An Unexpected Christmas


Grabbing an oven mitt, she was pretty sure Liam had never used, she took the cookie sheet out of the oven. She'd just placed it on the stove top and begun to transfer the cookies onto the brightly colored Christmas plate when she heard a car door close outside. She jumped, startled, despite the fact she was expecting him.

A quick glance out the window confirmed it was him. He'd parked in the drive and was already headed into the house, shoulders slouched against the cold.

"Well, Stanley," she pushed the last of the cookies onto the plate, "wish me luck."


There were lights on in his house and an unfamiliar car in the drive when Liam got home, a little past 09:00 on Christmas morning. The kitchen was brightly lit, the living room less so, but there were definitely lights on there too. He parked behind the mystery car, got out and walked to the low porch. There was a wreath, evergreen with bright plastic apples on the front door, but no sign of the house key in the flower pot.

Remembering Amy's joke, Liam thought, It wasn't a cemetery. Those flowers had committed suicide.

Trying the doorknob, Liam found it unlocked and stepped inside. It was crisp outside, in the low thirties and damp, cold for Norfolk; the wave of warmth as he entered his home was a welcome and expected change from the outside. He hesitated, for a moment he wondered if he was in the right house. He was tired, but was he tired enough to walk into the wrong house? A lot had changed since he'd left the day before. The house was filled with the sweet scent of vanilla, sugar and the buttery scent of baked dough, Christmas carols were playing low in the living room, a red and green glow in the hall. He removed his cover and hung it on the coat tree. Do I even have Christmas music? he wondered.

Stepping into the archway from the foyer to the hallway, he found a dozen or so Christmas cards taped around the frame of the archway, the paper images becoming decorations in their own right. He was just beginning to unbutton his overcoat when she stepped into the hallway from the kitchen. As surprising as the atmosphere of his home was, she was in a vision to behold. For a moment, he forgot to breathe. She was just so... beautiful.

Ensign Moore, Amy... stepped into the hall carrying a plate of perfectly decorated red and green sugar cookies. Her hair was loose, brushed out, full and flowing like brown silk, cascading over her shoulders and over her ample bosom where her scarlet lingerie left little to the imagination. She wore a crimson and lace teddy which was drawn closed in the front with an over-sized red velvet bow. She stopped for a moment, cocking her hip saucily and crossing one knee over the other.

In her bare feet, she was a few inches shorter than he was accustomed to in her well-polished heels. But when she looked up at him, something in him stirred. Liam felt his eyes widen. She was stunning. A Christmas miracle.

"Amy...," his thoughts were so jumbled by everything they refused to shape into words.

"Merry Christmas, sir," she set the plate on the breakfront and stepped closer to him.

Liam was speechless. He stood silent, lost in the beauty of this young woman.

Taking his hands gently in hers, she coaxed his arms to his sides, then slowly unbuttoned his coat. With the last button undone, she eased the coat from his shoulders and stepped behind him, taking hold of his collar and helping him out of it. Hanging it up quickly, she locked the front door and then stood close in front of him again.

"Are you angry, sir?" She studied his face, worried she'd overstepped.

Bringing his hand up, he brushed her hair aside and gently cupped the side of her face in his palm. She tilted her head into his touch.

When he finally found his voice, it was little more than a whisper, "No, no I'm not."

Amy smiled broadly, placed her hand over his and then twining her fingers into his, her eyes sparkling, urged, "Then come see the rest!" as she turned, leading him into the house.

He followed her, moving through her jasmine and rose scented wake into the living room. He was in no way ready for what greeted him, astounded by what she'd done to his home since their conversation in the galley. There were strings of lights around his bookshelves, and candles were burning on the coffee and end tables. On the credenza behind the sofa, there was a little Christmas tree; more a limb from an actual tree than a tree in its own right. It had a Charlie Brown Christmas tree quality to it as it struggled under the weight of a half-dozen bulbs, a string of popcorn and cranberries and some of the tiniest lights Liam had ever seen. A little hand-shaped aluminum foil star sat atop the tiny tree.

"This is...," Liam began, but the words caught in his throat.

His grip on her hand tightened. Amy smiled and stepped close to him, resting her cheek against his chest. She wrapped her arms around his waist, bringing her hands up to the edge of his shoulder blades. He draped one arm over her shoulders, resting his other hand in her hair. It was silky-smooth. With a sigh, he gently ran his fingers through it as he rested his chin against her head. He breathed in her scent, enjoying the stillness of the moment as he looked around the transformed room.

Amy nuzzled his chest with her cheek and became slowly aware of his scent for the first time; mango, sandalwood, and patchouli. She looked up at him. His eyes closed as he just held her. As she settled into his arms, he kissed her forehead gently, his eyes still closed. He never had a face before, she mused, recalling her recurrent fantasy and how it had changed just yesterday. His arms enfolded her tightly and Amy felt safer than she could remember. She shifted her feet slightly until her bare toes were on his shoes, and then stretched up, brushing her lips against his.

He opened his eyes and the twinkling Christmas lights reflected in his gaze, she locked eyes with him and kissed him again, soft and sweet, deepening it as she slowly lowered herself back to the floor.

"Do you like?" her voice quavered a bit, dropping her gaze as she toyed with the buttons of his shirt. She felt simultaneously insecure about his reaction and perfectly safe in his arms. Her heart raced as she awaited his response.

"It's wonderful, Amy," he traced his thumb along the arch of her lower lip.

"I'm so glad you think so," she felt her face flush, and her vision blur as a tear welled up. Biting her lower lip, she stepped back, coyly taking his hand and leading him toward the sofa, "and you haven't even opened your present yet." The desirous note in her tone was obvious.

Liam's eyes were drawn to the swell of her hips and the shape of her ass, attractively framed by the short lacy lingerie. He couldn't help but appreciate the way she moved, the passionate promise her toned body offered.

At the sofa, she began to fidget with the buttons of his uniform shirt, opening them one by one. When she reached his belt, she ran her hands across his chest, ruffling the cotton t-shirt underneath. Her hands ran over his shoulders and to his neck, stretching upward again, she kissed him again, this time with a measure more of need than before, then whispered, "You can manage a little knot, can't you, sailor?"

Liam smiled wickedly, considering the many ways he could respond. He opted for silence and a soft, gentle touch. His hands found the ends of the bow, he tugged slowly, until the ribbon surrendered and the front of her breathtaking teddy fell open. He let himself get lost in the sight of her pale flesh, glowing in the colored lights of the funny little Christmas tree. The tight line of her tummy, the teasing promise of her cleavage, the hint of dark aureole... Liam felt his cock hardening as she watched him take in her figure. He touched the hint of blonde hair at the waistband of her crimson panties, brushing it lightly. He traced his fingertips along her torso, exploring her sides. She let her arms hang at her sides as his hands moved to caress her shoulders, slipping his fingers under the spaghetti straps of the teddy. He pushed the flimsy material off her shoulders and, letting gravity do the rest, cast the red silk to the floor.

She lowered her face, her eyes half closed, as she felt his eyes on her flesh.

"You're beautiful, Amy," he cupped her perky breasts, stroking her firm young flesh with his thumbs.

She looked up at him, searching his dark eyes for the truth. When she found a desire equal to her own in him, she let go of years of being proper, a respectable good girl. The intensity of her sexual need, kept so carefully contained for so very long, suddenly rushed through her.

"I need you," her eyes were filled with a lust that surprised him.

"Then what are you waiting for?" he whispered, his breath hot on her neck.

She yanked and tugged his shirttail free. There was the unmistakable sound of a button skittering across the hardwood floor. She pushed his khaki shirt down his arms, forcing him to let go of her breasts. Hastening headlong into her desire, she pulled his t-shirt free and up. Liam, a bit wobbly under her urgent need, worked to kick off his shoes.

She could only lift his t-shirt part way, so Liam grabbed the bottom edge, pulling it over his shoulders and arms, exposing his chest to her. She ran her hands through the dark soft mat of hair that grew there. Already off balance, he was so startled when she took his nipple between her lips, flicking the sensitive flesh with the tip of her tongue, that he nearly fell back onto the sofa.

She laughed playfully, then lightly raked her nails over his lower back as she sucked and tormented his nipple. Liam knotted his fist in the hair at the base of her skull. The experience was new to her, but not at all unwelcome. She groaned into his chest as he held her tightly by her mane. Her groan turned into a wanton moan as Liam ran his other hand down the curve of her back, slipping his fingers under her panties to cup her ass. His grip on her hair ebbed and flowed with the stark sensations that her lips on his breast sent through him.

Abandoning her assault on his nipple, and still wrapped in his arms, Amy looked up at him, her eyes finding his as her questing fingers released his belt, and then undid the fastener on his trousers. His grip was still tight in her hair, as she let her face rest against his arm, reveling in his firm grip, nuzzling his arm with her cheek as she lowered his zipper and eased his trousers off his hips until they fell to the floor.

Liam barely managed to keep his feet under him as he kicked his shoes clear and stepped free of his trousers. Catching hold of her to keep his balance, he kissed her hard, nipping her lower lip. She kissed him back, their tongues dancing together as they learned each other's taste for the first time. A passion was unleashed between them as she thrust her tongue into his mouth, stroking his tongue with the tip of hers, the urgency and need for each other unmistakable. She playfully pulled at his lower lip with hers and then began to bite and nip at his lip, his cheek, his earlobe.

It had been... too long, since he had been with a woman, far longer since he'd experienced the raw a passion emanating from Amy. As much as he was inclined to take control, he knew a greater treasure lay in allowing her to lead him on the journey she choose. His hands slid to her shoulders. Holding her tight, Liam massaged her shoulders with a strong, relentless grip. Pressing her cheek against his neck, she nipped his shoulder grazing his flesh with her teeth. Reluctantly, she released her grip on his cock, wrapping him in her arms, pulling herself close to him.

She pressed her body tightly against him, trapping his swollen cock between her belly and his groin, "What is this?" she whispered playfully, her lips brushing his ear as she spoke, smiling as her hands sought out his turgid flesh.

When she closed her fist around his cock, stroking it through the thin cotton of his briefs, Liam groaned deep in his chest.

Amy moaned hungrily, "That's a handful." His cock was thick, one of the thickest she'd ever felt, she wanted to touch it, to see it... she wondered how it would feel sliding into her, filling her. It had been so long since she had been with anyone... She tried not to worry, sure it could be managed.

"If it's too much for you..." Liam's smile touched his taunting words, as he gently kissed her.

She smiled wickedly and gave his cock an almost painful squeeze, "I think it'll do just fine, thank you."

He let his hands drift down her back, cupping her ass and pulling her against him, increasing the pressure on his cock. Leaning into him, Amy smiled a very self-satisfied smile, then let go of his manhood, hooking her thumbs in his briefs, pushing them down until she felt the hot flesh of his cock slip free, pressing against her tummy. She shoved his briefs down over the curve of his hips then lightly stroked the silky skin of his bare cock, wrapping her fingers around his shaft. Lazily she caressed him, excited to be touching him, learning his body.

"The real question is," she teased, lightly raking her nails across his heavy sack as she did, "Do you know how to use it?"

In response, he grabbed her by the shoulders, spun her around and pulled her roughly back against him. He caught her, his hands gripping her hips. Capturing her, he snaked one hand onto her mound, while the other slid up until he cupped her breast. She rocked her round ass against his swollen cock.

"Maybe I should bend you over the coffee table and just fuck you," he growled into her ear as his fingers plucked at her erect nipple. He considered the candles on the table, imagining the patterns the red wax would make on her skin. But they were commercial candles, the wax would be too hot. Maybe next time, he smiled to himself, as he rolled and pulled her nipple.

"Maybe you should," reaching back to run her fingers through his hair, raking her nails lightly over his scalp.

"Take your panties off," his voice husky as he cupped her breasts, kneading them roughly as she ground his cock against her silk covered ass.

Amy pushed her panties past her hips, pressing her ass back against him as she did. As she slid her panties down, she felt his hard cock nestled between her ass cheeks. She felt his precum, slick and warm, smear across the small of her back. She ground her hips lewdly against his body. He grabbed her mons again, squeezing her demandingly, sliding his fingers over her swollen outer lips before rolling the pad of his index finger across her clit as he kissed her neck and pawed her breast.

Once she stepped free of her panties, he turned her to face him again.

"I so wanna bend you over the table and fuck you," his voice was husky with lust as he brushed her hair back behind her ears, placing his thumb on her lips.

Amy's lips parted involuntarily and she took his thumb between them, playfully sucking and licking it as if it were a cock.

"...but I want to see your eyes," Liam finished his thought.

Releasing his thumb, she nodded silently, her gaze locked on him.

His hands on her hips, Liam sat slowly on the sofa. As he did, he kissed her lightly between her breasts, and down her stomach, letting his lips trail down her belly until they came to the edge of her well-trimmed curls. Amy stood feet apart, her hands in his hair, gently encouraging him as he drew closer to her sex, his tongue darting out to lick her clit, stroking it with the tip of his tongue. As he touched her, Amy's thighs tensed even as her knees weakened.

She clung to his head, pulling him to her groin even as he pressed it to his face. Her juices flowed over his tongue and he lapped up her sweet honey as his tongue explored her folds. He gripped her smooth ass and pulled her more tightly into him as he licked and kissed and teased her pretty pussy feeling her clit become harder and more engorged as he flicked it with his lips and tongue. Her low moans of pleasure egged him on. His cock as hard as steel now, in need of attention too.

He gave a long lick between her folds, collected her honey on his tongue finishing with a hard suck on her clit... he felt a full body shudder as he tugged on her pleasure center and then, released his mouth from her noisily. She gasped with the urgency of the ache he had elicited in her and she almost lost her balance.

He smiled up at her from the couch, "You taste incredible." He leaned in again, punctuating his passion for her taste by running his tongue across her delicate folds again.

Her knees weak, he steadied her with a strong hand, nuzzling her curls as he did. When she had her balance, Liam sat back, his hips at the edge of the sofa. Amy followed, straddling his thighs. His hands found her breasts, his thumbs stroking her nipples as she lowered herself into his lap, the heat of her pussy wet on his upper thigh. He drew her down to him until his lips could find her nipple. He kissed, then lightly flicked his tongue across each in turn.

"Yessssss," Amy hissed as she grabbed the back of the sofa with both hands for support.

Liam cupped her breasts, holding each in his palm. He stroked and caressed them, his touch was light, almost teasing; as tender and romantic as the thick cock between Amy's thighs was raw and urgent. She adjusted herself above him until she felt the length of his cock pressed against her pussy lips. Again, he licked each nipple in turn, taking each in his mouth, holding it as he fluttered the tip of his tongue across the hard, sensitive bud. She rocked her hips, moving above him until she felt his hard cock rubbing against her clit.

She gasped, as she felt the head of his shaft press against her clit. The heat of his cock against her already sensitive clit sent an electric jolt through her and her body demanded more... more... more! She grabbed his hair with one hand, the other still on the sofa, and held him to her breast the way a mother would a child. Then she began to rock her hips in tight little circles, rubbing his cock head against her clit the way she would her own finger. Through it all, he continued to kiss and tease her nipples, licking them with the flat of his tongue.

The pressure on her clit, the tenderness of his attention to her nipples, and the long-repressed desire within her, combined to send her rushing toward the edge of the cliff, toward the orgasm she craved.

"Oh, oh, oh... I'm gonna cum," she panted. "Don't stop! Please don't stop." She raked her nails across his scalp as she begged him.

He lifted his hips against her, increasing the pressure on her clit.

She closed her eyes tightly as everything in her turned its focus on satisfying the craving of her cunt. Her hips began to move, in short, urgent motions as she willed herself toward the cliff. She imagined how good it would feel to cum against him. The motion of her body was reduced to no more than was required to rub her clit against him. When her orgasm finally hit her, it came fast and shook her entire body. She felt her body tightening against itself, her thighs clamping down on his hips, and then the sudden rush of her orgasm, spilling over his cock and his thighs.

She lost her balance, her hands gripping his shoulders as she collapsed against him. He caught her, drawing her close to him as she rode through the orgasm. One arm around her, his hand in her hair, stroking it lightly. Her face on his chest, her mouth open in a wordless scream, her back arched slightly as she pressed her clit even more forcefully against his cock as she continued to buck against him giving her body the release it had been craving, aching for.

"That's my girl," he said softly as the crashing wave washed over her.

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