tagIllustratedAna Spices Things Up! Ch. 01

Ana Spices Things Up! Ch. 01


This is the first chapter in a series of light and fun voyeur/exhibitionism stories. Ana is our sexy and sassy heroine! My thanks go to SamNAna for their artwork and inspiration!


"Why don't you ever have one of your poker games at our house, honey?" Ana asked her husband from under the bed sheet as he was pulling on his jeans after making love.

He answered that the games are just the guys and she probably wouldn't approve of the raunchy jokes and carrying on that is part of the game. "You're not that way Ana," Sam told her.

"What exactly does 'not that way' mean, Sam?" she asked.

"You know what I mean. You're not into the sex stuff. You know?"

"No, I don't know," she replied and quickly added. "You think I'm a prude, don't you?"

Sam wanted to extricate himself from this hole he had dug for himself as quickly as possible but he was having trouble putting down the shovel! "No, of course you're not a prude. You're like most women. You just don't enjoy being around a bunch of guys that might flirt with you and say some things you might not approve of. That's all."

Ana wasn't going to let him off the hook easily. "So, I don't like to be flirted with because I don't like sex and I'm a prude. Is that it?"

Sam stopped in the doorway and turned around. He knew she was right. He had just accused her of being prudish and ordinary. And, he felt terrible for doing it.

"I'm sorry, Ana. It was stupid of me to say that."

Ana appreciated his apology but what troubled her was that even though he was sorry for saying it, he meant what he had said. She kissed her husband goodbye and told him to have fun at the game.

After he left Ana began taking stock of their sex life. She asked herself how they both could be such a perfect match if their sex life was stale and predictable. And, after fifteen years of marriage was it too late to do something about it?

Well, Ana had never met a challenge she couldn't handle and she wasn't going to let this be the first! She took a survey of the outfits in her closet, moving the sexy clothes to the left and the provincial, conservative ones to the right. "No wonder Sam thinks I'm a prude," she said, realizing that if this was the way she dressed, then it must be the way she acts too.

She looked into the mirror and swore, "Before I'm done he'll want to have every one of those damn poker games at our house!"

Ana was determined to spice things up, so she spent the next month changing her wardrobe; tossing out her frumpy clothes and replacing them with a more fashionable, exciting style. Out went the baggy sweats; in came the flirty skirts. Out went the Birkenstock sandals and in came the sexy heels. She threw all of her granny panties and bras into the garbage and replaced them with Victoria's Secret delicates.

None of this was lost on Sam, and he didn't waste any time complimenting Ana and letting her know how much he liked her new wardrobe.

"Well, thank you very much! I thought you might like it, Sam!"

"Like it? I love it!" he replied. "Was it our conversation a few weeks back that spurred you to do this? Because I don't want you to change anything just for me. Ana, I love you just the way you are and you don't need to prove anything."

"I know you love me. And, I know we have a good marriage. That's not the point," she replied.

"Then what is this new look and attitude of yours all about?" he asked.

"It's all about adding to our marriage; not trying to save it. Sam, we deserve to have fun. We deserve to have a sex life that's more than just normal. I admit; that night before your poker party is what got me thinking. And, believe me; I did a lot of it! What I came up with is that we're missing out on all the extras that marriage should bring us. We've been missing out on the fun, intrigue, playfulness, and variety that a healthy sex life can give us. And, all we have to do is reach for it!"

"You are something else!" he proudly told her. "How did I ever get so lucky as to have you?"

Ana teased him with one of those looks that said, 'little ol me?' and then told him, "We're going to reach for it, Sam. So, let's get busy and have some fun!"

"I'm with you, Sweetheart," Sam replied.

True to her word, Ana made sure they carried through with their promise. They spent much more time together doing fun activities, sexual and otherwise. They went out more, and Ana made sure she was dressed sexy each time. They still enjoyed their friends company, but they also found new friends. Friends that wanted to go to the theater or out clubbing; dancing till after midnight; flirting with each other and enjoying sexy conversation between couples.

Both Sam and Ana were amazed at how much closer, and more intimate, they felt with each other and often talked about how silly they had been for not realizing sooner how much they were missing.

"It's about time I had a poker game at our house," Sam announced one evening on the way home from a concert.

Ana's heart skipped a beat and she suddenly felt nervous and excited because convincing Sam to have a poker party at their house was one of the secret she had set for herself. "Only if I get to play hostess!" she replied.

"Of course. I wouldn't want it any other way," he answered.

Ana giggled, and asked who he was inviting. He threw out a couple of names; Joe and Phil. Ana was quick to agree, knowing they were some of the regulars and she knew their wives. Then, he suggested Jake and Larry. They were both part of their new group of friends; the friends they were meeting when they went out dancing and Ana was excited Sam was inviting them both.

"They're so much fun! And their wives are just like me. I love them both! Are you sure you want them to come? Because if you are then I'm calling Katy and Amber right away!"

"Call em," he told her. "But give me a chance to call the guys first, Sweetheart."

"Oh, I'm so excited! You better hurry because I can't wait to tell my girlfriends!"

Ana's exuberance was one of the qualities Sam most enjoyed about his wife. She was a joy to be around and always so upbeat about life!

The following Saturday afternoon, about four hours before the game was scheduled to start, Ana came home with a red cocktail dress and laid it out on their bed for Sam to see. She placed a pair of matching high heels beside it. It was a low cut dress that hugged her body like a second skin. It was a little too tight and too short but she loved the way it emphasized her curves.

"The guys are going to have fun tonight, baby," Sam said, walking out of the master bath in a nice fitting pair of slacks and shirt, "You are wearing that tonight, aren't you?"

"This and some other things," she replied. "Do you approve?" she asked. The cocktail dress was much shorter than she would have worn a few months before, a full eight inches above her knees.

Frank gave an approving smile. "Hell yes!" he said.

"It's a good thing I have a half-cup bra because this dress shows a lot of cleavage," she said. It did show a lot of her breasts. Small spaghetti straps running over her shoulder and connecting to the dress in the middle of her back held up the bodice of the dress, which was low enough to show off most of her tits above her nipples. In fact, if she would have to be careful when she bent over, for fear of one popping out!

Ana spent the few hours before the game preparing snacks, making sure she had enough alcohol, setting up the game room; nervously doing anything to keep her mind off the upcoming evening!

"Everything set to go?" Sam asked.

"I'm just....Just a bit nervous," she answered. "This is going to be so much fun, being the center of attention! Flirting and teasing!"

"I've created a monster," he kidded and gently kissed her neck. Ana swooned at his comment and the touch of his lips, thinking of how much more intimate her and Sam had become.

"Oh, Sam! You're so wonderful. Maybe you have created a monster. I don't know. Do you want to return to the way we used to be? Or, are you enjoying the way things are now?"

"I like it just the way it is!" he assured her. "I don't want you feeling the least bit guilty for wanting to be the center of attention!" He kissed her again and made sure she understood that all he wanted was for both of them to have fun. "We only live once, Ana."

He knew how difficult it was for his prim and proper wife to completely change her attitudes about flaunting herself in front of men. He felt good about how far she had come since the beginning of summer. And, he hoped tonight's poker game would give her an opportunity to drop even more of her inhibitions!

Ana wanted the same thing. She was having fun with her newly found freedoms and often chastised herself for losing out on years of fun times because she didn't bother to find out that Sam enjoyed this side of her personality.

The guys began arriving about 8:00pm and Ana answered the door wearing her short red dress with her blonde hair pulled off her face. She accessorized the outfit with see-thru black stockings and sexy peek-toe pumps; really shiny pumps with a wood sole and 4" heels.

"Damn, you look like a million bucks," Jake said when she opened the door. Jake was a high-powered stock broker with a well known local firm. Ana had always told Sam that Jake wasn't as conservative as he puts on. And as this big, strong, rugged looking man stood in the doorway looking her up and down a tingling feeling went through her body. So far, so good, she thought and invited him in.

One by one all four of Sam's friends arrived and each had a similar reaction to Ana; making her feel very good about herself and giving her the confidence to go ahead with her plan to change outfits several times as the poker game went on.

The poker was played in Sam and Ana's new game room, on the far side of the house from their master bedroom. In between the two was their living room, dining room and kitchen. As the game got started, Ana made an appearance to let them know she was their hostess for the evening.

"I'll tend bar for you boys and bring you fresh appetizers from the kitchen. Let me know if you need anything!" she said, coyly placing an emphasis on 'anything' as she bent over the table to retrieve an empty beer from the other side. She took drink orders, making sure she touched each of 'the boys' on their shoulders as she asked them what they wanted to drink. A scotch for Sam and Joe; beers for Larry and Jake, and a gin for Phil.

Sam was eating this up! He felt a stirring in his cock each time Ana pranced from one of his friends to the next, vamping it up and oozing sexiness! After returning with the drinks she glanced at him for a supportive look; making sure everything was still okay. He gave her a wink and she smiled when she received it.

Five men were there and Ana knew each of them, and their wives. But, she was determined that wasn't going to stop her from having fun and after getting the green light wink from Sam, she never looked back! Sam knew to let Ana play and flirt without his interference, which she did with a performance worthy of a polished actress.

The game quickly got serious and kept Ana surprisingly busy. She had much to do! She found herself making constant trips; either to the kitchen for fresh snacks or back and forth to the bar for another set of drinks. This is hard work, she thought and said to herself, "I've hardly got time to flirt!"

"Have a seat at the table with us, Ana! A pretty girl like you shouldn't be working so hard." Larry suggested and patted the cushion of the empty chair beside him.

Always looking for an advantage, Ana took it as a chance to show off. She put her arm around Larry's shoulder and placed a sexy kiss on his cheek before sitting down. Then, with the boys staring wide-eyed, she lifted her legs up and rested them on the tabletop; letting her dress fall down her hips all the way to the lace tops of her stockings as she acted rather nonchalant about it.

She heard Jake gulp and mutter "Damn" again as the other's shuffled in their seats. Taking this as a hint of their enjoyment, she lifted her left leg and crossed it over her right, giving 'the boys' a nice view of an erotic S-shape formed from her thigh, the back of her knee, her calf muscle and ankle.

Ana had excellent looking legs and when she exposed them to the men her husband almost dropped his glass! She was sitting next to Larry and unfortunately for him, he was too close to see under her dress. But, Joe was on the other side of Larry and his view up her dress was just fine! So was Jake's and both of them were staring at Ana's black panties, trying mightily to see if they were transparent! Poor Phil was the odd man out, but was certainly enjoying her legs decked out in her sexy red shoes!

Once Sam recovered from his initial shock, he pushed his chair back onto the back two legs and took in the action, giving his wife a wink and smiling a big close lipped smile.

Larry handed her his beer and suggested she might want a drink. "It might help you cool off, because right now you look hot as hell."

"Why I'm not sure I know what you mean!" she flirted, recrossed her legs to make sure they had a nice view up her legs and thanked Larry again for the chance to rest up a bit.

Ana finished her tease by telling 'the boys' that maybe she did feel hot in this dress and "perhaps I should change into something else" and left for the master bedroom.

After that, Sam called for a smoke break out on the patio. Naturally, during the break the topic of conversation was Ana. Sam's friends kept repeating how hot she looked and thanked him for having the game at his house. They must have said how sexy she was a hundred times before they headed back inside for some serious poker.

While the boys were out on the patio, Ana changed into a revealing white dress that was meant to be worn with a slip. Naughtily, she left the slip in her lingerie drawer; as she did with the panties she was originally planning to wear with it and the stockings, and the bra. When she entered the game room all she had on was the white dress and a pair of matching white stiletto heels. Nobody was in the room.

"Well, I'll just wait here for them," she said and jumped up onto the poker table; pulling her legs under her hips and positioning herself on top of the 'pot' where the men threw their chips. It wasn't long before 'the boys' returned and when they did, Ana was waiting for them with a big smile, posing provocatively in her dress with her hand between her legs and her boobs almost falling out of the halter; the deck of cards spread out in front of her.

"Hi boys!" she said and added bashfully, "I changed into this simple white dress. I hope you don't mind. It's so much cooler than what I had on."

"Simple.....I don't see anything simple about it! You look awesome!" Sam answered. His cock was starting to stir again and as he watched his buddies take their seats he could tell they were enjoying this as much as he was.

"Do you really like it, boys?" she said as she fluffed up the hem for a second so they could see her legs. "I hope I look presentable," she added.

The guys fumbled over their words, not sure of how far they could go with their comments and not wanting to offend either Sam or Ana. But, the comments had an air of sexuality to them and Ana felt her own stirring as she enjoyed hearing each of the men tell her how sexy she looked.

She especially enjoyed hearing Jake whistle his approval and after that, she stood up in the center of the table and twirled slowly for them, giving them a look at her legs and thanking them for their compliments. Ana's dress was long; the hem was at her knees. But, it was a flowing dress and when she twirled, the dress flew up far enough that Sam and his buddies could all see up her legs and for a moment her pussy was exposed to them. "Thanks for the compliments, boys!" she said mischievously and twirled one more time just in case they didn't see her pussy on the first spin.

Ana hoped down, quickly gathered up the empties and took them to the bar where she mixed a round of drinks. This time they each gave her a tip to show their appreciation and it made her feel good to be given so much attention. Despite all of her teasing, and the fun she was having, she took her hostess responsibilities seriously and worked hard to please the men.

She sensed her husband's appreciation and it put a big smile on her face and she made sure to give him several winks to tell him "thank you". But, other than the winks, she tried her best to treat him just like one of the guys.

Sam's friends were feeling the effect of the alcohol and maybe because of it, or maybe because they hadn't heard Sam saying anything to stop them, they started taking a few liberties each time Ana passed by.

She delivered drinks to the table and as she stood between Larry and Joe they both ran a hand up her leg to the middle of her thigh. Their warm touch moving across the tender flesh above her knees caused an explosion of goosebumps! She smiled, gave them a teasing wiggle and caught Sam giving her an approving smile.

After that, each of 'the boys' took their turn feeling up her legs when she delivered another drink and a couple of times they managed to reach all the way to her bottom. Ana was enjoying being the "sexual tease" for the poker party and having her legs felt up was an added bonus, especially when Jake was the one doing it!

It was a bonus for Sam to be able to watch his wife being oogled and played with by his friends and he hoped even more would happen before the night was over. He noticed she gave an extra amount of attention to Jake; like letting him keep his hand up her dress longer than the rest of the guys.

The game had been going on for quite some time and it was time for another break so Sam called for one and they all headed for the patio to smoke.

Ana knew that was her cue. "Excuse me while I change into another outfit," she said and left for the bedroom.

"Time for my little black dress," she said, looking into the mirror as she slipped out of the white one.

She put on a lacy pair of red panties that were transparent in front and showed off her blonde bush. She rolled on a pair of black thigh-high stockings and then slipped into the short black halter dress. She stepped into an expensive pair of peek-toe black pumps and took a moment to admire herself in the full-length mirror. Ana's pussy was moist from the excitement of the evening; the panties she had just put on were already wet. While she looked at herself she lifted her dress with one hand; pushed her fingers under her panties and tickled her clit. Within moments she felt a fun, tension relieving orgasm roll through her body that instead of satiating her, made her even more horny for 'the boys' attention.

As she walked toward the game room she was secretly hoping they had not yet returned because she wanted to pose on the table for them again and show them her sexy panties. And, she hoped after she posed, she'd get lucky and one or more of the men would play with her pussy under her dress. I bet I'd get a really good tip then, she thought and smiled when she discovered they were still on the patio.

Ana got back onto the table and posed; only this time her pose was naughtier than the last. This time, she kept her legs out in front of her with her knees together, but pulled up with her feet spread apart, causing her dress to fall into her lap and expose the back of her thighs all the way up to the tops of her stockings.

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