tagNonConsent/ReluctanceAn Unwanted Affair

An Unwanted Affair


Author's Note: This story is loosely based on a true incident, but it is a work of fiction. All characters and events in the story are creation of my own imagination. Any resemblance to anyone living or dead is purely coincidental. I also would like to thank 'jbravo556' for reading and editing the story. Thanks are also due to 'niscutie' for reading the story before submitting. All the main characters depicted in the story are over 18.


Life is strange. So many things happen in our lives over which we have no control. Sometimes, these events are so unplanned, so unintentional, that they leave you baffled.

I went through some strange events that threw my life into an endless wave of lust and debauchery.

I had a nice loving husband who loved me a lot, and five beautiful kids whom I adored. I had everything that a woman needs to call herself happily married. Even in my wildest dreams, I couldn't have imagined having an affair with another man.

However, it happened and I couldn't stop it. My licentious affair began with my own father-in-law. Here, I would like to add that it was kind of forced onto me initially, but later, I must admit, I too began enjoying it.

My relationship with my father-in-law is continuing. Now my husband also knows about it. I have been regularly sleeping with two men in a single house: with my lawfully wedded husband, and when he's not home, with my horny father-in-law.

I was only seventeen when I got married. My husband Adeel, who is just one year older than me, was the only son of a wealthy sweets shop owner.

Adeel was not good in studies. He floundered repeatedly in his exams. When he failed thrice in his class, his father Rashid Khan, a shrewd businessman, withdrew him from school, and hired him in his own sweets shop.

Adeel liked working at the shop more than adding two plus two in school. He soon learned most of his father's successful business secrets.

However, he had a major weakness: he was extremely bad with numbers.

For some time, Rashid Khan entrusted him with all the responsibilities of running the shop, but soon realized his son's inability in handling finances. He went back to looking after the sales himself, and Adeel was assigned the task of supervising the production of sweets. Adeel, a meek and introvert youth, never expected more than that. He was content with what he got, and never complained about playing second fiddle to his father.

My father had a small grocery shop at the outskirts of the city selling daily goods and utility items. Earnings weren't very good to support a family of six, my parents, my three sisters, and myself, but we were managing somehow. Abbu (Father) knew Adeel's father, he was just an old acquaintance, nothing more than that.

One fine day, Adeel's father visited our house looking for abbu. They met and talked privately. After Adeel's father left, abbu came inside and happily announced that Rashid Khan was asking my hand for his son.

Everyone was surprised. Why would a wealthy person like Rashid Khan like to marry his only son to the daughter of a poor shop owner?

The news spread like a jungle fire in the small town. My neighbors and relatives received this news with contempt and disbelief. But, once they realized that it was true, there were mixed reactions. Some were genuinely happy, while some were very jealous. One of my relatives even suggested that there might be some problem with Adeel, and my father should not accept this marriage.

However, abbu had met with Adeel once at their shop, and he didn't find any abnormality in him. He considered it as a blessing from Allah. He was very happy that at least his eldest daughter was getting married to a rich family where she would lead a comfortable life.

Nobody really knew why Rashid khan had chosen me for his son.

I was too young to understand the intricacies of marriage. Marriage was not a subject in which girls in an orthodox family like ours had any say. All I knew that one day abbu would arrange my marriage with some suitable boy, and I would spend my entire life with him; no questions asked. Therefore, when my mother gave me the news, I didn't respond very eagerly.

Two days later, my younger sister took me to a corner and handed me a photograph. It was taken in some marriage ceremony. It showed a group of teenage boys. She pointed to a frail but handsome looking boy standing in the center of the group.

I stared at the picture of my future husband, suddenly overwhelmed with a strange emotion. I had never felt like that before. I didn't realize then that I had fallen in love with the shy looking boy smiling in the photograph.

A month later, we got married in a lavish ceremony.

After the marriage, I got my first taste of sex. We couldn't meet on the first night as the ceremonies continued until dawn. When I was finally taken into our bedroom, my eyes were drooping with exhaustion. Adeel was no better than me. Both of us were dead tired. Adeel hugged me on the bed. He kissed me; we talked in slow whispers for some time until we fell asleep.

For the first time in my life, I slept on the side of a man whom, only a day ago, was a complete stranger to me.

It was the second night of our marriage, when Adeel made love to me for the first time. I still remember the feeling of utter shame when he began to strip me. I made him switch off all the lights before he proceeded to undo my clothes. After removing my clothes, he stripped hurriedly. In the complete darkness of our bedroom, I heard the rustling of his clothes and felt his presence only when he got between my legs.

Then his cock poked at my virgin pussy.

Both of us were virgins. Neither of us had any prior exposure to the opposite sex. A married friend of mine had given me some mushy insight about this night. She had especially asked me not to stop my husband. She had also told me that it would hurt the first time but would be great fun later.

Adeel tried to insert his cock into my pussy clumsily. After some fumbling, he was able to insert his cock head into my pussy. It tore my virgin hymen, and I cried with pain. He stopped pushing further, but didn't pull his cock out of my pussy. After waiting for my pain to subside, he began to move his glans gently in and out of my pussy.

Adeel fucked me with only his cock head inside my pussy. It was painful at the beginning, but soon the pain began to recede, and an unusual feeling of rapture began to overwhelm my body.

Adeel didn't push his cock further. I could feel his cock head moving in and out of my cunt and then all of a sudden he erupted. His hot cum spilled mostly over my cunt lips and soaked my thick bush. It was a thick hot sticky liquid, and on that first occasion, it didn't appear very pleasant.

Adeel immediately withdrew his cock and rolled off me.

I grabbed my clothes and rushed to the bathroom. I washed the thick gluey liquid that was sticking to my pussy and my dense bush. There was also some blood mixed with the cum that oozed out of my pussy. My friend had warned me about it so I didn't panic. Before coming out, I put my clothes back on.

Adeel was waiting outside, still naked. He had switched on a night lamp. My face turned crimson with shame, but I could not avoid having a good look at my husband's depleted cock which, only minutes ago, had taken my maidenhood. He stepped into the bathroom shutting the door behind him.

Adeel came out of the bathroom, with a tahmed (sarong) around his waist. We then slept in each other's embrace.

Next morning, my cunt was sore. I felt a little discomfort while walking. However, as the day progressed the pain was replaced by a gentle tenderness. Even after the painful experience of last night, I eagerly waited for the next night. I was longing to go through that experience again, wanted to feel my Adeel's cock sloshing in my tender pussy and then ejaculating his seeds inside my depth. As I waited eagerly, I sensed a wetness seeping between my pussy lips.

It was very strange; I had never felt like that before. I was dying to get laid again.

I felt ashamed of my lustful thoughts.

That night, I took the entire length of his cock inside my pussy. My cunt was still sore from the previous day's adventure, but I didn't stop Adeel. He continued ramming his cock into me and after some effort; it was completely buried in my hungry depths. Adeel fucked me in a slow rhythm until he erupted inside my cunt, filling it with his hot seed. This time, his hot thick cum didn't feel bad inside my cunt, I rather liked the feeling of his hard cock jerking and erupting inside me.

After that day, we fucked almost daily. With time, we lost our inhibitions and indulged in sex more often. As a result, I was pregnant after two months and became a mother within a year of my marriage.

I always considered Adeel to be the perfect man for me; but he had a very meek disposition. He was completely overshadowed by his father's towering personality. Rashid Khan, though loved his son, was a very dominating father. Throughout, his childhood he had been critical of his son and as a result, Adeel's personality remained subdued. He could never face his father for anything whether it was right or wrong. He silently accepted any commands given by his father.

Adeel once told me that he hadn't even seen my picture before our marriage. His father arranged his marriage and informed him. I was chosen as his son's wife because Rashid Khan believed that a girl from a poor family would always be at his mercy and would never pose a threat to him.

I also feel that to some extent, my father-in-law was right in this belief. I was brought up in a family where women had no say in the day to day functioning of the household, and no surprise that I too believed that.

As time passed, Adeel got busier with the shop. The old man began to give him more responsibilities. However, he kept the final control in his hands and never let my husband take full responsibility of his business.

I had nothing to complain about. Adeel was his only son and the rightful heir. Above all, I was leading a life I could never have imagined in my life. I had a loving husband and a beautiful child. I couldn't have asked for anything better from life.

After the birth of our first son, the frequency of sex dwindled as I became a busy mother tending to the needs of a tiny tot and Adeel got busier in the shop. Over the years, the frequency of our sexual encounters dwindled further.

Adeel and I never observed any kind of protection during our lovemaking, and so, by the end of tenth year of my marriage, I was mother to five beautiful children: three sons and two daughters.

Many things had changed over the last ten years. I was now a fully grown woman in my late twenties. I was no more a cute, skinny petite dove like the one I used to be at the time of my marriage. I had put on some weight. My tits had lost their original firmness and had begun to sag a little. Bearing children had left some scars and a fleshy hump around my tummy. My small taut buttocks became somewhat swollen, and my thighs appeared fleshier.

Nevertheless, I was happy and contented with my life. My husband still loved me very much, and he never failed to praise how beautiful I looked. I had every reason to believe him.

I loved my husband very much and no thought about any other man ever occurred to me. Not until I began to notice changes in my father-in-law's behavior.

My mother-in-law died many years before my marriage. Therefore, I was the only woman in my house other than a maid who visited our house in the morning and afternoons to clean the house.

My father-in-law was very fond of me. He took good care of me, and my family. He played with my kids, bought them gifts and toys, paid for their school, and their other expenses. He did everything a good grandfather would do for his grandchildren. Unlike my father, my husband's father was quite liberal and he let me enjoy lot of freedom in the house.

I too treated him like my abbu.

Father-in-law was fifty, but appeared much younger than his age. I must admit that he was good looking and well maintained for his age. I could never guess why he didn't get married again after the death of his wife. He could have easily found a much younger and beautiful wife for himself. Adeel once told me that his father loved his mother very much, and probably he lost interest in sex after the death of his beloved wife. I really admired him for being so devoted to his dead wife.

However, his recent activities revealed a darker side of him.

He had been entrusting more and more responsibility to my husband. His business was flourishing; the shop was doing very well. Father-in-law saw the opportunity and opened a branch of his shop in another part of the city. It increased Adeel's workload as he was looking after both establishments. It kept him busy with little time for the kids and me.

Adeel's father stopped visiting his shop altogether, and began to manage his affairs from the home itself. He appointed a cashier at the shop to help Adeel with the finances.

Father-in-law began spending more and more of his time at home. He didn't have much to do, so he began spending more time with the kids. When they weren't home, he spent his time sitting in his room watching some television program or some movie on his player. He was very fond of Bollywood and Hollywood movies.

Recently, he had purchased a brand-new DVD player. Every other day, he would bring home some borrowed disc from a nearby shop and watch it with kids, or sometimes with the whole family. He had a good collection of DVDs of his own. He had given me his old DVD player. Often, I used the player during the afternoons for watching movies while waiting for the kids to return from school.

Although it started with subtle hints, I began to notice the way Adeel's father looked at me.

I caught him, a number of times, staring at me in a peculiar way. He began to seek excuses to visit the kitchen every now and then. I normally spent most of my time in the kitchen or in my bedroom. Often, I found him coming to the kitchen on one pretext or another and trying to talk to me. At times, I found him staring at my bosom with a lecherous look in his eyes. One day, he accidentally kept his hands over my shoulders. He immediately withdrew it, but such accidents began to happen very often. There were certain occasions when I felt his eyes boring into my cleavage. Sometimes, when I passed near him, I had a strange feeling that he had been ogling my buttocks.

He started bringing gifts for me very often, sometimes rather expensive gifts. Initially, I was happy with his gestures, but later I got suspicious.

He was very careful about his actions. Whenever Adeel or the housemaid was home, he kept himself confined to his room, pretending to be reading some magazine or watching a television program. As soon as the kids were off to school and the housemaid left for another house, he would appear at the kitchen door asking for something.

We live in a spacious three room house that my father-in-law built long ago. The front door opens to a wide corridor, which passes between two big facing rooms, one is my bedroom and other belonged to the kids. The corridor opens into a spacious veranda and to an open courtyard after that. The kitchen is situated after my bedroom and its doors open to the veranda. Facing the kitchen, on the other side of the open courtyard, lies Father-in-law's bedroom.

My bedroom initially belonged to my father-in-law, however, after my marriage, he gave us his bedroom and he took another bedroom. The two bedrooms in our house have attached bathrooms. There is also an additional bathroom situated just after the children's room. It opens to the veranda. The common bathroom is a small one. Usually, it was kept locked and was rarely used.

The other major change I noticed in my father-in-law was that he stopped using his own attached bathroom. He began taking his showers in the common bathroom. It was very strange. It gave him ample opportunity to roam around the house wearing only a towel around his waist. Often, I found him deliberately lurking here and there in the veranda in his seminude state, especially when we were alone at home.

I found his actions little suspicious but tried to ignore him. I never expected that a man of his age, and his reputation could be harboring ulterior motives about his own daughter-in-law. I was more confused because for the last ten years he had been a perfect gentleman, never giving me a chance to doubt his intentions.

One afternoon, after the housemaid left, I was alone at home. I fed the two young kids and left them sleeping in my bedroom. After a while, I heard him calling me from his room. When I went there, he was lying on his bed in a vest and a tahmed (sarong). He told me that he was feeling some pain in his back and asked me to rub a pain reliever on his back. He gave me a tube of pain reliever.

I took the tube. He immediately got up and removed his vest. He was now half-naked standing in front of me. I had seen him roaming around the house, wearing only his tahmed; but never before had he taken his vest off in front of me. My face turned scarlet with embarrassment.

Notwithstanding a small potbelly, he had a rather good physique for a fifty-year old.

Father-in-law didn't seem to notice it. He lay on his bed on his stomach, and pointed to a region in his lower back and asked me to apply cream to it.

I sat at the edge of his bed. I squeezed the tube, took a large gob of white cream between my fingers and began rubbing it over the affected area. Father-in-law closed his eyes and rested his head over his folded hands. I rubbed the paste over his aching back in silence.

Then I noticed that his tahmed was tied in such way that a small part of the crack of his ass was visible. I began feeling uncomfortable. My face turned red but out of respect for the old man, I continued rubbing the cream on his back.

It went on for about five minutes. Finally, he asked me to stop and told me that his back felt better.

I got up from his bed and proceeded to go out of his room when he turned on the bed. Even in my rush to leave his room, I didn't miss the massive tent formed in the front of his tahmed.

Ashamed and terrified, I rushed to my bedroom, locked the door, and sat on my bed.

I was stunned.

My heart was beating fast. I could hear my heart beats hammering in my ears. I was now sure about my father-in-law's intentions towards me. The old man wanted me.

I was horrified at the thought.

I was brought up in a very strict and conservative family. Although my parents let me study, my education was in an all-girls school. My mother never let me out without wearing a veil. I wasn't allowed to talk to any boy from the neighborhood. The only man in my life was my husband Adeel. I loved him; although at times, I felt sad for him not being so smart like his father. All ten years of my marriage, Adeel had been a very good husband and I never felt any inclination to think about any other man.

Now, after a long period of a happy married life, things were beginning to change. My father-in-law was trying to seduce me.

I was afraid and perplexed by his behavior. I didn't know what had gone into his head. He had always been a father figure to me. It's true that he never gave Adeel full power over the shop, and he remained in control of all affairs and showed no intentions of retiring. However, he did everything that a good father could do for his family. He looked after all of us very well. At times, he got upset with Adeel, sometimes even lost his temper but he never said anything to me. He helped me in every possible way to make my life comfortable.

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