tagLoving WivesAn Unexpected Erotic Surprise

An Unexpected Erotic Surprise


It was a beautiful afternoon and the sun was shining brightly. Anjali and I were raking leaves and clearing up the house as any couple would do on a Sunday. We were getting ready for the boss to come to our house. He was trying to strike a deal with some new clients and it was our job to entertain them. They were going to come to the House at 5 p.m. Meanwhile a couple of guys from the office were supposed to come to set things up.

I saw the boss' car pull up. Anjali, my wife, gave me a look like "Here you are, good luck."

Mr.Khanna, the boss stepped out of his Esteem and walked over to us.

"Anjali, you look better each time I see you". He said, giving her a hug.

I could see why he said that. She had just turned 30 and was still looking good. Same size as when she was in high school.

"Hi, Mr.Khanna. Thanks for the compliment. Don't worry, I will change before the guests get here." She was in bare feet wearing blue jeans and a work shirt.

"No, stay like that. We are shooting for informal, remember? I want them to feel at home. This is a very important deal and I want everything to go well." He said and then turned to me.

"Amit, if we score this deal, you will need to start that new development department you have been asking me about. This is a make it or break it deal, man."

That caught my attention. "What do you mean ‘break it’ Sir?"

He became very serious and looked at Anjali. He leaned between the two of us and said, "The investors are looking to sell the company if we can't start moving ahead.... So lets really get these guys on our side, okay?"

We both nodded to him and the three of us walked around to the back yard. We had set it up as a simple barbecue, there was a keg of beer and the grill was just getting warmed up.

"Here's the plan," Mr.Khanna explained. "Jim is bringing them over here in a few minutes and after a nice BBQ and a lot of beer, we have tickets to the overnight cricket match.They are looking forward to the pre-game entertainment..." He said with a glint in his eye.

"What is that, exactly?" Anjali asked innocently "I thought it was simple outing for a few guests."

"No Anjali. By the way, did I tell you that these guys are from a big Japanese company? There are 3 of them, in their late forties and Sammy said that they like to get wild on their business trips.”

"That sounds interesting,Mr.Khanna. Anjali said. "By the way, what is the entertainment before the game?"

"Come on Anjali, let that be. This is the way business is conducted at high levels..."

"Please,I’d like to know. What is the entertainment tonight?" She persisted.

"Okay. We are going to hire a stripper to entertain the clients at our own farm in the backyard before the game."

"Now that is stooping low for business. Are your guys that desperate?" Anjali did not appear to be too pleased.

"This is a big deal," I explained to her and then went into great detail about how this was a make or break deal for the company and for us personally.

"In other words, honey, we need to keep their attention or we lose the business".

"Why would we lose their attention?" she asked, now very serious about the success of the evening.

"Worldwide Inc. also wants their business and if they can lure them away from us to some other farm house, we might lose their attention and their business. I hope this goes smoothly tonight."

As the three of us were standing in the yard and talking, Jim arrived with the Japanese businessmen. They were all laughing and it appeared obvious that they were in the mood for recreation. Ties were off and they were relaxed.

They came around to the back of the house and Jim closed the high gate and latched it when everyone was inside. They had the usual polite greetings and Anjali and I got them all situated comfortably in lawn chairs, drinks in their hands. It was a private gathering and the high fence around the yard made it more intimate. As Anjali mingled with the guests, I ran into the house to get the ringing phone.

It was Singh. He was stuck at the stadium and he was having problems with the people who rented out the best seats. No strippers were available because of a number of other reasons,one of which was that they were unwilling to go to a farm house. He was going to leave the place and come to our gathering but he had no entertainment to offer. The stripper would also not come out to the suburbs because she did not want to be recognized.

After he hung up I was confused. We needed to come up with something to show the guests that we meant business about signing them on. My boss was coming into the house.

"Sir. That was Singh... no pregame entertainment." I gave him the details.

"Well, shit. We need to do something or we are fucked." He said and we both just stood there trying to come up with an alternative. Then Anjali came in.

"How's it going ?" She said, then she noted that we were not so cheerful.

"Honey, we need some entertainment for these guys. The stripper fell through." I said, looking out into the yard, watching Jim fill their glasses yet again with beer.

"Those Japanese sure are getting juiced." She said. "They are looking at me like I was the next course after the hamburgers."

Mr.Khanna stood in front of Anjali with a very solumn tone, glancing at me as he spoke. His tone was even, measured. "Anjali, we are in trouble. I am sure you understand the enormity of landing this Japanese deal, right?"

She looked at him with an equally serious face and said, "Yes, I do."

He continued. " I am going to say something that is very strange and I apologize ahead of time for what I am going to ask of you... actually both of you, in a way."

Anjali looked at me and helped Mr.Khanna out. "You need entertainment and you need it now, right?"

"That's right, Anjali..."

"I know exactly how important this is and I also know that you are asking me to entertain these guys. Am I right?"

Mr.Khanna and I looked at each other and nodded.

"How far do I have to go... as a stripper, I mean..." She stammered.

I stepped in. "Honey, I think I know what you are leading to but I want you to think over carefully what you are suggesting..."

She continued. "Do you think a simple tease will be enough to keep their interest for a while?" And then,taking me into a corner she asked, ”These Japs are strangers so stripping for them is not a problem.But what will your boss think?He has never seen me topless.I hope he does not form a poor opinion of me.”I assured her that he would be grateful since this is being done for the firm as a whole.Mr.Khanna also joined us with a very worried look on his face.

He gulped and said, "Yes, that may be all we need. I would never ask you to do more than that. We will present it like it is a joke and they will get so drunk that they won't even know that they missed the cricket match.If however they still want to go, we have no problems with that either.”

"I'll give it a try. And just pray that I do not mess it up.? Just play along with me." And with that, she walked back out into the yard. "Is everyone doing well out here?" She asked everyone. They all shouted and said they were having fun and looking forward to a great evening. She smiled and looked at me, waiting for me to say something.

"Honey, why don't we take some pictures for our guests to remember the evening?" I said loudly.

"Wait, I have a camera!" Shouted the younger of the three Japanese, as he began rummaging through the jackets they had thrown onto one of the lounge chairs.

"What shall we take pictures of?" Mr.Khanna asked, to no one in particular.

Almost on cue, one of them suggested the hostess, if her husband had no objection. I was hardly in a position to say no,especially since Mr.Khanna looked so forlorn.

They decided that she stand over near the fence with her hair loose and they took a few basic shots. It turned out that they each had a small camera in their jackets.

“Well, if the host and hostess are not prudes, why don’t they let us see the lovely lady in all her glory?” asked one of the Japs.

Anjali looked at me and we both looked at Mr.Khanna whose position was really pitiable.So was mine for that matter. How could I suggest to my wife that she strip in front of strangers for the sake of our company?

Anjali came up to where both Mr.Khanna and I were standing and looked me directly in the eye.” I am with you in this. Just tell me, topless or the whole thing?”

I gulped. What could one tell one’s wife in such a situation? And I was admiring her boldness.The maximum exposure that she had ever done was to go topless on a beach but on a beach there are only strangers. Here were people who she would run into day after day and know that she had been seen by them as I saw her night after night.

“Do what you think fit.” I said.But Mr Khanna’s body language insisted that she strip.

I then suggested that she get behind a tree and act sexy. Anjali took the hint and stood between two trees and let out a few buttons on her shirt.

The guests were snapping away and I could see that Mr.Khanna and Jim were also getting quite interested.

I was very proud of my wife and I knew that she truly understood how important this day was.

"Honey, try to unbutton the whole shirt and come out from behind the tree, Okay?" suggested one of them.

She did it and she was smiling.

I spoke to the guests by saying: "Gentlemen, would you like this to be more of an artistic photo session? I don't want to offend you..."

The three of them went out of their way to inform me that they would be honored to take whatever photographs we considered comfortable and artistic.

"Okay, honey, now come more into the sunlight so we can see you better." I said.

She stepped into the fading sunlight and we could see that almost whole of her shirt was unbuttoned except for only one button..

"Now lets loose the shirt, Hon."

She was apparently enjoying this display and this was a side of Anjali I had never seen before.

It was getting to be more of a strip tease than a photo shoot but I was getting no complaints. She was enjoying the attention( or if she was acting she was a damn good actress) she was getting from the clients as well as my co-workers who just stood there, dumbfounded.

“How do you feel about the bra, Honey?" The Jap said.

"Who needs it?" She replied,looking at me.Her bra was a netted one and even when she was wearing it we could see her brown erect nipples through the netted material.It was a front opening one and slowly almost teasingly she unhooked it.

Her shapely breasts virtually leapt free and the sight of her juicy breasts with small erect nipples made the Japs gasp.

"... But first, lets even it out and lose the jeans. Is that okay with everyone?"The Jap could not control himself.By now he perhaps knew that if they played their cards right they would get to see their hostess nude very soon.

Everyone agreed.Anjali however looked at me tentatively but since everyone appeared so keen she unbutoned the solitary button of the jeans.Her belly button and the fair skin leading down to her pussy was now on display.She appeared to be as determined as us to ensure that the Japs were not displeased.

She appeared to be a trifle nervous as she worked them down to her ankles accompanied by a loud chorus from the Japs who insisted that she get rid of her panties too.

She slowly pulled off her jeans off her bare feet and at the same time, turned around to show us her fine posterior. All of us looked absolutely mesmerised. It was as if we were watching a live performance and this woman was not my wife.

It was when she pulled down her panty that I realised why she was uneasy.She had shaved off most of her pubic hair.The lips of her pussy were clearly visible.Nice and pink.Most of her bare body bore the mark of tanning except for her breasts and pubic area which was milky fair.

She really showed us what she had and struck a very shy and modest pose. When she was done with the poses, one of the men offered her a blanket to sit on and she took it.

After the Japs and the others left we asked Mr.Khanna to stay over for the meal.Anjali surprisingly preferred to remain naked and served food for us like that only.It was the first time that she was serving food to a guest and indulging in small formal talk like any hostess in a completely nude state.Her small brownish-pink nipples were erect and from this it was obvious that she too was excited.It was erotic to see her breasts bouncing when she went to the kitchen to fetch a replacement.The most erotic moment came when she went to answer the phone.The table on which we keep the phone is about two feet high and Anjali had to bend to write down the number.Since she had to note down a number she bent and both Mr.Khanna and I could see her posterior;the ass hole and the hairless pussy.She was perhaps unaware that we could see so much.I however felt a sense of pride because Anjali always took such good care of her body that it was a pleasure to watch her nude.

After the food we came to see Mr.Khanna off.He thanked me,hugged and kissed Anjali for being so sporting and for the lovely dinner.I saw that his hand was at the base of her breasts,but he was decent enough not to squeeze the boobs but it did touch her nipples since they were really erect.He offered me a promotion before leaving.We signed the client the
following day felt absolutely wonderful.

”I think I owe this promotion to the calculated risk you took in remaining nude even after they left.''

“Yeah!"Anjali replied."Since your boss had already seen me naked,it would have been stupid to dress up after the guests left.But he was happy?"

"Happy!He must have been delighted.Especially when you bent and we saw your smooth pussy and ass hole clearly."

Anjali was shocked."O my God! I should not have bent.But that damn table was so low.I hope he was not offended.He did not form a bad opinion of me?"She started explaining.

"That's okay"I said putting her nipple in my mouth and proceeding to undress her .”Far from being offended he was absolutely delighted.I don’t think he ever got to see his wife’s asshole as clearly as he saw yours.”

It was after this incident that I noticed a new sexual confidence in my wife. She became sexually more active and vocal;gave and received better oral sex;started wearing sexier clothes and the best part was that she was not at all embarassed in front of Mr. Khanna. After all he had seen her as naked as I, her husband had seen her.To my surprise I myself was thrilled at this change.

One day a friend of mine by the name of Rohit came over. He is a very old and dear friend. Unfortunately recently he was going through certain problems with his wife.He was genuinely unhappy and I decided to invite him over for dinner. Rohit is about one or two inches taller than me at 6 feet 2 inches and has a muscular build. That he was having problems with his wife was indeed a surprise because during our university days he had a way with girls and was one of the more envied people.

Anjali was wearing a blue sari with matching sleeveless blouse. With her subtle makeup and silver jewellery she looked stunning. As the meal progressed I noticed that she took a keen interest in Rohit’s problem. At one time it appeared that Rohit was to tell me something in confidence and alone but Anjali refused to leave. After a couple of drinks even I was in a couldn’t care less mood and so insisted that she stay. It transpired that Rohit’s wife was not at all responsive sexually. For her it was a chore that had to be performed. Not the ecstatic experience that it was for Anjali. Both Anjali and I were very sad for Rohit. After the meal Rohit wanted to go back but we insisted that he stay over.

Anjali saw to it that his room had everything that was could be required.Bed, quilt, water, AC, everything was in place. Anjali too changed into a nightie( After the incident with the Japs she now possessed only sexy nighties where the breast could almost always be seen with a little effort) and we retired to our respective rooms.

Just as we were about to turn in, there was some electrical fault and what followed was complete darkness in the building. After a while it became clear that a phase had short circuited and there was now no electricity in any room. The only thing that was working was the AC of our room since that took its current from another phase. Anjali was apparently quite tired after having prepared all the delicacies that we had enjoyed at dinner and within no time she was asleep.

It was very hot and I felt bad that I had or rather we had asked Rohit to stay over.It would have been indecent on our part to have carried on sleeping while he sweated it out. I therefore got out of the bed and tiptoed to his room.There was nothing but sheer darkness everywhere. Then I noticed that the door of the balcony was open and he was standing there getting some respite from the fresh air.

“Rohit,” I whispered to him. “ Come inside.To our room. The AC there is working.”

“No, you carry on.” He whispered back.” Why spoil your sleep because of me?”

“Anjali is already asleep;so the question of her sleep being spoilt does not arise.And I, as you can still see am wide awake.”I replied.

“ But there is only one bed there?” Rohit was still hesitant.

“Aw, come on now.” I insisted.” Don’t be shy.Anjali is not sleeping naked.”

I could see Rohit’s silhoutte shrugging his shoulders and following me to the room. In addition to the darkness there was just the silent humming of the AC. Both Rohit and I were in T shirts and shorts. I lay down in the middle and Rohit occupied the place that I usually occupy. Within five minutes even Rohit fell asleep. It seemed that either I had had too much to eat or perhaps there was some other problem but I couldn’t fall asleep. After tossing around for a while I decided to do what Rohit had been doing; i.e.to take some fresh air from the balcony the door of which was still open.
I got out of the bed and very slowly proceeded to the balcony leaving behind on the same bed two people:my wife clad in virtually nothing but her bangles, necklace,anklets and a very thin nightie and my best friend, muscular and well built,a ladies’ man and one who had not been getting along with his wife recently.

The fresh air was soothing and balmy. Somewhere in the distnace I could hear the barking of dogs. Gradually I found myself going over the day’s events( a completely boring and useless exercise ) and I think that is when I dozed off.

When I woke up with a start I think I had already been dozing off for almost two hours.The electricity had been restored and the fans were whirring. The lights were naturally off since they had been put off before we had turned in.I thought of entering my bedroom to wake up Rohit and to tell him that he could go back to his room since the electricity had been restored. However I was quite surprised to find that both Rohit and Anjali were awake. This surprised me no end. After all with the Airconditioner on there was no reason why their sleep should have been disturbed. When I entered, it appeared to me as if they had been expecting me. Somehow their behaviour seemed strange I put on the light also and I saw Rohit feeling somewhat sheepish. I told him that he could go to his room. He smiled at Anjali who smiled back at him and Rohit left the room. The rest of the night passed off uneventfully except for the fact that after Rohit’s departure Anjali was even more sexually active and we made absolutely mind blowing love. In my heart of hearts I was happy that due to Rohit’s visit my wife had become even more uninhibited. However deep inside me something rankled. Why were these two awake when I was dozing in the balcony? What had transpired bewtween them? Till now my wife had only exposed herself before Mr. Khanna, a few of my colleagues and the Japs.But that was in a very different set of circumstances.That incident had however broken the ice and she had started wearing sexier and more revealing clothes.She was in remarkably good shape. With a height of 5 feet and 5 inches in bare feet she had a firm bust of 34 B. Not only that she had a flair for carrying off both Indian and Western attire and looked incredibly stunning in both of them.

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