tagErotic CouplingsAnahita Ch. 01

Anahita Ch. 01


When he first met Anahita, Danny was single. She, of course, was not. He just started a new job and when he met her he was struck by her beauty. She was a Persian beauty with straight black hair that went down past her shoulders.

She had several key features that struck him simultaneously. Her dark eyes were as beautiful as any woman he had ever met. Her sexy lips and perfect teeth combined with her eyes to give her the most incredible smile. She was kind of tall, about 5'8, and had long slender legs and not much of an ass -- this made her large tits seem even more gigantic.

Anahita was a great dresser and always wore professional, but stylish and sexy clothes -- usually black. He made it a point to talk to her sooner rather than later and the two became friends -- not close ones, but enough to push them just beyond acquaintances. He quickly found out that she was married and had a baby. That pretty much shut that door on any future with her, but he did discover that she had the sexiest voice and the most heartwarming laugh.

Three years later and he was at another job. He got her a temporary job there and their friendship was rekindled. The harmless flirting intensified, even though by this time he himself was married and she had her second child. By this time, it was quite clear to Danny that she had a possessive husband and he felt extreme sympathy for her. She was trapped, having settled for a husband instead of finding the right one and this man would not let her out of his sight if he could help it.

By the time the temporary job ended, Anahita and Danny became better friends and remained in touch through Facebook. Then one day he noticed that she took him off her friends list. He knew instantly the reason: her husband.

It was too bad to have lost a friend in such a way -- especially one that was such a pleasure to look at -- but he went on with his life. He had his own things to worry about.

A couple of months later, he received an email from her and it gave him her cell number.

Danny took all of two seconds to call her. They made small talk for awhile before Anahita asked him to meet her for coffee. Later that day, a Wednesday, he met her about twenty minutes from his house and about the same distance from her sister's house. She, herself, lived an hour out of town, having moved there a year before. She apparently came into town every week to see her sister, who she would be seeing after she left him.

Conversation between the two was uncomfortable at first, but eventually flowed smoothly. Anahita eventually confessed that it was so nice to get out and talk to someone besides her sister. Her husband wouldn't let her leave the house ever, but on Wednesdays he worked all day and the kids were at his mother's house. She was free to visit her family on those days, but he checked up on her practically every hour, sometimes calling her sister's phone to make sure she wasn't lying.

"Wow!" Danny was flabbergasted. "I'm so sorry to hear that!"

Anahita shrugged and gave him another one of her pretty smiles.

"I'm starting to get used to it."

After close to an hour, her cell phone rang and it was, indeed, her husband. After a quick conversation with him, she hung up the phone and looked up at Danny with her pretty eyes.

"I'd better go." She said, regretfully. "But I had such a good time. Can we do this again?" She asked, as they stood up and grabbed their coats.

"Of course!" he said. "Next Wednesday?"

"I'll try." Anahita replied with a smile. In the parking lot he walked her to her car. She gave him a friendly hug and Danny made sure to give her a warm squeeze before letting her go, conscious of her soft breasts even through both of their coats.

The next week they did manage to meet again at the same coffee shop. This time, instead of 55 minutes, they spoke for 70. Again, they were interrupted by a phone call and again they hugged in the parking lot. This time, the hug lingered a few extra seconds.

Each time he left her, Danny was horny as hell. He had to rush home and masturbate.

Anahita emailed him on Friday and asked him to call her, which he did. This opened the door for a phone relationship and he began to call her every weekday for a few minutes, hiding his number. He knew when a safe time was to phone her.

The following Wednesday they decided to take a real chance and take in an afternoon movie. She picked him up at his house, seeing it for the first time. She walked around his house as he gave her a quick tour before going back to the front door and putting on their shoes.

She turned her cell phone off (knowing she would hear about it later) and sat down beside him to watch a suspense/thriller. About 20 minutes into the movie, his cock hardened when felt her warm fingers lightly touch his hand. He turned his hand around and felt her fingers slide in between his. He looked at her and smiled. He could see her smile back in the dim light of the theater. He gave her hand a squeeze. It was like being a teenager all over again.

Anahita's heart was pounding and she could feel her pussy start to tingle when he took her hand. She had always known that she wanted him, but cheating on her husband was out of the question in her culture -- she would be thrown out of the family! All the same, she felt good when she was around Danny. All of her worries seemed to vanish. She decided to just be happy and enjoy the one of the rare times during the week where she loved life. The only other time she loved life was when her kids were with her and her husband was not.

She realized long ago that whenever her husband was around, she hated life and hated herself. She gave Danny's hand a squeeze and turned back to the movie.

About an hour into the show, a scary part came on. She released his hand and grabbed his arm with both hands, burying her face in his shoulder.

"Oh my gawd!" she exclaimed and then giggled when she looked up at him. He grew hard again. She was so close to him! He smiled at her and lifted his arm up and put it around her soft, warm shoulders. Anahita snuggled closer. Yes...just like a teenager again.

Anahita was conscious of his hand slowly caressing up and down her upper arm. She breathed in his scent -- he was wearing nice cologne. Three more times she was startled enough to bury her face in his chest with a little exclamation.

Both were disappointed when the movie ended. She felt so good in his arms. So secure. As they left the theater, her heart skipped a beat when she saw three messages on her phone. All three from her husband. She quickly called him, explaining that she forgot to turn it on. After a few minutes, she got off the phone, almost in tears. She turned to Danny.

"I had a really great time." She said, giving him a hug.

"Me, too." He replied. She wiped a tear from her eye when they pulled apart.

"I'm sorry about this." She said, with an uncomfortable laugh.

"Don't worry about it, I understand."

"This is really hard to do. To keep seeing you." Anahita explained. "But I want to keep trying if you do."

"Of course I do!" Danny replied. "I love spending time with you -- you're a lot of fun!"

She smiled at him and never had he been so tempted to kiss her. Anahita leaned up and gave him a little peck on the mouth. That brief contact sent electricity surging through both of their bodies.

"I better go." She said.

The next week, they arranged to watch a movie together once again -- this time at his home. His wife was working and he worked out of the home so it was easy to arrange on his end. For her part, she told her husband that she was at a job interview last week when she was at the movies with Danny. This week she told him that she got the job and it was just a part time gig every Wednesday from 11 to 2 and she would just hang go to her sister's like usual immediately afterwards. That would hopefully end the phone calls when she was with her...friend. It wasn't much of a shift, but it at least would give her some spending money and get her in a new environment. Her husband was suspicious, but not as much as she thought he would be.

When Anahita arrived at his house, Danny's jaw nearly dropped. She always looked beautiful, but it seemed that this time she looked better than ever.

Her hair was down, but tied back away from her pretty face. Her cheeks were naturally flushed a little and she had the longest lashes that were more pronounced than ever before. Her beautiful lips wore red lipstick, making them very desirable. When he helped her with her coat, he noticed that she wore a snug, long sleeved black shirt that hugged her large breasts. In fact, they were bigger than he remembered!

Anahita wore a thin black skirt and black nylons adorned her long, sexy legs.

"Hi!" she said with a smile that lit up the room. The two friends embraced. He squeezed her tighter than usual. They had grown quite close over the past few weeks and she felt so right in his arms. Thoughts of his wife were fleeing from his mind as he held Anahita. He was conscious of her soft breasts pressing against his chest and his hands slowly rubbed up and down her warm back.

Anahita squeezed him tight. Her pussy was buzzing the entire drive over and now that Danny's strong arms were around him she felt a surge of desire go through her. Not only was her husband possessive, but they didn't have sex anymore. Not that she wanted to. He thoroughly turned her off with his overbearing ways. Danny, on the other hand, brought that wonderful feeling back. He made her feel desirable.

As if realizing that they held the hug far too long, the two parted and an uncomfortable silence followed.

"So, what movie do you have for me?" Anahita said, breaking the silence and smiling as she slipped out of her shoes.

"Oh, I have a good one. Come!" Danny waved her into the living room. Anahita started to chatter about the traffic that she faced on her way over as he led her downstairs. Her eyes glanced at his ass. It looked great in those jeans! Another wave of desire went through her and she continued to talk nonstop out of nervousness.

She sat down on the couch in front of the TV as Danny put in the movie and dimmed the lights. He sat down beside her, but left a few inches of space in between them. After all, they were both married. He tried to convince himself that the relationship was still innocent, when it had left that point weeks ago. He noticed that Anahita had her arms folded.

"Cold?" he asked. Before she could answer he grabbed a comforter from nearby and draped it over her.

"Oh! Thank you!" she said with a giggle.

The movie was a drama. He didn't want it to be too girly, nor too manly so it was perfect. After a few minutes, Anahita spoke.

"Here, come under the blanket." She ordered, raising the comforter. He didn't need it, but he would be stupid to turn down an invitation to be closer to her, so he slid over wordless. She draped the comforter over him and wriggled a little closer. He was conscious of her leg lightly touching his.

After a few minutes, the male star of the movie made a funny -- but very sexual -- joke. Anahita laughed.

"Oh gawd!" she giggled and turned to him, burying her face in her hands in his shoulder. "That was terrible!" she chuckled again, looking up at him. He laughed back, but was fully aware that his cock suddenly got hard. She put her hands down under the blanket again, but her head remained leaning on his shoulder. Her hand touched his and he turned his hand and took it. He gave her hand a squeeze and she squeezed back, but she almost seemed too shy to look up at him.

Nervously, the two "friends' turned back to the movie. A few more minutes passed. Both of their hearts were beating quickly, but both were too nervous about breaking their vows to do anything about it.

It was Anahita who finally broke the stalemate. Her grip on his hand loosened just a little bit and she tentatively ran the tip of her middle finger down the palm of his hand a little. Up and down it went, lightly grazing his sensitive skin with her nail. Danny's cock had just gone down to a semi-hard state, but it suddenly sprung to full hardness again. His heart was ready to explode out of his chest. He turned to see that she was looking at him. Gawd, she had such beautiful dark eyes.

He leaned forward. Just a little bit. She closed her eyes so he closed the gap, his lips lightly touching hers. He pulled back a little and Anahita raised her chin, her full lips searching. He kissed her upper lip again, pulling it outwards briefly. They kissed a third time. As one, they parted their lips and held the kiss. She released his hand and he turned towards her a little more, sliding his hand around her belly. Her stomach was pleasantly soft and through her sweater he could feel a bit of plumpness. The sensation made the experience more real for him, like this beautiful goddess was actually flesh and blood!

Danny felt her tongue lightly touch his lips and he kissed her a little harder. She slipped her tongue into his mouth and his heart soared. He closed his eyes and relished the sensation of Anahita's nimble tongue exploring his mouth. He rubbed his tongue along hers as his hand caressed her side. His tongue snaked into her mouth as she put her arm around his neck, their kiss exploding into full-blown passion.

"Mmmm..." she sighed as their tongues explored each other's mouth. He slid his hand down to her hips and on down to the outside of her thigh, caressing her over her skirt. He was conscious of her fingers stroking his hair as her tongue danced against his. They were breathing heavily into each other's mouth and the room was filled with the sounds of kissing, the movie playing on in the background. He slowly slid his hand down to her knee and gently squeezed it over her nylons.

A bolt of desire shot up Anahita's body when she felt Danny squeeze her knee. She kissed him harder, pushing her tongue even further into her mouth. Nervously, she placed her other hand on his thigh and kept it there.

Danny pulled his tongue out of her mouth and gently rubbed it against hers, slowing the kiss down a little. His hand slowly stroked up the outside of her leg over her nylons, slipping into her skirt until he was touching the side of her ass. He caressed back down her thigh to her knee. After giving it another lustful squeeze, he ran his hand back up over her skirt to the side of her soft belly. He was dying to hold her breast. He had fantasized about her for so long and just kissing her was blowing his mind. To touch her breast would be too much!

Slowly, afraid that Anahita would stop this wonderful kiss but needing more, he slowly moved his hand upwards. The top of his hand bumped the underside of her breast and she tensed, her tongue holding still in his mouth for an instant. He paused, pushing his tongue back into her mouth. Her tongue moved again and she moaned softly. He turned his hand and cupped her large breast, gently squeezing it.

"Mmmmm..." she purred, kissing him faster as bolts of electricity shot from her breast to her crotch and then throughout her body. Her heart was pounding as she slid her hand an inch up his leg.

Danny couldn't believe that he had Anahita's boob in his hand, even if it was over her bra and sweater. It was huge -- even bigger than it looked -- but it was incredibly soft and he gave it another squeeze. He felt her hand creep up his leg a little and his cock twitched. He slowly turned her and eased her onto her back without breaking the kiss. She brought her legs up onto the couch, but he remained beside her between her and the back as the blanket fell away to the floor. He kissed her harder and he reluctantly released her tit. He slowly ran his hand back down her side to her hip and then her leg.

Thrills went up Anahita's spine. It was so exhilarating to be kissing another man! She couldn't believe that she let a new man touch her breast for the first time in close to a decade! She realized that her pussy was probably wetter than it had been since before she got married. Eyes still closed, she threw herself into the passionate kiss. Her hand crept another inch up his leg.

He brought his hand over to her other knee and gave it a gentle squeeze. Her one hand was still playing with his hair, but now her other hand had moved up to just an inch below the hard cock in his jeans.

She couldn't remember the last time she was this nervous. She wanted so badly to feel his hardness. It had been so long! She turned her hand and ran her fingers over his bulge. Thrills went up her spine when she felt how hard he was. Her pussy ached for him. She needed him! He made her feel so desirable. The tingling in her crotch would not subside as her fingers traced the outline of Danny's cock.

As soon as he felt her touch his member over his jeans, he knew he could take things further. He slowly slid his hand up the inside of her thigh. Her thigh was incredibly soft and the higher his hand went, the more heat he could feel emanating from her pussy. As one, they pulled their tongues out of each other's mouth and kissed repeatedly, from upper lip to lower lip. Over and over they kissed until his finger glanced off her pussy through her panties and nylons.

"Ohhh..." she gasped, as tingles shot up her body. She sent her tongue back into his mouth and her fingers gripped his hardness through the denim.

Encouraged by her reaction, Danny turned his hand and cupped Anahita's pussy over the thin materials. He could feel her swollen lips through her nylons and panties. He could also feel that she was incredibly hot and wet there. He ran his middle finger up and down them, teasing her.

She lost control. All thoughts of her troubled marriage fled her mind as her fingers frantically undid his belt and then his button, pulling down his fly. She moaned into his mouth as her hand reached into his underwear and her fingers wrapped around what was a very thick penis. Thrills of desire shot up her body and it was at that point that she realized that she would not stop until this man was inside her.

Danny pressed his hand against her pussy, his finger rubbing up and down her lips over her nylons still, serving only to tease her further. When he felt her warm hand grab his cock he thought he would shoot in the air. Still kissing her breathlessly, he ran his hand up to the top of her nylons and slid them inside, sliding them into her cotton panties, as well.

That moment, he learned something new about Anahita -- she shaved her pussy. His hand slid down her smooth skin until his fingers felt the hot moisture of her slit.

"Mmmmm..." she sighed, her hand squeezing his cock. She slowly stroked him up and down as he ran his finger down her pussy lips for the first time. They were slick with her nectar and she writhed underneath him when his digit ran all the way down them and then back up, nudging her clitoris. He tickled her clit again and she gasped in his mouth. He gently ran his finger down her petals again and this time when he felt the incredible heat of her entrance he kept his finger poised there. Her tongue pushed far into his mouth and she lifted her bum off the couch a little in an attempt to get his finger to penetrate her, but he continued to hold it at her entrance for as long as possible.

Anahita was gasping for breath, her pussy buzzing more than she could ever remember. She needed to feel him inside her. Her hand squeezed his cock a little harder, stroking him faster inside his underwear.

He slipped his finger just inside her hot vagina and Anahita broke the kiss.

"Ohhhhh..." she moaned, closing her eyes and smiling a little. He kissed her mouth two times and by the third kiss she kissed him back again. Her tongue darted back inside as he slowly eased his finger into her heat to the second knuckle. He couldn't believe how tightly her cunt was gripping his finger! It was mind blowing! He slowly eased his finger back out of her and could feel her twat trying to suck it back in. As he rubbed his tongue against hers, he slid his finger back inside her, going deeper this time. He loved how wet her vagina was -- her juices were really flowing, as he eased his finger in and out of her. She was humping her hips upward, subtly urging him to fuck her with his finger.

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