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Anal Probing


I know that the position you find yourself in is not the most comfortable.

The chill air on your naked body that makes you shiver just slightly, I can see. The cold steel of the handcuffs so tightly around your wrists, keeping them behind your back so nicely.

But most off all, the spreader bar that leaves you kneeling in doggy, leaving your greedy, anticipating holes exposed to me for anything I desire.

I suppose the bed is soft and warm, but it would be so much more comfortable if you could rest more on it than just your knees, chest and head, though, wouldn't it, my dear?

Then again... Comfortable isn't even close to being as exciting as this position and wondering what exactly you are in for, is it?

Well... I suppose the buttplug does give it away a bit, doesnt it? Tell me, you do enjoy the way it fills you, stimulates your insides... stretches you? Believe me, you will thank me for getting you ready when I am done with you today, little toy!

The way you are exposed... It really is beautiful. Like a ripe apple just waiting to be plucked.

You can feel me wiggle the base of the plug, don't you? Do you feel it moving? What about if I give a twist and pull? Oh my, I never heard a plug plop out of a sub like that and what is this? Your anus is puckering, already missing it.

I know you cant see it but I am getting more and more excited, seeing your body react to my every touch. I'm sure you can feel the throbbing warm tip when I rest it against your tight little asshole. Cherish it. The lube is cold at first, dont worry. It will warm up soon. Can you hear the wet sloshing as I spread it over my hard cock and all around your anus? You know... It is not my thumb that is pushing that little bit of lube into you. I suppose I should let you feel the whole tip now, shouldn't I? Focus on the way your asshole slides open, almost welcoming the warm, moist, hard tool of pleasure. Creeping into you inch by inch. So slowly that you can feel every throb, every pulsing vein, every stretch that your body does to accommodate me. Half way in, I suppose this might be the length of your first plug. can you feel it? can you feel it stretch even more? The way I fill you up? The slight pain mixed with a sort of pleasure that you haven't known before?

Mmm. I can sure feel it? Your body feels wonderful. I'm all the way in, but I assume you already knew it by the way my balls rest against your glistening wet cunt.

Let me get closer to your ear when I tell you this... We will play with it later but no... I will not fuck it tonight. Tonight is all about your anal training.

It feels like my cock is melting in your tight asshole. The heat of our bodies becoming one. Let's not wait. Get ready. Focus on the first real thrust. The way it leaves you feeling empty on the way back before being filled all the way up again? Don't worry, I'll take it slow and gentle... At first.

One thrust, another one and another one. Do you like the wet sounds of the lube? Sounds just like fucking your little cunt, doesn't it? Mmm that made your ass twitch, I can feel it. How does it feel to be filled yet having your sweet place of pleasure denied, yet exposed?

Lets pick up the pace. In and out in and out. Wow... You are taking it well. Was that a moan? Did you moan in pleasure? Such a slut, I love it!

When you continue like that I wont be able to hold back. Do you like feeling my hand in your hair pulling your head up by it so my thrusts drive your chest into the bed hard?

The way I lick up your neck and bite you gently as you make me groan in animalistic pleasure?

Harder and harder... To be honest I dont even remember how long I have been using you, but oh my god you make me feel so good. Your body was made to give pleasure. It had to be.

How else could you make my hard pulsing cock feel so good in your tight little asshole?

I'm sure you can hear my groaning becoming more and more breathless as well as louder and louder. Almost losing complete control as I push your head down on the bed and push myself in deeper and harder.

Release. You can feel the hot juices mix with your own body heat. Flooding what feels to be your entire insides.

You made me climax with my eyes half closed, my head tilted back, breathless.

My my... I just pulled out and it is even gaping a little. Not bad, my dear. Not bad at all! You have taken it like a good girl! I'm proud of you.

I suppose I did promise that we would play with your other hole, too didn't I? The one we have neglected so far. I'm sure your clit is burning up already? What about the pillow? Oh no you must have misunderstood, I am not going to touch your cunt today. You may hump, grind and slide over this pillow as much as you need, however. Yes, the spreader bar stays on and yes so do the handcuffs. Whatever you decide to do I am sure it will be entertaining to watch, even if it might feel a little humiliating.

So, go on, little toy. Amuse me...

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