tagMind ControlAn Unusual Gift Ch. 02

An Unusual Gift Ch. 02


It had been a week since Jack had received the magical collar from his grandfather and so far he had only used it on his teacher Miss Jameson. He had been waiting to see if there were any consequences to his actions but it seemed he was in the clear. He had seen her most days at college and noticed that while she was still a bitch she seemed kinder towards him than she had before.

He noticed she would look at him in class when she thought he was looking and would quickly look away when he looked towards her. He had been checking out her ass as she was bent over one day, enjoying remembering it naked, when he swore he had seen the outline of the base of the butt plug she had taken sitting between her cheeks and pressing out the material of her pants. She had stood back up too quickly for him to be sure but he wondered if she had now taken to wearing it to work. As he sat in her class trying to suppress the erection he was now sporting thanks to his imagination he thought about tomorrow.

It was Friday, which would make tomorrow Saturday, and he had invited Abby to his house in the morning. She was his only female friend and his best friend. She was pretty and had a good body but thanks to her small breasts and weird personality she was as much an outcast as Jack was which was why they were such good friends. Despite her querkyness as she liked to call it, she had some how ended up in a relationship with a rather normal guy.

Jack had decided to tell her about the collar. Not only because it was killing him not being able to talk to anyone about it but because he wanted her help on ideas of how to use it. So he got home, went to sleep early and waited for Abby to arrive the next morning which she did exactly on time. It was one of her quirks, always arriving on time and if she was ever early she would wait outside until the exact minute she had agreed to be somewhere, even though Jack would have been happy to let her in earlier.

"Morning," she chirped cheerfully as she entered his house.

"Morning, want some coffee?" Jack asked redundantly. Abby rarely went without some form of caffeinated drink in her hand.

"Of course," she replied. He poured her a cup and handed it to her. She took a sip before staring at Jack. "So why the urgent meeting so early in the morning?"

Jack looked at her before answering. She had brown hair with matching brown eyes and intense stare that most people found unnerving but Jack found endearing. Her make up was done flawlessly as always, her eyeliner in perfect wing tips. Jack knew she always did her make up to cover up the few acne scars she had which she hated although, unless she pointed them out, most people wouldn't be able to see them.

She had on her black denim jacket which was like a second skin, she always had it on. Usually with matching black jeans which today was no exception. Her style seemed a mix of goth meets librarian meets hipster. Jack always thought she could be one of the popular girls if she dressed the part but she wasn't interested. It was part of why he was best friends with her, she was genuine to a fault. He took a deep breath before telling her why had invited her over.

"I got a gift from my grandfather, a collar," he started.

"A collar? That's a weird gift from a family member," Abby interrupted with a chuckle.

"It's not just any collar, it's magical. It makes anyone who wears it my slave for twelve hours," Jack continued. Abby looked at him before bursting out laughing.

"Good one, what's next a pair of slippers that let me fly?" She asked sarcastically.

"I'm serious. Here look at it," he said handing her the collar. She took it and turned it over in her hands.

"Looks like a normal old collar to me, I have loads of similar ones at home," Abby replied dismissively.

"I swear to you I'm telling the truth," Jack pressed on.

"How does it work?" Abby asked humouring him.

"I pressed my thumb to the pendant and it bound it to me, then anyone who wears it after that automatically becomes my slave," he explained.

"What like this?" Abby asked as she pressed her thumb to the pendant. Just as before when Jack had done it the pendant glowed blue and the light wrapped around Abby's thumb.

"Wait-" Jack began but it was too late.

"Oh wow, neat trick," Abby exclaimed looking for a light or something hidden in the collar.

"It's not a trick, it's now bound to you," Jack explained.

"What so anyone that wears this now becomes my slave?" Abby asked.

"Yes but only if they put it in willingly and only for twelve hours," Jack reminded her.

"Put it on then," Abby grinned holding out the collar.

"Why would I do that?" Jack asked.

"To prove it works. I still don't believe you so put it in and prove it," Abby grinned.

"Why do I have to wear it? Why can't you, that'd prove it too," Jack argued.

"Because I know you and if I put it on you'd probably just make me some sex slave for twelve hours," Abby teased. Jack rolled his eyes in dismissal although considering how he had treated Miss Jameson she wasn't far wrong. Not that he would do that to Abby though, even if he had always had a crush on her she was in a relationship and he respected that.

"Not happening," Jack replied shaking his head.

"Make you a deal, if you wear it and it works, you'll be my slave for today but in exchange I'll wear it tomorrow for you," Abby offered. Jack paused at that proposal, it would be fun to have Abby under his control for the day and he wasn't too worried about what Abby would make him do.

"Alright deal, I'll put it on now and you come back tomorrow and then it's your turn," he smiled taking the collar from her. He had been wondering all week how Miss Jameson has felt under the control of the collar and was curious about experiencing it himself, not from any desire to be controlled but just to see what it was like and he couldn't think of anyone else he would trust to be in control other than Abby.

He took the collar and wrapped it round his neck. He had to fiddle with the clasp for a minute to get it to close but it snapped shut. Almost instantly he felt his mind change. He had an overwhelming desire to be submissive and serve Abby any way she wanted. All his previous reservations went and he knew he would happily do anything she asked.

"So? Is it working?" Abby asked.

"Yes mistress I can feel it," Jack replied and Abby's eyes went wide as she heard him say mistress.

"Very funny, how do I know it's working?" Abby asked.

"I think that's simple mistress, just command me to do something I wouldn't normally do," Jack answered.

"Ok first stop calling me mistress and second, let's see... Strip naked and run down the street and back," Abby grinned. She still didn't believe the collar really worked and wanted to see how far Jack would go to trick her but she knew that he would never ever do that.

To her surprise Jack simply agreed and began undressing. She watched as he removed his tshirt. She still thought he was bluffing and would stop before he got completely naked. He kicked off his shoes and undid his pants. This was it, Abby thought, he'll take off his pants and leave his boxers on but won't go any further. To her shock Jack pulled his pants and boxers down and kicked them off, standing before Abby completely naked and unashamed he made his way to the front door.

"STOP!" Abby shouted and Jack froze. She couldn't believe it, he was actually going to do it, the collar really did work! And now he was stood in front of her completely uncaring she was seeing him naked. She stared at him with her mouth hanging open.

"Abby?" Jack asked. She shook her head before bursting out laughing.

"Oh this is amazing. It actually works. How does it work? Who made it? This is incredible," Abby burbled. Jack simply stood there, he was happy to wait as long as she wanted until she gave him something else to do.

"How does it feel?" Abby asked.

"It feels good, I just want to serve you however you like," Jack replied.

"Ok this is weird. At least act like normal Jack please," Abby commanded. Instantly Jack felt his mind return mostly back to normal. There was still a desire to serve Abby however she wanted but he was also more aware of his own normal feelings and desires. He also was aware of the fact he was naked and dashed for his clothes, pulling his boxers and pants on quickly.

"Christ you're worse than me, put the collar on me and have me naked in less than a minute," Jack complained.

"Sorry, I just didn't think it would work. So how does it actually feel?" Abby asked again.

"It's strange, since you said act like me I feel mostly normal just with this nagging in the back of my mind to do whatever you tell me," Jack admitted.

"So if I told you to stand on one leg you would?" Abby asked.

"Yes," Jack replied.

"Then why aren't you?" Abby asked.

"You only asked if I would, you didn't tell me to," Jack answered.

"Ok, stand on one leg," Abby ordered and Jack raised his left leg, balancing on his right. "Can you put it down?" She continued.

"No, not unless you tell me to," Jack replied. He could feel the command in his brain. He knew that normally he wouldn't want to stand on one leg and would want to put his right leg down but right now, as long as Abby wanted him to stay on one leg he wanted that as well.

"Ok you can put it down," she told him and he did.

"This is odd," Jack commented.

"Cook me breakfast, bacon and eggs," Abby commanded.

"Sure," Jack replied as he moved to the fridge. He cooked them both breakfast. He found since she had ordered him to be himself and hadn't commanded him to not cook any for himself he was able to as he wanted some as well.

They sat and ate breakfast with Abby gushing over how amazing this collar was. She seemed as excited about it as Jack was. After they finished eating she ordered him to clean up, something she knew he would normally leave as long as possible and Jack found himself enjoying cleaning for once.

"So tell me, who have you used the collar so far?" Abby asked. "I mean you knew it worked so you must have tried it."

"Miss Jameson," Jack admitted. He had sworn not to tell anyone but he felt compelled to tell Abby and had no reservations about doing so.

"WHAT? How?" Abby asked.

"I asked her to try on the collar and she did," Jack said simply.

"And what did you do?" Abby asked although she was fairly certain she could guess. Jack confirmed her suspicions of fucking her brains out. She knew Jack that it didn't surprise her and she was actually a little jealous.

"Show me whatever photos or videos you took," Abby commanded. She didn't even have to ask if he had taken any, she knew full well he would have done. Jack left the room and returned with his camera a few moments later. He showed Abby the pictures of Miss Jameson naked and in various positions.

"Holy shit," Abby muttered as she looked. She felt herself getting turned on looking the photos. Being bisexual she had been as excited as the guys had been when they first saw Miss Jameson but her horrible attitude and boring class had made Abby drop economics after the first year. She was extremely jealous of Jack right now.

"So tell me who else you plan on using this collar on and what you plan on doing," she ordered.

"Except for you tomorrow I haven't chosen anyone else to use it on. That's why I invited you over, I've got a lot of possibilities but need your help deciding who and how," Jack answered. Abby smiled, she found the fact Jack wanted her help and trusted her enough to tell her very sweet.

"Let me guess, most of your ideas involve fucking?" Abby asked. Jack nodded and grinned in confirmation. "You're such a guy! You have the power to make anyone do anything and you can only think about sex."

"And you wouldn't do the same if you were single?" Jack asked.

"I would at least use it to try and improve my life. How did Miss Jameson react to everything once the collar came off, wasn't she super angry?" Abby asked.

"No, it seems like as long as they put it on willingly anything they do while wearing the collar they just accept as part of that choice and are ok with it," Jack answered.

"What happens if I command you to do something once the collar is off while you're still wearing it?" Abby asked.

"Honestly I don't know," Jack answered.

"I guess we will find out. For now though I have," Abby began, looking at her watch, "ten more hours of you as my slave. So as such we are going shopping and you are going to enjoy every minute of it and carry everything for me."

They went to the local mall and Abby dragged Jack around a few shops. She found it strange but actually more enjoyable than usual. Jack still acted like himself for the most part but instead of his usual complaining about how long they had been there he seemed excited every time she mentioned a new shop for them to go to. Not to mention the fact he happily carried all her bags.

They spent six hours walking around shops. Jacks legs ached but he didn't mind. He had never enjoyed shopping before and he knew it was because of the collar but didn't mind, he was having a lot of fun. Abby took him to one end of the mall to a sex shop and ordered him to wait outside. She was in there for almost half an hour before she came out carrying a couple of bags which she gave to Jack and commanded him to not look inside. They finally left and went to Abby's.

She had her own house, bought and paid for outright in her name by her parents. They were a very wealthy family which was how Abby afforded such extravagant shopping trips so often. She ordered Jack to put away her new outfits and tidy her room. She left the two bags from the sex shop though. Jack knew he should be curious about what was inside but found he didn't care, she didn't want him to see and because of that he didn't want to see. By the time he was done there was only just over half an hour left before his collar was due to come off.

"You know, since you've been such a good slave I think you deserve a reward," Abby grinned. She knew Jack had always had a crush and her and she had always had one on him but had been waiting for him to make the first move. When it never seemed like he would she had finally relented to going on a date with Eric, her current boyfriend. Right now though she didn't care. After seeing Miss Jameson naked earlier and having Jack under her completely control all day she was extremely turned on. Not to mention she hadn't been able to stop thinking about Jacks cock since she saw it.

She knew Eric wouldn't be home for a few days. They had just got back from holiday and his niece had been born while they were away so he had gone to visit his sister for a few days while Abby had to stay and go to classes. So Abby knew they would be undisturbed as she made her way over to Jack.

"Stand there quietly," Abby ordered as she knelt in front of him and unzipped his pants. She pulled them down along with his boxers and his cock sprang free. It was soft and quite small compared to Erics but Abby didn't mind. She gently teased and stroked it as she felt it begin to swell in her hand. She could see the look of confusion on Jacks face but he was being good and doing as he was told and keeping quiet. Abby was surprised, his cock was only half way erect and had already grown substantially. She guessed it was true after all and not some lie guys made up, some really were growers and not showers.

She took his half erect cock in her mouth and began to lick and suck the tip, quickly bringing it full hardness. It was now larger than Eric's was when he was fully erect and Abby was surprised Jack was so well endowed. His head filled her mouth and strained her jaw slightly to keep it open wide enough. She began to bob up and down, running her lips back and forth over the tip as her tongue lapped at his slit and tasted his pre cum. She used her hand to stroke the base of his shaft and looked up at him. He was looking down, enjoyment on his face and he was breathing hard. She doubled her efforts. She had one more plan after this that she wanted to test before the collar came off.

She took him as deep as she could and gagged as his large head hit the back of her throat. She had practiced deepthroating on small toys and could just manage it but his cock was far to large. She worked her mouth over as much of his length as she could. She wondered how much time she had left and eyed the clock. Twenty minutes. Hopefully enough time.

"I want you to count to ten in your head and when you reach ten I want you to blow your load into my mouth and have the best orgasm you've ever had from a blowjob," Abby ordered wondering if that would work. She counted to ten in her head along with him and as she hit ten she felt his cock twitch before his seed flooded her mouth. She swallowed fast but there was a lot and some escaped down her chin. He emptied rope after rope of his sticky seed into her mouth as his legs trembled. Finally the torrent stopped and she licked his cock clean before cleaning her face.

Jack had a satisfied grin on his face which soon went as she commanded him to get in the bed on all fours and not speak. He wasn't sure what she was doing but was happy to comply with her request. She rummaged around in the two bags from the sex shop before she found what she was looking for.

"Now I'm going to put this plug in your ass and you're going to love it. Even after the collar comes off you're going to love the feeling of it filing you, you'll be constantly turned on but you won't be allowed to take it out or orgasm until I see you tomorrow morning and you won't complain about it at all," Abby commanded as she removed the butt plug from its box. It was medium sized and she covered it with plenty of lube. She knew Jack wouldn't enjoy this normally.

It wasn't that he would hate it, he had admitted to her before once while drunk, that he had once gone home with a girl who had insisted he wear one so rather than turn down getting laid he had worn it. Apparently it had only been small anyway. He had told Abby that while it didn't bother him that much wearing it, it had done nothing to excite him. So she had decided, if he was still wearing it and enjoying it when she saw him tomorrow, then commands could stay in effect even after the collar came off.

"Relax," Abby ordered as she pressed the toy against his clenched asshole. She instantly saw it relax and began to push the toy in. Jack gasped as it began to stretch his back door. He felt the tip slide on and shivered in delight. As more and more of the toy filled him his cock got harder until it was fully erect. He moaned slightly as the last of the toy slipped into him and his ass shrank around the base, holding it firmly in place. Abby chuckled, she had debated other methods of testing her theory but after knowing what he did to Miss Jameson, she felt this was a fitting taste of his own medicine.

"Get dressed and sit here," Abby commanded. Jack got off the bed and got dressed before sitting beside her. She watched the clock, the collar would be coming off any moment now. They sat and waited until suddenly the collar vanished from around his neck.

"Wow my legs hurt," Jack complained as soon as he was free. Abby was surprised that he hadn't complained about the toy in his ass.

"And how does the toy feel?" Abby pressed.

"Really good," Jack blushed. Without he collar he suddenly felt shy wearing such a thing in front of Abby but he couldn't deny how good it felt having his ass filled by the plastic toy or how hard his cock was right now.

"Well you should get going, it's getting late. I'll be at yours tomorrow," Abby smiled. Jack got up and made his way out. He walked back to his house and was breathless by the time he got home, each step had caused the toy to move inside him and built up a well of pleasure but he knew he wasn't allowed to remove it or orgasm until he saw Abby again. He didn't even question that or consider it going her commands and masturbating anyway, he simply got undressed and climbed into bed.

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