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Anal Caning


My girlfriend has a most wicked sexual imagination, her perversity eclipses even my own, though I suspect she would argue the point. Some of you will dismiss this new kink as a joke or some lurkers flame, I assure you it is not: as kinky as this is, every word is true.

She had asked for it some months back in the afterglow of one of our monthly playdates.

"You know what I'd like you to do to me sometime?" she asked in that sweet, little-girl-on-endorphins voice.

"No sweetie, what?" I murmured, thoroughly exhausted, only my lips able to move.

"I want you to cane my asshole." She said.

"Really?" I said as parts of my body below my waist began to stir again.

"That whippy cane might be nice." And anticipating my response she slid my rapidly hardening penis back into her hot mouth.

"I'll see what I can do." I'd said at the time.

Now months later she had just stripped and was busy tying up her breasts with the bright purple rope that she preferred.

I have a piece of carpet saver, which when turned upside down is, for lack of a better expression, like a plastic 'bed of nails' with 3/8 inch plastic 'spikes' every inch or so. I told her lie on her belly with her newly tied breasts on our plastic bed of nails. A desperate moan escaped her as she tried to gingerly place her bound tits on my Home Depot torture device.

"Now reach back and hold your asscheeks apart for me." I said and she moaned louder, knowing the position I was putting her in would leave her balancing on her already tormented titties. She strained to complete her task, her balance precarious, and her pain obvious.

"Do it!" I said, tired of her attempts to lessen the pain I so clearly intended that she should endure.

"You should see how hard my cock gets when I'm hurting you. You'd love to feel him, wouldn't you my little slut? Feel him anywhere?"

"Yes Sir," she managed through gritted teeth.

"Now I'm going to give you what you were foolish enough to ask for." I narrated as I moved myself into a better position for the beating I was about to give her tender, exposed anus.

"I'll start slow", I said "but I need you to give me feedback all the way through, ok?" I was pretty sure we were taking this excursion to the edge of kinkdom together, yet in all of my years in the scene I had caned many parts of a woman's anatomy but never directly on someone's' anus.

So I did begin slowly. I straddled her body as she lay across the leather chaise we use as a play bench but it wasn't long before I was tapping out a pretty good rhythm, mostly directly on her asshole but quite a few on either inner cheek until the entire area was a lovely red color.

Her moans were very different now as an orgasm, a bloody Tsunami of an orgasm was clearly building. I responded by landing several harder and very direct blows.

"How about I come up there and feed you my big, hard cock?"

She responded with a moan and a nod of her head.

"I think I can keep on caning your asshole from there too." I stage-whispered.

A louder moan and I think that I can see a smile.

A blowjob from my little fuckslut is a wonderful thing any time of any day but when she is both in pain and completely at my mercy her enthusiastic and very deep throat blowjobs are nothing short of spectacular. And transcendent.

She says having my cock in her throat that way, especially when she is both in pain and at my mercy is both spectacular and transcendent for her as well.

However, on this night I was intent on abusing her anus further. I took another long cane and began laying the slender tip directly on her already distressed anus as she, somewhat distractedly, continued fellating me.

I raised the tempo and intensity of my blows again and again until she was shaking and squirming to avoid the cane.

Yet each time I paused she resumed the savage throat fucking that she was using my stiff cock for.

We alternated -- I rained harder and harder cane strikes on and about her rectum and when I gave her respite she would deep throat me furiously. We alternated like that for well over half an hour.

Fucking her asshole after an extended caning is exquisite - her anus pink and swollen and the stripes on either cheek giving testimony to the severity of the beating, her hot tender anus around my cock is nearly as good as her throat.

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