tagNon-EroticAn Unfinished Story

An Unfinished Story


An Unfinished Story Waiting to be Lived

He figured after 34 minutes if she didn't show then he would stop waiting, but no, he waited 54 minutes and completely gave up hope. He had been stood up, she wasn't coming! The pain of the realization hit him and his voice cracked as he called the waitress over. He could get a quick bite to eat and leave.

"I'm ready to order now."

"Don't tell me a handsome guy like you got stood up?" He looked at her really seeing her for the first time as she spoke. She had beautiful green eyes, long, dark curly hair.

"Is it that obvious that I got stood up?"

"Well, in case you haven't noticed I've refilled your water glass five times while you were waiting. I've been figuring at any moment your date would come in or you would run to the bathroom and I'm wondering which will happen first."

"So, has the whole restaurant noticed or just you?"

"Look around," she signaled with her hand.

Brian looked around and realized the place was almost empty. He hadn't even noticed that so many people had left. His thoughts only of Jessi all the long 54 minutes, first the anticipation of seeing her, then the dread that she wasn't coming and now the gut- wrenching feeling knowing he was alone.

"Ah, so a slow crowd tonight?"

"There's certainly no rush if you want to keep waiting."

"No, I'm embarrassed enough. At this point I'd like to preserve some of my dignity and at least pretend like I came to eat alone."

"I won't tell anyone, and if you really want to display your dignity you will find the kid's games right beside you on the table for your enjoyment."

"That's a great idea. I have no fear. Give me a bowl of your thickest bean chili, throwin some extra onions, garlic bread and I'll need some sharpened crayons."

"I can do that, and I expect to see a masterpiece when I return."

They both laughed as she walked off with his order. He started by just doodling on his napkin, thinking about Jessi. She said she'd broken up with her boyfriend, but now he didn't believe that. It was the last time he would believe it. She had proved unfaithful to both of them over and over, but this time Jessi had given up her last chance.

The waitress walked over with his meal and she laughed at the faces he'd drawn. She didn't seem to be in a hurry so he asked her name.

"Victoria. And you?"

"I'm Brian. Thanks for the food, and for filling my water glass five times."

"You're welcome." She turned and walked away. He watched her walk and noticed her beauty and remembered her simple caring. He'd never asked out a stranger before, but then he hadn't noticed another woman again so quickly after getting his heart broken before. Maybe he could ask her out. No, it wasn't really his style.

He ate his food, stealing glimpses of Victoria doing her job. They occasionally caught each other's eyes and smiled. He turned his paper place mat over deciding to write a short story. What should it be about? A boy and a girl! What kind of boy and girl? Brian and Jessi? No, he was already moving on. Brian and Victoria! Yes, that had possibilities. No limits on imagination. The story flowed out of his hand as he imagined how he would ask her out if he was brave and cool.

He was no longer anxious to leave and slowly ate his food. As he finished Victoria returned, "I assume you don't want dessert?"

"Actually I'm feeling much better and I believe I would like some apple pie." His request for apple pie was just an excuse to stay and observe Victoria.

"That's the spirit. How are your pictures going?"

"I've discovered my artistic talent is lacking, but I am writing a story."

"Are you imagining how your evening would have gone if your date had showed?"

"No, actually, I am writing about you."

She was startled at his words and her face flickered surprise.

He found the courage to continue, "In fact I need to do some research to make the story realistic. Could you tell me if you have a boyfriend or husband? Your answer could change drastically the ending of the story." He surprised himself at his own boldness. It wasn't like him at all.

"Well, if it's for the sake of research then I suppose I can let you know that I'm not married and don't have a boyfriend."

"Ahh, you have helped the story incredibly with this most recent research. Now I know just what to write."

"Don't let it be said of me that I was the clog in the wheel of your becoming a world renowned author, so I shall bring your pie and leave you to your writing."

But when she returned with the pie she was curious as to what it said and peeked over his shoulder.

"No. No. No," he said laughing, putting his hand over the words. "My work is in progress. You may not see it...yet."

His mind was going into much more detail than his words. Did he dare show it to her? What would she say? She walked by several times before he admitted to himself that this was the time to call her over.

"More dessert or coffee to inspire your story?" she asked with coffee pot in hand.

"No, I believe the rough draft is finished. It is ready for your editing."

"You want me to edit it?"

"Well, I actually need help with what happens next in the story."

She put down her coffee pot on the table and picked up the paper. There was a water ring on the corner, and chili spilled on it giving away his eating habits. She smiled and blushed, eyeing him suspiciously while she read it silently to herself.

'Once upon a time there lived a lonely handsome young prince named Brian. He had a soft spot for a woman in trouble and as a noble prince he felt it his duty to help them all. He was still lonely because he would then lose his heart to them and they in turn would prove unfaithful. This continued until one afternoon he chose to take his ale at a local inn where a beautiful, sweet maiden served.

'The maiden caught his eye immediately, and through out the evening he watched her. She appeared to be not only beautiful but a maiden who would be gentle with a man's heart. He smiled at her as she passed his table, and she smiled back but did not flirt with him like the other maidens who were only interested in spending time with a prince. He knew he had to see her again and after his other comrades at his table left him he called her to the table. He informed her that there was a ball at the castle that coming weekend and he would be honored if she would attend it with him. She seemed quite flushed at his request and answered...'

She raised her eyes barely from the page and looked him in the eye. Her breath caused the page to shake.

"So...?" He had written a simple story with a simple request. Why did she torture him so, by not responding?

"So...is the maiden's name Victoria?"


"Yes!" She returned the paper to him as she answered.

"Yes?" He needed a confirmation.

"Yes. The maiden answers yes." She said giggling.

"Yes was the answer the prince was hoping for."

The rest of the story was a blank space, an unfinished story waiting to be lived, not merely imagined.

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