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An Unlikely Cuckold


It's 3.00pm on Friday 13 September and I'm sitting on the balcony of the apartment we are staying at in Surfers Paradise watching the world go by. I have spent the day waiting for my wife, Nina, to arrive home. My phone just beeped. She's on her way!. Then I read the text.

Nina: Hi Hun I've decided to stay another night. Hope you don't mind. See you tomorrow.

Me: OK

My hormones are raging like a 14 year old. My mind is racing and I know I won't be able to sleep again tonight. So I've decided to spend some time writing my story.

It's about how I became an unlikely cuckold. Although I'm technically an introvert I've always been a leader in my family and work environment and I've always been a very horny, possessive and jealous person in my private life. I now work for myself as I can't stand being controlled and told what to do. I like to be dominant in my relationship with Nina and somehow I feel that I am still in control. Well that's until two weeks ago and I think that may have changed. I know Nina struggles with me wanting her to be with other men but I also know beyond any doubt how much she loves me and is trying this for me. I also know how much Nina has been empowered by learning how attractive she is to other men.

We had talked about going to a swingers club for a couple of years and Nina said she would do it one day. One day I suggested that when we were next in Australia we would visit one. She was to surprise me again but she surprised me this time by saying a simple "yes I'll try it".

It was a bit unfortunate but we had had a really bad week of long hours and little sleep but we decided to keep with our commitment to go to a club that Friday night. We finished work and got dressed up. Nina looked amazing. I just got watery eyes thinking about it. She wore a dress we call her FM dress or Fuck me Dress. I always get horny when she wore it.

Anyway the time arrived to leave for the swingers club. It was an hour's drive away and we were both nervous and apprehensive. To kill the nerves we ramped up the rental car radio and sung our lungs out. It was so much fun and our adrenaline was pumping through our veins.

We arrived at the club and got out of the car. We clung to each other absorbed in our own thoughts and went in. What an amazing welcome. The hosts were really nice. They showed us around and told us the rules and made us feel so welcome.

We got a drink and then went and sat and cuddled and watched what others were doing. We had already agreed that nothing would happen on our first time and we had a rule that we would never have full sex with anyone else. We started talking to a nice couple who were also people watching and it was nice to see that there were other "normal" people there. At one stage Nina started talking to a guy next to her. He was early 40s and his name was Tom. I was intrigued as the talking turned into flirting. I hadn't really seen Nina flirt before or even know what type of guy she would be interested in. It was a very new experience for both of us. I decided to leave them alone to talk and had a walk around. Well we were very tired that night and eventually we decide to call it quits and go home. She gave Tom a little kiss as we left.

On the way home we talked about the night. She said she really got turned on talking to Tom. It was then I said to her "do you want him to fuck you". I swear I did not expect the response. Nina said "yes". I still can't believe it but I am so happy she said it. She then said that they had agreed to meet there the following night. I'm not into drugs but if they could bottle the drug that made me like this (and have been addicted to ever since) it would make billions.

We slept and slobbed most of the next day. We were incredibly tired. But we decided to go back to the club. Secretly I think Nina REALLY wanted to go back and see Tom. Anyway we did our sing along on the way to the club and went in arm in arm. We went up the stairs and there was Tom surrounded by women and very much involved with one of the women. I said to Nina I was sorry and she just said it didn't matter at all. Anyway the evening started off much like the previous one. We talked to the same friendly couple and had a few drinks. At one stage Nina went to get another drink. It was then I said to the couple how much Nina had been looking forward to going further with Tom. He said I'll see what he could do. Well time moved on and Nina and I became separated. The next thing I know I got a tap on the shoulder. "If you want to watch them they are just going to a room." Wow, it was happening. It was mind blowing.

The three of us entered the room. Nina asked me if I was OK with this and I said I was. So I sat on the couch and watched Tom and Nina start kissing and fondling and then getting on the bed. Tom put his hands down Nina's panties and she let out a lovely groan of pleasure. Nina undid Tom's pants and touched his penis. They were incredibly aroused and kissing passionately. Next they undressed totally. Nina checked with me if I was still ok. I said I was. Tom then started to finger Nina's pussy quite hard. She wouldn't normally like me being so rough but she was loving this. Then Tom asked if I would like to join in? I looked at Nina and she nodded a yes. So I stripped off and got on the bed beside her. Tom was fingering Nina and I was sucking on one of her breasts.

After a few minutes I decided to leave the two of them to it. This was about Nina's first experience and I wanted it to be great for her. I got off the bed and they carried on. It was then that Nina started sucking Toms cock. Now when Nina sucks me I love it but it doesn't usually get me to the point of coming. But Tom was loving what Nina was doing and telling her how amazing she was. I loved the smile on Nina's face when he said this. She loved it. Well now for the main event. Nina had never had sex with anyone but me and Tom had reached out for a condom and put it on. He moved on top of Nina. She paused briefly and looked at me. "Are you sure you're ok with this". "Yes" I said and I was.

Tom lay on Top and slowly entered Nina. It was intense to watch. They fucked beautifully both enjoying it. There's not much to say about it really. It was a good fuck and they both enjoyed it and then Tom came. It was hot for everyone including me. Tom left and Nina and I cuddle for a while.

The rest of the night had other adventures for both of us but no more sex. I tried to encourage it because I was so turned on but, as I now know, it has to feel right for Nina to be with someone.

After the Tom episode I went a bit emotionally weird. I was addicted to a swinger (actually it's probably a cuckold) lifestyle but my emotions had to catch up with my head. I also didn't want it to rule my life. I wanted it to be just a part of our life.

Over the next 2 months we had a few more experiences. It would be fair to say that most were not quite right. I will write about them another day.

Well our last visit to the club was Friday 30 August. We had agreed this time that Nina would only do something if it felt right. Otherwise we were just going to enjoy each other and have a fun time. We got dressed into our club gear. I had my new shirt on for the first time and my Ralph Lauren boxers. Nina looked hot in her miniskirt and she wore her sexy white underwear. She was super sexy. As usual we sung our hearts out on the way listening to our special playlist for going to the club.

As usual we walked in hand in hand and in total love. As usual I had to go straight to the bathroom to pee and I left Nina to pay. When I came out Nina was talking to a guy at the counter. He was about 6'2", 40ish and athletic. He was also good looking and as I found out, intelligent, rich and successful. Nina asked if I could take our bottle of wine up to the bar and that she'd be up shortly. 15 minutes later when she didn't appear I went back down stairs. Half way down I could see that she was still talking to the guy so I went back up to give Nina some space. About 15 minutes later I noticed they had moved to the lounge room and were majorly flirting. Nina had her hand on his knee and they were obviously engrossed in each other. I decided I'd go for a walk around and see what was going on elsewhere. It was a bit quiet so that didn't take long. When I got back to the bar I could see they had moved to the dance floor and were holding each other closely and kissing passionately. At this stage my hormones are going wild and my erection is almost painful it's so hard.

Somehow I got distracted and when I looked around and they had gone. I had a brief panic. Then Dale was beside me. He said "you can watch but remember one sound and you're out of there". I followed him down stairs and into one of the rooms. Nina was there already. I sat down on the sofa by the door. Nina and Dale just seemed to melt into each other. They kissed and their bodies became one. Where they could be touching they were. Even to me the passion was electrifying. Somehow during their embrace they undressed each other. In a fluid movement they ended up on the bed still embraced. There was no sucking or licking like normally happens. Instead their bodies were in perfect rhythm. He reached for a condom and without losing a beat they both slipped it on him. It was the first time I had been able to see his size. He would have been at least 10 inches long and as thick as my wrist. He was uncut but you could see the head of his penis was huge. Not the usual pencil head you see with uncut men.

Next in an uninterrupted movement it entered Nina. It went slowly and deep and he continued with slow deep rhythmic movements. Nothing rushed, just the two bodies in perfect unison. Then without any warning signs Nina went into a powerful orgasm. That had never happened before. She had cum with me inside her but usually when we were going at it like rabbits. This was an orgasm of passion.

He kept making love to her (this wasn't just fucking) at a steady rate until he too had a slow powerful orgasm. It was amazing. He pulled out and, still embraced, rolled on to his side.

They lay there whispering for a while and then he rolled over to the edge of the bed. I could see the condom still on him and its tip must have held and inch on semen. He stood up and said he needed to pee. He put on a dressing gown provided in the room, kissed Nina on her forehead and went out the door. Half way out the door he paused, looked at me, and said "you can come with me".

This next bit I wasn't going to put in because I am so embarrassed about it. But it happened so here it is. I just hope Nina never finds out.

I followed him to the bathroom and he motioned for me to go inside with him. He said "you make a sound and you don't go back in". He pulled the condom off and pee'd into the bowl. He had a super-sized penis and a huge flow of urine. What happened next has me embarrassed still and I hope Nina never finds out. He told me to open my mouth and put the full used condom inside. I instantly gagged but stopped myself vomiting. Then he said hurry up if you want to watch.

We went back to the room and I sat straight down. The cum had started to leak into my mouth and I could taste its very strong flavour. He stripped off and their bodies went back into their embrace. They put another condom on and he entered her again. This time was different though. It lasted about 20 minutes and was a slow build up until he was pounding her relentlessly and her body was craving every stroke. Her hands were on his butt pulling him in to her, her legs wrapped around him tightly. She came loudly after about 10 minutes and as far as I could tell, kept cumming for the next 10 minutes. He erupted with such force I don't know how the bed stayed together. Then silence. Two spent lovers in silence breathing in ever decreasing rhythm. And I sat there with a cum filled condom in my mouth.

Finally Dale rolled over and slipped another full condom off. He held it out to me and said "get rid of this, we'll meet you up at the bar shortly". So I was dismissed just like that. I flushed the condoms down the toilet and went to meet them at the bar. 27 minutes later (I counted every 15 seconds) they return. They were arm in arm and clearly lovers. Nina looked up at Dale to speak first. "Get a pen and paper and write down your mobile number". Not a please or thank you. Just an order.

Nina excused herself, to Dale, and went to the toilet. I wrote down the number and gave it to Dale. Then he said. You missed the best part. She feels fantastic with no condom. I'm going to be seeing a lot more of her. If you cause any problems she'll find out about you drinking my cum. Understand? I nodded agreement.

Nina came back and said to Dale that she needed to get some sleep. She looked at me. "Come down to the car in 5 minutes. I just want a chance to say good bye to Dale"

The two lovers walked away. I went down to the car 5 minutes later. She wasn't in the car so I got in and waited. Then I saw the door of a beautiful Porsche open and she got out, leant over and kissed Dale and came and got in the car. I drove away and said "did you have a good time" she snapped back at me "you were there you saw." Don't go all weird on me like you always do when I enjoy myself. I just don't want that crap. I'm tired and am going to sleep on the way home" That was it. She rolled away and went to sleep all the way home.

When we got back to the apartment she still wasn't talking. She went to the toilet, undressed, and went straight to bed. I noticed she wasn't wearing panties. I guess Dale got a souvenir. I stayed up for another hour then got into bed beside her. She was fast asleep.

In the morning nothing was mentioned about the night before. The first text came in about 11.00 on my phone. Nina grabbed the phone and for the next half hour they were texting each other. Finally she handed me the phone and told me to delete the messages without reading them. They were private she said. I took the phone and quickly went "select all" "copy". I then hit delete all and showed Nina. Then I quickly opened my notes and pressed paste.

Here are their texts.

Dale: Good morning lover. Thank you for last night. XXXX

Nina: It was amazing. I am so happy this morning.

Dale: I can't wait to see you again. It's going to be a long 2 weeks.

Nina: Only 11 days.

Dale: Will you spend the night with me.

Nina: Yes

Dale: without cuck boy

Nina: lol yes without "cuck boy" lol that's funny.

Dale: Will you have to have sex with him.

Nina: No I'll lock him up.

Dale: Chastity lock?

Nina: Yes he bought one for himself.

Dale: That's strange

Dale: I hope you never touch him again.

Nina: See you in 11.00 days XXXXX

Nina: my mobile is 0408 872 ...

Dale: It will feel like months XXXX

Nina: Bye for now XXX


There were a couple more beeps on her phone and that was that. So that was that. She didn't mention the texts and didn't mention that she planned to stay the night with him on our return. She did casually raise my chastity lock and asked if I'd like to try it on again. She said we could see if the plastic locks works through airport security. So that was that. I haven't taken it off since then and the plastic tag has been replaced with a padlock.

So we flew to Cairns on Monday morning. The next 10 days went by without event. Nina got quite a few texts, obviously from Dale, but she had changed her pin code on her phone so I couldn't see them. I kept the chastity lock on but Nina didn't even mention it. It wasn't for fun this time. She really wanted me to be out of action. It was OK to wear for most of the time but I pinched the skin around my balls on the last Monday and was pretty uncomfortable for a couple of days. I was going up the wall with frustration and jealousy but I knew better than to raise it.

Wednesday week finally arrived and we went to the Airport at Townsville for our flight home. We got there a bit early and Nina was sitting there busily texting. This time however I saw her put her pin code in. After about half an hour Nina said she needed to go to the toilet. As luck would have it she left her phone on the table. I went straight to the messages I haven't got a copy of them but below is roughly what they said.

Firstly there were days of texts that I skimmed. Then this morning's texts;

Dale: can you make it tonight?

Nina: I'll be very tired and I've still got my period. Thursday would be better.

Dale: OK guess I'll have to wait.

Nina: It'll be finished by Thursday and then I'll be safe for you to cum inside me.

Dale: Wow!!!!!

Dale: Have you told cuck boy.

Nina: No and don't call him that. He's a nice guy and I love him. I feel bad enough as it is.

Dale: OK. I'll be finished work by 3.00 on Thursday. Can you meet me at my place at 3.30? Address is "The Penthouse" No1 ...........Street Brisbane City. There's a car park in the basement. Call me when you are nearly there and I'll meet you at the car park entrance.

Nina: OK Need to go and pee before I get on the plane. Talk soon XXXXX


So we got on the plane. I could tell Nina was warming up to telling me about her visit. Then it came out. "Sweetheart, I'm going to stay with Dale tomorrow night in Brisbane. I'll have to take the car sorry" I just said "what about me?" and she said Sorry Hun, dale doesn't want you there. I love you. Hope you're OK with it."

That was it. Nothing more said. Nina fluffed around all Thursday morning, got all prettied up, pack some clothes, and at 2.30 kissed me on the cheek and left the apartment.

So it's Friday 3.00 and I'm sitting on the balcony. Yes I'm still locked up. My phone just beeped "she on her way!!!!" I look at the text.

Nina: Hi Hun I've decided to stay another night. Hope you don't mind. See you tomorrow.

Me: OK

I know I've said how much cuckolding has given me back my sex drive. Well right at the moment I feel lonely and sick with jealousy. I pour myself my first drink of too many and start writing my story.

Post script

Nina arrived home at 5.00 on Sunday after dropping Dale at the airport. Apparently he lives in Melbourne and has a wife and kids there. He is a very successful lawyer and has a penthouse apartment in Brisbane where he spends every second week at his Brisbane office. I saw a couple more texts just after Nina got home but she's now changed her code again.

The texts went.

Nina: Home safely XXXXXXXXXXX

Dale: Just arrived at Melbourne Airport.

Dale: You know I'm in love with you.

Nina: Yes I know. I'm in love with you too.

Dale: Can you spend the week with me next time.

Nina: You bet.

Dale: Better go on the pill

Nina: We'll see.

Dale: Is your bottom ok?

Nina: A bit sore. You're very bid for a little hole

Dale: Sorry

Nina: I liked it. We'll do it again.

Dale: Bye my love

Nina: Bye darling.

Later Nina said to me that she was worried that this was hurting our relationship. She said she'd stop if I wanted to. I said no, I didn't want to stop. She said she was please I said that because she be gutted if I had said yes. So I guess I need to get used to Nina loving another. I had my chance to stop it and deep down I didn't want it to stop.

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