tagLetters & TranscriptsAn Unfinished Letter

An Unfinished Letter


This letter to a lover from days past was started and never finished. I discovered it recently and knew that it was time to complete my thoughts. Please enjoy my tribute to a special woman and very dear friend.


The first thing I noticed besides your obvious natural assets was the sparkle of fire in your eyes. It was dim like dying embers, but there none the less. I don't think you could have hidden it if you wanted to because I know now that there is always a bit of fire burning in you.

I remember listening to you as we got acquainted, sitting on the couch and enjoying the wine, but it really wasn't where my focus was. I was watching your mouth as you spoke, your body as you moved from one position to another sitting next to me, the sound of your voice with it's sensual resonance and of course, every time you took a breath the way that your breasts moved. Fabulous is a poor word to describe them or the rest of you for that matter. Like the fire in your eyes, you are positively smoking hot my dear.

I'm not sure what I expected in person since we had only spoken briefly, not in any kind of intimate detail so I was a bit more subdued than I might have been otherwise. I didn't want to miss a single detail since it seems that we will be intense but infrequent lovers. A fact that I wish was different. I could easily get lost in your seductive and sensual ways.

Our first kiss before we dragged each other off to the bedroom was sweet and exactly what I expected from you. It was gently probing, slyly communicative of what I was in for that night and clearly telling me that it was going to be a mutual effort to send us off to another place for whatever time we had together. I don't think that my heart settled to a normal rate until much later that night laying quietly beside you.

Your body, once fully revealed to me, was everything I dreamed of. Lush expanses of petal soft flesh, contours that would take me hours to fully explore, strength that would hold me tightly between your legs as I drank at your lips hungrily and an ability to move in harmony with me whether I was on top of you or buried inside of you from behind. And vocal.....my god you were at least three different personalities that night and I loved all of them as they urged me on, told me what you wanted and how you were feeling.

The wicked positions we got into were the stuff of fantasy for me. Straddling your head and having you lick my balls and ass as I stroked madly so that I could cum all over your breasts was something I would never have imagined, yet there we were, completely lost in the moment and the passion of it. Then later, the way you spread your knees further apart and then pushed back hard against me, telling me how much you loved getting fucked like that was so perfect for that moment. You knew just what to do to keep all of my buttons pushed for what seemed like hours before we finally stopped for a break.

You let me cook for you that night and dinner was fun for me just showing off a little bit of what else I could do and besides, I needed some nourishment for the rest of what the evening turned out to be. Even the smoking breaks we took worked out well because I loved watching you walk away under the robe you had on and for that matter how you looked sitting on the couch with the robe in various degrees of being open. It's those breasts again if I haven't said it enough times already.

Desert was wonderful, tasting each other yet again and my last memory of the early morning was how you felt, curled on your side in front of me.

I woke up before sunrise and once more, I couldn't get enough of you. There were two moments that I want to hold onto from that morning. The first is when after however long I had been running my fingers over you, you turned to face me and we kissed like there would never be another time. It was wet, it had a purpose, it fired up every bit of me. And then as you came yet again, hearing you tell me how good it felt to be on your back, legs stretched wide apart, fucking so deep inside of you...... whew!

You and I will always know that the moment was priceless, when we were completely together, no bullshit, no masks, just two people lost in the ecstasy. It gives me something to look forward to the next time we get together. It doesn't need to be better. I'll be happy with even close to where you took me that morning.

Take good care of the piece of me that you captured that night as I will take care of the piece you left with me. Next time will not be soon enough.

DB 5/2006

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