tagErotic HorrorAnathema II Pt. 03

Anathema II Pt. 03


As was the case for so many people these days, Kenny was struggling to make ends meet. The past several years had become progressively worse regarding finances, and Sarah realized she would have to find work if they were going to maintain some semblance of a comfortable lifestyle. She had tried clerical work, but only the younger girls seemed to get the jobs. She was pretty, but she was also pushing 40. The interviews went well, but once the businesses realized she was a mother of two and could only work certain times on certain days, she rarely received a call back for a second interview. When she did go back for a second interview, she had the feeling it was only for interviewer to undress her with his eyes a second time, and didn't expect to actually get a job.

One older gentleman left his desk during a second interview and asked that she join him on the couch in his office -- to be more comfortable. He was an attractive man in his late 50's, obviously financially successful regardless of the economy, and had a charming presence that probably enabled him to get anything he wanted in life. Within minutes of small talk that had nothing to do with employment, Sarah realized he wanted a blowjob. She wondered how many other younger women had sat on the same couch and sucked his cock, only to find out later they would not be getting a job. The fact that he thought of her in that way, though, caused her pussy to become warm and wet.

She knew there was little chance she was going to get a job as a paralegal for his firm, but Sarah didn't leave when he undid his pants and pulled out a handsome, average-sized cock. She loved her husband, but they were far from monogamous. Kenny had been with several other girls and women, sometimes right in front of her. She had been with another man, also in front of Kenny. But they both loved each other, and knew at the end of each day, they would stay married no matter what.

Sarah slid closer to the older gentleman, kissed him on the lips, and gently held his rigid shaft.

"If I do this, do I get the job?" Sarah asked as she slowly stroked his cock.

"Do what? You haven't done anything, yet." The gentleman smiled and unbuttoned the top button of Sarah's blouse.

"And I won't unless we reach some kind of agreement." Sarah whispered as she leaned down and placed her mouth over the slick head of his dick. She sucked gently, swirled her tongue around the shaft, took a little more in her mouth, and sat back up. A ring of lipstick remained around the shaft.

"Negotiating a deal?" The gentleman smiled. "I'll tell you what... What if I offered you a temporary entry-level position?"

"What does it pay?" Sarah asked, her hand stopping on his cock, and his hand quickly moving onto hers, prompting her to continue.

"That all depends on your qualifications." The man unbuttoned another button on her blouse.

"You have my resume, you know..." Sarah was interrupted.

"Not those qualifications. I want to see what I'm getting. And I want to know your strengths so I know where best to employ you." The gentleman caressed her leg as she continued to stroke his wet cock.

Although the weather had been cooler, Sarah didn't want to have to worry about a bulky coat during the interview. She knew that if she was competing with another woman with similar clerical experience and qualifications, it might all come down to looks. Sarah knew how to look good when she wanted to, and dressed as provocatively as she could for this second interview, while still looking professional. Her legs were still tan and lightly freckled from the summer, so she opted to not wear pantyhose or nylons. Her suit skirt was short, but not too tight. Her high heels were simple, but matched the outfit, and were just high enough to make her calves swell attractively. Her blouse was see-through. Her bra was a white, lacey, push-up that made most women envious of her natural breasts. Her suit top was intentionally a size too small, but no one would ever say it didn't work for her -- man or woman.

Sarah thought for a moment. She looked at him with piercing eyes before leaning over and kissing him again.

She let go of his erect dick and stood up, causing the older gentleman to frown. He had really enjoyed the few seconds her warm mouth massaged the head of his dick.

The frown was quickly replaced with a grin as Sarah took off her suit top and laid it on his desk. She slowly unbuttoned her blouse and unzipped the side of her skirt, allowing it to fall around her ankles. She stepped out of the skirt as she took off the blouse. She walked back to the older gentleman in matching lace bra and panties, her high heels clicking with each step.

"Well?" Sarah asked.

"It looks like we're still negotiating. Continue." The gentleman directed her.

Sarah just wanted to give him a blowjob, and stripping down to her bra and panties was intended to quicken the process, and maybe raise the entry-level salary she was trying to secure.

Her nipples instantly hardened and protruded as she removed her lace bra. Her natural breasts fell, but only slightly, and swayed as she bent down to remove her panties. Her waist was narrow, her thighs were wide, but she was not fat. Her legs were shapely, and her stomach showed no signs of having had two children. Her pussy was tightly groomed, with a faint strip of reddish-blonde pubic hair.

She thought about leaving her heels on, but decided to take them off as well. She hadn't noticed how cold the floor of the office was until she stepped on it with her bare feet, and quickly walked back to the couch and resumed her place next to the older gentleman.

He ran his fingers through her strawberry blonde hair as she resumed a porn star-quality blowjob. He pushed her aside for a moment as he stood up and removed his shoes and pants. He kept his shirt and tie on, though. Sarah knelt between his legs after he sat down again, and licked his inner thighs and balls. The older gentleman asked her to move back so he could stand and fuck her face. She was taken aback by his roughness, but allowed him push his length down her throat.

She had taken bigger down her throat, so she didn't gag. She was becoming concerned, though, that he still hadn't reached orgasm. She had been kneeling close to ten minutes.

Finally, he allowed her to stand and spent the next several minutes groping at her large breasts and full ass. He rubbed her pussy and seemed delighted at her wetness. He used her wetness to lube his fingers before sliding one in Sarah's asshole.

He was a dirty old man, after all, Sarah thought.

The older gentleman squeezed her nipples and bit them lightly. She wasn't as turned on as he thought she was, but she was still enjoying what he was doing to some degree.

"Being a good wife and mother of two, you probably don't have any diseases, right?" The older gentleman asked.

"Of course not." Sarah said, pretending to be angry he would even suggest such a thing. She pushed him back onto the couch and straddled his lap. He grabbed two handfuls of tits as she guided his rigid tool into her pussy. Even after two kids, Sarah's pussy was tight for even the smallest dicks. She leaned over and kissed his ear lobe.

"Want to come in my pussy?" Sarah asked in the sexiest voice she could produce.

She had her tubes tied after her second kid, but he didn't need to know that. He was in heaven, having expected another blowjob from a desperate housewife, and instead, getting to fuck her and her being a willing participant. He had received blowjobs from a lot younger women -- and a few girls -- recently, but Sarah was all woman, and extremely fuckable, as he would tell her later.

"Do you want me to?" The older gentleman asked, almost nervously.

"This time. But next time, I'd like you to come in my ass." Sarah said as she tightened her pussy around his shaft. She was rewarded with the warm feeling of semen being injected inside her.

She bit her lip hard enough to cause it to bleed, and wiped her mouth with his hand.

"So, what position did I just earn?" Sarah asked as his cock deflated and plopped out of her pussy. "Secretary? Paralegal? Personal assistant?"

The older gentleman frowned and helped Sarah off his lap. He stepped back into his pants and fastened his belt.

"Well, it's like this," he said, looking at the floor for a long while before looking back up at her. Sarah was sitting naked on his couch with her legs crossed in a lady-like manner. "I don't really have a position for you."

Sarah let him continue, seemingly not the least bit upset.

"I put the add in the paper and online, and of course by word of mouth, because I like getting blowjobs and almost everyone is willing to give me one. You, sweetheart, were willing to give me more, and I admire that."

Sarah stood up, leaving a small puddle of come on the leather couch. "Could you toss me my bra and panties?" She asked. He did as she asked.

"Are you upset?" The older gentleman asked. "I was worried you'd storm out of here."

"Like this?" Sarah asked. "No, I'll get cleaned up and dressed first, if you don't mind. Besides, we're still negotiating."

"But, I told you that..." he started.

"I know what you told me, but I think it's time I tell you something." Sarah wiped down her thighs with her blouse and threw it in the trashcan. Her bra and panties followed. She stepped into her skirt, zipped up the side, and then stepped into her heels. She walked over to his desk and retrieved her suit top, leaving it unbuttoned as she walked closer to him so he could clearly hear her whisper.

"I think that was worth at least two." She said.

"Two hundred? You want me to pay you, whore?" He started to back away, but Sarah grabbed his tie and pulled him up against her tits. She was easily five inches taller than him in her heels.

"Not two hundred. Two thousand. And I'm now your personal assistant, on retainer, and will be given a check every month whether I fuck you or not." Sarah smiled and felt his cock becoming hard again through his pants.

"What makes you think I'll agree to that? I can have you thrown out, whore." He almost stuttered.

"Call me a whore again, and I'll scream loud enough to burst your eardrums. I will run out of here asking for the police and I'll go into great detail about how you raped me." Sarah kissed him on his forehead. "That's what makes me think you'll agree to that."

The older gentleman pieced it all together. There was a plethora of DNA to choose from, and her blood, even though just a little, was on his hands. It wasn't going to look good for the firm to have this woman running out of the office half-naked.

"Still negotiating, right?" He asked.

"Only if you sweeten the deal." Sarah said, unzipping his fly.

The older gentleman allowed Sarah to squat before him and blow him again. This time, he filled her mouth with come within seconds. She stood back up and he gestured to wipe the corner of her mouth and her cheek where some come had splattered.

"Leave it." Sarah said in her sexy voice.

He began to put his flaccid cock back in his pants.

"Leave it out. I'm not finished with it, yet." Sarah purred. "What do you have in mind?"

The older gentleman could smell his come on Sarah's breath. She was close enough to kiss him as she reached down and stroked his shaft back to erection.

"I'm waiting." She whispered.

"I can pay you two thousand today, but I'm not sure I'll be able to explain the cost every month." He said, ashamedly. Sarah knew it was an act, but so far, she was two thousand dollars better off than she was an hour ago. Anything else was going to be a bonus, in her opinion.

"Go on." Sarah said, as she placed his hands on her breasts.

"What if I could recommend others to you?" He asked. Sarah squeezed his cock in her hand and he let out a yelp. "Not like a pimp or anything!" She relaxed her grip. "Just as a referral... for interviews, if you will."

"Not good enough." Sarah let go of his cock. "I'm not a whore. I really wanted a job. I really needed a job. In about thirty seconds, I'm going to run out of here, and your firm will be less one partner."

"An escort!" He whispered sternly. "Okay? An escort service. You're not a whore, alright? I know you're not a whore." She definitely fucked like one, he thought. "You can be your own boss, and I can give you recommendations regarding clients."

"And?" Sarah asked.

"And?" He asked back.

"And you'll keep me on retainer as your personal assistant, with a paycheck every month." She said.

"How much? And for how long?" He asked.

"One thousand, for now. And as for how long... until I get tired of sucking your cute cock." Sarah bent down to blown him again, but he stopped her.

"Deal!" He exclaimed. "Now, you should probably go. I have to figure out how I'm going to cover a thousand dollar expense next month."

"And the month after?" She asked, squatting back down before him.

"And the month after." He said, his eyes closed, head lifted toward the ceiling. "And the month after that."

Sarah swallowed his ejaculation easily, and then sucked one last time while looking up at him. She knew what he liked, both physically and visually. She stood up and straightened out what little clothes she was wearing. She ran her fingers through her hair, reached into her purse and found her lipstick, and then paused for a moment before reddening her lips. She walked back to the older gentleman and kissed him fully. He didn't seem to mind the taste of his come on her tongue.

"I can take a check -- next time." Sarah said between kisses. "This time, I want cash."

He gently pushed back from Sarah and walked to his desk. He unlocked a lower drawer, counted a few bills, and relocked the drawer.

He placed the bills in an envelope, and then placed the envelope on his desk.

"We're not going to have any trouble, right?" He asked. "If your husband finds out, he's not going to create a scene is he?"

"My husband is a very understanding gentleman, not unlike yourself." Sarah said, smiling as she picked up the envelope. "He's going to be okay with this, as long as you live up to your end of the deal."

The older gentleman said nothing. Instead, he escorted Sarah to his office door which he had locked, unlocked it quietly, and nodded goodbye.

Sarah nodded back, walking confidently past the other offices, and finally past the secretary's desk. The secretary realized Sarah was no longer wearing her blouse, or her bra.

"Am I out of a job?" The secretary asked.

"Not yet." Sarah smiled as she walked out the main door.

When Sarah walked through the front door of her home, Kenny was in the kitchen, rifling through the refrigerator looking for something that might resemble dinner. When he looked up and over the refrigerator door, the sight of Sarah barely dressed and obviously freshly fucked made his cock swell and his stomach turn.

"What did you have to do?" Kenny asked.

"Not much." Sarah said. "Kids out playing?"

"Yeah, they went to the Russell's to check out the new gaming system. They'll be home in an hour or so." Kenny said. "Did you blow him?"

"A few times." Sarah said as she pealed off her business suit and kicked off her high heels.

"Fuck him?" Kenny asked.

"Once. Technically, the other three times, he fucked me." Sarah smiled. "Don't worry. Your pinky finger is bigger than his little prick on a good day."

"Was it worth it?" Kenny asked, slightly upset, but getting over it.

Sarah handed him the envelope. Kenny counted the money inside, and then handed it back to Sarah. "I'm sorry. I'm sorry you had to do that."

"Kenny, you know we're about at our limit on credit card debt. We talked about this, remember?" Sarah reached for his hand and pulled him into their bathroom. She let go long enough to turn on the shower, and then reached for his hand again. She guided his hand to her wet pussy and pushed two of his fingers inside. "Whatever we can do to make ends meet, right? It just so happens I'm marketable in a certain market. I'm on the payroll, for now. That'll take care of the tax forms, but if we're going to have any savings, I'm going to have to do this again."

Kenny instinctively rubbed her clit with his thumb and forgot all about the other man's come covering his fingers.

"When will enough be enough?" Kenny asked.

"Whenever you tell me to stop, dear. I'll be careful. We'll be careful. And I'll stop when you tell me to." Sarah pulled off his shirt. When she bent down to pull down his shorts, she was rewarded with a short, fat cock hitting her in the face. It may not have been the longest piece of man meat that's ever been inside her, but it was definitely the fattest and thickest.

Within seconds, they were both in the shower. Sarah was bent over, and Kenny was fucking her harder than he had in months. They finished just in time as their kids came home wondering if they were going out again for dinner.

Over the next several weeks, Sarah went on dozens of "second interviews" thanks to word of mouth. Some were exactly that: interviews. Others were very similar in nature to her first encounter with the older gentleman. She would suck all of them professionally in the workplace, and on several occasions, she allowed the businessmen to fuck her during their negotiations, ending the interview with a substantial amount of cash and an agreement for future income in exchange for discretion and a quiet exit.

She still told Kenny as much as he wanted to hear about each "interview" but she hadn't told him that not all of the interviews ended with her getting paid after getting laid. In hopes of garnering more and better business, she performed a few "freebies." Sometimes, that led her to penthouse offices where the payoff usually tripled whatever she had normally received.

"I have another referral for you." The older gentleman said on the phone.

"Which firm?" Sarah asked in her business voice.

"Not a firm. A gentleman. He's at the hotel on 9th. You know... the big, fancy one." He said, tiredly.

Sarah had sucked his cock for over thirty minutes earlier that day, and then made him masturbate while she rubbed her pussy and asshole on almost every piece of furniture in his office. She was quick to run over and put his dick in her mouth as soon as he was ready to climax, though. She had become very good at not leaving puddles of his come on the leather sofa again.

"Never been there, but I think I can find it. Anything I should know?" Sarah asked.

"Yeah." The older gentleman cleared his throat. "Wear a little black dress, no underwear, and shave your cunt." He gave her the room number, the time to show up at the lobby, and the gentleman's name.

"Anything else?" Sarah asked, unable to hide the nervousness in her voice.

"He's a big fish. If you score with this guy, I'd like to call it even between us.

You'll have plenty of money." The older gentleman said on the phone. "He's not like normal businessmen, so be careful. Play your cards right, though, and you'll do alright."

He hung up the phone, hoping he took care of his little financial problem, and that he'd never hear from Sarah again.

Kenny was beside himself as he watched his wife shave her pussy for another man.

"It's for you, too, Kenny." Sarah looked up after admiring her work. Kenny admired it, too. Even after two kids, Sarah's pussy looked beautiful. She was blessed with absolutely no stretch marks, which she insisted was hereditary.

"Sure it is." Kenny said, giving a fake smile. "Are you taking the truck?"

"Not this time. In fact, I was going to ask if you could give me a ride. I'm apparently going to an interview at some fancy hotel." Sarah said, trying not to crush Kenny any more than he already had been. "I may have to spend the night, so just tell the kids I'm visiting a friend."

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