tagErotic CouplingsAn Unlikely Gentleman Ch. 03

An Unlikely Gentleman Ch. 03


Thanks to LadyVer for editing this.

Trish's text reached me hours later.

"flight canceled :(
new flight departs 2morro.
still in town 2day.

I smirked at my phone. So Danielle was in my sight. A little fun before that wouldn't hurt the whole "friends with benefits" that Trish and I had; it brought only perks.

After the funeral, I felt somehow liberated. I knew that within the "boy band"—the inner circle of Gabriel, Pan, and me—had been a small universe of like-minded individuals who had found each other by chance. With one gone, I felt like an endangered species but motivated at the same time. I wouldn't allow things to go unfinished, nor allow obstacles to prevent me from getting what I wanted. Whom I wanted—Danielle—was in a long-term relationship. Due to principles, the "all's fair in love and war" was definitely out of the question. Which meant that I had to either wait until she and Baldy broke up, or wait for my chance to see if I could cleanly win her over.

I texted the response back. "Already in my underwear."

Pulling my laptop out, I nested on the couch to work on a series of possible improvements for the upcoming slogan. No progress. The prospect of sex had only produced one result: my underwear felt tighter.

I had rearranged the living room so the couch would face the apartment's entrance and the TV at the same time. I played the waiting game as well as I could, and fifteen minutes later, there was a knock on the door. That was fast!

"It's unlocked. Come in," I said in a low voice, somewhat raspy with lust. My laptop was promptly closed and set aside. The door opened to reveal the feminine figure, and I smiled slowly.


"Danielle. Oh, wow. Hmmm," I said, exuding eloquence. "Well, this is unnecessarily awkward."

My arm darted for the closest available cushion and covered my boxer briefs, which had shown the outline of my swollen manhood. I heard her breathe in and out for a few seconds. I got harder and my muscles tensed, but I forced myself to stay put instead of doing all that I wanted to do. I hated that even her breathing got a reaction out of me.

"I'd better return later," she managed to say.

"No, no, it's ok. What's up?" It had been my intention to leave the desire out of my voice. I didn't succeed spectacularly. What was thrilling for me was that Danielle had trouble speaking while looking at me in my underwear. Modesty aside, I know that I'm not hard to look upon. This kind of reaction makes all the workouts worth it.

"A light went out in my apartment, and I have this ladder that I bought a few months ago. It was on sale." Danielle couldn't hide her nervousness. "It's kinda green and has, I believe, five steps. So they had a bunch of ladders for sale, but there was only one that I could fit in my car and...anyway, the thing is that I tried to replace the light, but I can't reach it. I'm too short."

The last phrase had been said with a feeling of powerlessness that reminded me of the tone I would use when I dropped an ice cream cone when I was a kid. It was adorable.

"I'll do it," I said, standing up immediately and walking towards her. Her eyes opened wider. "Right. Give me one second, and I'll be there."

A few minutes later I was in Danielle's living room looking at the light bulb and she was holding the ladder for me. The piece of glass had a dark stain, which made me wonder what had happened to cause that.

"Can you hand me the new one? Thanks."

I started unscrewing the light when I tried to change my footing. It looked as if I had lost my balance, and Danielle grabbed my legs from the side. I hadn't been in danger, but the touch sent shivers up and down my spine, ending right between my legs. I felt her nose above my knee. The position was quite tempting for me.

"Got good reflexes for a clumsy girl," I said, unscrewing the light. My fingers grazed something and then electricity flowed between Danielle and me. Quite literally. After a fraction of a second, I was able to get my hand out. She screamed, more scared than hurt.

"What was that?"

"Sorry, I cannot control my effect on women." I looked at her.

Danielle just stared at me, letting me know how dumb she thought that was. Then she laughed. It had the typical effect on me.

After letting her know there was an exposed wire, I descended the ladder. "Now, this is just waiting to happen again. I would recommend getting an actual electrician that knows what he's doing because circuits and stuff like that are nothing short of sorcery to me."

I was already standing beside her, with the ladder folded neatly.

"Thank you! I owe you. If you need anything, let me know!"

Stupidly, I looked into her eyes. Automatically, something happened between us—intangible, yet, quite real. You can start by going down on your knees, lowering my pants and... "Don't mention it." Even if I had just thought the other part, I didn't need to say it. My eyes had been quite obvious. Smooth, Dante, smooth.

However, to my utter surprise, she took her hand, inched forward, and touched my chest. A warm sensation spread from where our bodies made contact and I knew I wasn't the only one feeling it, her eyes half-closed in a discreet but still sultry expression. What is she thinking? Dante, you're going to hate yourself, but you'll have to—

"Y'look hawt," a voice said behind me using a blatant East Coast accent. "Tank top and jeans..."

"Trish! Are you all right?" Danielle was understandably confused. There was some apprehension in her voice; maybe she was concerned that Trish had actually seen the weight behind the simple gesture between my neighbor and me.

"Yeah, flight got totally delayed. I depart tomorrow..." Trish looked at her friend, then signaled me with her eyes. "...and I thought that maybe Dante wanted to kill some time and feel better after whatever happened."

My shoulders sagged slightly when reminded of Gabriel, but I took the opportunity and walked towards Trish. My 'f-buddy' was about to get some serious action, and I needed to stay away from Danielle before I tried anything stupid. Or dishonorable.

"Oooh, I bet you're playing chess! Can I watch?" Danielle said in a mocking tone, but when she mentioned watching, my head snapped towards her before I could help it. Her face turned a nice shade of red.

"Sorry, I'm about to go without this..." Trish patted the button of my jeans. "...for almost two weeks. I'm not sharing...today."

Danielle's eyes went wide. Mine too. I knew that Trish was more open regarding sex when it came to certain friends like Danielle, but it was unclear if she was joking. My mind was already in overdrive, and it was incredible picturing the teen and my neighbor with me in a room under very different circumstances. Trish took me by the hand and pulled me towards my apartment with a smirk on her face.

"Holy shit, you're hard!"

"Well, I have been expecting sex for a while now." Among other things.

"Did y'like th'picture?"

"Very much so. I wish I had been awake, however."

"I hear ya." Trish smirked, and then her face lit up. "I have an idea, then..."

I was almost disrobed by then, but I stopped to look at her. She motioned me to continue shedding my clothes. I walked back and closed the door before proceeding. She removed her clothes as well, and we were now both quite nude. The tan tone of her skin accentuated the curves of her heavenly breasts. Her hands held something. My hardness was pointing at her with desperate need. She bent over while I approached the nearest spot where I had hidden condoms.

Right before I opened the wrapping, Trish stopped me. "Not yet! Here, hold on to this." She handed me her phone, which had a light on.

Trish knelt down and slightly caressed my balls, kissing them delicately, which in turn made me groan. I looked at her smartphone. It was in video mode, recording. Thinking of what it was about to witness, I shuddered and aimed at her. Trish was working hard to get some precum out of me, jacking me off and kissing the underside of my penis. I exhaled with need.

"Do y'like this? Or what I do in five minutes?" Trish's tone was coy.

"What?" I was going to ask something else, but she deep-throated me. The cell phone showed how she took it all in.

"I'm not talking to you right now. I'm talking to you in two days when y'see this video," she informed the cell phone. "Do y'remember, Dante?"

Instead of asking, I simply let her do whatever she was thinking of. Turned out to be a slow, luscious lick that went from the base of my cock to the tip; then she lashed her tongue quickly and repeatedly over the crown. My moan couldn't be held back.

"Do y'remember what that felt like?" Trish batted her eyes slowly, lustfully. "Or do y'prefer this memory?"

I braced myself.

She put both hands on my ass and started a bobbing motion, pulling herself against me, sucking hard as she greedily took all of my length in. Trish moaned into my cock as she devoured it with the passion of someone thoroughly enjoying what she was doing. A hissing sound slipped from between my lips.

The teen extended her hand towards me, expectantly, without stopping the suction on my penis. After finally registering what she wanted, I handed her the phone. My dick came out of her lips, rock hard, as she continued jacking me off. She was recording now from her perspective, her other hand still working me.

"I just love how thick this is," she breathily muttered to the phone while she took herself out of the frame and focused on her hand and my groin. I took her word for it. "...and these, God, they kill me." Trish was now caressing my abs with barely contained desire, and then she tilted the phone up to focus on my face. "Can y', like, do that moan for me, Dante?"

I knew better than to ask which one. She wrapped her pretty lips around my shaft and sucked on it hungrily, her tongue lashing as she bobbed her head slowly; then I hit the back of her throat. With all the simultaneous stimulation, a low growl came out instead of a moan.

"That's th'one...every time y'do that, I get so wet." Trish was narrating for future references, but that didn't stop me from looking at her with hunger.

"Enough, Kid." I produced the wrapper again, got rid of it as soon as the condom was free, and placed it correctly. "I'm going to fuck you. Now."

Trish attempted to yelp and moan at the same time; it came out as something in between that would've been comical—if not for the crazed lust in her eyes and my deep breathing. She stood upright and went straight for the bed, found a place that would allow the phone to record from the nightstand, and stared up at me, expectantly but timidly.

I attacked her, took both her wrists in my hands, and pinned her back to the bed. My mouth went straight for her neck, and bit, as my knees tried to make her open her legs. Trish immediately did so. My fingernails trailed from her wrists, down past her elbows, below her shoulders, and to her hips. I steadied myself with one hand. With the other, I directed my solid manhood into her. In one fluid motion, I got every single inch of me inside of her.

She whispered something in ecstasy, her eyes closed due to the pleasure. Her tan skin already had some dampness to it and she was beginning to sweat. My body needed some adjustment in its positioning. After propping myself up to be in line with her, I immediately began pumping in and out of Trish, trying to pilfer moans out of her.

The new position provided better support, allowing my hands to flank Trish's face. My upper back stayed flat and my feet were firmly positioned on the bed. I moved only my hips. My circular movement ensured that my pelvis grazed her clit when we were joined to the fullest. Every time I pulled back, I took as little time as possible before ramming in again. I felt my ass working in that arrangement.

Trish lifted her head as if something had hit her. She stared at me with her teeth bared, using her trademark I-can't-believe-you-make-me-feel-this-good expression. I kept that motion for a little longer, relishing the friction her walls caused on my dick, watching her pretty face as the sensations overwhelmed her. She was getting closer, probably because how naughty it felt for her to make a video.

My left hand kept on sustaining the position that shifted slightly. I was now on top of Trish. I began to drill down to her, making sure our groins rubbed firmly together to stimulate her fully. My right hand went straight to her face. I took her by the chin and addressed her with a raspy voice. "Like it?"

She nodded quickly, looking at me.

"Don't tell me," I grunted before I could continue, making her face the cell phone recording us. "Look at the camera."

She nodded at the camera, her pussy tightening.

"Say it."

"I...I like it..." Trish's voice was velvety with need.

"What do you like, Trish?"

I began pumping faster, keeping her facing the device as my body invaded hers, producing wet sounds, as the bed creaked in agreement.

"Dante, I..."

"Say it or I'll stop."

"I...like...I like how...your cock makes me feel."

Honestly, that sent shivers up and down my spine—more than I allowed myself to show. I just went at it harder. Trish began exhaling with each deep penetration.

"How about this?" I stopped to quickly adjust our positions. Making certain that her back was against the bed, my hands went for her thighs, bending her so her knees were almost touching her ears, her pussy completely exposed to me. My body adjusted the angle so my cock would go straight into her depths. A single, purposeful thrust got me balls deep. She emitted a short scream of pleasure, turning to find my eyes.

"Don't look at me," I said, motioning towards the cell phone.


Taking it as my cue, I lifted most of my body before letting my weight drive me into her, changing the angle of my hips slightly to ensure that the head of my cock massaged every inch of her desperate pussy.


I grunted with pleasure when her muscles squeezed me. The only option was to continue like that—so I did, using all of my weight to bring a devastating orgasm upon us. My teeth showed with the effort, and Trish looked at the camera with an almost despairing look.

"Do you like that cock?"

"Yes! God, yes!"

When I used a little bit of extra strength to fuck her as hard as I needed, her legs unfolded, but I kept them pinned to ensure she felt every tiny fraction of my hardness inside of her. That made her toe slap the cell phone, causing the ceiling to be recorded.

I didn't stop to fix that. I gave my all to fucking her thoroughly. The bed creaked with every heavy thrust into her. Just by listening to the wicked sounds of her moaning and the bed creaking, I felt like a sex god. My body couldn't take that treatment for long, however. I knew Trish was as close as I was.

"Who...fucks you good, Trish?" I could barely speak.

"You, Dante!" Trish had her eyes closed, lost in the temporary paradise of having an unforgiving cock driven into her without pause. "Oh, God, you! Y'fuck me so good!"

Hearing her swear like that was it. Air went between my teeth as I felt the orgasm start as a base sensation in my cock, expanding as I prepared to fill the condom. It went from there to my balls, my core, and torso. My back tensed with the last efforts, and I experienced the sensations going full circle as my hardness erupted with hot cum pouring out savagely.

Trish came at that instant, her pussy clamping down on me, her nails again digging into my skin. I was too far gone to care. The second jet of semen went into the condom when her legs shook, trying to wrap around me. I didn't allow that to happen. I needed to be in her as deep as possible. When the third burst of seed came out, Trish stopped breathing and went rigid.

The final emissions of my essence were disorienting, I kept pumping for as long as I could, just to seal her orgasm nicely. I was barely able to prevent myself from collapsing on top of her.

After our breathing calmed down, I pulled out from her and gave her a confident smirk. "Ok. I believe you. I fucked you good."

Trish groaned, partly in aftershocks of pleasure, partly deriding my comment. I discarded the condom and picked the cell phone up, putting her on frame.

The young woman looked as if a rugby team had fucked her—her hair was a mess, one of her legs trembled slightly every now and then, her breathing was heavy, and her eyes were disoriented. I laughed in a low tone and then focused the cell phone on me.

"That's how you make a woman cum," I informed the device, and then stopped recording.

A few minutes had gone by before Trish was able to collect herself.

"Now, let's be smart about this and don't upload it anywhere," I said, trying to reason with her. "These things have a way of getting on XTube or RedTube or whatever clever name those websites have, then the video comes back to haunt you."

"Do y'watch porn, too?"

"Uh...I'm a guy? And I don't usually get laid—so, frequently."

"Favorite star? Male."

"James Deen. Do you even know—"

"He's th'shit."

My look let her know I was appraising her differently with this new piece of info. She continued before I could say anything else.

"I won't survive another go with y'right now, so let's talk about it."

"Sure thing. Who's your favorite female star?"


Trish walked out of my apartment early the next morning with a funny gait, looking like a million dollars. Bowlegged million dollars.

The only eventful thing at work was that we didn't have anything new to do, nor anything programmed for the next few days, as my boss had to show the ideas before we invested too much time in them. How the decision-making process ever finished and became efficient, I never knew. Hernán did let me know, however, that I should prepare. Before I left, he gave me some quick advice.

"Whenever there's nothing to do for days, it means that we're gonna get a ton of crap later. Jim feels like we didn't work for our paycheck enough, so he tries to compensate." Hernán managed not to look like a lone gazelle in the Serengeti spotting a lion while talking to me. Mostly. I still made quite the impression, I guess.

I nodded silently, but it was obvious I was thanking him for the heads-up. That meant that I had time to work out some and play harp, or do something to get my mind off of other topics.


The trainer on the video was encouraging me not to give up. My arms trembled as I did another pull-up. The doorbell announced Danielle. I paused the video and opened the door. She was looking...not so cheerful.

"I'm so not going to knock on the door again." She was apparently attempting to joke about last night, but her mood was obvious.

"I can't blame you." I offered a polite smile and showed her in.

Her eyes were downcast but she still managed to look fine beyond any need; her heavenly-proportioned body wasn't marred by her expression. Danielle suddenly really looked at me and saw that I was dripping sweat. "Oh! Sorry! You're busy, I'll—"

"Nonsense. Tell me."

"No, no, no. I'd better go—"

"Danielle, I insist."

It took us a while to reach a compromise: I'd work out and she'd talk to me. She needed to vent some frustration, and all her friends had been busy. That ended up with me lowering the volume on the TV, following the killer routine of ungodly variations of push-ups. Danielle commented every now and then to appear interested in that, but mostly she talked about her and Jason. She kept on mentioning how they went out for dinner, the way they talked at night, how work sometimes was overwhelming...

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