tagFirst TimeAn Unforgettable Dream

An Unforgettable Dream


Hesitatingly I rang the doorbell as I didn't knew this guy so well and yet when he invited me at his house I willingly said yes. When the door opened I found a young, handsome guy welcoming me which was not what I had expected exactly.

We sat in his living room and started knowing each other then he offered me coffee. I started feeling comfortable with him. He told me that he works in an MNC and on part time basis he is a DJ. To show his work he invited me to his bedroom, it was a small room with his computer and other stuffs and a soft and big bed in corner of the room.

For a while he did his work then asked me what we can do to pass our time as we had ample of time to spend. I suggested we play some games to which he agreed but the question was which game. Suddenly it came to my mind truth and dare again to which he willingly agreed.

We had no idea what we were getting into. I started the game by asking him to tell the truth about himself to me, he told me everything about his family and his work. Then he did the same to me and even I told him everything about myself. To make ourselves more comfortable he offered me some vodka and even he had it. Now it was my turn I was thinking what I should do now ask him the truth or ask him to dare.

I decided to dare him, I asked him to smooch me for 5 minutes. I thought he would refuse it and I will win the game but to my surprise he started coming closer to me and before I could even realize he was smooching me. At first I thought of pushing him back but then the way he was smooching me with tenderness I felt nice and I let him do it. After that I was waiting what he would ask me now. He dared me to take off my shirt for 1 hour, I hesitated at first but then I did it coz I didn't want to lose.

By this time we had almost 3 large peg of vodka, it was my turn again in the game, I asked him to speak the truth about me as he feels I was. He started saying about me that I was beautiful, soft spoken, shy, and sexy. He asked me to speak the truth about him and so did I do. Again being my turn I was not able to think what to ask him now so not intentionally I dared him to seduce me. He looked hesitated at first and then he slowly moved himself closer to me, he kissed my forehead, then my eyes then he started smooching me and as he was doing so I felt his hand on my right boob caressing it. Continuing to smooch he unbuttoned my bra and started touching my bare boobs turn by turn. I knew I had to stop him at this point but I couldn't as I was beginning to feel really comfortable and nice. He then started kissing my boobs and sucking nipples softly, I wanted him to do more now. Then he unbuttoned my trouser and pushed his hand in my panty and to both our surprise my pussy was fully wet. He hurriedly took off my pants, panty and started licking my pussy. Doing so he slowly started to suck and bite gently. He started pushing his tongue in my pussy as if he was telling me what he wanted to do next by this time I was completely under his control now. My body was begging for him and he was playing with it gently and tactfully.

He undressed himself in front of me and came back to me. He wanted to suck me more and at the same time I wanted to do the same for him so we did 69 positions. His cock was not so long but was already hard as rock and fat I liked sucking it like a lollypop. He licked, sucked, bite my pussy till I squirted. After the foreplay he started kissing me again and while doing so he started to find way to penetrate inside me. As he started penetrating me slowly in my tight pussy I was in pain but I was also enjoying it suddenly he started pumping me fast and fast and faster I was in seventh heaven by now coz the climax was near. I could feel his cock tip touching my G point finally and I was done at the same time was he. My pussy was filled with his cream and overflowing.

Suddenly I heard some noise "wake up, wake up it a brand new day" it was my alarm watch. It was then I realized that I was dreaming all this while. When I got up I found my pussy fully wet. I will never forget this dream as it made me masturbate in my sleep.

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