tagErotic CouplingsAn Unlikely Gentleman Ch. 05

An Unlikely Gentleman Ch. 05


I'd like to thank LadyVer for editing this.

There are TWO author notes this time and an author note after the chapter's done.

1. There's a hauntingly beautiful song referenced in this text: Bolero from TVXQ. It's in Japanese, so I did my best to pen it down in English, for fluidity's sake. I marked it with two asterisks**. If you feel like it, click on a YouTube link when you reach the point where it's included. I wrote the scene down listening to it. Should be sexy enough.

2. Part of Dante's past is revealed in this chapter. If you're uncomfortable reading about topics like male rape, skip the paragraphs in italics where Dante relates his past.

"Dante, you didn't do it. How come you disappoint me, now? You were supposed to do your magic and leave Clarissa mindless."

Almost a week had gone by since my close encounter with Danielle. With Angelica trying to get me to fuck Clarissa, her cute Asian friend, I pretended I didn't hear her comment regarding me as if I were a mating bull being appraised by a breeder. And, since she was pulling her cell phone out, I knew there was something else going on. There was a seriousness to Angelica's expression that I didn't like. It was common to see her with a face that expressed contempt, but never concern.

"Which brings us to the next point. Trish is still conflicted about you, you know? She acts as if she hates you, then she raves about how you are...all starry eyed and stuff. But now that there's other things going on, it's weirder."

"My. I'm avoiding her because I imagine it can only be worse if we see each other. There's chemistry, but not the right kind for a relationship. There's this—well, it wouldn't be good."

"I believe you. That's why I wanted to do this Clarissa thing. She didn't say anything, but she always became interested in the talk whenever it got to your...abilities, let's say, so maybe she would be the one that could tempt you. You're hardly boyfriend material when you've been with L, Trish, and me," Angelica said.

"Why, thank you." Fuck. Fuck. "But that's also why I turned her down."

"Are you offended? Dante, Clarissa last time said that it was a rite of passage, that if you haven't slept with Dante, you're not a full member of the club. I would've thought a guy might take that as a compliment."

"Normally," I admitted. But there was something in her tone that tickled my brain. She was analyzing something; this woman was smart. There was an ulterior motive to this talk.

"I know you're not the typical guy, but why not? After all, you've done what most men only fantasize about."

Other than boosting her ego, I knew there was something behind all that, so I started thinking fast. She wants me to talk about why I feel like that regarding my conquests among her friends. Which means that she's interested in my opinion of one of her friends, or her. Which meant that there's the possibility of someone wanting to date me. Or maybe someone who I haven't slept with...

"Angelica, I have a few things I consider personal. I don't go around divulging things that are private."

"You're right. Like that Spanish thing. If Danielle hadn't asked you, I wouldn't have thought you were foreign."

"I consider myself local, by now." And Danielle is a very good option of why she's probing around, so... "Yeah, how is she?"

Her expression hardened. "She's been having a lot of doubts and she's not getting a lot of help from you, according to popular opinion. I think you're doing a great job, but, well..."


"Jason and her, well, you've seen how they don't look like an actual loving couple. What worries me is that he's been asking questions."

"About me?"

"Do you think that every girl that looks at you just wants to jump you?"

"I'd like to think so." Especially her. I smirked.

"But no, he hasn't asked any questions about you. More about clarity, color, cut, and carats."

None of the things rang a bell until she said "carats." I wanted to create a new insult to express the frustration I felt. Suddenly, Angelica's maneuvering made sense.

"Properties of a stone." For a guy who prided himself in showing only the emotions he wanted known, I had failed on that one.

"Yes, most engagement rings are topped by a diamond. Those are the things people look for, besides a lot of tiny details," she said, attempting a smile. "One of my areas of specialty, as you know."

"I guess." Still, there was a question I hope I got the answer for without prodding. Instead, she reached out and touched my hand, her expression still thoughtful. I didn't like the fact that she could read me up to a certain point, which many weren't able to. "Why are you telling me this?"

"I like you," she stated simply. "I hate Jason." The truth surprised me, but there was something she held back. I could tell, and felt like a pawn. I left that secret untouched for the time being. "Now, I know that you're off from not doing something with Clarissa, so I think you have one left in you, at least."

I studied the possibilities. I might have to turn down sex twice in a day, unheard of in my history. Yet, Danielle was probably out of my reach by then. The tension of the news, however, gave me extra energy that I needed to get rid of. Also, Angelica was safe; she didn't show any interest in me, nor I in her. At least romantically speaking. If I were going to get any, it'd have to be her or nothing. "Sounds like a good plan, ma'am. Let's do this."

There were no pretenses this time. I followed her to the house where she lived with housemates in a very nice part of town. The house was old, but not in a decrepit way. It probably had been there since the Victorian era; it was huge. The decoration was sober but still important for the design. I probably would remember more if I had stopped to take its beauty in, but I wasn't in the mood for that. Angelica walked in front of me, our vehicles parked behind us, and opened the door to her house. The sounds of electrical humming were the only ones to receive us; we were alone.

The interior was filled with state-of-the art appliances, fine stone surfaces, discreet lamps, and overall, a decoration that wasn't ostentatious but still left no doubt about the kind of money the inhabitants had access to. Her room was the first one upstairs, and once we were inside, it seemed as if she had chosen the decoration of the house. Everything had the quaint, but tasteful and expensive quality seen before.

Her milk-chocolate skin became exposed little by little as she opened her blouse slowly, seductively. Apparently, she had the intention of making this slow and lasting, unlike the last time we had been together. I needed that kind of thing—intense sex that would consume me if I gave into my needs. Before she reached halfway though, I stopped her. She sent me an inquisitive glance, and I responded with a stern one. It was my turn to unbutton my shirt only halfway. Then I put my hands inside of her blouse and caressed her skin. I kissed her jawbone, her neck, my hands actively moving around, sliding all over her beautiful body. Angelica got the gist right away. Soon we were making out like I hadn't done since I had been a teenager.

Her hands transmitted a sense of urgency that rivaled mine. Her body was made for sex and I wanted it right then, but at the same time—with enough build-up—the wait would be worth it. We kissed on the lips briefly, but mostly nibbled and trailed our lips over different areas of each other's necks. My arms were desperate in their attempts to reach further down, to grope at her hungrily. Quickly, one of her hands deftly avoided my pant's border and slid under it, pressing against my skin, but not all the way down. Her fingers closed around my shaft through the boxer briefs, making me moan for her. I massaged her breasts, kneading them gently, feeling the entrancing texture of her underwear yielding to the pressure, inhaling the sweet scent of an aroused woman.

One of my hands gingerly trailed down making as much contact as possible with her skin. I struggled momentarily with her rude panty elastic that kept on getting in my way until I bypassed it and tentatively stroked a much more sensitive path towards her labia. Her sharp intake of air hurried me, and I began to massage her lower lips with urgency, feeling its addictive wetness coating my fingertips as I worked on her. She happily gave me a private moan, barely audible, right into my ear, when my fingers began to probe delicately. Angelica decided to return the favor and took my member in her hands. My cock was hard and welcomed her touch. I needed the sensation, but not the intention. I wanted to be the aggressor, the one doing, not receiving. I suppose it happens often when your personality is a bit dominating and you're also a "giver".

I pushed her back to the bed and kissed her exposed body. While she struggled with her clothing, I trailed my lips over her luscious skin that was colored like a dark fine wood. Eventually, we were both nude. I feasted upon her beauty, first by looking at her, then by kissing her legs with scorching need, moving closer and closer to her mound. My hands roamed incessantly all over her. I needed more. I kissed between her thighs repeatedly, avoiding her labia, until I saw her wetness become evident. Then I licked her lasciviously using my tongue to probe around with need. I didn't want to cum yet. I wanted to make her cum, hard. I needed to feel I was in control of at least one situation in my life, and Angelica was the chosen one.

I kissed her sex with urgency. She responded by grabbing my head and pushing. Normally, that would've been the thing to do with me, but everything as of late hadn't been normal. I stopped her from trying to control my movements by grasping her wrist while continuing my ministrations. My fingers tickled her before going inside of her heated body. Once inside, I massaged and teased her inner walls, and she contracted her muscles. I kept on licking her, the taste of her arousal filling my senses and mind.

She moaned for me, and when I started fingering her while eating her out, she cursed aloud. The volume she used wasn't the same as the one she had shocked me with, loud and unabashed, but still higher than the norm. It was still not enough for me.

Her trembling body told me I was on the right path as my fingers penetrated her faster and faster. My tongue's movements were seemingly random, but had a goal—to make her cum hard using my knowledge of her physique. For only a few seconds I pulled away from her pussy, not slowing my fingers down. More.

"Do you have condoms around?" I never kept them in my wallet or on my motorcycle. I knew what heat and friction could do to unopened ones.

"I," she gasped before continuing, "have one there."

She pointed, and I debated between getting one or teasing her some more. I looked in the direction she pointed and saw a small drawer. I reached out and on the first try found one. Not my brand of choice, but it'd have to do. I raced back to her to resume my licking, fingering, and teasing with renewed vigor. If Angelica's excitement had been winding down because she hadn't been touched for a few seconds, I made up for it. I had avoided her clit, but now that I had a condom, there was no reason not to give her the sensations I could make her feel. The trademark rolling R sound was the technique that I chose to use on her clit. Her body tensed and didn't relax as long as I kept up the sound.

"OH!" Angelica was being loud again. Good.

When the lack of oxygen demanded I breathe, I stopped doing it and she went almost limp. Her break was short. With redoubled need, my tongue attacked her again. I used different approaches so I could breathe without letting her recover from the sensations. She became louder and cursed wildly, but I couldn't stop. I could even feel my tongue going numb because I was abusing it, but it was what I needed.

"OH! FUCK! YES, DANTE!" I was pretty sure Dante was about to get some reputation with her neighbors. She began cumming hard. Her hands on my head trembled and her body shook. As I felt her orgasm subsiding, I withdrew my fingers from her, yet my tongue kept working. Even when she gently tried pulling me away, I didn't follow the nudge. As expected, with another shout, another orgasm began for Angelica. I unwrapped the condom. It was an awkward position to put the condom on since my weight was mostly on her hips and my tongue wasn't slowing down. It took me a while to get the condom on. As Angelica continued to climax, I bent my back and positioned my hips as near as I could to hers without breaking contact between my tongue and her. To coordinate my own actions better, I gave myself a 3...2...1...

Immediately, I spread her legs wider, propped myself up, and easily sank myself into her. She yelped because she wasn't getting any pause after me giving her a few orgasms with my tongue. Without further complications, I fucked her, hard, for as long as I could. After screaming one orgasm, she'd calm down almost to a point where I'd think she would fall asleep, but then she'd get tense and began moaning louder for the next one. My hips already knew what to do. Angelica's movements always were intense. I was well aware of her aggressive behavior in bed. But what was happening was a different experience for me. Although almost going too wild, I was fully aware of what I was doing: it was automatic and at the same time deliberate.

Angelica was cumming over and over. I had to be quick to not fuck her raw since her pussy was getting to be more and more sensitive as I went on. I could feel one orgasm and the small pause before the next, and the space between them was getting progressively shorter. In one of those pauses, the exotic beauty opened her eyes, and instead of looking at me with wonder or bewilderment, she simply winked at me, looking at our bodies, how I fucked her in a way that could only be described as athletic.

That didn't stop her from gasping and moaning when my cock reached that point deep within her, triggering the next orgasm as our coupling quickly became frantic. She squeezed me so hard, and I felt my own orgasm dangerously getting near. I went at it with all I had, and since she had already cum, I had no worry behind how long I'd last. Perhaps her screams weren't as loud, but I could still see that I was giving her the fucking of a lifetime.

"I'm gonna cum..." I don't know why I warned her, but still, it felt like the nice thing to do.

"Yes! Oh, fuck, YES!"

It was as if she had invited the situation to happen. As soon as she said it, I felt my cock expand and my muscles tense in preparation for the inevitable blast of pleasure, the surge of energy and loss of control that orgasm brings. I bared my teeth as I exploded inside the condom. The only things that existed in the world for me was feeling the great wave of pleasure run over me, hearing her throaty moans, the heat of our bodies, the staggering orgasm we experienced.

"I don't know if doctors order that, but they should," I said, coming back from my high, looking at the ceiling, feeling the tension of a complicated week starting to ease. Barely.

"Yeah, I almost feel like giving you a high five," Angelica told me, looking happier.

"By the way—this Clarissa thing—it's not happening again."


"It's not that she's ugly—don't play dumb with me." I knew she suspected many of my intentions about Danielle, and I wasn't about to pour my heart out.

"Well, yeah, I had a few reasons why I wanted you to do that, but I think there's already enough drama with Trish. And yet, I wanted you to, but if you don't, we'll figure something out."

I discovered men can feel bad about being used sexually. Even more so if it hinders other goals. "Yeah, let's not do that again." I blatantly ignored the question.

"Don't give up," she said, and before I could question what she meant, she continued. "Dante dear, if you don't leave now, you'll do your walk of shame because my roommates should be here any minute."

"There's no shame in making you scream like that, but I'll go, just in case."

Angelica's cocktail mix of genes was beautiful to behold, but I had a lot of things to do and a lot to think about. I got up and dressed quickly, then made a hasty exit. Hasty enough that when I opened the front door, I remembered I had left my helmet in her room. The sound of me closing the door had triggered a commotion upstairs. I heard a door open and quick footsteps before another woman's voice floated downstairs.

"Aaangiiie, you finally have a boyfriend that knows his stuff!" Whoever that was, the teasing tone was obvious.

"You were here the whole time, then." The tone in Angelica's voice went back to the deprecating one I knew well. "He's not my boyfriend."

Sensing an awkward moment coming up, I shouted out before I heard something I didn't want to hear. "Hey, Angelica? I left my helmet up there!"

I ran up the stairs to find a mischievous-looking young brunette who appraised me as I entered the room. Making haste, I retrieved my helmet and went back out. Both Angelica and her housemate were looking at me, and my terribly hot friend gave me a wink, again. It was at that moment I realized she was more than simply a no-strings-attached fuck; she was a friend. Why I suddenly considered her as such, those were reasons still unknown to me, but I rarely erred in those cases.


I arrived late, I had just unbuttoned my vest when I saw movement to my right. On the opposite side of my window, Danielle's own window looked upon the corridor and straight towards my apartment. It was dark, but with the curtains open, it was still light enough for me to see a silhouette cut against the darker background. Danielle was wearing some kind of formal clothing, as if she had another school event or maybe some kind of dinner. When she waved, I waved back, with less energy than normal. I'll be damned if I know why I care about her. But I do.

My inner dialogue was cut short when I saw her unbutton her own formal coat and leave it open in the exact same manner as mine. As this progressed, my eyes were adjusting to the darkness, and I tentatively removed my vest, then dropped it near me. Danielle mimicked my movement with a teasing smile on her lips, removing her coat and standing in a pose similar to mine. I heard myself breathing harder as I unbuttoned my shirt with painfully slow movements and saw her doing the same with the same parsimony as me. I opened up my shirt slightly to reveal my skin underneath, but didn't get rid of it. When I saw a flash of her skin and the hint of a lacy bra, adrenaline was flowing through my veins as if I were about to jump from a tall building.

I undid the button of my pants and dropped them. The height of the window would not let me see all of her body; if I took my underwear off, she'd probably see part of my manhood, but not all of me. I exhaled slowly when I saw my incredibly hot neighbor step out of her formal dress and stand in front of me, her voluptuous chest heaving slightly. Her legs were slightly thinner than I had thought. Her gorgeous hips made her look curvy; they were just inviting me to bite them. She had a body that I definitely wanted. As close as we were, I found myself cursing the distance between our windows but unable to stop playing whatever game we were in the middle of.

Shrugging to myself, I opened up my shirt a bit more and the thrill of watching Danielle do the same was intoxicating. I dropped my shirt and stood there, breathing heavily, my torso exposed for her to see. Danielle's throat seemed to go dry, for she gulped hungrily and repeated my movement with her own clothing: discarding her blouse, standing in front of me like a bashful pin-up model. For all her shyness, she was teasing at the same time. Nothing short of perfect. I stopped breathing when I slowly reached for my underwear's elastic band and began pulling it down slowly. She reached for the back of her bra, and I saw the garment lose tension. I exposed half of my length for her, and she dropped her bra, but she covered her breasts. I still wasn't able to see her nipples.

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