tagNon-EroticAn Unexpected Romance For Dave Pt. 01

An Unexpected Romance For Dave Pt. 01


"Dave, David wake up Dave" as I began hearing whispers. "What the heck are you doing man? Shit, I heard her say, you are gonna get in heap of trouble" as I began turning my heard around looking at Jessica.

"Huh, what oh shit" I replied, "did I fall" but she put her hand over my mouth before I finished my sentence. Jessica always seemed to sense when something was not right about me and two others in our office. We all liked her. She was our mother hen and a so-alled 'caretaker'. We loved her because she looked out for our best interests.

"Dave, she whispered with a motherly look, you and I gotta talk" as if it was her god given right to know everything about me that was going on.

Truth be known my great aunt, was ill and I felt an obligation for some reason to take care of her. She is family and family needs to be taken care of as much as friends do.

What happened has been happening all too frequently. I've had to stay up almost all night long. The illness my 79 year old great aunt had kept her awake and she wasn't able to sleep very well. Trying various things I finally broke down and took her to a specialist her physician suggested several months back. Regardless from that point forward, everything was taxing me. It showed because I had been losing sleep trying to take care of her. I'd fall asleep a few times in my office, down the hall from everyone such as Jessica. I took 15 minute naps 2, 3 and sometimes 4 times a day. It wasn't intentional and somehow Jessica caught on and checked in on me frequently.

She cared and eventually I learned to appreciate her caring efforts she showed me. I wasn't the only person she attended to like that, but she cared for each of us for different reasons.

"I'm going on my walk" the 23 year old girl told me "and you are getting your fat butt out of that comfy chair and walking with me so we can actually talk. You hear me David?"

I think I'm a decent looking guy, not a hunk by any stretch of the imagination, but I have possibilities if I can be egotistical for a moment. I have nice enough traits for a given group of people in which that group is abundant enough. I suppose that group includes someone like Jessica, but at the time no one would have known.

What I am getting at is why would Jessica care to walk with me? Seeing as she's 23 and could have the pick of the lot, although she's isn't a glamour model, Jessica is a fine looking plus size woman. She exercised and dressed well in addition to keeping a positive attitude. In my opinion she took care of herself in how she always ate right. She treated others equally as well.

So I met her on our morning break at 10:30 around the corner of the building. It was just she and I. I asked her what was wrong. Her response was, "What is wrong with you? You're the only one who is sleeping on the job. Geez David, and she called me that when she cared gravely for me, if you get caught your butt is going to get chewed out."

"So why do you care Jessica" I asked her. "What is it to you, and don't misunderstand my question, but why does someone who knows nothing about me, has nothing to do with me after work, nor interacts with me except in passing, care about me like you do? Ummm, I am not sure it makes sense to you Jessica?"

"David, David, David, she exclaimed, don't you know me at all by now? David, David, ohhh David, you have to know me a little by now, don't you think David?"

I stopped a good 200 yards away from the building which was set in a nice wooded area in a suburban town. I stopped dead in my tracks. "I must be naïve as all get out" I thought, "Nobody addresses me like that unless there is some affection." At least that's what I thought. I just turned 31. I sure didn't feel or even behave like I was in my 30's but what's a person supposed to behave like anyways that's in their thirties? The point is if she does have some affection for me, was I missing something there?

"I just care about people David. I care about a select few, such as you. That's all, just you, Connie, and Lori and Jeff. That's it. I really don't care about him, because he says or does stuff I don't always like. You, well you on the other hand treat me so nicely, it's cool Dave. You are cool." All of a sudden I got a feeling running through me. It was one of those feelings which courses through you when there's a flickering fondness between a guy and a girl.

I thought "Not Jessica, no way not Jessica, and me?" I thought impossible at that moment and that's when the idea popped up, "Is she really attracted to me; am I as blind and ignorant as they come?"

I have many guy friends, but we all know guys; they aren't trustworthy with their insights about women, regardless of their age so I wasn't going there. I wasn't going to ask another guy, except one person maybe. My dad might offer me some insight. He was married a second time after my mom and he divorced. They remained friends and lived in the same Florida community so I see both when I get down there. However, both always give me great advice so I called both. They seem to think alike and I got the same advice from both.

"I know you care Jessica. I like it that you care so much. You are like a mother hen to me. I really like that maternal aspect of you. I hope that isn't degrading Jessica by me saying 'maternal aspect', because in no way are you close to being 'maternal like' in my book." She smiled warmly at me and thanked me. The look I got from her facial expression sent feelings, again, coursing through me. I did not know for sure what to make those feelings. That's when I decided to call my dad and then my mom.

"David, so why are you falling asleep, if you don't mind telling me."

We had begun walking again and it felt as if we knew each other very well. I felt like I could tell the girl anything and I mean everything. "It's a long, long story Jessica."

"We've got 10 more minutes according to my watch said Jessica.

"I don't mean to be rude, but why do you wanna know? What's so interesting about me or my life that makes you want to know" I asked her as we continued walking.

"Umm, I don't know, she replied, I guess I think you are a pretty decent guy and like I said before, you and Connie and Lori are the only one's I really think are nice. The other's, well they are okay and maybe Jeff, maybe I should include him, but the rest are superficial. They put on a front and aren't true to themselves like you three or four are."

"That's funny, not ha-ha funny, but odd I guess because I feel the same exact way about the other two and you also for that matter. Yeah Jeff is cool but sometimes he falls into the other category and often I don't want to trust him."

"No kidding, she asked, you really think that about them?" She stopped and smiled because it made her feel a lot better that she wasn't the only one who thought the same way.

Before we knew it, her break was over. My schedule didn't matter. I could for as long as I needed. I was more then refreshed so we headed back to the office. I made small talk as we walked back towards work.

"Dave, she said as if asking a question, but hesitated, am I overstepping my boundaries if I asked you out for a cup of coffee or something?"

Her question stunned me. I liked her but at that point I didn't think she liked me. Just as we were about to enter the doorway I looked at her and said, "Can I look at what I've got on the fire? I'm not sure I can do it tonight." I was free because I called in a duty nurse to watch over my great-aunt so I could get a break and get a good night's sleep.

"Maybe another night if your interested" she replied in a negative tone. I never heard her sound that way before.

An hour and half passed. I knew her break was coming up and since I was an assistant manager of another department unrelated to hers, I finagled it so I could call on her services and make it look as if I could use her help. Jessica was extraordinary, especially because she could file paperwork so meticulously, and besides that she could locate it more efficiently then most people. Problem was it made no sense if anyone thought through it why she would be called to another department to do clerical work when she wasn't hired there. I devised an idea so that no one, including Connie or Lori could have known why she was pulled away.

The purpose was so that she and I could walk for a half hour instead of 15 minutes which was her normal break time. Walking into my room she asked what our department needed. I told her to follow me in a professional manner. She walked next to me and chatted away about non-essential issues and I listened and smiled. I thought, "Wow I do like her more then I realized."

In our filing room on the other side, which was locked up, it was 5 minutes before her break. She was aware it and didn't care. Anything to assist the company and maybe get an edge up on her 'competition', not that she really was competing against anyone, she was glad to help out with.

"Why not have a regular clerical person do this, can't they do it themselves?"

"Oh sure they can I said, but today they are all busy with other tasks" and then I shut the security door behind us. She became suspicious.

"What's going on David" she asked suspiciously. Why did you do that? Umm, I'm not comfortable in here with you and the door locked like that. What are you up to" she asked wearily.

"Let's go for another walk. I loved talking with you this morning, I really did Jessica. I didn't mean to make this look like what I'm thinking you see it as. I just wanted to take a walk with you, that's it so will you go on another walk?"

"Sure but why all the antics Dave why not call my extension and ask me to take a walk?"

"This way I've got you all to myself for the day and everyone thinks I have you working on a special project and aren't any wiser."

"She giggled and remarked, "Aren't you the tricky little devil."

"Yes I am, but I'm going out on a limb Jessica for a couple of reasons, one professional, and one personal." I confused her.

We walked out the filing room, around to the back, and we exited through the security exit. As she and I walked, I told her a few things she deserved to hear.

"Jessica, first I owe you big time for saving my ass. I know I am a nice guy and I try to be, but with all the crap that's been going on with me personally, I am worn out. The contracts I've negotiated haven't been accepted which is unusual since mine almost always are agreeable. So having you as my protector, I'm grateful as heck. Thanks Jessica, I've been meaning to say that and I'm happy I finally told you."

"Now the reason I've", but she interrupted me and told me I was welcome and at that same point her hand touched my hand. I didn't know how to respond but I didn't hold her hand; I delicately pulled it away because I felt as if it hit my hand by accident but I wasn't too sure either.

"The reason I have been falling asleep has to do with my great aunt. Her name is Aunt Felicia. She is my grandpa's sister. My parents live in Florida. My aunt could be in a nursing home but has no desire to be in one. I went on to explain my dilemma or situation. It wasn't a predicament I could get out of; it was a choice I made to actively take care of someone in my family.

She fell in love with me. Not 'in love' as in true love but she fell in love with my values. She was a lot like that herself and as soon as I finished explaining why I fell asleep in my office, she was in love. I think she always liked me for me. We never dared explored any relationship. I still didn't dare to go there with her.

"Oh Gosh Dave, I think that's the kindest, sweetest thing a guy could do for someone. I mean to say I think it is the sweetest thing anyone is able to do for someone like your aunt. It is incredible. I have a lot of respect for you Dave. I always feel like doing that for someone. I wish, well I guess I wish there was something I could do to help you."

"Jessica, I said, there are two things I'd love you to do. First, can you make sure I'm awake in the office like you do? I love how you wake me up. It's well it is like an angel coming down from heaven and making sure everything is alright." She roared out laughing after I said that. Then I laughed with her because that did sound pretty stupid.

"I've got to get back to the office she said, my break's over."

I stopped her by gently grabbing her arm. That was the very first time I really took notice of her physical stature. I had never really looked at her physically or looked at her cute physical features. When I did grab her arm to tell her she's on my time and a couple other things, I gave myself a chance to look at Jessica as more then a co-worker in my office. It wasn't as if I didn't look at the women, but my mind was always on my projects. Oh yes, I would look at Jessica, Connie, Karen, Beth, Becky, Kathy, and Cathy and a few others and if I had the time, I'd check out what they were wearing and how it added to their appearance.

Knowing she didn't have a rigid schedule that afternoon loosened the atmosphere. Secondly I wanted to ask her out to dinner and I floored her when I did.

"Really, dinner with me" she exclaimed. "You really want to take me, emphasizing the 'me' portion, out to dinner? That isn't necessary. Plus you have your auntie to think about and if she's your number one priority, then don't let me get in your way."

"Jessica when you asked me out for coffee earlier, I was stunned you actually liked me. Heck yes I wanna have coffee. Heck I want more then coffee, but I don't want to be presumptuous either." "I wasn't sure if you liked me or not and I guess I like you pretty well myself and I guess I figured what the heck, it be a lot of fun so why not? See if she says yes."

"Of course David, I would absolutely love to go to dinner with you this weekend I'm assuming, right?"

"Nooo Jessica, I mean tonight actually. I am free tonight for dinner. I really, really would love to go out to dinner with you. Can I pick you up or is that to forward, or should we meet somewhere instead? Maybe that's better, as in is that more appropriate?"

"Yeah either way is cool Dave. Oh wow, this is so cool. I have thought about going to dinner with you. No kidding I really have and asking me out, well that's so neat. What time and where?"

Jessica and I decided she would meet me at a small diner in a suburb that cooked the best seafood around. We met about 6:45 that night and both of us dressed casually and conservatively. This way no false impressions other then a friendly dinner were emitted.

Each of us had a couple of beers while we laughed about office conversations and soon enough we talked about her life and its tragedies. She had problems too. Her twin brother who developed a fatal disease, Jessica never brought it to work with her.

She hung out with Connie and Lori frequently but never at the same time. She went clubbing but Connie was too loose and Jessica didn't like that about Connie although Connie was always pretty honest and would stop to help a friend first before hitting on a man. Connie never knew about her twin.

I had no clue about everybody at the office and what was revealed about our office was funny and interesting. We laughed and talked and talked and laughed. Dinner lasted longer then we expected. I was anxious to get home but Jessica easily could have spent hours walking, talking and getting to know me better.

We hugged outside before we drove off but that same feeling that routed through me earlier in the day came back when we hugged. I knew instantly I liked her and at variety of traits about her which came with liking her too

Walking away, her figure seemed full but shapely but she appeared more in shape then me. I'm not overweight, but I don't work out to firm up some much needed areas either. It doesn't matter because I was happy and I like myself and so do others. I'm entertaining enough and keep to myself and besides with my work, I don't have lots of time for screwing off.

As far as her figure was concerned, it offered many rewards. Her ass was nice and shapely. There were delightful curves to her figure and from a romantic aspect it was adorable enough that I would tell her how cute, attractive, and pretty she is. Her hair is so thick that it must take a while to dry and shape. It ran just below her shoulders and most times it was straight. It always had sheen and bounce to it.

At 5'4", I approximated at first, I'd see her wear a couple mini skirts and think to myself "Wow, hott thighs and great legs". Yeah, I remember saying that to myself. She wasn't too well endowed, but maybe it was because she didn't flaunt her upper body as did many girls who wore low cut tops and push up bras. All that isn't important and I suppose if it was meant to be it would happen.

I got home and after sitting down I thought about her more and more and the things I liked about her. She is sweeter then honey. Nicer then a butterfly. She cares so much for people and she is warm and friendly. To top it off I thought about her looks. All-in-all, I liked her so much more then I realized.

When I saw her the next morning I knew something was goofy. I'm sure she felt something strange too. I wanted to hug her good morning because when I passed her up there was this hesitation to stop and when we did almost stop that urge to hug her was the primary thing running through my mind. Thankfully we didn't. I am almost sure she felt the same way. That look on her face said it all. For the first time, I could read her.

I gave a hidden wave and smiled and then just as we crossed paths I saw her smile and wink at me. "Like way cool dude, cool beans man!"

She made my day. I think I made her day too because she smiled and she winked at the last minute. Funny thing was she bounced and danced all day long as she did her work. When I passed her by at one point I told her, "Someone had a nice evening, didn't they?"

She winked at me and smiled. "Yes they did and that person is a lucky woman. She is one happy woman, hehehe."

The whole office stood up and like a bunch of busy bodies had to know what Jessica did the night before. Uh uhhh uhhhhh, she, and I thought to ourselves, no one was going to kiss and tell. Nothing happened except a nice friendly dinner between two people who like each other, nothing more, and nothing less.

I didn't fall asleep once that day. She came in to check on me and I thanked her a lot. We joked frequently but inconspicuously all that week when she'd slip by my doorway. Finally she stopped in and closed the door to my office. She had one hell of a look on her face. I never saw her look the way she looked that day. She broke down in tears before saying anything. She bawled before composing herself.

Whimpering she told me, her twin brother took a turn for the worse. He had less then a month to live. Things were nuts, so I did 2 things. First I requested a transfer over to my department. I told her I was doing it. Secondly, I told her that once the paperwork went through, to take an extended leave of absence. She told me she couldn't afford to do that. I said then I have one alternative for her. She told me if she took the leave of absence she would lose her apartment. She loved her apartment and didn't want to give that up so upon hearing that I told her I had a superb idea, maybe.

"Listen, I have a few options which I have control over so see what you think. By coming over here you'd get a $2.00/hour raise I said. Once everything passes with what's going on with your brother, then you are free to come back here and work. Do it at your convenience. The job's here when you're ready to come back." That's when she told me she could not afford to do that. I knew exactly how much she made which was reasonable.

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