Anal Invasion


With the roar of the crowd still echoing in their ears WWF divas Trish Stratus and Lita made their way back to the WWF women's locker room after successfully defeating Torrie Wilson and Stacy Keibler in the first ever bra and panties tag team match at Invasion.

The rest of the wrestling world was now looking to the main event of the evening which was on right after their match, but Trish and Lita didn't care about that. They were more interested in getting somewhere private, ideally the WWF women's locker room where, because they were the only WWF divas on the show, they would have the whole room to themselves.

Walking together arm in arm Trish and Lita hoped that no one would question why they were such good friends all of a sudden. Luckily everyone seemed to be too busy to pay much attention to them.

It was hard but Trish and Lita managed to restrain themselves until the door to the locker room was closed before falling into each other's arms, their lips crashing together in a passionate kiss.

Trish and Lita had been at each other's throats since they came to the WWF but the truth was that was just sexual tension, sexual tension which had been broken only a few days ago when one thing had led to another and the two divas had finally made passionate love to each other.

Breaking the lip lock Lita slid her tongue down Trish's neck before wrapping her lips around the vulnerable flesh, gently sucking at her lover's pulse point.

"Mmmmm, Lita honey," Trish moaned, "We have to stop."

"No we don't." Lita said, only briefly stopping sucking on Trish's neck before going right back to it.

"I'm serious." Trish sighed.

"So am I." Lita said, before Trish pushed her away, "Oh come on Trish."

"No, I don't want to risk getting caught." Trish said firmly before smiling at her girlfriend, "But the sooner we're showered and ready to go the sooner you can be fucking me senseless back at the hotel."

This seemed to satisfy Lita somewhat who smiled back.

"Can we at least shower together?" Lita asked seductively.

"No, if we do that we'll never get out of here," Trish said firmly before smiling, "But, if we're ready to go within the next five minutes I promise that when we get back to the hotel I'll run my tongue all over your body."

"Like you won't be doing that anyway." Lita scoffed as she undid her bra and tossed it aside, "You mind if I shower first?"

"No, go right ahead." Trish said, trying to keep herself from drooling as her redheaded lover stripped in front of her.

Once Lita was completely naked she walked into the shower, making sure to wiggle her butt for Trish as she walked round the corner and turned the water on.

Trish bit her lip and considered going after the redhead, but she told herself she had to remain strong. Soon she would have Lita alone and all to herself. Or at least that's what she thought.

Suddenly Trish was grabbed from behind, a cloth covering her face. She tried to scream, but it was too late, the chloroform had done its work and Trish never even knew who attacked her.

Despite what Trish had said Lita had been hoping that her girlfriend would join her in the shower. Since she first saw the blonde bombshell Lita had started having all these nasty little fantasies about Trish, one of which involved herself and her new lover eating each other out in the locker room showers and she had been hoping this would be her chance to live that out. Oh well, maybe next time.

Stepping out of the shower Lita walked back into the main locker room area, only to see Trish lying on the ground.

"Trish!" Lita cried, running to her fellow divas aid.

Without warning someone grabbed her in a chokehold from behind and a cloth was placed over her face. The redhead struggled in vain for a moment or two but things quickly started to go dark until her whole world slipped into darkness.


"So, which one do you want?" Trish and Lita heard a familiar voice say as they slowly drifted back to consciousness.

"Lita, I want to make that bitch pay for that moonsault." came another familiar voice.

"That's fine with me, just let me have a piece of that slut when you're done with her." said the first voice.

"Oh don't worry baby, you know me, I always share." said the second voice.

Trish and Lita slowly opened their eyes to see the two WCW divas who had been their opponents earlier in the evening Torrie Wilson and Stacy Keibler naked, wrapped in each other's arms and kissing each other passionately.

The two WWF divas quickly got over the shock of seeing the two WCW divas kissing when they realised they were naked and couldn't move. Their hands were tied to something nailed to the ceiling and their feet were tied to the floor leaving them in the spread eagle position. They both tried to scream but the ball gags inside their mouths muffled their cries.

The muffled sounds did however attract the attention of Torrie and Stacy, who broke their lip lock and turned to Trish and Lita.

"You sluts should save your breath, trust me, no one is going to hear you." Stacy sneered.

"Now Stacy, we should at least tell them what's going on and give them the chance to make it easier on themselves first." Torrie said.

"Fine, whatever, it's your call." Stacy sighed.

"And don't you forget it." Torrie smiled playfully before turning back to Trish and Lita, "Now, you two sluts humiliated us tonight, and believe me, you're not getting away with it. Paybacks a bitch, and you two bitches deserve everything that's coming to you. But if you're willing to cooperate things are going to be a lot easier on you. All you have to do is agree to submit to us and be our bitches for the night. What do you say?"

Torrie pulled the gag off Lita's mouth, deliberately choosing the more dominant of the two in hopes of receiving the reaction she wanted.

She got the reaction she wanted.

Lita spat in Torrie's face and screamed, "Fuck you!"

Torrie stuff the gag back in Lita's mouth before she could say anything else and said, "Oh, don't worry honey, we'll get to the fucking, but first..."

Stacy handed Torrie a riding crop to match the one she was holding as the two blondes got in position behind their prey and began bringing their crops down hard on Trish's and Lita's asses.

The two WWF divas screamed into their gags as loud as they could, but it was no use. Torrie and Stacy were determined for revenge and the other rooms in the sleazy motel they were in were practically empty, and those that weren't were filled with people who where to afraid to check on someone's screams in this place.

Torrie and Stacy continued to spank Trish's and Lita's asses, occasionally allowing a few hits to hit their backs but mostly focusing on their butts, until the flesh had been spanked to a nice pink colour.

At that point Torrie and Stacy walked around so that they were facing Trish and Lita and began doing the same thing to their boobs that they had done their butts, beating them roughly with all their might, sometimes intentionally missing their tits and hitting the flesh around it, before going lower.

Trish and Lita had began to run out of screaming power however the second they felt the first sting of the riding crops against their cunts they suddenly found the power to start screaming again. Torrie and Stacy showed no mercy, beating Trish's and Lita's cunts just as hard as they had beaten their tits and asses.

Finally the vicious beating stopped and Stacy removed Lita's gag.

"How about it bitch, do you submit?" Stacy asked.

Lita tried to speak but her voice was sore from screaming. She couldn't move and she knew she should give in simply because it might cause Torrie and Stacy to make a mistake which would give her the opportunity to escape, but Lita's pride got in the way.

"... No." Lita said shaking her head, her former strong defiance replaced by meek protest.

"Good." Stacy said, pressing the ball gag back to Lita's lips, "Cause we're not even half done with you yet."

Lita pressed her lips tightly together in an attempt to keep the gag out but Stacy pinched her nose shut with two fingers, forcing the redhead to open her mouth to breathe. The second Lita's mouth was open Stacy shoved the ball gag back inside and secured it before she and Torrie went back to their bag of goodies, took out a pair of paddles and began bombarding Trish and Lita with heavy blows.

Trish and Lita was soon screaming into the gags again as they suffered more torment, silently trying to decide which was worse, the crops or the paddles. The crops had been a more concentrated source of pain while the paddles caused more widespread pain, although the WWF divas found it impossible to tell which was worse and after thinking about it they didn't care, they just wanted it to be over.

Torrie and Stacy brutalised Trish's and Lita's tits, asses and cunts, turning their flesh from pink to red under the force of the blows.

Again once the WCW divas stopped beating the WWF divas it was Stacy who was the one to remove Lita's gag and ask her that all-important question.

"Are you ready to submit yet slut?"

Lita bit her lip and desperately tried to think. The pain was agonising and part of her just wanted to give up for the sake of giving up, but her will wasn't quite broken yet and it was that will that urged her to fight through the pain. However she couldn't bear to see Trish and so much pain. Her lover's cries broke Lita's heart and now she and Trish were finally together Lita would do just about anything to keep the blonde Canadian safe.

"... Do what you want to me but just please leave Trish out of this..." Lita began to beg before Stacy shoved the gag back into her mouth.

"Not a chance bitch." Stacy sneered as she pulled a cat o' nine tails out of her bag and handed it to Torrie before grabbing one for herself and continuing the assault.

As the abuse resumed cries filled the room again. At this point Trish and Lita had no more ability to scream left and all they could do was cry pitifully. The pain was excruciating. Each tale dug into their flesh as the crops had done only worse because it was over a wide area. Their tits, asses and cunts had been beaten black and blue, or more accurately very red, and they just didn't know how much more of this they could take.

If anything Torrie and Stacy were more brutal this time than they were before, using every ounce of their strength to beat Trish and Lita, desperately wanting to make the WWF girls submit. Torrie and Stacy weren't running low on ideas however they were both extremely horny and as much as this abuse was turning them on they wanted to get to the fucking which was where they planned to really make Trish and Lita pay.

After what felt like an eternity Stacy removed Lita's gag and asked her, "Do you submit?"

Lita wanted to keep fighting, she really did, but the pain was just too much.

"I submit." Lita said weakly, causing Torrie and Stacy to smile wickedly.

"And are you willing to be my bitch?" Stacy asked, wanting to rub it in.

Lita blushed at the statement, gritted her teeth and said, "Yes. I'll be your bitch."

"How about you?" Torrie asked Trish as she removed her gag, "Do you submit?"

There was a moment where it look like Trish was about to fight back but then she just lowered her head in defeat.

"I submit." Trish said meekly.

"And are you willing to be my bitch?" Torrie asked.

"Yes, I'm willing to be your bitch." Trish said softly.

Torrie and Stacy shared another wicked smile.

Leaving the WWF divas gags hanging around their necks Torrie and Stacy got out two pairs of handcuffs from out of their bag and very carefully untied Lita's hands, undoing one and forcing it behind her back, locking half of the cuffs into place so that when they did the same to the other arm it was easy for them to restrain the redhead without any fuss. The WCW girls then did the same to Trish.

With the WWF divas hands restrained Torrie and Stacy released Trish's and Lita's feet before grabbing hold of their hairs and pushing them downwards.

"On your knees bitches!" Stacy commanded.

Trish and Lita obeyed and allowed themselves to be forced to crawl along the floor by Torrie and Stacy who each had a tight hold of their hairs.

Reaching the two chairs the WCW girls had set up for this very occasion Torrie and Stacy sat on the chairs and shoved Trish's and Lita's faces into their cunts.

"Eat our pussies you little sluts!" Torrie screamed as Trish's nose banged against her clit.

Trish did as she had been told, sliding her tongue into Torrie's pussy and wrapping her mouth around the WCW girl's lower lips and starting to suck.

Lita was more hesitant, gently sliding her tongue around and around Stacy's pussy lips in long circles, changing direction a couple of times, occasionally taking a few moments to gently tease the other woman's opening, before going right back to circling Stacy's cunt. The redhead was used to being in control and she liked to tease her girls to the point where they thought they were going to explode before she would finally give them the tongue lashing they craved. However Stacy was impatient and in no mood for soft and teasing.

"Get on with it bitch!" Stacy yelled as she slapped Lita around the head, "Eat my fucking pussy you little dyke! Lick my pussy like the little rug munching queer girl you are! Give me the kind of head that your whore of a girlfriend is giving my girlfriend!"

Lita did as she was told, wrapping her mouth around Stacy's pussy lips and shoving her tongue as deep into the leggy blonde as it would go.

"Oh yeah, that's more like it, eat me, eat my pussy you fucking lesbo slut!" Stacy moaned, grabbing the back of Lita's head and pushing her deep into her pussy, "Eat me just like that. Use your mouth to pleasure me. Use your tongue to pleasure me. Use your entire being to pleasure me. As of right now my pleasure is all that matters to you, I am your everything. Worship my pussy you little muff diver, worship it like the little dyke slut you are!"

Stacy continued to moan and insult Lita as the redhead ate her out, her clearly very skilled mouth and tongue playing Stacy's pussy like a musical instrument. Within seconds the redhead seemed to find all of Stacy's most sensitive spots and used her tongue to attack them viciously. Lita slid her tongue in, out and around Stacy's pussy, fucking her with it so wonderfully, the whole time sucking at her outer lips like a vacuum cleaner.

The leggy blonde had been with a lot of great rug munchers in her time but Lita was by far the most skilled, although she would never tell Torrie that. Her girlfriend tended to get jealous about such things and Stacy didn't want to hurt the woman she loved. Then again maybe if she told Torrie that Lita gave better head than she did Torrie would get angry and beat their new bitch as punishment. That would be hot.

From Stacy's moans Torrie could tell her girlfriend was getting some great head, which didn't surprise her in the slightest because Trish was shamelessly licking, sucking and slurping at her pussy like her life depended on it. Trish wasn't quite as skilled at muff diving as Stacy was, and it was clear that the blonde Canadian was a little inexperienced, but for what she lacked inexperience Trish more than made up for an enthusiasm. In fact Trish was probably the most eager little pussy licker Torrie had ever met, not that that was a bad thing.

At first Trish had been enthusiastically eating Torrie out because she was afraid of more abuse, but shortly after the first few licks of Torrie's pussy the taste of her fellow blonde got to Trish and her natural rug munching instincts took over.

Only a few short weeks ago Trish just couldn't ever imagine herself eating pussy. Now she couldn't ever imagine not. Trish was still angry with herself that she hadn't been able to return the favour after Lita had eaten her to so many mind blowing climaxes in their first wonderful time together. She was so glad that during the second time she took the plunge and went down on the redhead because it completely changed her life. Since that moment Trish had been completely cunt crazy, practically begging Lita to let her lick her pussy at every opportunity. Trish's goal was to become as good at eating pussy as her redheaded girlfriend, and while she had a little way to go yet she was certainly improving quickly. Of course her goal right now was to make Torrie cum, a goal that she soon achieved.

But it was Stacy who came first.

As good a pussy eater as Trish had become Lita had been eating pussy for years and ultimately the experience of the redhead's mouth allowed Lita to make Stacy cum before Trish could make Torrie cum.

Stacy grabbed Lita's hair in a death grip, screamed, humped the redhead's face and came hard, her body shaking and quivering as Lita drank down as much of Stacy's juice as possible. Even though she was an expert rug muncher Lita still failed to get all of Stacy's pussy cream and a lot of it ended up covering her face.

It was nothing though compared to Trish's face once Torrie was done with her. Torrie came almost as hard, if not as hard, as Stacy and because Trish wasn't as experienced as Lita when it came to carpet cleaning the blonde Canadian's face was soon drenched in girl cream as the WWF girl pressed her face deeper into the WCW girl's cunt in an attempt to swallow as much of the delicious girly cum as she possibly could.

Once they were finally done with their climaxes and Trish and Lita had done significantly good job of cleaning their cunts Torrie and Stacy pushed their bitches away, stood up and walked over to their bags.

Reaching into their bags Torrie and Stacy retrieved two 12 inch strap on dildos, fastened them around their waists and walked back over to Trish and Lita with wicked smiles on their faces.

Trish and Lita were given a moment to get a good look at the size of the dildos, which were bigger than anything either girl had had inside them, before Torrie and Stacy grabbed them by their hair and made them crawl over one of the two beds.

Tripping the WWF divas over the edge of the bed so their asses were nicely presented the WCW girls got behind them and began rubbing the heads of their dildos over Trish's and Lita's pussy lips.

"My slut is fucking wet for this." Stacy laughed, "How about yours?"

"Oh she's dripping." Torrie said, "These bitches obviously want this bad."

"Well let's give it to them." Stacy said, forcing the head of her strap on into Lita's cunt.

"I couldn't agree more." Torrie said, pushing her dildo's tip into Trish's pussy.

The WWF girls tried to stifle their moans as their cunts filled with strap on but they were unsuccessful and the WCW girls had a good laugh at their expense. Since they were both bisexual Trish and Lita both enjoyed being filled with hard dick, whether it be real or fake and Torrie and Stacy were giving their cunts plenty of time in between each added inch so that the WWF divas pain was at a minimum and their pleasure was at a maximum. Before long Torrie and Stacy had all 12 inches of their strap ons inside Trish's and Lita's pussies.

After giving Trish and Lita plenty of time to get used to the size of the dildos inside them Torrie and Stacy slowly began to pull back, taking a few inches of strap on from their pussies, and then push forward, sliding a few inches back in with ease.

Soon Torrie and Stacy had established a steady rhythm, gently but firmly fucking Trish and Lita with their strap ons, the sound of flesh smacking on flesh echoing throughout the room.

As she fucked the redhead Stacy couldn't resist slapping Lita's ass every so often, the WCW girl loving the feeling of power she had over the athletically superior WWF girl. Lita may have been better than Stacy in the ring but it wasn't Stacy's pussy which was being split open by a huge dildo right now so the leggy blonde called this a win.

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