"Look, man. I already promised the song to Iggy Azalea. I'd look like a complete fool if I reneged on the deal. Plus it's bad for business!"

There I was. In my studio, on the phone with Nicki Minajs' manager. The guy was very persistent to say the least. Calling me at least 5 times a day, begging me to let Nicki use this amazing beat I produced. It was a guaranteed hit record no matter what lyrics you put to it.

"Yeah yeah yeah, I get that. But this is Nicki Minaj! You're seriously going to let Iggy take it?"

"Ok, I'll say this one more time. Iggy heard it first, and asked for the song first! It's not that I don't want Nicki to have it. Plus, I have other tracks for you to choose from," I replied as I moseyed around my studio.

"Yeah I get that too, but I want THIS particular record. It's a perfect fit for what she's trying to make," he shot back, "I know you can work something out man, come on!"

We went back and forth for about another 3 minutes before I ended the call. "Damn this guy just doesn't stop!" I said to myself with a laugh, flopping down in my chair in front of my sound engineer board and computer monitors. Producing music is what I loved to do. At 24 years old, I am fortunate enough to make beats for a lot of today's talent, and Iggy Azalea was my newest client at the time.

I started out as a rapper in my teens, but somethings are not cut out for everybody. Making beats was just something I was better at. Over the years, there has been a real high demand for my music, seeing how I've helped artists make hit records. Nicki had some hits under her belt, but she didn't have a new one out for a few years. Working with me could of potentially propelled her back onto the airwaves, and her staff knew it.

I ended up blocking her manager's phone number, and stopped opening his email messages. I even blocked him on Instagram, seeing the guy was blowing up the comment section under my pictures. I think his job was on the line, for real. Never has anyone harassed me the way this guy has, over a beat! I was a big fan of Nicki and her work, and I mean a big fan. Working with her has always been a goal of mine, but the timing was just off. Rules and contracts just can't be broken, no way.

About three weeks had gone past. I sat there in my studio, organizing some mp3 files on my Macbook Pro. I was always a hermit, and I loved working alone with little distraction. I didn't believe in multitasking. Whenever I tried to do it, things just wouldn't go right. I had equipment everywhere, keyboards that I paid top dollar for, a suited up drum kit set up in the corner, and I had crates of old records for days. I approached sampling like an artform. Taking oldies songs, and flipping them into a Hip-Hop or R&B masterpiece.

Suddenly, there was a knock at the door.

"Huh?" I said, looking at the door with the look of confusion on my face. No one ever comes by without calling or texting first.

Sitting up in my chair, I shot up and headed for the door. I paused for a second as my hand slowly grabbed the door handle, trying to figure out who would pop up on me out of no where.

With a slow, steady pull, I opened the door and to my surprise, it was Nicki Minaj, fine and curvier than ever.

'Holy shit...' I thought as my jaw slightly dropped. She stood there with her hands on her big hips, wearing a white crop top t-shirt, black spandex shorts and thong flip flops. Her long black hair was pulled back into a neat ponytail too. Fuck she was gorgeous.

"Cameron?" She asked with a little smirk on her face, one eyebrow slightly raised.

"Um yeah, I'm Cameron," I answered nervously, scanning her up and down. Her hips were larger than I imagined. They almost looked disportionate to her upper body.

"Now Cameron, I had to cancel an important appointment just to come here," she said, "My manager suggested I'd see you personally since you've been ignoring him."

"Well Nicki, I was not even expecting you. And might I say It's honor to have you here. I'm still trying to process what's going on right now," I replied with a chuckle, nervously rubbing my hand down the top of my head slowly. Lord knows I couldn't keep my eyes off her hips. I could literally see her butt from the front, as the sides of her ass cheeks peeked out from behind her.

"Oh, it's cool. It's not everyday someone has Nicki Minaj just pop up at their place of work," she smiled, "So don't feel any kind of way."

", I won't," I said with a deep exhale and shook my head, "Your manager, though. He's like obsessed with this song I made. The guy has been blowing up my phone like some girl I dumped!"

She nodded. "That's what I came to talk to you about. Mind letting me in Mr. Cameron?"

" bad," I stammered, stepping to the side, "Come on in."

And then it happened.

As she walked passed me, my eyes immediately stuck to her huge, round ass, which bounced and jiggled violently. It was even bigger than before, sitting out like a shelf, and shaped like two basketballs were shoved in her shorts. It was perfectly round, matched with a thick pair of thighs and calves which were lotioned just right. The word "PINK" was printed on the back of her shorts in all caps, stretched and slightly distorted across her wide rear. Her waist was to die for, pinching in and up to meet a very petite torso.

"What...the...fuck?" I spelled out with my mouth.

Her big, donkey of an ass, wobbled and bounced wildly as she examined my studio equipment, nodding with approval as she checked it out on her own. With the slightest movement, her monstrous booty wiggled as if it had a mind of its own.

"Nice studio you have here Mr. Cameron...Cameron...Cameron!?"

I was too busy staring at her large ass bouncing before me to even notice she was calling my name.

"Sorry!"I said snapping out of it, "Please, I don't mean anything by that. It's ju-,"

She laughed and cut me off. "Just what? My ass?"

"Fuck.." I whispered, shaking my head slowly as I stared at it, "Ye- Yeah."

She stopped and placed her hand on the lower part of her back. Her giant ass still jiggled on its own before settling into place as she looked back at me, knowing she had me.

She laughed again. "Something told me you were an ass man. I bet you didn't think it was this big, huh?" She reached down and gave one of her big ass cheeks a squeeze, which was too large even for her hand to grasp.

I gulped and chuckled. "Actually I didn't. I always knew you had an ass, but yeah it's bigger than I thought," I replied, checking out her huge booty more blatantly, "What are your measurements these days?"

"Funny you would ask that. I just had them taken yesterday. 36 - 26 - 56," she smirked. She twirled around and began to walk toward me, her thick thighs jiggled with every slow step.

My mouth gaped open again, only this time a little wider.

"56?! 56 inches?!" I asked trying to confirm.

"Did I stutter, Mr. Cameron?" she replied with a giggle, walking up to me and resting her arms on top of my shoulders, "Yes, it's 56 inches. It's gotten a whole lot bigger since my last album."

"I mean damn...56 though?" I just couldn't get over it. I placed my hands on the sides of her tiny waist.

She playfully thumped me on the forehead, "Um, yes silly! 56!" she laughed, "The media is always talking about my ass. I figured I'd really give them something to talk about now."

'She made it bigger on purpose? Holy shit' I thought.

My hands went for her rear, grabbing and groping her mountainous booty up without regard. It was so loose and bouncy, and I wondered what it was injected with because of the constant rumors of her butt being fake.

My fingers sunk into her ass flesh like dough, as her buttocks bulged out from between my fingers. I don't know what scent she was wearing, but God it smelled amazing. The aroma hit my nose just as she pressed into me.

She giggled and bit her bottom lip as I explored her huge ass with my hands, giving it little slaps here and there. No way were my hands big enough to grab it all up. It felt like I was handling two huge, round orbs filled with jello, and the weight of it far greater than the average ass you will ever grab in your life.

"Well shit, they're going to have a WHOLE LOT to talk about when they see this," I added, bouncing her huge rear, gazing down at it over her shoulder.

She shook her head, holding back a smile. "Now...about this song," she whispered in my face, her full lips an inch away from mine. She looked into my eyes, at my lips, and then back to my eyes again.

"Oh...umm..." was all I could utter, or better yet moan at that point. I cupped my hands under her large ass, and began juggling each massive ass cheek in an alternating fashion. My dick suddenly awoke from it's limpness, as the girthy bulge in my sweatpants became more and more noticeable.

She giggled. "I'll take that as a yes..."

She smirked again before pecking me on the lips, and then added some tongue action after a few more. My hands never stopped groping her big, glorious ass as she backed me into the wall, causing her perky breast to squish into me. As we intensely made out, she hooked her thumbs in her little shorts, and with a few stern tugs, they came right down, allowing her big, jiggly behind to bounce out freely, wobbling into it's natural state.

Our tongues lapped at each others, sloppily swapping spit as she sucked on mine. Our lips departed, leaving a thick, nasty bridge of saliva between our mouths before we went in again.

"Oh my God..." I sighed in between our kissing. Shocked, I grabbed her big, naked ass up in my hands again, bouncing it around playfully as our tongues sloppily wrestled each others. It felt even bigger when it was all out, as if her shorts were holding the gigantic mounds of ass meat back from it's true hugeness. I began clapping her ass cheeks together, gripping each ample cheek securely and smacking them against each other. I was in heaven.

"Mmm...I can really tell you're an ass man now," she said detaching our lips, "If all I had to do was let you grab on my ass in order to get the song from you, I've would've done this a long time ago."

"Well, te- technically, I st- still can't let the song go," I stammered, my hands still glued to Nicki's massive, bare ass.

She squinted her eyes and bit on one side of her bottom lip, letting her dark brown eyes travel down to the impressive bulge snaking down my pants leg. "Oh? I think we can change that," she purred.

Then she palm it.

"Shit..." I murmured. Her little hand gripped the huge tube of dick running down my leg. She gave it a little wag, amazed by the weight it possessed, covered by thick pair of Nike sweatpants.

"Damn, you got a big ass dick," she purred with a hint of excitement. Hooking four fingers inside the waistband of my pants and boxers, she began to slide the front of them down, revealing a good 3 inches of girthy, dick meat, thick enough to put a soda can to shame. With a gasp, she pulled them down further, causing the back of my pants to slide down past my butt. With another gasp, using both of her hands, she yanked the front of my sweats down again, exposing a little more than half of the swelling, veiny shaft I was packing. As she dropped into a squatted stance, a whiff of dick musk emerged from my crotch as it flopped out, slapping and landing on Nicki's forearm, almost matching in size and length.

"Fuck..." I moaned, one of my hands holding up my t-shirt.

She grasped my cock at the bottom of the base, wagging it around nonchalantly. "Ok, Cameron. Your dick is huge, and I'm not leaving until you hand that song over to me. So here's what we're going to do. You're going to fuck the shit out of me, and then give me that song, got it?"

Then she took one long lick up my dick, pecking the helmet with a big, wet kiss.

I nodded as if on instinct. With that devilish smirk of hers, she released my cock, causing it fling upward, almost slapping against my stomach. When it settled into it's rigid, erect state, she used it as a crutch to help herself to her feet, gathered the collar of my t-shirt into her clenched fist, and pulled me to my engineer board.

My raging hard on slap and kissed up against her big, bubble butt as she bent over my board in front of me, arching her spine and looking at back at me, her palms placed on the edge of the table.

"Mmm...fuck me," she moaned.

"...Y-You big butt...bitch," I mumbled, grabbing one of her big ass cheeks in one hand, gripping my cock in the other. I pushed her ass cheek forwards, making it more clear to see where her pussy was hiding behind all that ass.

Without warning, I pushed my long cock up her pussy, only able to fit about half of it on the first try. "Fuck!" she yelled, looking back at her own ass, which was so large, I doubt she was able to see my stomach because her butt was blocking it.

I balled the back of her t-shirt up into my fist, using it as leverage as began thrusting my hips, feeling her wet pussy stretching around my girth as it went deeper and deeper. Developing a rhythm, her big, giant ass began hitting me in the stomach, bouncing and clapping as I dicked her down.

"...Shit..." I moaned, picking up the pace, driving my hips into her, Nicki's fat ass ricocheting off my abdomen. Her big booty clapped and flopped around uncontrollably, her ass cheeks wobbled every which possible.

"Yes! Yes! Yes!" She cried, as I pounded into harshly, her big ass ferociously slamming against my stomach with every hard stroke. With her back arching even deeper, her booty ballooned out even bigger as my face turned into a grimace. Gritting my teeth, I fucked her as hard as I possibly could, making my groin clash with her wobbling globes with aggressiveness.

Seeing what I thought was impossible, I gathered her big ass up in my arms. I pounded into even faster, holding her gigantic ass in a bear hug as my hips moved like a piston. Her big ass sat up higher in my arms. Two big, gelatin filled mounds of ass meat, and I loved every inch of it. Tidal-like waves rippled through her ass cheeks as I rammed into them. This was easily the biggest ass I ever been behind, ever.

I suddenly released her big, 56 inch ass from the firm clutch I had it in, letting it collapse into a huge, crazy bounce. I met it with steady strokes, bouncing my pelvis off of the wobbly, bubble of an ass.

I felt her body start to become weak, clapping against mine over and over as her legs started to tremble. I held her by the waist, making in my job to completely beat her big ass up. I spanked her large butt as I pounded it. Her two massive globes collided with each other, fighting for position like she had no control over it.

Enough was enough.

"Ugh! You-fat-assed-bitch!" I growled, emphasising with hard pumps. I yanked my cock from her pussy, and began stroking it between the crevice of her ass. "FUCK!" I shouted, shooting thick ropes of cum past her shoulder onto the wall, her ass, her back and even on the engineer board we were fucking on.

Panting for breath, I laid my limp meat between the crack of her ass as she wiggled one cheek at time. I gave her huge ass another slap, watching cum fly off the surface of it, onto the floor, as stood up behind her. My long cock wedged itself between her big buns like a hotdog.

"What's your Manager's email and phone number again?" I panted, putting my hands on my hips.

She just looked at me, winked and smiled.

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