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Anal Toys for Men


When I was growing up I always had a steady girlfriend and our sex life was pretty normal. There was the occasional anal sex but basically it was missionary position, her on top, doggie, and oral (me giving and me receiving). I would say that our sex life was pretty normal. After we broke up, sex with the next girlfriend/s was basically the same as the first one.

Then I met this one gal that was very open- minded. Her experience in sex was just like mine but she has a vivid imagination. She had fantasies and was expressed them openly. One of her fantasies was to fuck a guy. Me being so naïve, I had no idea what she was talking about.

I asked her, "How are you going to fuck a guy if you are a gal?"

She replied, "I would strap on a plastic cock and fuck him with it!"

I had no idea what she was talking about plus I have never had anything in my ass. The next time during sex she inserted 1 finger into my ass. It took some getting used to but I eventually did enjoy it. In due time she inserted another then another one until she had 3 fingers in my ass. Once I gotten used to 1 finger, 3 fingers were easy. She used to get so wet just inserting fingers into my ass. She told me she wanted to do more. Me being so naïve I had no idea what she was talking about. She again told me about her fantasy of fucking a guy. She then went to the fridge and took out a carrot. Of course my eyes popped out of my head and I asked her "what do you think you are going to do with that?"

She lubed it up and slowly inserted it into my ass. Of course it took a while but once I gotten used to it, it felt really good. She actually came just by inserting the carrot into my ass.

We did some research on the net to see what toys were better for the ass then others. The most popular toy was the butt plug. One day we were in the car and we passed a xxx store and she wanted to go in. I pulled over and we went in and she went directly towards the toys. She picked up a medium size butt plug and we bought it. That night and the next few sessions were amazing. I wouldn't say we used the toy or even did anything with my ass every time we had sex but it was a nice addition. Since then we have broken up but I still held onto the toy.

I wanted to pass a few suggestions to you guys if you are thinking about buying a toy for your ass or even your partner's ass.

1.Plug - Toy should have wings. What I mean is that we have all heard of the horror stories where people were rushed to the emergency room because they got something stuck up their ass. Well, wings prevent the toy from getting sucked up. Butt plugs basically come in two different shapes (smooth and rigid) but they do come in different sizes (sm, md, and lg) and also come in vibrating and non-vibrating. These toys are great if you do like to have a seat and not worry about it getting sucked in.

2. Dong - A lot of guys think that using a dong means they are gay because basically a dong is a cock shaped toy. This is totally not the case. It just gives you a different feeling then a plug but it is just as good. The plug tapers in at the bottom before the wings so once it is inserted all the way, it stays there. A dong on the other hand is a molded cock. It has a head and a shaft so if you stand up, it just might slip out. The good thing is that most of them do have balls therefore the balls will prevent the toy getting sucked in.

3.Vibrator – the good about a vibrator is that it does what it says it does and that it vibrates. The bad thing is if left unintended it might get sucked up. I would recommend them but just be careful.

As for me, I will tell you a little something about my collection. I do have a medium size plug and a 6" dong. Of the two I do like the plug the best because there are times I do like to keep the plug inside of me for more then just masturbating. I sometimes like the feel of being filled.

Does having a toy make me gay? Absolutely not! I am very hetero but I do have a curious side to me. I am single but I do have a girlfriend. You know how the dating scene goes. You might have a girlfriend today and tomorrow you are single again. My present girlfriend does not know about my curiosity and will not understand it but ex-girlfriends have known about it and was ok with it. I am very open minded and like I told one of my ex-girlfriends I will try anything once. I do not know if my thoughts will eventually become reality or they will remain as just fantasies but time will tell.

If anyone has any questions you can always email me.

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by Kevinlovesitall05/22/18

Thank you

Good information for a beginner !

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