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Anal Rendezvous


I have been missing you so much. Getting so horny thinking about you. My mind has been creating all kinds of fantasies and the sexual tension has built up immensely. Now we are finally able to see each other again and it will be a time to remember.

After I greet you with a warm hug you notice that I have made a few changes to our love den. There is some new furniture and the armoire is full of all kinds of new things. There are toys and lube laying out on a small table by the bed. A large mirror has been installed against the wall at the head of the bed. There are various restraints attached to all corners of the bed. I have turned this into a place for us to live out our fantasies.

I allow you a few minutes to roam around and check everything out. I walk up behind you and put my arms around your waist, and tell you how much I missed you and how glad I am that you are here. You feel my firmness pressing into your bottom. I sit on the bed waiting for you to come join me.

I love the way you are dressed. You wear a conservative grey womens business outfit- a tight blazer and short skirt. Your legs are encased with black stockings with a seam up the back. You look very professional, having just come from work, but I have an idea that you are wearing some naughty things underneath.

You cross over to me and tell me that you love what I've done with the place. I pull you over to sit on my lap and your skirt rises up, showing the tops of your stockings. I kiss you deeply and run my hand lightly up your thighs, electrifying your soft flesh. "I was starting to wonder if I'd see you again" I say. "I'm glad you could make it."

"You know I couldn't wait. I just had a lot to deal with" you reply. "I know baby. Well you're here now and that's what matters. I need you really bad right now." As I say this, my hand brushes higher and grazes your panties. I feel the heat from them. I know you are starting to get wet.

"It feels like forever since I felt your mouth on me darling. I sure miss that. Why don't you kneel down and take care of me."

With the single word 'okay' you kneel down on the floor between my legs. I lean back, resting my hands on the bed, and spread my knees. You place your hand over my crotch and lightly massage me through my pants. You feel me stiffening. You unzip and pull my cock out and stroke it up and down with your hand, looking at it with great fondness. Then you undo my pants and pull them all the way off of me. Taking my shaft in both hands, you lean down and place your hot mouth over it. I sigh with relief. All is right again.

I think we both love me getting hard in your mouth. You take the whole thing inside and suck until you feel it growing. It swells up inside your mouth, getting tighter and tighter. damn this feels good. In half a minute my cock has grown to it's hardest and biggest proportions. At this point you jack me off with one hand while sucking me as deep as you can. I run my fingers through your hair and breathe hard as you work my wet cock. God I can't wait to fuck you with it.

I lean forward and reach behind you, pulling your jacket off. Then I undo your blouse as you keep sucking and pull your shirt and bra off. Your beautiful full breasts pop free and I fill my palms with them. I pinch your nipples and feel them get hard. Then I pull upward to give you the message that I want my cock between your boobs. You lean into my lap and I hold your round tits together around my cock. Mmm, I love fucking your hot titties while you suck me. Every time the head thrusts upward you take it in between your red lips.

If I had more self control, I would relax and enjoy this for an hour. But I have been going crazy thinking about fucking your pussy and ass. I need it soon.

I tell you this. "mmmm, god that feels good baby. You getting daddy's cock all ready? Hmm? you getting it ready to go in your wet cunt? Yeah, daddy is gonna fuck your horny little cunt hard in a minute."

Hearing my husky voice say this makes your pussy wet. I pull you up and lead you over to a large chair by the bed. I tell you to get up on it, and move you so that your knees are up on the seat of the chair with you facing the back of it. Now you arch your back and it makes your lovely ass stick out wonderfully. Your skirt rides up so that I see your black lace g-string poking from between your cheeks. I stand near the back of the chair, and my cock is at face level. I push it into your mouth and you suck me deep again. I reach over to pull your skirt up. I can see your ass perfectly in the wall mirror behind us. I pull your panties aside and run my fingers between your cheeks.

My middle finger settles on your asshole and I hold it against your sensitive spot as I fuck your wet mouth. Slowly I work it in circles. I bring my fingers up to spit on them, then push them against your tight hole again, this time working my way just inside. you moan, which feels great when your mouth is completely stuffed with my fat cock.

I work one finger barely in, then put another beside it. I press these two fingertips against your asshole, and massage it. Fuck that feels good, suck it. My fingers slowly work their way inside, pushing and rubbing the whole time. I reach over to the night table and grab a bottle of lube, then pour some down your ass crack. My fingers work inside you now, pushing more insistently. I watch in the mirror as your tight ass swallows my fingers. You have relaxed and let me in. I dig my fingers deep, pushing as far as I can. you are so tight around me.

"Mmmm. don't stop baby. Your mouth feels so good. You like my fingers in your ass?" You manage a muffled 'mmm hmm'. "Good. I like finger fucking your asshole while you suck my big cock." This dirty talk causes another surge of electricity in your tingling pussy.

"I'm getting you ready for me. Get my cock good and hard, so I can fuck your ass with it. Yeah, Daddy is gonna fuck your little asshole soon. Do you want that baby?" You nod as you stuff my cock deeper down your throat. I like describing what I'm going to do to you while you are sucking me. "Yes, as soon as you get my cock nice and ready, I am going to lay you down on the bed and spread your legs wide. I am going to lick your hot little pussy and then fuck it with my cock. I am gonna fill your wet cunt up with my big dick and make you cum while I pound into you. Then I am going to turn you over and push my cock into your slutty asshole. I'm gonna fuck your tight ass until I shoot my come deep inside. Is your pussy getting wet?" You take your mouth away and gasp .

I pick you up and carry you to the bed, then I lay down and pull you on top of me. You straddle my face and lean down to suck my cock more. In this 69, I have a great view of your ass and pussy. I grab your cheeks and pull you down onto my face. My tongue darts up and licks between your lips to find your rosebud, all hard and excited.

Your pussy is so fucking wet I can't believe it. You are as turned on as I am. We're so good with each other. I spread your cheeks more and lick up and down your fat cunt lips and spear into your hole. My tongue then moves up and laps all over your tender ass. You swallow my cock practically to the base as you shiver with delight. My tongue pushes at your asshole and you feel it's hot wetness right in the center of your being. I greedily lick your ass, getting it ready for my cock.

You are moaning and slamming down onto my face, almost smothering me. I love it. I pull your hips down so you are grinding your wet cunt all over my mouth. Finally I flip you over on your back and tell you to hold your legs apart. You pull your knees up to your chest and spread wide for me. I kneel at your entrance and tease it with my cock. I slap your clit with my hard rod and rub it back and forth. I like the slapping sound my cock makes on your wetness. I push my length up between your lips and thrust up and down so my cockhead brushes your clit. You begin pushing back at me. Finally I place the head right inside your pussy hole and tell you I'm going to fill you up now.

"Are you ready to feel my cock in your horny cunt, my little slut?" "Yes, fuck me!" you breathlessly reply. "Put it in"

I ease it all the way in. You stretch to allow me inside, and your wetness makes me go in easy. I put my large hands under your lower back and thrust into you.

"mmm yeah, finally fucking that pussy. It's been too long. This is where I belong baby."

"Yeah, oh yeah daddy fuck that cunt. I've been so horny for you daddy. I want you inside me always. oh fuck,..yes." you gasp. Hearing you call me daddy causes a surge to my cock.

I pull you onto me, impaling you deeply with each thrust. My wide cock fills you completely and puts pressure on your clit. "yeah. god that's good baby. I love pounding your slutty cunt. take that fucking hard cock in your wet fuckhole you slut. take daddy's cock. yessss"

you are briefly taken aback at my language, but the tingling in your clit tells you that you love it. You respond with some of your own. "yeah fuck my tight pussy. It belongs to you daddy. it's all yours. Fuck it hard. I need you to fuck me every day in my pussy daddy! Do it every day. god that feels good. Fuck your pussy! it's yours"

"that's right" I counter. " This is my pussy and don't forget it. I will take it anytime and use it how I please. Your body is mine and you will always be my fuckslut"

My cock hammers your pussy harder all the time. I want to come soon, in your ass. I pull my cock out, and slide down the bed. I hold your pussy lips apart with one hand while my tongue flicks across your clit. My other hand goes underneath and two fingers push into your ass. It is so wet from your pussy. I push deep inside and feel you shudder. Then I push my thumb up into your pussy. With expert timing, I piston my fingers in your ass while my tongue tortures your sensitive clit and my thumb digs into your pussy. You feel waves of heat and tingling electricity. Somewhere deep inside, your ass connects with your clit and becomes a big humming wave of tension. You feel it so deep inside this time. Like your whole midsection is a big ball of sexual tension and exstacy, waiting to release. It surges up through your body and you can't even see anymore. You feel my fingers probe your asshole and my hot mouth over your clit and you begin to scream with pleasure. It sounds urgent, filled with sexual fury. You feel like one big juicy hole, longing for my penetration everywhere.

I push my fingers in to the hilt and take your entire clit into my mouth, sucking and swirling on it. This pushes you over the edge, and you are screaming and violently bucking your pelvis into my face. I hold on as best I can. I feel your ass contracting around me. Your wetness is overwhelming. Suddenly your entire body tightens and a long moan escapes your lips. You start cumming harder than you thought possible. I hold your clit in my mouth. You begin gushing wetness, then actually squirting onto my face. Fuck, it turns me on to see you this hot. You squirt juices all over me and I eagerly lap at your pink pussy. My face is all wet.

Like an animal, I jump up and put my cock at your asshole. Your orgasm has barely begun to subside, but I can't wait any more. I hook your legs up over my shoulders and lean in . My fat cock slowly penetrates your tight asshole and I sink all the way in. You love having something a little bigger than my fingers in there. I look down to see you all stretched out around my throbbing dick. Fuck yes. I push in and out slowly and you start thrusting back at me. You are so relaxed and turned on that it is okay for me to go harder. I grip your asscheeks and fuck your ass harder.

'Yes' you gasp "fuck my asshole. Fuck that dirty hole you fucker. come in my ass." It's as if you are possessed. " Fuck it harder. Yes, fuck that asshole like it's my cunt. don't hold back. It's all yours daddy".

Your talk makes me explode with animal lust and I slam my searing cock into your hot ass. You hear my balls slamming against you as I fuck it hard. God I am so deep in your ass. "Yesss fuck I'm gonna come baby. Daddy is gonna fill your asshole now. I hope you are ready."

"yes yes yes" is all you can say. You are panting hard. I look up to see your eyes screwed shut and a nasty expression on your face. Raw primitive lust. The same thing i am feeling. I start to realize that you may be able to come twice. and feeling you come while in your ass would be heaven. I hold back a little longer. While I slam your ass, I reach down and pinch your clit between two fingers. I lean forward and suck one of your nipples hard into my mouth. you get all tight again and start a low moan. I feel your ass begin to contract and spasm around my cock. You start coming, and I am right with you. I roughly spread your legs as far apart as they will go, and ram my cock all the way in with a fierce growl.

I feel your hole clamping on the base of my cock. my hot come spews out, deep inside. I grip you tight so you can't move away, holding my cock all the way inside you. You are thrashing and yelling as we come together. I start yelling too, as waves of lust wash over me and pull the come out of my cock. You feel me all hot and squishy inside you. We hold each other tight as we continue coming, then slowly we relax and end up cuddled together in a tight ball of sweat and sex-smell.

I kiss the back of your neck and hold you like I'll never let you go. This was everything I ever hoped for.

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