tagNonConsent/ReluctanceAnal Nurse Ch. 02

Anal Nurse Ch. 02


introducing IRINIA KALENKO (head nurse) and Danica Sellers (hospital administrator)

Irinia Kalenko is a tall, slender, auburn-haired woman, 40 years old, and a native of Irkstuck, in the former Soviet Union.

She had earned her advanced degree in hospital administration from the University of Kansas, and had a record as a highly competent nurse and supervisor at the two other hospitals she’d worked at, as well as the current one. Her position as head nurse paid $65,000 per year, more than enough to allow her to indulge her many, say, unorthodox tastes. Those in the know were aware that Irinia was 100% gay, with a bent toward domination. At both of her previous positions, she’d bedded all of the nurses who were willing, and a few who weren’t…she owned a large collection of strap-on dildos, anal beads, vibrators, whips, and nipple clamps, and had a taste for females with large bosoms, small waists, and big, shapely butts; there were quite a few to be had in this hospital. She liked her sex kinky, and any woman she bedded became oh so aware of the Russian woman’s penchant for anal sex; many could not endure more than a few sessions at the business end of one of her strap-ons, and so she went through bed partners like Dr. Phil’s audience goes through Kleenex.

Truth be told, she’d had to leave her last position by mutual consent after being discovered anal-fucking the hospital chief’s bosomy, mature wife in the administrator’s own office; the wife was 15 years her husband’s junior and ripe for conquest; she was one of the few who could take one of Irinia’s infamous deep-anal penetrations and beg for more. She was lying on her back, on top of hubby’s desk, her stockinged ankles atop Irinia’s shoulders when her 55 year old spouse walked in and caught them. Irinia had just achieved the “perfect gape” and was hammering her point home; her blonde partner was farting uncontrollably with each ramming thrust when the woman’s husband gave a gurgling yell, clutched at his heart, and keeled-over. The poor fellow might have been saved if the two females had ceased rutting right then and there, but they didn’t…Irinia, sensing that this might be her last opportunity to fuck the luscious socialite, never paused in her ass-wrecking endeavors. By the time she had finished and both women had spent themselves at least half a dozen times, she had packed the hapless, newly-widowed slut’s “fudge” so hard and so deep that the poor woman couldn’t shit for a WEEK!

She hadn’t left that hospital then; that came at week later at the husband’s wake. Lila Jurgen’s, the widow, was bent over the casket, her black dress hiked over her hips, enduring yet another of the insatiable Irinia’s ass-poundings. The other guests were in another room, eating and commiserating, when Lila yelled bloody murder after a particularly deep, bowel-wrecking thrust of Irinia’s monster cock.

By the time the group of mourners made their way into the back room, they were greeted by a sight that would haunt (and DELIGHT, in some cases) them for a long time: the grieving widow, her big boobs wobbling to and fro, her luscious ass, the milk-white globes framed so spectacularly by the lacy black straps of her garter-belt, jiggling like jello while another woman, with a huge contraption of some kind, now stained brown, was fornicating in the delectable blonde’s anus! Some fainted, some yelled curses, children ran from the room, distraught, and some simply stood there ogling the unbelievable sight.

The incident was hushed-up and swept under the rug; a scandal would have brought down the hospital and ruined the good name of Miles Jurgens, the deceased administrator. Irinia agreed to leave with a sizable severance and a glowing recommendation from none other than Lila Jurgens! The lascivious widow embarked on a long cruise soon after, but that’s surely not the last anyone heard of her…

Now Irinia has the chance to bed the most luscious nurse in the hospital, Harriet Burnside…such an “old-fashioned” name for such a beautiful young woman…the opportunity sort of fell into her lap: the son and daughter of one of the ICU’s elderly patients had requested and been approved to install a hidden camera in their mother’s room, as a precaution against mistreatment of their parent (the old lady had been mistreated and abused at a different facility, sporting unexplained bruises and suffering a fractured rib. The siblings couldn’t prove any abuse, but had removed their mother from that facility and had her admitted at Lowe’s Memorial).

Irinia had been charged with reviewing the tapes nightly. No one else but the head nurse and hospital administrator knew about the camera. If anything related to abuse or misconduct was found, it would be turned-over to security and the police. Irinia had not found any abuse, but she had discovered some misconduct: several instances of Nurse Burnside pocketing syringes with drugs still in them.

Head Nurse Kalenko had checked: all excess drugs were to be turned-in to herself and accounted for in a special logbook…none had been. The nurse was obviously pilfering narcotics and likely selling them on the street. Now that she had the visual proof, Irinia intended to use what she had to blackmail Harriet into a sexual relationship, and possibly, a business one, cutting out whoever her middle-man was, if there was one; she doubted Harriet had the connections necessary to sell the drugs on her own. She sat back in her leather executive chair, already getting wet at the thought of driving her biggest, thickest strap on into her subordinate’s made-for-butt-fucking ass.

I’m working on Chapter 3. Be patient, the nasty sex is on the way!!

Thanks to Joli and Patty; I luv ya both!

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