tagBDSMAn Unexpected Visit

An Unexpected Visit


"I have an appointment," You hear someone say to the receptionist.

You recognize my voice immediately. After all of these weeks talking sweetly, talking dirty, You would recognize my voice anywhere.

"Yes, come right in," You say from the doorway of your office in a professional tone. "I've been expecting you."

You give me a look and I know immediately that I am in big trouble. It was a risk to come to your office, but I couldn't wait another day to be with you. I pray desperately that you will not be too angry with my impulsive behavior.

You shut and lock the door to your office after I enter and level me with a stare I cannot decipher. I am so nervous and cannot read your face at all. Are You happy to see me? Are you angry?

I stare back at you and try to control the shaking that has overtaken my entire body. If you reject me, if you send me away, I will be devastated. I am completely vulnerable in your presence.

I know I must make immediate amends for coming to you without your permission. Standing just inside the door, I kneel in the short skirt and 5 inch heels I have paired with a suit jacket to blend into the office surroundings.

I bow my head and wait for your response to my presence. You walk over to me and pet my hair. You run your hand down the side of my face and tilt my chin so I am looking up at you.

"You've taken a big risk, coming here like this," You say. "I should be angry, but I'm not."

"I'm sorry, Master," I apologize.

"I'm not angry, but you still have to be punished for trying to control the timing of our second meeting, for not waiting for me," You scold me.

I bow my head again, ashamed of my impatience. With your hand wrapped around the nape of my neck, you draw me to me feet until we are eye to eye. You smile warmly into my eyes and I begin to relax.

"Come here, baby girl," You whisper as you draw my mouth to yours.

Our kiss begins softly as you brush your lips across mine. I sigh into your mouth, the first of many sounds of pleasure you will draw from me. Our kiss becomes more frantic and heated as your tongue enters my mouth. I accept it with a deep moan as I suck it between my lips, mimicking the pleasure I will give your cock.

Your hands are fisted in my hair now and I can feel the wetness increasing between my thighs in response. You break off the kiss and draw my face away from yours, still gripping my hair.

"Mmm, you taste good, pet," You tell me. "But you must be punished before we can go any further."

You take me by the hand and lead me over to your desk and immediately turn me to face it. You put your hand on my back and push me to lay my upper body on the desktop. Running your hand over the curve of my ass, you admire the black lace tops of the thigh high stockings that are peeking out from under the hem of my skirt.

"Very nice," You murmur to yourself as you lift my skirt over my hips to reveal my bottom in a matching pair of black lace bikini panties.

You lower my panties over my hips and down my legs as I let out a whimper of fear and anticipation. You smooth your hands over my backside, preparing me for a spanking, I suspect.

Whack! You land the first blow to my right cheek, but I stifle a cry so as not to alert anyone in your office. You land five more blows in quick succession until my cheeks are nice and pink. When you are finished I am whimpering quietly.

"Shhhh, don't cry, my sweet little bitch," You soothe me as you take me by the shoulders, raise me to an upright position and turn me to face you again. You kiss the tears from my cheeks until I smile into your eyes.

You walk around and sit in the chair behind your desk. "Come here, my eager little slut," You order me.

I join you on the other side of your desk and stand between you and it. My skirt is still pushed up around my waist and my smooth pussy is on display for you. You take me by the hips and push me back to sit on your desk top.

"Spread your legs for me," You say. "Put your feet on the arms of my chair."

I obey your command and open my legs right in front of you, presenting my glistening, pink pussy for your inspection. You run your finger up my slit and through my increasing wetness. I moan and drop my head back.

"No, look at me, little one," You command. "I want you to watch."

I obey you and look at your hands between my legs. You begin rubbing your thumbs through my wet crease as you find and begin massaging my clit in circles. You slip your fingers into me and curl your fingers to begin rubbing my g-spot. As you are doing this, you lower your mouth to my swollen clit.

Licking, sucking, biting you make oral love to my cunt as I squirm and moan under You. It has been so long since I have cum and I need it so badly.

"Please, Master," I beg. "Pleeeaaase, make me cum."

"Not yet, baby girl," you tell me as you remove your mouth and fingers from my sopping pussy. "I want you to come with me inside you the first time."

"Open your jacket for me," You say.

I do as you say and unbutton my suit jack. I am not wearing a blouse underneath, just a black, push-up demi bra that barely covers my nipples. You look down at my spread legs, smooth belly, and large breasts as you unbuckle your belt. I open the front clasp on my bra and bare myself to you.

Your patience snaps as you quickly unbutton and unzip and take out your impossibly hard cock. You take it and position it at the entrance to my pussy. You grab my hips in your hands and plunge into me in one hard stroke.

"Ahhh, yes, finally," I cry as my head drops back again and you begin pounding into me.

You reach out and take hold of my hair and yank my head up to look at you. "Don't take your eyes off mine," You command me.

I stare into your eyes as you fuck me with long hard strokes. You reach around behind me and take my wrists into your hands and drag my body up against yours as you continue to thrust into me.

"You're mine, do you understand?" You ask me.

"Yes sir, only yours," I pant.

"I'm gonna fill you with my cum, baby girl."

My arms are aching as you hold them behind my back, but I can feel an orgasm beginning to build. Your body is close and rubbing my clit as you fuck me and bring me closer with every stroke.

"I'm so close , Master," I groan.

"May I cum now, please?" I know better than to cum without permission.

"Yes, my sweet little slut, cum for me," You tell me as you lean in, bite my neck and continue to control my upper body by holding my hands tightly behind my back.

I feel your teeth on my hot skin and then your tongue soothing the bite. It sends me over the edge and I begin to shake and moan in intense pleasure and release.

The feel of my cunt in spasm around your cock brings on your own release as you begin to shoot your seed in me.

"Yes, that's it, take it all," You tell me as you stare into my eyes, shudder and thrust into me one last time. Filling and marking me as your own.

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