tagBDSMAn Unexpected Trip Ch. 04

An Unexpected Trip Ch. 04






Bruce continued to slap Barbara's warm pink ass with the leather paddle. He used it as if it were an extension of his own arm. He was obviously well practiced with it. The strikes would come in regular intervals, then the patterns would shift. First one side, then the other. A series of quick light slaps and then a hard whack that pushed her torso forward as she hung there, suspended by the ropes tied round her wrists. She writhed in pain and delight arching her back, standing high on her toes and pressing her back towards him as each blow pushed her forward. Her fingers attempted to find purchase on the ropes, but she quickly found it didn't matter. Whether she held on to them or not, her balance was no longer her own. The bonds held her firmly in place.

She didn't know how long he had been beating her. It seemed like days since she first stepped into the car at the restaurant. The trembling had long since stopped and had been replaced with an intense sensation of pointless resistance. Her body had given in to the experience. She could the heat that had begun to radiate from her waist and ass. She could taste the sweat on her lip as it dripped down her face.

She had considered saying one of the safe words he had given her. "Yellow" would ease the severity of the blows. "Red" would stop the experience immediately. "Oh m- ast-..." was all she was able to say clearly, interspersed between a series of primal sounding grunts and groans and then, the paddling stopped.

She was still blindfolded. She couldn't see what was happening, but she slumped when the respite came. Her hair, now damp, fell into her face. Her breathing began to slow from a series of quick, short gasps to long, deep, nourishing inhalations.

She heard his footsteps as he walked around her.

"My little slave, " he said, "you take your punishment well. That pleases me."

"Th- tha-nk you, " she stuttered. "Thank you."

Bruce began to lightly run his fingertips along her behind. He gently petted and patted her with the palms of his hand. She squirmed slightly. Her beautiful ass was pink and warm to the touch.

"Now rest a moment my dear, little pet, " he said, "while I fetch the rest of my toys."

Chapter 4

Barbara, no that wasn't her name anymore. Not since Bruce had brought her into this place and tied her hands over her head, blindfolded her, and beaten her, which, to her surprise, was the most erotic experience she had had. No, she wasn't Barbara anymore. That person was gone. She had become someone else, something else. She had become his.

Bruce had said he was going to be back with more toys to play with and she was afraid. He had beaten her so expertly. Flogged her, paddled her, spanked her and her flesh felt as if it was on fire. Her arms felt heavy and a trickle of sweat beamed on her brow as it slowly dripped down her face, over her cheek and across her mouth. She didn't think she could take any more pain, at least, not right away. Now, she craved something else. Longed for it, burned for it.

He knew that. He ran the cord through his hands and carefully considered his next actions. "Are you still here?" he asked. His voice shook her from her stupor. He was standing right next to her now, whispering in her ear. "Yes" she replied. And then there were footsteps. Loud and certain on the hard wood floors. He wanted her to know exactly where he was, without being able to see exactly what he was doing.

What he was doing was tying one end of the silken cord to the bedpost. Once it was tightly knotted in place, he walked back to her and bent under her, feeding the rope between her spread ankles. As he leaned over, his bare chest brushed against her thigh. He was warm, very warm indeed against her. Footsteps again. He was walking away from her in the opposite direction. What was he doing?

What he was doing was tying the other end of the cord to the doorknob and as he did so, he tightened the slack until the cord found its place between her legs. She teetered slightly against the pressure, but found that the bonds held her firmly in place. The crotchrope would stay right where it was.


She knew that sound. It was the sound of a vibrator on it's highest setting. "Master..." she began to say, but was cut short when the vibrator made contact with the cord which ran between her legs.

"Oh, oh no, I can't, oh I can't..." and then the vibration lessened as the Master lowered the setting. It was better now, less harsh and she began to feel the tingling in her hips she hadn't felt in so long.

She began to grind herself against the cord, pressing it into her. "I can't, I can't... believe this is..."

It felt so good, it had been so long, she couldn't believe it could be this good. She didn't believe she could have lived so long without it. She bit her lip, arched her back, tipped her head back and felt her hair graze against her neck and shoulders. She moaned, low and deep and loud, and then she came.

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