- there was no turning back now!

She wasn't a virgin but she was very tight -- heavenly! After a little while, she relaxed and started to enjoy the ride -- bouncing up and down herself on my rampant cock.

After about 30 minutes, I started to withdraw but her vaginal muscles tensed around me and she whispered, "no -- don't leave. Cum inside me, It's alright. I want to feel your cum," and with no further encouragement needed and looking into her blue eyes, I shot my load deep up into her pussy.

As we sat there, panting, her still sitting on my knee with my now flaccid penis still inside her, I said, "you're not a virgin then? And you're on the pill? You said it was alright. You're protected?" and she laughed!

"No Daddy -- I'm not on the pill and I'm not protected at all. I want your baby inside me. I've always wanted your baby inside me!"

Yes! I had just had unprotected sex with my very own 18 year old daughter - for the first time!

But - it sure wasn't to be the last time!

Her mother ended up being away for another 3 months and for all that time, Briony slept with me in our marriage bed every night, her warm little body tightly wrapped around mine -- my penis deep inside her tight, little pussy!

We fucked at every opportunity we got. Every morning before work and all evening too -- in fact, all we did when we were together was fuck! It was like a holiday romance -- and unexpected bonus!

And sure enough, by the time her mother returned Briony's young, fertile little womb was full of my baby and her little belly was beginning to plump out nicely!

Her mother was told that she'd been knocked up by another college student and that Briony had decided to keep the baby! Her mother had no reason to doubt it.

And I still fuck my beautiful, young, sexy, little daughter almost daily (even though she is now heavily pregnant) and we're already planning a little brother or sister for the new arrival so .........

And I don't mind at all now when my wife goes to visit her mother!

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