Anal Exploration - Violet


She gasped sharply at being taken so completely and buried her head down into the pillow, clawing at the bed sheet and moaning uncontrollably in ecstasy.

"Fuck! Fuck! Oh god...fuck!"

Never before had she experienced anything like the sensation. She writhed and squirmed, thrashing and moaning as his cock nestled deep inside while the plug filled her ass entirely. She felt utterly fulfilled and encased in a penetrative tornado of pleasure, incomparable to anything her body had been treated to before.

He held her supple hip with one hand and pressed his thumb to the base of the plug with the other, applying gentle pressure before once again thrusting inside of her. He stiffly fucked her from behind while applying pressure to the plug, plunging deeper and deeper into her with every stroke. The pressure on the plug was piercing, like a syringe of pure bliss. With each thrust of his cock into her vagina, he matched it with a push on the plug. Her moans increased exponentially as she moved her hips backwards to meet his momentum. Catching his rhythm and forcing him to the very depths of her intimacy. She was gone. Completely at his mercy and thoroughly enraptured by the dual pleasure she was experiencing.

Short, sharp thrusts combined with deeper, slower and more deliberate ones to intensify her enjoyment. Her orgasm raged within her once more, having already been denied the chance to release twice already. A hurricane of orgasmic juices welled up inside her pussy; her walls tensed and applied a vice-like grip to his shaft. Her anal muscles contracted and spasmed around the base of the toy. Feeling her body convulse and the grip on his cock inside becoming tighter he once again dramatically withdrew from her opening just at the point of her climax. A stream of vaginal nectar trailed from his cock as he pulled himself out of her. Her hole flared and contracted with intense need as he removed himself from her opening.

Her frustration was audible and tears streamed uncontrollably from her face as for the third time in succession she was denied the opportunity to release. Her pussy coursed with electricity and took complete hold of all her senses. The powerful scent of her aroma filled the air with lustrous fervour.

"Fuck I need to come so fucking much. Please, please, please let me come. Fuck me, I need to come!"

Her begging and pleading gave him immense satisfaction. He had her so tightly wound up and literally fit to burst, like a beautiful coiled spring put under immense pressure. Her femininity filled the atmosphere, the scent was overpowering. His cock thronged and twitched for its own release, accentuated by the intoxicating perfume of her pussy which flowed with her liquid sexuality.

Now was the time to take her ass.

Taking the base of the plug in his hand once again, he slowly retracted it. Once again, the slight ridges down its shaft punctuated her pleasure as she gained freedom from it. Inching it out gently she felt an inward rush of pleasure and pure desire as she knew what was to follow.

He stroked the arch of her back and down her cheeks in a reassuring gesture then moved up behind her once more.

Her anticipation was at a fever pitch. Gone were the doubts and nerves she had toiled with given the prolonged period of intense pleasure and orgasm denial her body had been subjected to. The muscles around her ring relaxed and her sumptuous form bowed and ebbed with an intense lust. She was willing to be taken by him in any manner he desired. Her need for satisfaction and to be allowed to orgasm was overwhelming she no longer cared how she achieved it.

His cock was slick with a combination of the lubricant and her own moisture. The sensual lighting of the room illuminated her moistened holes which still pulsated with lingering spasms of pleasure. The air was thick with the smell of sex.

He rose behind her and placed the tip of his penis against her tight ass. Pre-come seeped out of his engorged end and fell into her puckered kiss. The plug had created a suppleness to her opening which would allow him to enter her most secret of entrances with greater ease. Her breathing became more laboured as she steeled herself for what was about to happen, coupled with the formidable physical urge to release her orgasm.

"Relax goddess, take deep breaths," he said to her reassuringly. "Slowly push yourself backwards onto me, give it time and go at your own pace."

She obliged and began gingerly moving her hips back onto his enlarged cock. Her ass opened and started to take him inside. He was much bigger than the plug and the sensation was something far more intense. As the tip and head entered, the grip on his member was all encompassing; he threw his head back in bliss. Her muscles flared and stretched to allow the head to pierce her and vanish inside her sacred, and until now, forbidden hole.

She paused for a moment to acclimate to the intrusion as swathes of intensity enveloped her. She pushed herself backwards onto him further, taking more of him into her void.

The discomfort was unavoidable, only this time the training her behind had just received, coupled with the slick lubricant soon changed discomfort into pure pleasure. She felt a twinge of pain which morphed, almost tangibly, into euphoria.

Halfway down his shaft, she paused again; she didn't feel like she could take anymore of him inside though she wanted to be filled completely. The further she pushed back, the more discomfort she felt but as with the head it was soon replaced by an intensity of pleasure. The resistance of her ass was growing stronger. A plug is one thing but an enlarged and raging cock is something far greater for a near virginal ass to handle. She steadied her breathing and willed her body to acclimate to the penetrative force of his throbbing cock. She wanted him inside her ass entirely. Nothing less than full and total penetration would do at this point.

Taking deep breaths she summoned all her remaining strength and pushed slowly backwards one final time. Her muscles stretched and resisted as the discomfort increased. The pain she felt was more pronounced, however the rush of pleasure wasn't far behind. It felt invasive yet captivating all at once.

He looked down at her with a perfect stillness and devoured the magnificence of her ass swallowing his entire length. Her supple behind was gorging on the feast of his cock as her ring expanded to allow the penetration. She looked spectacular, beautiful and wonderfully filthy all at once. This goddess of a woman who not so long ago was presenting her feminine glory to him was now willingly impaling herself anally onto his proud member. He marvelled at the sight and drank in the unadulterated sensation of her ass engulfing his cock.

"Holy fuck!" she cried.

"Holy fuck, you're in my ass!"

Never before had she felt so filled and utterly penetrated. The feeling of him inside her ass was incredible. She felt stretched, vulnerable and completely at his mercy. Her secret entrance gripped his cock with a fierce longing, enclosing around his shaft. She felt warm, tight and unbelievably arousing to him.

Stroking her back and her soft cheeks in a gesture of reassurance, she felt divine. He was right. This does feel incredible. Her entire body coursed with waves of intense sensation. It felt new and exciting, invigorating and wonderfully submissive. He had his cock buried in her backside for the very first time. She felt an unequivocal certainty that it was most definitely not going to be the last.

"I'm an anal girl," she thought to herself with a wry smile.

She stayed motionless for a few minutes while she adjusted to having him inside her so completely.

Steadying her breathing she bit down on the pillow and raised her arms above her head. This caused her back to arch and her bottom to push further backwards. His hips pressed harder into her cheeks and she could feel his abdomen pressing against her naked skin. She couldn't believe how wonderful the sensation was and how it intensified the deeper he was. Now all she wanted was to be fucked and to be allowed the sweet release of orgasm.

"I'm ready," she said to him.

Placing his hands on her hips he started to retract his cock, right back to the tip, almost removing himself entirely. Then with one deliberate forward motion he reinserted his entire length into her ass. Her entire body became euphoric; his deep and penetrating thrust into her backside shook her to the very core and brought a tidal wave of glorious sensation.

"Oh my GOD!" she exuded in sheer delight.

After a few delicate retractions and insertions his pace quickened, her ass was fully inviting to him now and he was entering her with ease. Deep thrusts into her backside brought pleasure cascading through her body. Her tightest of holes acting as the focal point. She felt the tip of his cock reach the very deepest parts of her soul as he plunged in and out of her with powerful intent. The denial of orgasm soon had her body building towards its crescendo once more. Expletives escaped her uncontrollably as she was completely and totally enraptured by the new experience. The smack of his skin against her bare arse, coupled with his groans of immense enjoyment provided the soundtrack to her new found love. She joined him in a chorus of sexual animalistic song and screamed out to him.

"Fuck me! Fuck me! Oh god fuck me!"

"Fuck me! Oh god, oh god, oh god, oh god!"

He gripped her hips and intensified his thrusts, no longer taking delicate care, he felt her body had accepted him and he could be more forceful. He moved a hand backwards and brought it crashing down on her exposed cheek, spanking her with vigour.

"Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! FUCK!" she screeched. The sting of his bare palm slapping her bountiful ass created a loud smack. Her body reeled under the strike and intensified her pleasure.

Three more strikes followed as he fucked her ass with great intent. He could feel his own orgasm building as he penetrated her; the grip around his cock was all consuming. His pace quickened further as he struck her ass twice more.

"FUCK!" she ecstatically screamed.

The wetness of her pussy dripped from her lasciviously, her entire mound drenched in her juices.

Reaching a hand down around her thigh and between her legs, he met her soaked clit and stimulated her while continuing to thrust into her backside. His body rested on her behind as he masterfully worked her clit, taking it between his fingers and rubbing her drowned nub ferociously.

"Oh god, oh god, oh god!" her voice pierced the air as she was completely lost to the pleasure she was experiencing.

"I'm coming, I'm coming!" she screamed.

"I'm coming, harder, harder, oh god FUCK ME!"

He deepened his thrusts, moving into her right down to the base while massaging between her legs, he was almost there too. His cock effortlessly glided in and out of her tight hole. He could feel her opening grasp and clench his length with every deep insertion.

"Come for me goddess," he instructed...

Throwing her head back and pushing deeply behind into him, she met his thrusts and rhythmically moved with his body. He rose up and grabbed a handful of her violet hair in one hand and struck her ass repeatedly with the other. With each pounding thrust inside her wonderfully tight hole he pulled backwards on her hair, yanking her head back. She screamed in pure ecstasy as her pussy flooded. The muscles in her vagina and ass contracted and her orgasm reached its devastating crescendo.

Her contractions set his orgasm ablaze. He pulled her hips into his body as he charged his cock into her pulsating behind. The rush of orgasm shot through his raging member and he erupted with a vengeance. His hot, creamy seed burst from his cock and into her waiting warmth. Spurt after spurt of his lust escaped him as he ejaculated into her ass.

"Fuck, FUCK! Oh FUCK!!"

She moaned and screamed out in pleasure in tandem with him, her body lost all control. She felt the hot liquid eject into her tight hole, her pussy gushed as she violently squirted her orgasm, and her entire body convulsed under the intensity as her sweet nectar cascaded like a waterfall from her exposed divinity. Hours of denial from release gripped her as her fluid poured from her orifice. He reached a hand down between her legs to catch her sweet elixir. He felt her drip through his fingers as he massaged her pulsating clit. The orgasm caused her to collapse her legs and fell flat on her stomach, his cock still spitting ejaculate deep into her ass. She writhed and bucked under his weight as her pussy sank into the pool of moisture she had just expelled. His cock twitched inside of her as her ring convulsed around him.

"Oh my fucking god!" he exclaimed in pure ecstasy, completely lost in the moment.

They lie there for moments together, completely encased in their dual satisfaction. Their entwined forms fully one with each other, their breathing laboured and their bodies spent. Her pooled liquid soaked his balls as he fell deeper from her.

He rose up and gently retracted his spent cock from her ass. He watched in glorious satisfaction as his seed seeped out of her hole and tricked downwards. Her behind twitched and slowly returned to a state of normality, fully gratified and thoroughly pleasured. His hand brushed lightly over her sodden pussy to ensure she felt the lingering sensation. She hummed in blissful gratification that she had been so deeply enjoyed and pleasured.

Lying motionless on their stomachs, his hand draped across the small of her back. Their shared experience had an intensity the likes of which they had never felt; they were completely at one with each other. He stroked her behind with a gentle assurance, the hand print on her skin lightly stinging under his touch.

"Mmmmm," she exuded, completely devoid of her cognitive ability and completely lost in her orgasmic trance.

They looked at one another with a deep sense of satisfaction and shared a long, passionate kiss.

Their bare skin pressed closely together, totally enraptured with each other. Her smile was uncontrollable; she was beaming and radiant with a glow. Her entire body felt elated.

"That was incredible!" she expressed.

He looked at her with a loving smile as he gently caressed her curves.

"Good girl," he replied.

She rolled over onto her side and nestled her body backwards into his. Her ass still tender and completely satisfied pressed into his now flaccid penis, still warm from her internal heat. She enjoyed the residual feeling of his come dripping from her ass. She wanted to retain the feeling of what they had just enjoyed together for as long as possible. He wrapped an arm around her and held her breast. She felt safe, secure and completely at peace as she closed her eyes and enjoyed the last remaining sensations of her first proper anal adventure.

The deep scent of raw sex hung heavy in the air and enveloped them like a blanket. She smiled to herself and whispered to him softly with a hint of desire. "My ass belongs to you now."

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