Anatomy Ch. 01


It was that time of the year again - dead week. The whole campus was in a state of panic with having only a couple of days left before our fates were determined by the dreaded finals that we neglected to give a shit about the first four months of the semester. I knew better than to try to study at my apartment where my boyfriend was doing everything in his power to redirect my focus from anatomy and physiology to his more adult version of the subject. So it was time to head to the library. What to wear? I couldn't just dress for outside weather (which of course was an amazing 85 and sunny) because inside the library was always freezing cold, but I didn't want to have to change again later. I slipped on a modest black skirt that fell about two inches above my knee and simple white tank top that I layered with a soft pink sweater. In my bag I packed my anatomy books and study guides, loaded up on highlighters, pens, and flash cards, and rolled up a small plush blanket to keep my legs warm. With nothing else to procrastinate with I kissed my boyfriend and headed out.

I felt the intense heat as soon as I stepped out the apartment door so before jumping on my bike I decided to take off my sweater and packed it too for the icebox. I cursed the timing of finals for interfering with what would be such a great day to just lay out on the parade ground and start tanning season a couple of weeks early. Usually my boyfriend and I would go out with a couple of books and just blissfully lay there while the poor souls who took intersession classes walked past and hated us for our freedom. We also liked to see how many people we could make blush with a little bit of teasing and PDA. This was secretly my favorite part of lying out with him since I have a natural dark olive complexion and stay decently tan year round. I love exciting him in public and even more so being watched by strangers. Their varied expressions, be it shock, embarrassment, outrage, intrigue, or my personal favorite arousal always awakened the little exhibitionist in me and made me crave their attention all the more.

So while I was laying face down, I would maybe untie the strings of my bikini to let their imaginations wander, or shimmy the bikini bottom down a little lower to give them a peak of what I've been told is quite an immaculate ass. These moves also immediately prompted my boyfriend to decide it was time for a new coat of tanning oil, a win-win for me. He'd sit up and straddle my ass, squirt the oil in his eager hands, and give me a to die for massage making sure to not leave any spot unattended – especially my sides where my DD boobs rested slightly peeking out the sides of my bikini top. By the time he made his way to my peek-a-boo tits, I could already sense and feel his excitement poking me, begging to be released from the restriction of his couldn't-get-any-tighter shorts. Maybe it was his arousal or maybe it was the crazy heat, but I swear I could feel his hard cock throbbing on top of me; either way I liked it. He also spent extra time and attention on my legs with a strong emphasis on the space between my thighs. I loved the feel of his big hands all over me mixed with the silkiness of the oil and the hot sun melting the sensations all together. Every now and again I would feel a finger (or two) slide over my already moistening pussy lips and swollen clit. Oh my god, this pushed me over the edge every time and I couldn't keep myself from gasping in excitement at the intense stimulation such a small motion elicited. He would giggle and sarcastically "apologize" for his indecent transgression as I turned back to give him a dirty look, but I was already plotting what his punishment would be...

I gave a deep sigh and lifted my leg over my bike anticipating the end of finals, and as I pressed myself firmly on my seat I noticed that just thinking about the upcoming fun my boyfriend and I would be having got me a little hot and bothered. I gave a sly grin and pushed the thought to the back of my head knowing I had to focus on the task at hand. I just need to get through finals! So I left the apartment and went on my way to the library. Though there wasn't a breeze to speak of, going downhill I had to catch the back of my skirt a few times from flying up. After numerous futile attempts to keep from flashing the campus, I saw group of guys approaching and I decided what the hell, let them look! I saw one of them nudge his friend to direct his attention on me and sure enough as I passed them I felt my skirt drift above my bike seat. I felt myself get hot in the face, probably blushing, and couldn't believe how naughty I was being, all because of my fantasizing about my next tanning session! Good thing I had panties on, lucky for them it was only a tight black stringy thong. The boys whistled and called back at me but I just turned to flash a smile and carried on to the library. This truly was not being a very productive day!

Once there, I reluctantly locked up my bike knowing there was no turning back until all of my studying was done. I walked into the icebox and the air conditioning hit me all at once. Before going to the elevator, I decided to make my last move at desperate procrastination by hitting up the coffee shop for a chocolaty frozen drink. I got to the front of the line and placed my order. I noticed the guy behind the counter making my drink was doing an awful lot of staring and was making an obnoxious amount of small talk about the weather and the semester coming to an end. It didn't take long for me to follow his gawking eyes to my tits. Of course, my nipples were at full attention poking straight through my white tank top already. He must have noticed me catch on to his lack of subtly because he quickly shut up and handed me my drink, with extra whipped cream and chocolate syrup carelessly drizzled all over. Instead of being annoyed by the amount of horn dogs I was running into today, thanks to the mood I put myself in, I just smiled at him and when I went to grab a straw I made sure to bend over extra low to give him a nice angle down my top exposing my cleavage, tightly wrapped in a black push up bra. His lips parted, eyes widened, and his face turned bright red and I just pictured the boner he was probably trying (and failing) to will away. I got what I wanted, so I left.

I stepped off the elevator and onto the third floor of the library. It was nowhere near as crowded as I thought it would be, but there were still a few heavily populated spots with people who didn't quite grasp the concept of a library and talked openly. I went straight to the back by the art books where I knew I could study in peace. There was one girl and one guy in the general area and both seemed pretty focused on whatever they were preparing for so I sat down at a table across from them. Before removing a single book from my bag, I grabbed at my sweater and pulled it over my head and decided to save the blanket for when I really needed it. Here we go. I reached for my anatomy book and diagram sheets to start the short-term memory games. I hammered away highlighting the "more important" structures according to the study guide and came up with goofy ways of remembering their locations. Before I knew it an hour had passed and I was hardly a fraction of where I wanted to be. The silence was broken by the girl sitting across from me getting up from her table and pushing in her chair to leave, lucky her. It was just the one guy and myself left back there. I saw him look up for a moment but he quickly returned his attention to his book. He made me miss my boyfriend. Not because I was obviously still pretty horny and naughty library sex was definitely on the to do list, but because I liked studying with him and coming up with ways to make things more interesting. Nursing school future or not, anatomy was fucking boring and I so badly wanted something to distract me even just a little. Oh well... I did this to myself and left him behind just for that reason.

Might as well make myself comfortable because it looked like I was going to be there for a while. I slipped my shoes off from my feet and the feel of the cold bare floor on my naked feet was amazing! I realized I had never been shoeless in the library before, not that it's such a big deal, but it definitely felt at least a bit more liberating. I pushed my chair back to stand up and reposition myself and as I sat back down I felt the wooden chair make contact with my thighs, again my perverted skirt was malfunctioning. I began to make the effort to bring it back under me but something stopped me at the last minute. This too was a new and even more liberating feeling. I sighed out loud and the guy looked over. This time I quickly broke the eye contact. I didn't want him to know what I was doing. I looked down, rubbed my feet on the floor, and continued reviewing my notes.

After yet another hour had passed I wanted to take a little break and got onto iChat to see if by chance my boyfriend was on. He was.

"Studying hard I see" he joked.

"Trying to..." I responded.

"Oh really? And what's the problem?"

"My mind is far from focused on the school version of anatomy right now..."

"Hmmm... why is that?"

So I told him about the dirty tanning thoughts, the flashing on my bike, my hard nipples, the teasing of the CC's boy, and how now I was ridiculously finding myself getting aroused by the contact my body was making with the library.


I was a little ashamed because I wasn't so innocent in my mess of distraction I knew, but I couldn't help myself.

"I don't know..." I told him "maybe I should just close my computer and figure a way to get serious"

"NO!" he immediately responded.

"What then?"

"Obviously the only way for you to move on and focus is to take care of what's been distracting you so much"

"Oh yeah? And what's that?"

"Well... clearly you're really fucking horny, so why don't we have some fun and then you'll be good to go."

I sat for a minute wondering what he could possibly be referring to by "fun".

"Well???" he said impatiently waiting for me to give the verdict.

"I guess that makes sense," I said not knowing what exactly I was agreeing to.

"Of course it does! Now... are you sitting alone?"

"No... there's a guy sitting at the table across from me."

"Can he see you?"

"Ummm... yeah? He's looked up a couple of times."

"Good ☺"

I was getting anxious to see where this was going!

Then he told me, "I want you to take off your panties."

"WHAT?! Why???"

"Just do it and tell me if he looks over."

I sat for a minute again not knowing if I should play along or not. Obviously this wasn't going to give me my A in anatomy, but what else could I do? My naughty girl side was getting in my studious girl side's way, and naughty always wins.


I scooted the chair back to give myself some room to do his dare and be not so obvious about it. I slowly moved my hands up my skirt. It seemed like it took forever to reach the top of my thong, but I eventually got there and lightly tugged at the sides, wiggling discretely. I had gotten them just past my knees when my small movement must have caught his attention! He looked over and I froze. Great. I brought my hands back up to my computer and told my boyfriend I had been busted.

"Does he see your panties?"

"No, they're still at my knees under the table..."

"So let them fall"

I brought my legs in close together and they effortlessly dropped to the ground.

"Now what?"

The guy started yawning and stretching and I didn't know what to do so I just kept my eyes on my computer screen.

"Put them on the table."

I stared blankly for a good two minutes.



"So that he can see them silly"

"Are you serious?"

"Do it."

And so I did. I leaned over to grab my thong off the floor and sure enough we made eye contact. I felt the inside of the thong was very warm and very very wet, perhaps my boyfriend knew what he was doing after all. Putting my faith in him I threw caution to the wind and held up my panties with one finger and let them fall on to the table. To my complete surprise the guy's expression did not change and he still had his eyes locked on me.

Confused, I reported to my boyfriend that I had completed his dare but got nothing.

"Weird... guess you're not as shocking as I thought."

Whoa! "Excuse me? I can be shocking!"

"Then show me."

I looked back over at the guy whose attention was already drifting back to his book and coughed lightly to put myself back in the spotlight. It didn't work. What the hell? Was he trying to ignore me now? No problem, time to step it up. I repositioned myself to be right in his view and started to do some stretching of my own in my chair. With my hands stretched behind me I unhooked my bra and it felt like a weight had been lifted. He still wasn't looking, so I reached into my sweater sleeve and pulled one strap off, then the other. I stood up and put my right hand in the neckline of my sweater to fish out my bra. As soon as I did this I noticed the guy glance over and watch as my big round titties bounced into their natural place. Right next to my panties, I threw my bra on the table. I had his undivided attention.

To prove my shock value I had one last trick up my sleeve; it was time for the sweater to go. It didn't matter how cold the library was because I was on fire. I moved my hands back down to my sides. Then in classic striptease fashion I clinched the bottom of the sweater and slid it up my body inch by inch. My tank top caught on and rose a little above my belly button with the sweater but eventually it fell back down. I didn't care either way; a reaction is what I was after. The sweater came up over my head, messing up my hair in the best way. The flimsy white tank top did not hide anything, it was practically see through and my DD's and dark pointy nipples stretched the sheer fabric to its limits leaving nothing to the imagination. Immediately I saw the guy lick his lips and tighten down with a soft bite to subdue his excitement.

The oral visual stirred something in me and I envisioned my rock hard nipple in his mouth, one of my favorite parts of foreplay. My nipples were extremely sensitive, but that didn't mean they didn't like it rough! There was something insanely erotic about my nipples and my boyfriend could make me cum with the right moves. I loved burying his face in my tits and feeling him have the time of his life while being sure to come up for air every so often. I would start with placing one nipple on the tip of his lips, just barely touching, and move it around in a circle. I would outline his lips until the tickle made them part, thus exposing the wet inside of his mouth that was salivating for a taste of my tits. I'd place my nipple back in the center where his tongue would surface, as it was his turn to tease me. He'd lightly flick my nipple back and forth, exciting every nerve ending there was and after making a few circles of his own, his mouth would close around it, the suction drawing me in closer. With my nipple in his mouth and completely in his control he'd bite down hard, ease up, then suck away the pain. He'd do this over and over again until I was practically pulling his hair out, screaming in pain, and grinding all over his body like a horny dog. Yes, this alone could make me cum so hard without fail. It was time to get back to my boyfriend.

To be continued...

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