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Anal Oral Fun


She lay on the bed her legs spread wide open for her master, her hands spreading her pussy. He liked her to pose this way, exposing herself to him so that he could see all of her, vulnerable and wanting. Fuck she wanted him. He came back into the bedroom, paused at the bottom of the bed and looked at his slave; he loved looking at her smooth body, her beautiful pussy glistening with her juice.

He told her to turn over, and he put a pillow under her hips so that her bottom and pussy were high in the air, displayed for him waiting for him. He wanted to kiss her pussy but held back. He kissed her feet, and stroked her legs. He could feel her start to melt; he kissed the backs of her knees so gently and softly. At the same time he stroked and caressed her bottom, it felt soft and inviting. He ran his tongue across her bottom and licked and kissed her getting closer and closer to her pussy and ass. She was already moaning, her desire and need building nicely. He flicked his tongue over her pussy getting his first taste of her, she tasted as good as she looked and felt. He kissed her pussy so softly and gently, she was so so wet. He pushed his tongue into her lapping at her juice. He decided that it was time to give her what she really wanted, so he moved slightly and suddenly and forcefully pushed his tongue into her ass, she squirmed and groaned in delight at the same time he started to massage her clit. He was taking her to new heights of pleasure. He took her to the edge of orgasm then pulled away. She cried out begging him not to stop. He ignored her and roughly told her to get off the bed and stand at the edge, put her leg on the bed and spread her pussy lips so that he could see her drip juice on the bed. She did as he demanded shaking with lust, her skin glowing with the heat of her need. He knew that she would do anything he wanted now.

He laid on his back put a cushion under his hips and told her to go to work on him; she would be rewarded if he was pleased with her efforts. She laid on top of him her tits on a level with his hard cock. She grazed her nipples against his plump tender balls. It was his turn to groan with pleasure. She worked her way down his body kissing and licking him all the way. She arrived at his cock it was so hard and dripping pre cum. She kissed the tip of his cock and ran her hot tongue around and down the shaft, she could feel his breath quicken as his pleasure increased and intensified. She continued her downward track licking and slurping on his balls, sucking them into her hot wet mouth, slurping and sucking them just the way he liked. She then moved so that she could lick and kiss his ass, playing her tongue around his ass and then suddenly pushing her tongue into his ass. At the same time she continued to trace her nails across his balls. He watched her in the mirror he could see the pleasure on her face as she tasted him. Her mouth on him was amazing he did not want it to stop.

He could feel her passion rise as she licked his ass; he decided it was time to push her over the edge he wanted to hear her cry out her orgasm begging him not to stop. He told her to kneel on the bed her bottom high in the air, god she looked good. He started to lick and kiss her ass and pussy again, at the same time he pulled and caressed her clit and alternated licking her pussy with finger fucking her and licking her ass. He could feel her orgasm mount, when she came he could feel her juices pour out of her, he licked and sucked her until her orgasm subsided leaving her breathless and shaking.

He did not give her time to rest, he told her to lie back, and he positioned himself over her mouth looking down her body. He ordered her to start licking him. He moved so that he controlled where she licked him - first his ass then his balls then back to his ass. He took her hand and told her to work his cock at the same time. The combination was almost more than he could bear as the pleasure was so intense. He turned round and got on top of her - his cock just above her lips. She took his cock into her mouth as he started to lick her pussy again. He fucked her mouth hard as he sank his face deep into her wet pussy. He exploded covering her face and mouth in cum - just as she came her body shaking and quivering as the orgasm coursed through her. He laid her back on the bed and wrapped his arms around his slave feeling the last ripples of her orgasm as they drifted off into a satisfied sleep.

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