Anal Exploration - Violet


His candid admission of what was to come delivered in that stern, velvet voice sent shockwaves through her body. As if her mind and particular orifice were in perfect synchronicity, she felt her ass tighten and clench through sheer excitement. She knew she was so ready for this after the prolonged preparation.

Her nerves turned to excitement as she felt the flow of her juices between her legs soak her underwear. She shifted her position and parted them ever so slightly in the hope that she would release her pheromone into the air.

She succeeded. As he slowly moved towards her, he caught her aroma in the air and stood for a moment to savour it.

"Mmmmm, such a sweet scent," he uttered. Tilting his nose upwards to catch the entirety of her musk.

"Climb onto the bed, on all fours," he told her masterfully. Shooting her a glance of dominance.

Her smile was uncontrollable; she loved being told what to do.

Dutifully she obliged, she took up position on her knees, rested her weight on her elbows and arched her back, presenting her ass to him. Her lace panties framed her backside beautifully.

He took a deep breath, knowing how lucky he was. The female ass is a sight to behold and one that he knew was his made it all the more special.

Taking his place on the bed, he caressed her cheeks. The firmness of her beautiful ass threw him into rapture; he knew that once he had prepared her, he was going to be inside her.

Knowing from experience how intensely pleasurable anal sex could be his hard cock raged.

Stroking her cheeks gently, he traced lines down her crevice, flitting across her most sacred of holes and down to her pussy, spending a few extra seconds massaging her clit.

His fingers caressed through her sodden underwear in a circular motion slowly and deliberately.

Her moans filled the air as he touched her intimately.

He pulled her underwear down to reveal her succulent ass and the scent of her sex rushed towards him like a wave. Her moist opening glistened in the dim light of the bedroom.

Inhaling deeply to savour her aroma he visually explored her intimacy. The delicate contours of her pussy were slick with moisture. Her pussy was pretty, with its subtle folds guarding her clitoris, the hood of which struggling to protect her arousal.

Sitting just above her soaked opening was his goal for the evening. Her puckered hole was an appealing fleshy pink, slightly darker than the entrance to her vagina. He watched intently as it pulsed and twitched in her excited state.

Taking position behind her, he began to lap his tongue between her legs. Starting low down at her clit he slowly licked all the way upwards in one long stroke. His face buried between her cheeks as she maintained her prime position.

His tongue lashes parted her lips as he hunted for her clitoris. The hooded security receded under the pressure of his tongue. Licking backwards and meeting her sensitive nub, he circled and darted his mouth around her causing an intense sensation.

"Oh my God!" She murmured.

"I'm so wet for you, that feels amazing."

Spending a few minutes tongue massaging her clit, he continued upwards towards her opening. The nectar fell into his mouth as he lapped up her sweet honey. Placing a hand around her thigh he pushed his tongue forward, penetrating her vagina.

"Ahhhhhhh!" came the moan.

Licking around her entrance, he lavished attention on, around and inside her intimacy and devoured every last drop of her wetness. She writhed in her position and shifted her body towards him. She loved being eaten out, especially from behind. The added exposure the position gave somehow quadrupled the sensations.

After penetrating her vagina for a few moments he continued his cunnilingal journey upwards until his mouth reached her ass.

His tongue made laps around her tight hole, circling the puckered, fleshy opening. He had gone down on her countless times, though this was the first time her ass had received the same attention.

She threw her head down and exuded a deep groan of pleasure. What a sensation! She had never felt anything like it. The added vulnerability she felt intensified her enjoyment no end.

His hands roamed her cheeks and down the sides of her legs as he circled her secrecy. Rising up slightly he applied forward pressure and punctured her hole with his tongue.

She gasped audibly at the feeling.

He held her cheeks firm and spread them apart, exposing the fullness of her anal cavity. Applying further pressure he penetrated her tightness and began to tongue fuck her ass.

"Fuuuuck!" she groaned, savouring the new feeling.

She felt compelled to push herself backwards into him to meet his tongue thrusts, not caring about whether she should be enjoying it. The sensation was incredible and she wanted more of it.

The cheeks of her ass pressed into his face as he buried himself between them, each lash trying to reach deeper than the last.

He reached a hand up to her mound and caught a drop of nectar that had escaped. She was absolutely dripping wet. His fingers parted her lips and he resumed the massaging of her clitoris while he continued to tongue her behind.

The experience was becoming too much and before long her orgasm started to build. She felt the familiar rush of pleasure as her body prepared for release.

Feeling her tight hole close around his marauding tongue, he removed himself from her behind and retreated his fingers from her folds.

"Fuck, I'm so close!" she cried in frustration.

He took the dulcet, dominant tone with his response, knowing full well the reaction it would illicit.

"You will come when I allow you to."

His words drew a quiver in her body. The carnality of being so completely under his control placated her frustration as she became awash with submissive desire.

Trying to steady herself and muster a response, she breathlessly uttered "My body is yours."

"Good girl," He proclaimed.

Pulling away from her he reached down to a bag on the floor. She had no idea what was coming but her body had taken over. The feeling of his tongue in her ass was intoxicating. She had never felt anything quite like it. She wanted more and was now completely at the mercy of her desires.

She lay there in her exposed position, feeling her secretion cascading from her opening and down her inner leg. Vainly attempting to regain her composure. Her ass tingled with the lingering embers of pleasure from the last few minutes.

The scent of her sex filled the air.

Taking out a bottle of lubricant and a small plug he began his preparations for the next phase.

She heard the rustling and craned her head back to see what he was doing.

"Eyes forward goddess," he calmly commanded.

"Yes sir." She replied meekly, resting her head down on the pillow and adjusting her position on her elbows for comfort.

Opening the bottle he squeezed the transparent liquid onto the plug and massaged it around the delicate shaft. Not much bigger than a finger, he knew it was just the right size to begin training her body.

Taking the base in hand he pointed the plug towards her waiting ass.

"It's time," he said with a reassurance.

She took a deep breath and buried her head down into the pillow. Elevating her hips, she brought her ass up to him, ensuring her legs parted to spread her cheeks as much as possible.

The nerves had subsided during the past minutes though she felt a knot resurface in her stomach. A tongue is one thing but she knew that now she was going to be penetrated. She wanted it badly given how incredible his tongue made feel, her body relaxed. She was ready.

He caressed her pussy with his fingers, covering them in her nectar. Dipping two into her with consummate ease. His internal massage was thrilling. He always curled his fingers up inside her to reach her most orgasmic areas.

Incidentally, this is how they discovered she could achieve a squirting climax. After a few hours of orgasmic experimentation one evening, they found that with the right combination of depth, speed and rhythm she could expel her nectar just as she peaked.

Moving upwards to her ass, he smothered her most secret of openings in her own juices. The sticky liquid moistened her backside as it tingled under his touch. He smeared her until she was slick and sufficiently moistened.

The digit circled her opening and lightly applied pressure. It felt similar to the indulgence she administered in the tub, though his intent to push deeper than she had dared magnified the sensation.

He pressed with a firmness of purpose which breached her entrance as the tip of his finger entered her down to the base of his finger nail.

A soft moan escaped her lips.

Her opening retracted around his digit then relaxed. He pushed his finger further inside her, down to the middle knuckle.

Feeling no pain or discomfort she closed her eyes and pushed her backside higher, trying to meet his finger.

Her muscles again tightened and relaxed before he inserted the remainder of his digit. She was warm to the touch and her relaxed body was willingly accepting of his probing.

He rested his finger inside her ass for a moment so she could savour the feeling and become accustomed to it.

Slowly retracting and removing from her she sighed in deep satisfaction. Gentle ripples of pleasurable sensation breezed over her.

"Good girl," he complimented her.

"That felt amazing, I want more," she said hungrily.

Smiling at her response he reached down to the floor to retrieve the plug. A finger and a half in width, he knew this would be an ideal tool to train her body with.

Applying a touch more lubricant he brought it up to her presented ring and pressed the small black plug against her hole.

She bit her lip in anticipation as he began to push the plug inside. Her ass opened to receive the toy with little resistance and she barely felt any discomfort.

The slightly ridged edges of the plug sent little jolts of pleasure through her as he pressed it deeper. Each millimetre resonating with her as her body willingly took it inside.

"Oh my...GOD!" she cried loudly. Her volume control was null and void at this point and she had scant restraint in expressing what she was feeling.

Slowly and deliberately, he pushed the plug into her completely, right to the base. It had a flared end which punctuated her hole with a delicate elegance.

"FUCK!" came another loud cry.

Stroking her cheek in reassurance he sat backwards to marvel at the sight. He took great satisfaction in seeing her filled in this way. His erect cock dripped with pre-come as he stared at her behind. The jet black flare of the plug base nestled into her behind provided a delightful image.

Having the plug in her ass made her head spin. The size was perfect. Not too big, yet large enough to feel. She had never experienced anything quite like this sensation.

His finger felt great but this was on a whole other level.

The plug was firmly buried into her ass and despite all her original misgivings, it felt incredible. She felt full and completed in a way she never had before and laughed inwardly to herself for ever being so doubtful.

Breaking her out of her hypnotic state, his next instruction followed.

"Lie in your back goddess."

Dutifully she obliged, turning her form around to a seated position. As her behind pressed down on the sheet, the plug pressed upward inside her.

"Oooh!" she unwillingly exclaimed.

Not painful by any means, the pressure of her own weight pushing down on the plug made it nestle deeper into her bottom. Her new accessory was quickly become a new friend.

She lie back, legs up with her knees together, this applied a different pressure on the plug which brought her yet more enjoyment. Adjusting the pillow under her head looking up at him, she basked for a moment in thought.

"If his tongue felt that good, then his finger even better and this new toy even better still, then his cock will surely feel astonishing!"

Excited beyond words she smiled and craved. She wanted his cock inside her ass.

Slowly and seductively, she spread her legs before him. The immense wetness of her pussy shimmered in the light as a fresh wave of scent took the atmosphere. The plug protruded from her behind like a dot of black paint on a white wall.

He took one look over her and exclaimed his satisfaction.

"You are truly stunning," he remarked with a lustful look.

Travelling up her body, he removed her bra and began kneading her ample breasts. They felt divine. Her nipples became erect as he lightly worked them between the knuckles of his fingers, pinching gently to accentuate her pleasure.

"Mmmmmmm!" she moaned under his touch.

Leaning down he took an erect nipple into his mouth and lightly suckled, massaging her wonderful form in his hand while he did so.

All the while she could feel the plug at home in her ass and the moisture from her opening trickling down onto the base. The flared end caught the liquid and it swirled down around her penetrated opening, providing a blissful warm lubricated feeling.

Caressing and kissing down her body he arrived between her thighs. Her pussy was soaking wet with the exploits of her new insertions. He started lapping at her clit, taking it into his mouth and gently sucking her rounded pearl, sending wave upon wave of pleasure through her body.

Squirming under his tongue, her back arched and she drove her mound into him, amplifying the force.

He reached down between her cheeks and pushed on the base of the plug. Its slender form delved further into her ass and she let out a prolonged moan of intense gratitude.

Positioning his fingers at the entrance of her vagina, her wetness glistening in the dim light of the bedroom, he began circling her entrance. Her nectar poured from inviting hole as his fingers entered her smoothly.

Pressing two fingers into her, he penetrated her with lustful intent. Never before had she been filled in two holes simultaneously. The sensation was invigorating as he worked his digits inside her sodden pussy with one hand and pushed the plug deeper with the other. His tongue continually lashing and licking at her clit.

"Jesus Christ!" she screamed. Her eyes rolled into the back of her head, completely taken aback by the dual sensation.

Arching his fingers upwards as before and rapidly increasing momentum to reach her most pleasurable of areas, she felt the now familiar rush of a cascading orgasm hurtling full speed towards her. The pressure being applied to the toy in her ass increased the sensation exponentially. She was going to gush all over him any second.

"Fuuuck! I'm coming! I'm coming!" she cried as her pussy began to flood.

Seconds before her explosive release he stopped abruptly and swiftly removed his fingers from her.

She panted uncontrollably as the sudden tsunami between her legs was cruelly halted at the very last moment.

"FUUUUUUUUCK!" she screamed, slamming her hands down by her side! Almost angry at him for denying her release.

The scent of her denied orgasm shot up from her exposed intimacy and filled his nostrils with the most intoxicating aroma. Liquid remnants of her halted climax dripped from between her folds. For a moment he perceived her pussy as crying in anguish at being denied orgasm so very close to the edge.

His cock grew rigid and bulged, throbbing between his legs at the sight of her fluid. He reached down and gave himself a complimentary few strokes, stimulating his arousal.

Her rapid breathing had slowed to become laboured and shallow. The forbidding of such an intense orgasm wracked her body with such frustration that every sinew and fibre of her being ached for release.

She lay in frustrated denial long enough to feel the sensation once again of the plug buried in her ass. Her tight opening had tensed around the plug as she nearly came. As her muscles relaxed around its trappings, she once more succumbed to the feeling of completion it provided.

"On all fours goddess," he commanded with subtle dignation, breaking her from her sensation.

Dutifully she obliged, pulling her pleasure ravaged body upwards to a prone position and once again offering her ass to him. The glistening wetness of her divinity dripped downwards, pooling on the bed sheet.

Her mind was not her own anymore, she was completely and totally at the mercy of him. All she craved was his touch and his pleasure and the sweet release she so desperately needed.

Arching her back downwards, she poised her delicious ass outward to him in a submissive display of need, want and unadulterated desire.

Gripping the base of the plug, he began to retract it from her. The slight ridges along its shaft sent ripples of sensation coursing through her body. Slowly and deliberately he pulled at the base, ensuring each ridge brushed her ring to maximise her enjoyment.

The toy became smaller until the tapered end was all that was left. Caressing her behind in a display of assurance that she had performed masterfully, he removed the final inch from her.

Her puckered hole slowly receded back to its natural state and gleamed with her abundant wetness.

She let out a blissful sigh as her emancipated hole was released. She closed her eyes and eagerly awaited the next act.

Rising up behind her he took the bottle of lubricant and generously poured it down the crease of her behind. Given her advanced state of arousal he was sure she would no longer require it but as it was her first real experience of anal, he took extra measures to ensure her complete satisfaction.

His right hand massaged between her cheeks, scoring over her now loosened hole while his left went underneath her and worked slowly at her clitoris, accentuating her pleasure.

Taking his hands away he applied the viscous substance to his palms and massaged down the length of his shaft as he prepared himself for what he most desired. The sensation was palpable. He had spent the past however long administering her pleasure he had completely forgotten his own.

His cock tensed and pulsated in his grip. Rigid and stiff beyond measure, he was ready to take her.

He rose to his knees and positioned behind her, his cock at full attention and pointing directly at her exposed openings.

Taking his member in hand he guided it into her pussy, the slick lubricant coupled with her own excretion saw him enter her with ease until his hips pressed against her behind.

"Aaahhhh!" came her satisfied murmur.

Withdrawing his length completely, he gave a deep thrust of his hips forwards and began to slowly become one with her. She was wet beyond belief and the warmth of her pussy lavished his cock. Her pussy was awash with moisture which only served to ease his entry into her. His erect member slipped effortlessly in and out of her divinity.

A few slow and deliberate thrusts followed as his balls smacked against her. He held on to her hips as he delivered his meaningful strokes with poise and deliberate precision.

"God!" she expelled. Blissfully in another world. One of pure pleasure.

Pausing for a moment, he reached down and took the plug in hand, then reached around her thigh with the other and palmed the contours of her pussy. Scooping a generous portion of her delicious nectar in his hand.

He massaged the silicone plug with her elixir to lubricate then positioned the rounded tip at the entrance to her tight ass.

Drawing back his hips, he left the tip of his engorged cock just inside her, enough to still feel her warmth. Pausing for what seemed an eternity, he began to move his cock forward into her inviting hole once more while simultaneously pushing the plug back into her behind. He deliberately took his time, ensuring the ridges of the plug rippled against the border of her ring as it plunged deeper. His cock followed inside her vagina at the same deliberate pace until his hips pressed against her ass cheeks and his thumb applied the final push to the plug in unison. Double penetration.

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