tagBDSMAn Unexpected Trip Ch. 02-03

An Unexpected Trip Ch. 02-03


Bruce gently laid Barbara down on the sofa. Though she could not see, her other senses were compensating for the loss by amplifying every detail of her surroundings. She could smell the rich leather of the coach, which blended with the scent of the fireplace, which melded in her mind with the crackling sounds of the fire, and she felt it's warmth against her skin.

Bruce had brought her to the lake. He had told her that this was to be a game of trust before he asked her to strip off her clothing, blindfold herself, and lock her hands behind her back with a pair of handcuffs. She suddenly felt a wave of comfort, knowing that the road to the lake was usually abandoned this time of year. Bruce would have known that and so there was little chance of anyone seeing her in her compromised position. He had planned this adventure very carefully, taking every detail into account, including, obviously, asking the caretaker to stop by and light a fire before they arrived.

And then a sound. It was the clink of glasses, of a cork being pulled and of wine being poured into two glasses. Barbara realized just then, just how acute her senses were becoming and she sensed Bruce approaching her, his quiet footsteps on the floor, the scent of his cologne wafting it's way toward her.

He set the glasses down on the table in front of the coach and spoke. "Barbara, this is the game we are going to play. I asked you before to trust me, now I'm going to ask that I be able to trust you as well. I intend to hold you prisoner in this cabin for the night. During that time, you will serve as my slave, and I as your Master. I will ask you to call me Sir, and to not speak, unless you are spoken too. I will do with you as I please. If I choose to spank your bare ass, then you will comply without hesitation. If I choose to tie you to the bed and torture you with toys, then you will comply without hesitation. If you agree to all of my requests, and serve me well as my slave, then you will be rewarded, but know this, if at any point you begin to feel uncomfortable, say Yellow. If we should begin to go beyond your limitations and you say the word Yellow, than I will lessen the punishment to a more tolerable degree. If at any point, you wish to stop completely, than say the word Red. If you say the word Red, then I will stop, and release you immediately. I will think no less of you if you ask me to stop by saying the word Red. I won't stop caring for you, and I won't stop sharing my life with you. Do you understand?"

Barbara nodded her head in agreement. Bruce smiled. She was going to enjoy this, he thought to himself.

Now with the blindfold removed, Barbara found herself in the bedroom of the old cabin. Against the wall sat a beautiful oak four poster bed. In the corner, a leather chair with a small table next to it. The walls were decorated with ivy wallpaper and adourned with various prints in mahogany frames. The whole room smelled of wood and leather and in her present state, she found it quite intoxicating. And there was Bruce, positioning her in the middle of the room. He asked her to place her hands together in front of her. Barbara complied, but she hesitated for a moment first, and when she did offer her wrists, she waggled them in the air while blowing a small breath through her pursed lips as if to say, "Ok, I'll play along, for now...". "I can't make it too easy for him," she thought to herself. Bruce detected the shift in her otherwise totally compliant attitude. He was wondering when she would start to challenge him, and was prepared for it.

He gripped her wrists firmly in his left hand, and with his right retrieved a length of soft cotton rope from his coat pocket. As he began to wrap the ropes around her wrists, he maintained a stern gaze upon Barbara whose eyes never rose from the ground beneath her. He was now completely in his role as her dominant.

Barbara tried her best to hold back the smile that was growing on her face. She didn't want him to know just how much she was enjoying this. She'd later look back on it and wonder why. Bruce said "raise your hands over your head." He then tied her raised hands to a hook in the ceiling. He then took a few steps back to admire the sight.

Barbara stood there, a look of sultry strength shone from her. Her legs were spread apart in a stance that accented her svelt form. Her head was turned to the side and her chin raised up which added to the air of defiance she was working so hard to emit. It was everything she could do to hold back the trembling.

"Now let me explain something to you," Bruce began. "I know you feel a need to be defiant. My intention is to remove that burden from you. Once you've given yourself completely to me, you will receive a reward. One that I know you'll appreciate."

Barbara knew exactly what reward he was talking about.

"We're going to begin slowly. I want you to close your eyes. If you open them, even for a moment, I'll have to replace the blindfold." Barbara shut her eyes and stood there, wondering what could come next. Bruce's fingertips gently began to stroke her exposed flesh. He began with her hands and slowly worked his way down her frame to her ankles. He avoided contact with the more sensitive areas of her body. Then she felt something else stroking against her skin, it was soft and delicate and it was, "feathers? Is that a feather he's using? It feels so... hmm." Then there was another sensation, it felt smooth and glided easily across her face her chest, her stomach and legs. It was the silk tie that Bruce had been wearing. And then something else was running alongside her breasts, working it's way up her throat to her lips. This felt different, it was cold and smooth and made little clinking noises as it moved. It felt like a piece of chain. Barbara noticed it especially when it passed over her now erect nipples.

And then, he was kissing her. Softly at first along her arms, her sides, her belly, and then the back of her knees. She could stand it no longer, she was exploding inside from delight and wanted to watch him as he worshiped her body. She opened her eyes and was completely shocked to see that he was now standing face to face with her, his eyes fixed on hers. "Gotcha," he said "and now for the blindfold." Barbara moaned, then sighed, then everything went black.

"In life," Bruce began, "we purchase every moment of pleasure, with an equal moment of pain. Now that you've experienced a little pleasure, it's time to pay the price." A shiver went down her back and then, without any further warning she felt the slap of leather smack against her ass.

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