The author created the illustrations in this story. They were not "found" or "acquired."

* * * * *

Lindie slept for most of the flight. Not only was it her first time in First Class, it was also her first time flying in an airplane. She thought she might have been excited and full of wonder at the concept of "modern" flight, but she quickly became bored and tired. The idea of sitting in this machine while it climbed, then descended hours later, seemed quaint. She instinctively felt flying was meant to be more graceful. As she closed her eyes, she wondered when she became such an expert on the subject.

She was awoken by the sound of the landing gear locking into place, but didn't open her eyes. Next to her, she felt the burning stare of a man in his forties. She inhaled slowly, but not deeply. Her uncanny sense of smell went beyond any natural ability. She could learn a person's life story in one breath, and could almost see the face of every person with whom they'd ever made contact.

Lindie's eyes were looking directly at the man as they opened.

"Getting an eyeful?" Lindie asked quietly. The man froze, embarrassed.

"I'm so sorry." He said. "You have the face of an angel. I don't think I've ever seen anything – I mean anyone – so beautiful."

Lindie knew he meant it. She could tell he was reasonably nice, both in looks and in his heart. And, he really had been looking at her face.

"An angel, huh?" Lindie smiled. Not quite, she thought to herself. "Are you trying to get into my pants, or something?"

"No! I mean, yes. No!" the man replied, shocked. "I'm happily married. I just… when I saw you… I just…" The man was beside himself.

"Can I tell you a little secret?" Lindie asked as she leaned closer to him. Her breasts pressed together creating hypnotic cleavage.

The man leaned closer to her, trying not to stare at her young, yet ample bosom. Lindie gently turned his face toward hers. She closed her mouth and exhaled deeply through her nose. As the air left her nostrils, the man inhaled deeply.

He remained motionless as he ejaculated several times in his pants. His loins spasmed uncontrollably as his first orgasm was immediately followed by a second and third. She savored the aroma the way most people enjoyed the smell of freshly brewed coffee.

The flight attendants made their pre-landing preparations and Lindie brought her seat to the full upright position. The man next to her sat back and stared at the headrest in front of him.

"What was that?" he whispered slowly, not expecting anyone to answer.

"Heavenly?" Lindie asked.

"Not what I was thinking, but now that you've said it… Yes." The man continued in a whisper. "Heavenly." His face turned white. "I'm sorry. I'm so sorry. I'm sorry…"

"Relax." Lindie smiled and patted his dry leg. "You're a good man. If anyone asks, tell them you had a wet dream. A very, very good wet dream."

"Are you…" the man trembled as he asked cautiously, and hopefully, "an angel?"

"No, I don't think so." Lindie replied, almost disappointed. Her gaze left his face and drifted to her hands. "I haven't figured out what I am, yet."

Lindie blinked as if removing herself from a trance, and then smiled, knowing the man would forget the conversation in less than a minute.

She quickly stepped up from her seat as the man looked out the window. When he looked back inside the airplane, he had no recollection of Lindie, whatsoever.

Lindie waited patiently for her check baggage to be deposited on the luggage carousel. An international flight had also just landed, and the baggage claim area was crowded with people from all over the world. Simple breathing became difficult for Lindie, as each breath drew in the histories of everyone around her. The bombardment of information was almost maddening.

Good people. Bad people. People that could be recommended for sainthood. People that should receive the death penalty. They were all intertwined together. She felt she could right so many wrongs in a matter of seconds, if she were only allowed. But this was not why she was here.

She felt her skin pale as a young Englishman brushed his hand against her thigh in what he meant as an attempt to flirt. His fingers turned from pink to blue to black in a matter of seconds. The sudden onset of frostbite sent the young man into shock.

Lindie found her suitcase and walked as quickly as possible to the terminal exit.

Within an hour, the limo was pulling up to her oldest sister's gated neighborhood. The limo, as her First Class plane ticket, was already paid for.

The elderly limousine driver typed a code into the keypad. The gates opened, and the limo driver drove slowly around one corner, then the next, before stopping in front of Lindie's sister's house. He struggled with Lindie's luggage, and was ashamed when she effortlessly lifted the large suitcase and carry-on bag with one hand.

"Thank you, Renfred." Lindie said. "I'll take it from here."

"What did you say?" The limo driver went white.

"I said thank you." Lindie repeated.

"No, you called me Renfred. My name tag says Ralph." The driver trembled.

"So? That's your name, isn't it?" Lindie said, confused.

"I haven't gone by Renfred in forty years. My mother was the last person to call me that."

The limo driver's hands trembled in tempo with his voice. Lindie could sense that his heart would give out at any moment.

"Thank you, Ralph." Lindie said. "I'll take it from here."

The limo driver immediately smiled as he settled. He tipped his hat, saying, "Goodbye, and please don't worry about a tip." He had been paid well for this job. That night, Renfred once again felt the warm embrace of his mother's arms, and never had to drive a limo again.

Pam looked stunning as she opened the door to greet Lindie. They hugged, and Lindie unwillingly felt all the torment Pam had endured only a week ago. Pam was dressed in a business suit. From head to tow, she exuded style and class.

"Thank you for the First Class ticket," Lindie started.

"It's the only way to fly," Pam answered, pouring herself a drink. Lindie silently disagreed.

"Why did you let it happen?" Lindie was blunt.

"I was lonely. I was bored. I wanted to feel wanted, again." Pam replied.

"And was it worth it?" Lindie asked, her skin losing color.

"That's a cold thing to say, Lindie." Pam held back whatever tears she had left.

For a split second, Lindie contemplated crushing her sister's skull and ripping out her heart to put her out of her misery. She shook as she pushed the thought from her mind, frightened that she had even thought it.

"I'm sorry." Lindie said, her skin turning a golden tan. She put her arm around Pam. "What can I do to help?"

"I don't know." Pam said. "I didn't know who else to call. You've always been smart, and you've always been pretty. Just look at you. How many twenty-"

"Nineteen." Lindie corrected.

"…Nineteen year-olds look like you?" Pam continued. "You can get anything you want, one way or another."

"Is that why you didn't offer to help when mom and dad died? You didn't even come to either of the funerals." Lindie struggled to remain calm. "Nobody's seen or heard from Sarah in six years. But you, Pam – you were here. I could have used your help. I had nobody."

"Well, you seemed to have turned out all right." Pam said as she finished the last of her drink.

"You think so?" Lindie asked as her skin turned almost translucent. She left her bags at the door and walked to the center of the grand room. Color seemed to fade from everything Lindie passed. The walls, furniture, and pictures, all faded to shades of grey. The pleasant sounds of birds chirping and children playing outside were suddenly silenced.

"Oh my God, Lindie!" Pam said, stumbling on her high heels as she stepped backwards.

In a blur, Lindie dashed and caught Pam before she could fall. Pam's arm instantly bruised where Lindie held her.

Lindie looked into Pam's eyes and could see the terror building. She knew her sister had been through a lot, but she hadn't been through hell. Not yet, at least. The opportunity was still there.

"Kiss me." Lindie said.

"What?" Pam cried out.

"Kiss me, Pam. Kiss me the way you kissed David." Lindie demanded as she grabbed Pam's face and pulled her closer. "I can help you. You have to understand that I was sent to help you."

Lindie's eyes began to glow as Pam's gaze met hers. "I think I was made to help you. You just have to trust me."

Pam's lips pressed against Lindie's and their tongues quickly found each other.

Lindie could taste every cock that was ever placed in Pam's mouth. She was envious at the amount of come that had been deposited down Pam's throat, although not for reasons that Pam was ready to understand.

Lindie pulled Pam into her bedroom, knowing where it was as if she had lived there her whole life. She apologized as she removed Pam's clothes, shredding the business suit in the process. Pam was horrified as Lindie pushed her onto the bed.

"This is going to feel a little weird, but unfortunately, it's necessary, sis." Lindie cautioned.

She put her face between Pam's legs and sniffed deeply. She then carefully extended her tongue and lightly licked Pam's pussy.

"Lindie! Don't!" Pam cried.

Lindie knew there was a chance that this experience might break her sister's mind, but she also knew it was necessary to get the answers she needed. The lips of Lindie's mouth pressed firmly against the lips of Pam's pussy as her tongue poked and prodded the inner depths of her sister's sex.

Lindie could taste each of the forty-five cocks that had been placed inside Pam's pussy in her lifetime. Seconds later, she could taste the fifteen that had been pushed into her asshole.

Pam involuntarily orgasmed as Lindie used her tongue to explore her sister's anus.

"Stop it! Stop it, you sick monster!" Pam cried out. "God damn you!"

"Well, I suppose you're half-right. I'm not sick, though." Lindie said seriously. She stepped backwards off the bed and Pam quickly gathered up the sheets to cover herself.

Lindie methodically undressed before Pam, revealing a beautiful, well-developed body.

"Don't worry, you don't have to go down on me, sis." Lindie said quietly. "That part's over. I just think you should know who and what you're dealing with. Somehow, I think you already know what I'm capable of, but I think you should see it for yourself."

Pam's breathing slowed. Even though Lindie was whispering, her voice made the entire room vibrate.

Lindie's skin turned pale, and her eye sockets, fingernails and toenails turned black. Her eyes glowed brightly.

"Okay, this part is going to get a little weird" Lindie said, as if what had transpired so far was normal. She raised her arms and placed her hands behind her head. Her breasts heaved as she breathed quickly and deeply.

"It only started happening a few days ago. Probably the back-up plan if you couldn't afford the plane ticket." Lindie said between grunts.

Pam watched as Lindie brought her elbows to either side of her face, then extended them back again. She repeated this motion a dozen times before a dark shadow appeared behind her. The shadow grew, and then spread, until becoming as translucent as Lindie's skin.

Lindie had wings.

Lindie lowered her arms and allowed her wings to flex, accidentally knocking over a lamp in Pam's bedroom.

"Sorry. I'm still getting used to them." Lindie's fib echoed through the house. "Sometimes they're there and sometimes they're not. They work remarkably well for their size, though."

Pam cried like she was losing her mind, and she probably was. Lindie realized she had precious little time.

"Pam, do you want to be saved?" Lindie's voice thundered.

"What? What do you mean?" Pam pleaded.

"Do you want to be saved?" Lindie said even louder.

"I don't know what the fu-" Pam stopped as one of Lindie's sharp wing tips pierced her left breast, stopping short of puncturing her heart.

"Pamela, I want you to die knowing you will be avenged." Lindie sighed. "But I don't want you to die right now. That choice is yours. Do you want to be saved?"

Pam struggled to unpin herself from the long, sharp tip piercing her breast. Her struggle ceased when another wing tip passed through her right shoulder.

"I cannot over-emphasize the seriousness of this question. I will only ask you one more time…" Lindie said angrily. Her ears suddenly became pointed and turned back.

"Yes! Yes! I want to be saved. I'm so sorry. I've done wicked, terrible things. I'm so sorry, Lindie." Pam cried out, tears rolling down her face to her blood-soaked chest.

Lindie retracted her wings, releasing Pam and causing her to slump in her bed. The holes in Pam's breast and shoulder quickly closed, leaving a faint scar from each wound. The scars would be reminders of what Pam would forget in days to come.

Lindie quickly ran to Pam and held her tightly, but gently. She carried her oldest sister to the shower and rinsed off the blood, then wrapped her in several towels. Pam shivered for almost three hours, teetering on the edge of insanity. Lindie spoke so softly; no human should have been able to hear her. But Pam did.

Pam's shivering slowed and eventually stopped as Lindie explained how those who had wronged her would feel retribution. Their punishment would be more swift and justified than any mortal court could provide.

Lindie allowed Pam to tell her what she already knew.

On the first day after the college party, Pam had sought legal counsel and thought she could put David and his mother in prison, or at least make them pay for what they had done to her, but David had gotten to them, first.

When nobody would take her case, she liquidated as much as she could in three days, hoping she didn't take too long in making her decision.

Pam had never done anything wrong to anyone. She could not believe this was happening to her, and just wanted it all to go away.

She transferred the funds as instructed, and prayed that David would keep his word and not ruin her in the eyes of everyone that she knew.

On the fourth day, the phone calls started.

Friends, colleagues, and distant relatives received a DVD featuring Pam in some of the most intense sexual situations imaginable.

She tried to explain to everyone that she had been drugged, most likely with pentobarbital, but she wasn't convincing. In almost every scene of the DVD, she looked like she was enjoying herself and the man, men, or women she was with.

Some less-scrupulous colleagues even told her that she looked good with a cock in her ass. Others asked where they could buy more copies of the DVD, or if she was going to make it available on a website.

She spoke with the local police, but they wouldn't take her seriously – most of them having already seen the DVD. To them, she was probably an aging porn star looking to make a comeback, making and sending out the DVD as part of some promotional campaign. They figured she was high on something while the DVD was being made, but changed her mind about the deal after she sobered up. It happens all the time, they said. They threatened to charge her with promoting indecency if she didn't vacate the premises.

Fortunately, Pam didn't liquidate everything.

She had money, but not enough to start a new life. Her former friends and colleagues treated her like an outcast, and made every effort to distance themselves from her.

She had nobody.

Pam didn't think of her little sister, Lindie, until the night before last.

She tried to think of how she could get to David, the sexual deviant that he was. She didn't think Lindie would let herself get into a precarious situation with him. Pam thought Lindie would be the only one she could count on to get close enough to hear him say something incriminating, or if necessary, to hurt him.

Pam knew of Lindie's trouble with Trevor Jones. Even if it was only self-defense, she knew Lindie was capable of seriously hurting someone. It wasn't until she had seen her grown-up little sister in the flesh, that she realized how Trevor met his demise.

Hours passed and Pam slowly regained her composure. Within days, she was optimistic. Within a week, she almost seemed hopeful that her life would return to normal. Pam had no recollection of her little sister tonguing her pussy and asshole. The events of that first day were completely removed from Pam's memory, but somewhere in the back of her mind, the image of Lindie with bat-like wings remained. Pam would feel soreness in her shoulder and breast for the rest of her life, never knowing what had caused it.

Lindie, meanwhile, decided to visit David's college.

She learned, early on, the importance of quality fake IDs, sometimes using multiple aliases in one day. She wasn't interested in furthering her academic education, but she felt there was still a lot to learn in this school. She made sure the temporary clerk in Admissions was receptive to her desires. A hypnotic stare, followed by a mind-bending deep-throated blowjob enabled Lindie to attend four classes a day, four days a week – if she so desired.

His name was Roger, and he only worked part-time, but was a full-time junior.

He intentionally made typographical errors on her forms, knowing it would be months before anyone would be able to figure it out.

She was given another ID card, and her name appeared on class rosters, but once everything was sorted out, she would never have existed.

Roger had never experienced a blowjob until he met Lindie, and never imagined a girl would eagerly swallow his come until he met Lindie. He was a sweet boy, with a good heart, and felt guilty that he couldn't do anything for her in return, other than making sure she stayed in school. That's all she asked for, and as far as he knew, that's all he provided. Lindie, however, enjoyed sucking his cock as much as some people enjoyed a chocolate shake.

It didn't take long for Lindie to get noticed by the same young men that took an interest in Pam. Lindie, however, fit right in with the college crowd. They viewed her as one more college girl destined to be dominated.

Lindie was nineteen, and looked her age. She kept her hair in a long ponytail, and only applied very modest makeup. Her pretty face could turn the heads of the most devout boyfriends in high school, and it was no different in college.

Her body, however, was well developed as if she was in her late twenties. Her breasts were round and full, but not quite D cups. She wished they had remained more manageable B's. She knew her breasts would never really sag, so Lindie rarely wore a bra.

Her hips were full and wide, and looked as if they were designed to procreate. But she knew she would never be allowed to have children.

Her pussy hair was perpetually short but unshaven. Lindie attempted to shave her mound, as was the trend. Within a day, the hair grew back exactly as it was prior to shaving. It never grew any longer, and it was always short and soft.

No matter what color she painted her finger and toenails, the polish would be gone and the color would return to their natural skin tone by the following morning. She kept her fingernails tastefully long, and her toenails short and well groomed. Like her older sister, Lindie enjoyed having pretty feet.

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