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Analysis Paralysis


You wake in the morning. Turning toward the man whose bed you're sharing, you see that he's still asleep. No surprise; you and he were up quite late, enjoying each other. You're ready for another round, but he shows no sign of waking. He's gorgeous lying there beside you; you want to touch him, but don't quite dare. And so your inner debate begins.

Kiss him.

"I can't. He's sleeping."

Wake him up, then.

"He was so tired last night. I don't want to bother him."

You wouldn't be bothering him. He wants you as much as you want him. Didn't last night prove that?

"Yes, but he wants me while he's awake. He hasn't been feeling well, he said. He needs his sleep."

And you need to touch him. So give him a kiss.

"That would wake him up."

Exactly. How do you know he isn't waiting for you to wake him? You know what his fantasy is.

"Yeah. To wake up with his cock in a woman's mouth. But I can't do that."

Start small. Kiss his shoulder.

His naked shoulder is tantalizingly close to your mouth. His skin is so smooth, the tattoo on his upper arm so sexy, you want to touch your lips to it. But...

"He might not want to wake up yet. It's early."

He's lying next to a naked woman. Of course he wants to wake up. I bet he's got a hard-on in his sleep, just knowing you're here.

"I need to go to the bathroom. Maybe when I get back, he'll be awake."

You slip out of bed, careful not to make too much noise or movement, and leave the room. When you return, he's still asleep, lying in the same position as before. You slide back under the covers and stare at him.

"He is so hot... I can't believe we spent the night together."

If he's so hot, wake him up! He didn't have you stay over so you could lie here questioning yourself.

You gently put your hand on his shoulder. He stirs, but doesn't wake. Emboldened, you put your arm around him, bringing your body closer to his. Still he sleeps.

"Damn it. I thought that would wake him up."

Wake him with a kiss, Princess Charming.

"Ha, ha, very funny." You study his face, the long-lashed eyes still closed, the sensuous lips... "I wish I could kiss him."

You can. It's easy. Just put your lips against a body part..

"But that will wake him up."

No duh! That's what I'm telling you to do! Wake him up and fuck his brains out.

"Yeah, right."

Okay, wake him by fucking his brains out. Isn't that the rest of his fantasy? A woman sucking his cock and then riding him while he's sleeping, so he wakes up inside her?

"Yeah, but I can't do that. It would just seem wrong. Besides, he's only been sleeping a few hours. He needs his sleep."

He needs you to make a move on him. Be a woman, would you?

You start to kiss his shoulder, but stop yourself. He moans slightly in his sleep. Is he waking? You hold your breath for a moment, then release it when his eyes fail to open.

This is ridiculous. How hard is it to just kiss the guy, for crying out loud?

"Obviously pretty hard. What if he gets mad at being woken up?"

What if he gets mad because you don't? Honestly, you've spent the night with a guy before.

"Yeah, but not this guy. And the others woke up before me."

Just kiss him, for pete's sake! It isn't frigging rocket science! You've been planning for days to help him fulfill that fantasy of his, and now you won't even kiss him? Chickenshit!

"Yep, I am." You touch his hair. "He's sleeping so soundly. I can't wake him up."

Fine. Just lie there and be bored then. I give up.

You snuggle against him, hoping that he'll wake up soon. Closing your eyes, you try to sleep again, but have no luck.

"Maybe I should wake him up."

Go for it. But I'm done trying to talk you into it.

He turns toward you and opens his eyes. "Good morning," he says. "Have you been awake long?"

"No, not really," you lie.

"Good." He pushes back the covers and gets out of bed. "Go ahead and watch TV or something. Make yourself at home. I'll be out in a minute." He walks away and shuts himself in the bathroom.

You go to the living room and turn on the TV. Curling up on the couch, you mentally kick yourself.

Opportunity lost.

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