tagExhibitionist & VoyeurAn Uprooted Standard of Modesty

An Uprooted Standard of Modesty


Everyone in the story is over 18 years old. This work of fiction is a product of the author's imagination and the characters, incidents or dialog are not to be construed as real. This story includes scenes of graphic sex and should NOT be read by minors or anyone that might be offended by such filth. No one should publish or post this story anywhere else without the author's written permission. No animals were injured or killed in the making of this story.

The length of this story is around 8,000 words and takes up about 2-1/2 pages on Lit. Tags used on this story are: Wife, voyeur, Public, public sex, public nudity, outdoors, exhibitionism, exhibitionist, milf, married

This is my entry in the 2016 National Nude Day Contest.


Janet got into her husband's car very carefully. Against her better judgment she had let Chuck talk her into the skimpy sundress.

It came down to within a few inches of her knees, but it was of such a light and flimsy material that she just knew that her body would be silhouetted if she were between someone and a light source, like the sun.

She smiled, he always held the door for her and came around to help her out.

"Darling, I love how you always open doors for me, but I sometimes wonder if it's so you can see up my dress," she said with a grin.

"Well, you always smile," he answered, watching carefully.

"I have to admit that I was horrified when I first suspected it."

"And now?" he asked.

"Well, I like that you enjoy looking at me so much," she said.

"I sense a but," he said as he closed the door and started to head around the car to his door.

She thought about it a while, but didn't say anything until they were out of the garage and heading down the street. The rumble of the car's engine announcing their progress.

"You know how shy I am," she said.

"Not like you were when we first married," he laughed.

She leaned back in her seat and thought back to when they first married.

She was raised in a strict family, and it was difficult to bring herself to even disrobe in front of her husband. But that strict tradition also insisted she obey him. She found that in the bedroom, after a while, she allowed herself to let go. Once that happened ... she enjoyed herself. Really enjoyed herself.

She had gotten used to it, and he was her husband after all. She often thought of him as her groom, her new husband, the man she was about to marry, or just married and was off on her honeymoon trip. That they had tied the knot six years ago didn't seem to matter to him, or, she smiled to herself, to her.

They still treated each other and acted with each other as newlyweds. At first she was surprised at the things they could do together in bed, she had expected standard missionary position, that was what her mother told her about.

And it wasn't just in the bedroom, she was truly shocked that he wanted to do it in every room of every place they lived. She remembered how she blushed once when she recalled what they had done on the dining room table the night before they had her parents over for Thanksgiving.

Her mother had asked her if she was all right, which embarrassed her further. Chuck had just grinned at her with those eyes that looked both lecherous and puppy dog happy at the same time. Her mother never caught on, but she saw her father smile and she blushed even more.

Her groom. Hah. He was a boy at heart, this ridiculous old car was just another example. Who would want something so outmoded. It probably wasn't even safe. And that huge engine that he said they had 'shoe-horned' into the car. It made such a noise.

It was a throbbing beat when it was running smoothly, and at an idle it seemed to almost die and cough then he would blip the gas and it would snarl into a rumpy pumpy rumble. She had asked him to get better mufflers, but he said the 'glass packs', whatever THEY were, would be fine. His friends seem to think so, and so did his father who had helped him rebuild it.

It was a beautiful spring day, the sun was out and an unseasonable temperature of the mid eighties was forecast. As always this time of year there was a good breeze coming from the South, and today there were no thunderheads to spoil the day. Chuck was happy. He was taking his beloved '57 Chevy for a spin.

His dad had gotten it while Chuck was in high school, and Chuck helped his father do much of the restoration, and now it was his all these years later. He had folded the convertible top down before Janet came into the garage with their lunch things. He even got her a scarf for her hair. With her huge dark glasses and light sundress she was a sight. She could have been a '50s movie star.

Janet was a little uncomfortable. She didn't like wearing her new swim suit in public, and even though Chuck said he knew a place on Arrowhead lake that was secluded, he had also admitted under her questioning that there were others that did come there, sometimes.

She had been raised in a strict family and taught to be modest, and even after six years of marriage to Chuck she still liked to be well covered and above reproach in public. Janet often fell back on the argument that as a teacher in the local Woodston High School she had to meet 'certain standards'.

The dress was just one more thing that she had been talked into. She secretly got a thrill from it. The zipper was in front, with a large ring that was easy to grab, it went all the way to the bottom hem. She knew Chuck was dying to pull it down further, to expose her bosom more.

Chuck drove down the highway with a grin on his face. He glanced at Janet occasionally as she rode along, her scarf and huge dark glasses obscured her features. Those huge dark glasses looked like they came out of the eighties.

He was happy she was wearing that sun dress. He was glad she put her new suit on underneath it, but wished she had put on a bikini. Chuck knew Janet would look stunning in a bikini, even a modest one, but she clung to a full coverage one piece. At least this one was sexier than what she usually wore.

He was glad that he had at least he had talked her into it. It had high cut thighs, not the super high cut ones, but more than her usual ones. The top was another thing she was uncomfortable with, it was cut a little low, and showed off the tops of her breasts and her cleavage.

Telling her that those high cut ones were designed to make hips appear slimmer had convinced her into getting this one. She certainly did look good in it, even if it didn't show as much skin as a skimpy bikini would, it did show her figure and she had a good one. Chuck wished that she thought so too.

Chuck saw a large pickup truck ahead of them. He smiled to himself and sped up a little, hoping they would pass sooner rather than later. He saw that Janet was self absorbed and staring to the front, she had no idea what the air currents blowing around inside the open car were doing to her dress.

Normally her dress would be safe, but with the cross-wind that they were getting was causing some change and her dress was billowing up and her legs were visible almost to the point where her suit started. And while the suit didn't show off her middle, her legs were all on display.

Another thing Janet either ignored or wasn't aware of, was that with the dress billowing out, it was easy to see down it from above, even with the zip done up all the way. Her suit showed lots of cleavage and strongly hinted at the hidden bounty.

"Is it far honey," asked Janet loudly, turning slightly to look at him. Her dress billowed up further, Chuck saw in the quick glance he gave her.

"Another few minutes honey, the turn off is a few miles yet," was her husband's answer.

When she turned back she caught some of the loose fabric under her, holding the dress high, the edge of pale blue suit showed. She wasn't paying attention to the truck until they were nearly up to it. Chuck sped up and started to pass, the road deserted except for the two vehicles.

She was a little annoyed, thinking he was going to play some childish game of speeding up or something to show off his car, and determined to ignore him and looked straight ahead.

The noise that the diesel truck made hammered at her. They stayed even with it for a time, then pulled partly ahead and then slowed again, staying even with the big four door pickup truck.

Chuck grinned, he looked over at the truck for a second, the driver was a little ahead of the Chevy's window, but it was a four door pickup truck, huge with a long bed and towing a boat. He saw a young man looking down from the back window, staring, with his mouth open.

With the truck there she noticed the wind inside the car had changed, it seemed more wild, and she finally glanced downward, more by turning her eyes downward than moving her head. Her eyes got huge. She looked at Chuck, he had that sly grin on his face.

She turned in shock toward the truck. Her arms seemed paralyzed. There was a face staring down at her from just a few feet away. Another face seemed craned over from behind the face, she had the impression of someone who had crawled back from the front passenger seat.

She saw awe and lust and wonder all at the same time in that young face. Wait, did she know that face? Wasn't that a Knutson? Weren't both of them Knutsons? Her brain was whirling putting names to faces, her arms still paralyzed.

The first one in the window, that was Randy Knutson, he graduated last year, the other must be Mark, his older brother, and the driver, that must be Rolf. Oh My God. She looked down, then back up, Randy had an embarrassed look on his face, his hand was half way up, palm out in a little wave.

Their car pulled ahead as Janet, not understanding why, waved back and smiled. As the car picked up more and more speed her next thought was Chuck, he knew! Her groom, her knight in shining armor, he knew that her dress had blown up well past the bottom of her suit, and the top had ballooned outward!

As the red and white '57 Chevy pulled away from them, Randy turned ahead and looked at his brothers while Mark got back into the front of the truck and buckled his seat belt back on.

"That was Mrs. Larson!" he exclaimed to his older brothers.

"I think so," said Mark, "but I wasn't sure," he continued.

"Yeah, I think so too," confirmed Rolf with a grin.

"Who was the dude driving?" asked Randy.

"Her husband, I recognized him, but didn't know he was married to her," said Rolf.

"How do you know him?" asked Mark.

"When I worked at Lime Creek Industries the summer before I graduated from Woodston College," Rolf answered.

"He worked there on the line too?" asked Mark.

"No, he's an engineer, I think he's in charge of the physical plant," was Rolf's explanation.

"Wow, he must be important," was Randy's answer.

"Yup, he's also one of the stockholders, I think his family was one of the original group that started the company up back in the fifties," said Rolf.

"Wow, I thought Mrs L lived on a farm, I heard her say that, I figured her husband was a farmer," Mark interjected.

"It could be that he grew up on one, inherited but didn't want to farm it and leased the farmland out. Like Dad. I heard Dad say one of the neighbors in the next place over when he was a kid, was named Larson, maybe that's this guy's family," Rolf said.

"What's with that custom license plate, 4SP2QUAD, I don't get it." Randy said.

"I think I do. It must mean four speed, dual quad, it's from that old Beach Boys song, about a car with a 409 cubic inch engine," Rolf explained.

"If you say so," Randy countered.

"It was a big deal for a few years back then," Rolf said.

Back in the red and white Chevy Janet was was mortified. She kept asking herself why she waved at the young man, acknowledged that she recognized her. With her dress up to her, her ... why he could see her, her suit, her, there, he might think it was her panties, he thought he was staring at her panties. Her panties that covered her, her ... there.

"You knew, you knew that my dress was, that they could see ... they must have thought they were seeing my panties, you knew!" Karen said.

"And your dress is still way up around your waist honey," Chuck said with a smile.

Just then he braked and turned off onto a gravel road. He had to stop and open a gate, then drive forward, and get out again and close the gate. The big pickup with the Knudson boys inside and boat on a trailer behind rumbled past them, staying on the two lane blacktop.

"Where are we going?" Karen asked, her hands holding her dress down.

"A back road to the lake, this branch of the lake is surrounded by farmland. Since my dad died, it's owned by my sister and me, although it's farmed by someone else now," Chuck said as he moved the car slowly along what had turned into a small track with growing corn on one side and pasture on the other.

Janet felt strange, she should have been furious with Chuck for exposing her to those young men like that. Instead she felt a warm glow. Yes, there was embarrassment there, but a little glow that at thirty-four years old, those young men found her sexy enough to stare at.

Randy was the youngest and couldn't be more than nineteen or twenty. He seemed so innocent and pleasant in her class. So eager to learn, how could he gawk at her like that. And then wave. Why did she wave back. And smile at him! He must think she planned it.

By the time Chuck bumped his way through and around and finally parked the car under some old cottonwoods, she was smiling again.

"I forgive you, but you should have told me what they were looking at before hand," she told her husband as he stepped out of the car.

"Honey, if I told you that your dress was caught up around your waist, you would have pulled it down, where would be the fun in that?" he answered with a grin.

"Shame on you, it makes me wonder if you would have let them see me naked," she laughed as she got out.

Chuck paused, he had that mischievous smile that she associated with him thinking of something outrageous. She shook her head, smiling, then suddenly her eyes opened wide. Surely he wouldn't, he couldn't!

They met at the back of the car. Chuck held Janet and kissed her hard. She plastered herself against him, for some reason she was ready for anything he wanted. She briefly had a vision of them in the backseat of the car. She stifled it and broke the kiss. Not here, not outside. But what if ...?

Together they took the things, a small ice chest, a couple of blankets and towels and a bag with insect repellant and other odds and ends. Sure enough, less than a quarter mile from the car, along a path that was probably a game trail, they came around some cedar trees and saw a small cove.

Janet was turned on, she couldn't understand it, they were alone, but others might come along. She tried to stop thinking about what she thought her husband wanted to do, out here, in the open. The more she thought about it, the more exciting it seemed. And the more wrong it seemed.

There was a narrow beach and some large boulders sticking up out of the sand. A few cottonwoods shaded part of it. Chuck led on past that cove up a low hill separating the cove from the next.

As they walked, Chuck tried some small talk, to take his wife's thoughts off her embarrassment.

"What was that book your were reading last night?" he asked.

"It's called, 'A Dinner of Onions' by Nora Harmony Wallace," she said.

"What's it about?"

"Just some stories, mostly about a guy selling propane and propane accessories. And about his family and friends. I guess I missed the point of it," she said.

Chuck led her on the overgrown path, and they dropped into a hollow with a few grasses straggling in the sandy soil, then up what was really a sand dune with a few small trees at the top.

Down the other side was the beach, it was flanked on either side by hills, and in front was a small extension of the lake, about twenty yards wide, with a low island, hosting a few more trees, beyond that stretched the lake.

"Where does that path lead?" Janet asked, pointing to a trail leading through scrub and up to the hill to the right.

"There's a shady little place up there, you can see most of this end of the lake from there," Chuck said.

"We should go there, I'd like to see!" she said

Chuck put his load down, as did Janet. He walked over to her holding a canteen and a pair of binoculars.

"Are you up for another short walk," he asked.

"Why have you never brought me here before?" she asked as they headed up to the bluff.

"I don't know, I nearly forgot about this place, we used to come as kids, dad would bring us," was his answer.

"It doesn't look like anyone's been here for a long time," Janet observed.

"When the Anderson's started farming dad's land, their kids would come here a lot, but they're all gone, all moved away when Mr. Anderson retired. Mr Johnson farms it now, they don't have any children" he said as he looked around.

Chuck followed Janet as she headed uphill, admiring the sway of her hips and the length of her legs. At the top there was a secluded spot under a twisted tree. The sparse grass in front of them was a foot or so high, and the hill dropped suddenly. In front of them was the lake. They sat on a log and admired the view.

She realized that in this shadow, it was unlikely that anyone could see them. It was a larger area than she has suspected from below. Much of it was shaded by the sparse tree. Chuck opened the canteen and swallowed some water. Janet looked over the lake with the binoculars.

There was a large pontoon boat a few hundred yards in front of them, slowly making it's way across this end of the lake. She scanned over to where it seemed to be heading and saw what could be the headland protecting a small bay.

She looked more closely at the boat. There seemed to be a young man and a woman. He was wearing a pair of swim trunks. She had on a bikini, the kind that Chuck would like her to wear.

She tried to imagine herself wearing something like that were anyone could look at her. It seemed scary and exciting at the same time. There was something about this day, this place, the way Chuck was acting, the way she was thinking, there must be something in the air.

She looked back at the pontoon boat with her binocs. The faces were some distance, but clear and she recognized both of them. Imogene Stulken and Bill Barlow. Both former students of hers. She remembered them both as awkward teens at a school dance she chaperoned. Janet sighed, as a teacher she knew most of the people in little Woodston, either as former students or from the PTA.

Janet scanned the lake with the binoculars, she almost felt like a peeping tom, and beside her she could tell that Chuck had gone down and gotten all the stuff they had brought with them. He was pulling off his cargo shorts and shirt, leaving him in his swim suit.

"take off your dress, only women in bathing suits, or less, can come up here," he said with a grin.

Janet got a chill up her back, but nevertheless she unzipped the simple dress and dropped it off. She left it in there near the edge of their lookout up there on the hill. Chuck admired the view of her cleavage as she turned toward him.

"What did you mean, 'or less'," she asked, looking at him with a smile.

Chuck saw her grin and knew he wasn't in trouble. He decided to push it further.

"Well, if you wanted to take your suit off, or just pull the top down, you would still qualify for the cool kid's hideout up here," he said.

"Oh really, this is the cool kid's place?" she asked.

"Oh yeah, only the coolest of the cool," he said.

She knew he was joking, it was a common theme with them, the idea that they were 'cool kids'. The truth was, that in high-school anyway, neither of them were part of the 'in crowd'. It was in college that they both filled out and came into their own.

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