tagExhibitionist & VoyeurAn Unusual Girl Ch. 02

An Unusual Girl Ch. 02


This will be a better story if you read part 1 first.


Sonja was the girl of my dreams. I've always been troubled by my sexual fantasies, dreaming of stripping a willing girl naked in front of others, fondling her and fucking her while they watch. Of course such girls don't exist, or so I thought until I met Sonja. After that first magical encounter, where I played out my fantasies and hers too, we knew that we would be a couple to satisfy our unusual desires. She even encouraged me to fuck another girl while she watched, a fantasy that until then I was absolutely certain was impossible in the real world of women who demand faithful men. But she loved it. She even participated by fondling me while I fucked Jilly, and all three of us shared every possible sexual experience that weekend. She made me promise to do that only when she was there, though. That was fine with me. Pretty (well, actually drop-dead gorgeous), funny and smart too, Sonja was the perfect partner in and out of bed. But the summer was over, we had to move on.

The City

Sonja was starting college in New York, and having been totally irresponsible in not looking for a job after my own college career, I followed her there thinking that I'd have as good a chance of finding suitable employment there as anywhere. Besides, any job while living with Sonja would be better than the best job without her. Moving in and living together should have seemed a big step, but we were so in love and so happy that we'd found each other that it happened automatically, almost without discussion. We rented a small but too-expensive apartment with her parents' help, after she showed them how costly it was to live in Manhattan. I found a reasonably good job after only a few weeks.

Living with Sonja was a continuous adventure. The better I knew her, the better I liked her, and she was still amazed that I tolerated and even facilitated her edgy sexuality. With the new-found security of our relationship she had become a hopeless flirt, flashing her tits at parties and even sometimes in the street. She wore tube tops that allowed her generous boobs to wobble enticingly, and were easy to pull down. She liked to pull the elastic of her top down just to the tops of her nipples, exposing her wide pink alveoli, and walk around in public that way. On one of those long, warm New York evenings in early fall she rushed ahead of me on the sidewalk, turned and uncovered her boobs with a provocative wiggle. I walked up to her, she extend her hand and we shook.

She pushed her chest at me and said something like, "Hello, sir, I'm Sonja. Do you like my awesome boobs?"

Then she covered up and we laughed ourselves silly while the nearby pedestrians either stared or tried to look sophisticated and ignore us. You won't find many girls who are willing do that, and even fewer who are aching to do it.

A Club

Sonja needed more. One evening as we were eating dinner in our little apartment she brought up the topic of public exposure again. "Brad, we haven't done anything, um, daring in weeks. I'm itching to expose myself, you know how I am. Could you take me out, please, somewhere where I can do scandalous slutty things? I know you love it too, admit it. I promise I'll wear a skirt as short as you like, and no panties, and you can touch me in public."

I jumped at the idea, and my cock did too. The next weekend we arranged to go to one of those noisy jazz joints way downtown. Sonja wore her flouncy strapless red dress, sandals and nothing else; we drank, and danced, and flirted and laughed. I fell in love with her again every five minutes, giddy with just being there. She danced with some other guys too, and once I caught her moving her partner's hand to her barely covered breast. He squeezed while they danced and Sonja sighed.

I asked her about it after she sat down, a little breathless. "Why, didn't you like it? He felt wonderful, he could feel my nipple getting hard. I thought you wouldn't mind. I know you like to see me get aroused, don't you?"

I told her that it was beautiful, I loved watching her that way, and she could do it as much as she liked. We danced again, a slow number. Staring into my eyes she pulled the top of her dress down all the way to her waist while we were on the dance floor. I stared. She laughed and whispered "I'm Sonja. Do you like my awesome boobs?"

In seconds she had attracted the attention of several guys dancing nearby, their dates glaring. Quickly Sonja pressed her chest against mine and she danced that way, thrilled with her exhibition. Of course I was thrilled with it too. Her stiff nipples told me how exciting this was for her. She wrapped her arms around my neck while I stroked the sides of her bare breasts. When we went to sit down in a corner booth she covered the tips of her nipples with two fingers on each, leaving her dress down, and sat that way while I enjoyed her exposure. Even though I already knew she was into this sort of thing, I was amazed and aroused each time, and so glad I'd found her. I put an arm around her neck and replaced her fingers with two of mine on the side closest to me, and I sat gently massaging that bare breast while others walked by sneaking glances, trying to look casual. Nothing was exposed, but everything was. Luckily nothing was said because the waitresses were occupied elsewhere.

A couple came by, a little older than us. The guy was massive, tall and heavy and dressed all in black, with rough hands permanently curved at the fingers. His wife or date or whatever was surprisingly petite, a slim blonde with an innocent face, its features emphasized by contrast with very pale skin, in a black dress even shorter than Sonja's. They stopped in front of our corner booth as the girl addressed us in a high voice.

"Hi, we noticed how you were exposing yourself here and on the dance floor. I hope it's ok for us to introduce ourselves. You have beautiful tits, we think you're brave and gorgeous. Would you mind if we sit with you?"

Sonja replied "Well, I'm glad you approve of my tits", and invited them to sit.

The guy slid in on her right, but to our surprise the girl moved away from him and slipped in beside me, squeezing into the tiny booth. He addressed us in a broad Midwestern accent, "Hi, I'm Jeff, this is Marilyn. We saw you here and we couldn't resist coming over, taking a chance I know. We're being terribly forward with you exposed like this, but we thought, now or never. You have lovely breasts, if you don't mind my saying so. Do you mind us getting a closer look?"

A shiver went through Sonja, thrilled with this unexpected opportunity. I knew from our first meeting that she craves exposing herself close up, where strangers can see everything. Jeff was being very forward but seemed polite and respectful. Sonja introduced us in turn, then looked down to the breast on Jeff's side.

"Jeff, I know you're here to look at my boobs. No, I'm not offended, I love exposing myself. Lean over and put your head in front of my chest, so the others can't see. I'm going to let you see my nipple, and touch it."

Jeff bent down, openly fascinated with my woman's tits. Sonja spread her fingers slightly, allowing an erect nipple to jump through. I was fascinated too, wondering what she would do next. She removed her hand giving Jeff a brief whole-breast flash, his face inches from her chest, then grabbed his large fingers and placed two of them over her nipple. So now she had two different guys with their fingers defending what was left of her modesty, subtly massaging her breasts. I felt the nipple on my side stiffen further; Jeff, obviously delighted, moved his nipple around, squeezing and pushing her breast. In exhibitionist heaven, Sonja looked at our faces in turn and then down at the sites of the action. She leaned back and started breathing hard, a blush spreading across her face and torso. She pushed Jeff back so that the other people in the club could see what was happening.

With all this we were ignoring Marilyn, who sat quietly watching Sonja, mostly Sonja's breasts. Leaning into my shoulder to remind me of her existence, Marilyn told me in a matter-of-fact voice, "Wow, your girl Sonja is really brave, and gorgeous. I know I can't compete with her, but I'd like to try."

Marilyn's dress had a wide front panel that looked like a normal sleeveless design from the front, but tied behind her neck to leave most of her back bare. In the dim light I could just make out the tips of perky nipples through the thin fabric. I took the liberty of stroking the soft skin on her bare back.

Turning toward me she stretched up and murmured in my ear, "You can put your arm around me if you like. I'm not wearing a bra."

The part about the bra was already obvious, but her mention of it gave me a jolt. Not one to pass up such an obvious hint, I casually reached around, but she leaned forward just as I moved so that my arm went to her side. Quickly she pulled the left edge of her dress forward, leaving a space for my hand. I accepted her implied invitation, sliding my hand under the top panel of her dress and finding a small but surprisingly soft, cool breast with a hot nipple, already hard but still flexible. Marilyn's nipple was a surprise, bigger and meatier than I had expected on a girl with such a petite frame. She moved her left arm to cover the spot where my hand disappeared under her dress, but slid her shoulder in front of mine to make it easier for me to stroke her breast.

Leaning into me she commented in a somewhat breathy voice, "I hope you like my big nipple. Some girls say their nipples are like pencil erasers when they're stiff, but I think mine are more like cherries. They're so sensitive, that feels so good!"

Withdrawing from Sonja's breast and replacing her fingers on her nipple I moved my other hand on top of Marilyn's thigh, surprisingly warm, and soft when I slid slowly to the smooth flesh on the inside, dusted with light blond hairs. My cock was nearly bursting. She leaned over and breathed into my ear, "This is so hot, your girl is amazing. I'm not wearing panties. You can slide your hand up and reach my pussy if you want. Please, I'd love it if you'd touch me there."

Knowing about Sonja's delight at seeing me feel up another woman in the right situation, I touched. Marilyn was so tiny and slim that it was easy for me to reach my goal. I looked down to see sparse blond pubic hair on a prominent mons; her lips were already open and soaked, larger than I expected. She sighed and spread her legs when I reached her clit, pushing her knee against my thigh. Meanwhile Sonja squirmed, her eyes closed in ecstasy.

I told her and Jeff, "Look - Marilyn lifted up her skirt and invited me to reach in and stroke her pussy. It feels great, soft and moist and warm."

Suddenly a waitress appeared, a tall goth-looking girl with a narrow face and short purple-black hair, dressed in the club uniform of a sleeveless t-shirt with a deep scoop neck and a very short tight skirt. We all froze, expecting the worst, but she leaned over and breathed, "That is... so - fucking - hot! It's against the club rules, but I won't tell. Just don't expose any pussies, ok?"

Only the table edge was protecting Marilyn's modesty. We lied and assured her that we'd behave, and ordered some drinks. She recommended rum and coke, and said she'd bring it in a large glass so that we could 'have some fun with it.' We agreed. In seconds, so quickly that we suspected she had planned this, she produced the oversized drink in a large wine glass and explained how to use it.

"Hold it right under your boobie, then lean forward to make a seal between your skin and the glass. Lean back until the drink covers your boob. That's it - do you feel how the bubbles tingle on your nipple? Is that cool or what? Now lean back down and let your guys suck the drink off your boobie."

Our attentive waitress stooped down so that we could see only her head above the little table, putting her eyes at tit height. The way she squirmed I was sure she was fingering herself. Sonja's exposure became more blatant as Jeff and I took turns sucking the sweet brown mixture from her tingling boobs. I secretly pinched Marilyn's clit, making her moan and slide her hand over mine to press my fingers into her crotch. Then she slid her other hand under my belt and into my crotch.

Sonja, getting seriously aroused, drunk more with sex than alcohol, invited our companions back to our apartment: "It's not far, and we can do more there. I really like both of you. And Jeff, I know we just met, this is really reckless of me, you could even, um, get acquainted with my pussy."

I wasn't surprised, though she hadn't checked with me first. This was a new expansion of Sonja's sexual openness that we hadn't tried before, but she knew me and my fantasies well enough to know that I'd find it hot. If something gives her pleasure, it gives me pleasure too. This was moving so fast, a little disorienting. I had fucked another girl in her presence, but she hadn't reciprocated - yet. The offer also implied that I'd get a chance at Marilyn's lovely little body, though, so we'd be even. The way Marilyn was squirming, I knew she'd be up for it. Obviously she was also an unusual girl, a rare treasure.

We were disappointed when Jeff said, "We'd love to, you don't know how much, but this our last fling for a while. We have to leave in a few minutes to catch a flight to Oslo. We both work there. We're just on our way through, we were on vacation visiting our families in Iowa. So we can't stay, but we'd love to hook up with you two sometime. You're really awesome."

That broke the spell. Sonja pulled up her top, I withdrew from Marilyn's deliciously moist nether regions, and we straightened ourselves up. Jeff gave us his business card, we kissed and hugged all around, and they left to get a taxi. Our little adventure had ended as abruptly as it had begun.

At home I took a quick shower, coming back into our bedroom to find Sonja sitting tailor seat on our bed, leaning back against the headboard with a sheet covering her legs and two fingers covering each nipple. She looked at me in mock surprise and said, "Did you like the way I exposed myself for Jeff?"

"I loved it, you know it."

"And did you like him licking the liquor off my tit, a total stranger?"

"That was even hotter."

"You weren't jealous? He sucked really hard. Come here, I'll show you what I showed him." She spread her fingers to expose a very stiff nipple.

I attacked her nipple, then the rest of her naked body. She has a way of molding her body to mine that's new and thrilling each time. She was already soaked. Just before I entered her she closed her eyes, squeezed my cock with her hand, and murmured, "Fuck me, Jeff. I want to feel that big cock of yours violate my little pussy."

I obliged, playing the part of Jeff but savoring all the feelings myself. In case I haven't told you yet, she has an awesome pussy and knows how to squeeze and tease a cock with it.

Another Club

Over the next week we led our routine lives by day, but each evening Sonja bubbled with erotic enthusiasm, recalling our encounter in the club with Jeff and Marilyn. We retold the events to one another minute by minute, touch by electric touch. She wanted to go further with public displays, to exploit our unusual urges. On the web I found out about some discreet clubs in the city - most of them seemed too seedy, just hangouts where men could meet prostitutes, but I found one that explicitly excluded that. No unaccompanied women were allowed, IDs required. I gave Sonja a long look and dialed the club. I put us on speakerphone.

"There's a hint on your website that sexual activity is allowed. Could you elaborate for us? We're a couple that's interested."

"Sure, there are several options. I'll warn you, though, it's not for most people. You have to be a member, but with advance notice you can buy a membership at the door. The club has rows of booths that surround a small stage. There's usually an erotic show on the stage, but it's not professional. It's done by couples or even by larger groups who want to be seen by everyone. Along the stage is a row of chairs for people, mostly men, who just want to see the show. Sometimes they're invited to participate in it. The back row of booths is for couples who mostly want to watch, and perhaps fondle each other a bit while they watch the show and the other patrons. The other rows have bigger booths for two or more couples. Some people like to expose themselves and play while the other couple watches."

"I think we'd like that." Sonja was squirming just hearing about it.

"There's more. The more daring ones trade partners, and each one fondles the other one's partner. Sometimes they strip so the others can see them. And we don't forbid them having sex with their partners or even with the other couple. The booths are set up for that. A lot of girls like to wear revealing clothes in the club, there are no limits on that, but we ask that you cover up in the street on your way in and out."

Sonja groaned and I made a reservation, making her squirm as I described our most secret perversions on the phone. Giving me her most serious look she said, "Brad, this will be another big step. Are you ok with me fooling around with another guy while you're there? He might even fuck me, I couldn't stop him, I'd do it, for you, but only if you want it. I'd be so turned on, I'd show him my pussy, you could see his cock slide into it..."

She stopped, panting. "I think I'd like it, you'd still be my girl, it would be a super turn-on to watch some guy slide into that juicy pussy of yours. I guess I'll never know for sure until it happens, though."

She already knew that this deal included me 'fooling around' with another girl while she watched. But we'd done that before, with Jilly.

The next Saturday evening we rode a subway far uptown, to a neighborhood of big old brownstone houses converted into apartments. We found the address. A desk in the entryway was staffed by an attractive young woman who took our ID and entrance fee and asked us further about our preferences and fantasies, basically confirming what we had discussed on the phone. Finally she announced, "I think tonight we have what you're looking for. There's a couple already here with preferences that I think are compatible with yours."

We got a card with a table number on it, signed a release, and entered a small anteroom where Sonja took off her coat, sweater and shoes, and I shed my shirt. I tied a transparent white silk scarf behind her back covering her boobs but leaving them visible and letting them bounce. From the front it gave the look of an exhibitionist's tube top. She also wore a pink 'skirt' with an elastic waistband that she tugged down over her hips until her pussy nearly peeped out. At that level it barely covered the bottom of her ass, but the diaphanous material fluttered up with every step. My girl was in fuck-me mode.

We stepped into a surprisingly plush room that filled the whole first floor of the building, booths on the left arranged in a semicircle around a small stage and tiered so that every booth had a good view. We stood in the doorway, getting oriented, and looked to the stage. Sonja squeezed my hand and gushed, "Look, Brad - that girl on the stage. That older man is stripping her in front of everybody."

Indeed a dark-haired young girl with large breasts and wide hips was down to a lacy bra and thong; her other clothing was scattered on the stage. The man stepped behind her to unhook her bra, then fondled her from behind as he exposed her. She raised her arms back and around his neck, stretching her boobs up and out for everyone to see. He pulled down her thong and lifted one of her legs so that everybody could see her damp bush and her pink slit wet with arousal.

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