tagAnalAnal Runs in the Family Ch. 02

Anal Runs in the Family Ch. 02



Joe and Matt had just finished playing basketball on Joe's court and they were sitting on the deck having a beer. Joe spotted heather walking out to her swimming pool and then he lost sight of her when she went to the pool deck. He caught a brief glimpse of her in her thong bikini showing off her great ass.

"So Matt, are you and Judy doing the dirty deed? I know you are over there a lot lately," Joe asked.

"No, she's still a virgin," Matt lied.

"Really, I thought by now you would have known every inch of that body. I don't know how you can stay out of her sweet ass," Joe stated and added, "Myself I'd like to have a crack at Heather's ass. She drives me wild when she wears that thong bikini."

Matt decided to let Joe in on his secret only because Joe was so nuts for Mrs. Van. "We should go over there for a swim today. Judy is at the beach with her friends. I could go for a good butt fuck myself," Matt replied shocking Joe.

"What are you saying Matt, that you have fucked Judy's mom?"

"I guess I can tell you since you're so hot for her. She loves it and she really likes it in the ass," Matt shared.

"Holy shit, oh man, Are you serious? I have got to tap that."

"Yep, come on let's go over and visit her."

Joe already had a woody just from thinking about Mrs. Van and Matt laughed at him when he stood up. "Don't cum in your pants," Matt joked.

After Matt had told Joe about Heather, Joe was anxious to fuck her. Joe was surprised that Matt just walked in the Mrs. Van's house and out to the swimming pool. Heather had been looking forward to Matt's visit but she never expected Joe to be with him. She was laying face down on her lounge with her bikini bra untied and thong string in the crack of her ass. She actually looked naked. Matt and Joe approached her and she looked up and saw the two of them sit next to her on the other lounge. Heather quickly tried to tie her bikini top but Matt restrained her and then he squeezed her buttock.

"I thought that you might like some extra company today. Joe has been going gaga over you all summer so I told him about us and what a great lay you are," Matt said to her.

"I don't know what you think that you are doing here but I am not having sex you," Heather said in a sharp tone.

"Oh come off it Mrs. Van. You have already fucked me. So don't act so uppity," Matt snapped back and then said, "Joe has been salivating over you and he has been driving me crazy. It's time for him to sample your charms."

Matt and Joe approached Heather as she stood up and Matt said, "Now just relax and enjoy this as much as you did the last time."

"Leave me alone," Heather said in raspy voice that was unconvincing as she reached for her wrap to cover her near naked body.

Heather had never had a threesome but somehow she was curious and the two handsome boys did turn her on. Matt lifted her to her feet and she stood between them. Joe and Matt were standing around Heather and they started getting very frisky with her. Heather played the reluctant role and fended off their hands but the boys sensed that she loved the attention. Matt's hand was rubbing the cheeks of her ass. Heather could feel his big hands on her cheeks, pushing and then releasing her bottom. Heather had not forgotten about Joe who watched the mock seduction. Matt moved her hand down onto the rock hard cock at the front of his shorts.

"Take it out Mrs. Van, you know you want to," Matt ordered.

As if in a trance Heather fished the big cock out of Matt's shorts and felt the warmth and thickness in her hand as she brought the young cock out in the open. Heather felt another set of fingers explore the lips of her cunt and rub her clit. Just as it had happened before, Heather was being led down a sexual path where she was a plaything and object of Matt's desire but this time Joe was there too. Matt moved backwards and bent Heather forward a little so that she could take his vibrant erect cock into her mouth. Heather was now bent over sucking Matt's cock as she held it in position with her hand. Meanwhile Joe was at her rear and with her thong pulled to the side and he was easing her legs wider apart.

Joe whispered, "Matt was right you have a beautiful ass and pussy Mrs. Van."

She obediently opened her thighs exposing her cunt lips to Joe's probing fingers. Heather held Matt's cock perfectly in her mouth as she sucked and nibbled and bobbed up and down on it. She felt Joe's firm hands on the tops of her thighs and then she felt the warm skin of his cock brush against her ass cheeks and prod her cunt lips. The wetness of her body opened her pussy easily and the thickness of Joe's cock pushed aside her lips and slid into her.

Joe's cock entered with long, regular, penetrating strokes that almost lifted Heather off her feet. Joe held her firmly by her hips and Matt held onto her head. Matt's thick cock slipped down into her throat before easing out to momentarily rest between her lips and then slide back down again. Neither of them was rushing the experience as they wanted to enjoy Heather's body. They wanted to savor her submissiveness and the eagerness with which she had given herself over to their sexual advances. Heather was helpless in their dual grasp and beautifully exposed. She secretly wanted it to go on and on, thrilling her and fucking her deeply. She didn't think about it any longer, she just listened to her body and went with the flow. As she sucked, nibbled and pushed back onto the young cocks in her the feeling was incredible.

Heather groaned as Joe rammed up into her cunt with each thrust and Matt held her hair gently as he controlled her head movements over his cock. Matt held his cock with one hand as it moved in and out between Heather's willing lips, until finally he had reached his pinnacle, then he withdrew slightly and held Heather firmly so that he could shoot in her mouth and over her face. Heather was in such an aroused state from the cock pounding into her at the rear that she paid no attention to Matt's positioning. Then his thick ejaculation shot into her mouth and splashed all over her face. Matt held his cock close so that his milky seed hit Heather's cheeks, chin and forehead. Heather also felt the liquid enter her mouth as she held her lips open in an attempt to capture it all. She felt the fountain spew all over her face and her tongue darted out to lick around her lips. She felt the warmth as cum dribbled down her face as Matt held her head in place. He then pushed his wilting member back into her mouth again and urged her to suck him dry.

"Lick it, Mrs. Van, lick me clean," Matt ordered and Heather obligingly sucked and licked until every drop was taken into her mouth.

Joe still held Heather and he was still thrusting his vibrant cock into her from behind. "Let's take her inside to bed," said Matt as he watched Joe enjoying himself.

Once they were inside the house their clothes were shed quickly and they moved to the bed. Heather removed her bikini bottom and she was opening her legs wider to accept Joe's intruding fingers. She was overcome with desire and she wanted to rub her own clit frantically. She wanted so badly to cum.

"Oh please, please, fuck me, just fuck me," Heather pleaded.

Joe was grasping her bullet-like nipples, tweaking and pulling them playfully. Heather was enjoying the tug on her nipples and the fingers up inside her cunt. Her eyes closed and she emitted audible sighs of enjoyment. Heather's fingers made their way back to her pussy and she caressed her clit as she watched Matt climb up from the foot of the bed and kneel between her thighs. He leaned in towards her and moved his face close to her pussy.

"Oh my God, oh no, oh yes," gasped the wanton mother as she felt the first caress of Matt's firm tongue on the wetness of her cunt.

His tongue pushed her lips open and darted in and out. Matt then licked and pushed at her protruding clit, sending Heather into spasms. Heather's hips lifted up and down off the bed to meet Matt's lapping tongue as he gripped her open thighs and licked, slurped and nibbled her pussy. Every now and then Matt would push his fingers into her to open her cunt lips.

"Do you like this Mrs. Van? Do you like being licked and finger fucked," whispered Joe as her head thrashed from side to side and her hips arched up even higher.

"Yes, yes, it's fantastic," she gasped.

"Good Mrs. Van, then take this," Joe said as he lifted her head off the pillow with one hand and fed his throbbing cock into her eager mouth.

"Go on, take some more into your mouth. You know you love it," Joe added as almost his entire vibrant young pecker disappeared down into Heather's eager throat.

She moved her head up and down rapidly on Joe's cock, pumping in and out of her mouth with her neck supported by Joe's large hand. She bucked up and down to meet Matt's tongue as it explored the very innards of her cunt. Her breathing was coming in short gasps as her free hand held Matt's head firmly into her cunt.

Matt moved away from Heather's pussy and delayed her orgasm prolonging her need to cum. Heather's fingers dashed back to her wet open pussy and frantically rubbed her raging clit. Matt had gathered his second wind, and his young cock was rampant again after watching her move and gasp on the bed, pleading for her release. Matt came and knelt between Heather's luscious open thighs and played at the open lips with his fingers. He pushed two digits into her warm hole going a little farther each time, then three fingers, then four, each time going that little bit further.

"Do you want me to fuck you, Mrs. Van? Do you want to cum, do you?" Matt asked as he finally pushed his fingers deep into the inners of Heather's open legs and used his thumb to toy with her clitoris.

She was rapturous, bucking and grunting through her full mouth, grasping Joe's cock and swallowing as deeply as she could, and her breasts moved beautifully as her body shook to the movements on the bed. Matt's fingers were hidden in the folds of Heather's cunt, and then he slowly withdrew but held the lips wide open so he could see the wonderful juices that lay at the entrance to Heather's body. His fingers were running with Heather's fluids, and Matt gently rubbed one of them down the crease in Heather's bottom and pushed gently at her firm anus. Heather let out a little gasp but then continued with the task of sucking the cock in her throat. Matt eased his finger further into Heather's ass.

Heather was focused on the strong boy's finger in her ass and her own need to cum when she felt the familiar signs of a cock pulsing in her mouth. Joe was there, his strokes had quickened dramatically, and he too holding on to her head more firmly. Heather realized that she was going to get more cum in her mouth as Joe slipped out and held his cock over her face.

"Keep your mouth open, Heather, that's it," directed Joe as the first spurt fired back into Heather's mouth.

Joe couldn't control himself and the rest of his spunk went everywhere, hitting Heather's chin and forehead and cheeks. Her face was covered and soaked and she smiled as she flicked her tongue at the throbbing cock. Matt's finger was still nestled wonderfully up Heather's ass, but she still hadn't cum herself, and she was now frantic. Matt lay on his back with his big cock standing up like a pole. Matt told Heather to sit on his cock as he slipped his intrusive finger out of her ass.

Heather's pussy was on fire and she needed a cock in her and at that moment she didn't care who it belonged to. Matt and Joe moved Heather cautiously over Matt's torso and slowly lowered her body onto his. Matt pushed the helmet of his cock at her open cunt lips. Heather moaned as she lowered her torso and felt the marvelous cock thrust inside her. Matt held her shapely hips as Heather felt his rod go into her pussy like a knife through warm butter. The two of them began to fuck, up and down, in and out. Heather's sexually charged body spasmed each time she descended onto the wonderful weapon that was finally hammering her pussy. Finally she was getting what she craved, a good fucking and now she was ready to give in to any abuse of her body by these two naughty boys. Heather then felt Matt's wonderful finger re-enter her ass which heightened her thrills even more.

"Oh yes, yes, ah," Heather gasped and Matt had to hold his finger firmly in Heather's bottom as she bucked furiously up and down on his penetrating cock in her cunt.

"Come on Mrs. Van, you want it, you want two cocks in your body, fucking you hard, going right up inside you together. Come on say it, say what you want," Matt and Joe said enticing her.

"Yes, yes, go on, please, fuck me, both of you, fuck me in my ass too," Heather cried out.

Heather felt Matt's finger gradually slide out of her ass although it didn't stop her from continuing to enjoy the big cock thrusting up into her as he held her hips and brought her down on him every other second. The solid hardness of Joe's wonderful rampant cock was now prodding between her ass cheeks and Heather felt it touch her anus. Joe put his hands around her waist to steady himself as his cock at her rear pushed hard against her ass. It opened her anus beautifully and slowly moved into Heather's body. She felt so wicked and so erotic as if she were high on a sexual drug. She was in heaven, just pure heaven. Slowly and surely, Joe held Heather's waist and pushed in and out, each time going in a little further until his penis was deep inside Heather's bottom. His pubic hairs brushed against her shapely bottom as his cock filled her asshole. No sounds were audible from Heather as she held her breath with the two big cocks implanted deeply within her. Joe and Matt moved steadfastly and surely up and down, in and out, back and forth. They held to her hips and waist to keep her in place and allowed their cocks to grind away. She was pushing hard down onto Matt as he pounded up into her cunt and she tried to hold herself firmly so that she could get the full benefit of Joe's ass fucking.

"Mrs. Van, do you like it up your ass?" Joe asked her still in disbelief that he was fucking the ass of his dreams.

"Yes, yes, fuck me up my ass," She screamed and then momentarily felt ashamed of her own language.

The boys were controlling their movements very well but Heather was out of control as she raced toward a mind shattering orgasm. Matt and Joe were determined to go on and on, enjoying Judy's mother who was now at their mercy.

"Harder, harder, please just fuck me harder," she was screaming now as two boys just smiled and carried on their rhythmic fucking of her hot body.

The attractive Heather was being fucked up her ass and at the same time up her gloriously ripe cunt. Heather was totally out of control and Joe wanted to enjoy her as long as he could. Joe could hear her gasping and whimpering at the same time as they fucked her with all their energy. Joe could also see that Heather was experiencing a magnificent orgasm which she obviously had no control over. Heather couldn't stop herself. It was stupendous as waves of ecstasy rolled over her causing her body to shake with tremors. Heather's nails dug into Matt's shoulders as she went through her magnificent orgasm, the feelings were unstoppable.

"This is it, just what you wanted. Two cocks inside you at once, two young cocks fucking you at once. What's it like, is it good? Go on Mrs. Van, fuck us both, fuck our cocks at once, feel our hot spunk spurt into your body."

Heather knew that they wouldn't stop until they had shot two loads of cum inside her. It didn't matter though, it wasn't about them now; it was about her. She got those squirmy feelings in her belly again and she knew she was on course for another wonderful orgasm. The two boys were pounding her hard humping her body up and down onto their cocks that were hitting her holes with such force. Heather had never been so erotically abused with two mighty cocks deep in her body.

"Get ready Mrs. Van, we're going to cum inside you," Matt said.

Heather had lost all control over her actions. The boy's actions were such that Heather knew that this time they would truly not stop until they had both ejaculated again and she received their powerful loads gushing into her. Heather was already tender and it was still early in the day. She knew she was in for a long day given the recuperative powers of the young studs.

Joe suddenly stopped thrusting into Heather's bottom and held onto her tightly. She could feel a warm sensation inside her ass and she realized that the first ejaculation was being fired into her. Matt did not slow up but she knew he was close as well. Matt grunted from under her and almost stopped completely as he held Heather's body down firmly on his thighs. A few more short strokes and he pushed up into her body groaning as his spunk gushed into his girlfriend's mother's cunt. She could feel the liquids spurt up into her pussy and her ass and then the two cocks rested within her.

The excitement had pushed Heather over the top again and, she frantically rubbed her clit against Matt's cock while it was still hard in her. Heather didn't care as she had climaxed again and again, over and over beautifully, erotically and shamelessly.

Heather was ravaged over and over that day as the boys stayed with her until they both had a shot at her ass, pussy and mouth. Heather felt cum drenched and she knew that each of the boys had cum at least four times before they were done with her. Heather had countless orgasms and she couldn't remember when they stopped fucking her and left her alone in bed. She then dozed briefly as cum dried on her ravished body.

Matt and Joe had jumped in the pool naked and then come back into the house to dry their bodies and get dressed. Heather knew that her next door neighbor Joe would now be relentless in his continued pursuit of her ass. Heather would endure the two boys the remainder of the summer until they left for college. She could only hope that Joe would be a discreet neighbor.


Two days after the double fucking of Heather, Matt was home thinking about what he would do that day. Joe wasn't home so he wouldn't be playing hoops. He knew that Judy and her mother were gone for the day. He decided to go for a swim anyway even though no one would be home at Judy's house. Matt had a light late breakfast and then headed over to his girlfriend's home to use the pool and hang out in the sun. Matt let himself in as he always did and walked out to the pool deck. He stopped in his tracks when he saw a woman sunbathing.

He cautiously and quietly approached the woman who he thought at first to be Mrs. Van. She was lying on her belly in a thong bikini bottom with her bikini top untied. She had a slender body with a marvelous ass. She looked remarkably like Heather but Matt knew it wasn't. Then he surmised that it had to be Judy's aunt. Judy had mentioned her aunt on one occasion and Matt was certain that it was her. He remained still and took in her curves. He was looking at another great ass and thought to himself that great asses ran in their family. Just then the woman turned her head and she spotted Matt standing there gawking at her.

"Can I help you?" she asked nervously without moving.

"Sorry, I'm Matt, Judy's boyfriend. I didn't know anyone would be here today. I just came over for a swim but I'll leave you alone," Matt replied.

"Nonsense Matt, take your swim and hang out of you like. I'm Sarah, Judy's aunt. Heather is my sister."

"I can see the resemblance," Matt stammered as he glanced at her ass again.

Sarah caught his eyes and she smiled. "I borrowed one of my sister's bikinis."

Matt peeled off his tee shirt and kicked off his sandals. "I'm going to swim for awhile."

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