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“I’d do anything to get that job.”


“Anything, anything.”

Gaynor watched the monitor. ‘News at 6’ was just on air and already the phone lines were lighting up the operator’s switchboard.

“That Julie Moore must have sucked some cock to get that seat,” Gaynor, the Floor Manager, told her assistant. “She was seen sneaking out of the Editor’s office late last Saturday night by a friend of mine, Joe, the security guard.”

“Never,” denied Taylor, “I don’t believe Julie would mess around. Have you met her husband?”

“Seen him once, why?”

“He’s a hunk, there’s no way she’d risk losing that catch,” protested Gaynor’s assistant.

Julie Moore had been with the station only three months and had already received two promotions, jumping over Gaynor and Taylor in the race for the ‘News at 6’ prize of ‘Anchorman’. The post had always been filled by female ‘Anchormen’ to attract a female viewing audience. The news show dealt with headlines from a woman’s perspective and had proven popular, chasing the program to the top of the news ratings within three months of its launch, four years earlier.

“I’m telling you, she’s fucking the boss.”

“I’ll have to see it to believe it,” Taylor protested the Anchorman’s innocence.

“Well, mark my words, it’ll all come out in the wash. She’s fucking John Purvis”

Two weeks later, Gaynor was called to the Editor’s office.

“Please, take a seat, Gaynor.”

“Thank you sir.”

“Gaynor, I’ve been looking for a fresh face as back-up to Julie. She’s been thinking about covering next month’s Miss World contest in Malaysia. She feels a break from the Anchorman role and a spell at the sharp end might just freshen her image; she’s also pregnant and feels she might not be able to commit one hundred percent over the coming months - I’m sure you understand?”

Gaynor nodded, thinking that this was the break she was looking for; her chance for the Anchorman seat at last.

“So, I’d like your opinion on Taylor.”

Gaynor’s world collapsed. Her personal assistant, Taylor, Anchorman, jumping over her, claiming her seat, claiming her just reward. No, this cannot be right, this cannot be right!

“Umm, I don’t know sir. Taylor has only been here six months and she still has a lot to learn,” squirmed Gaynor. “I mean, yes, she is a beautiful young woman, and she would look good on camera, but… Well, what I mean, sir is, well… To hell with it! I want the job.

“Gaynor, I didn’t realise you would like to be considered,” retorted Purvis, shocked at Gaynor’s sudden outburst.

“Sir, I’ve always wanted to be Anchorman, ever since I set foot on the studio. Sir, I’d do anything, anything for the job.” Gaynor’s lip trembled as her passionate plea sounded from her glossy red lips. She began to cry, a tear first, followed by a sob, then, her head fell into her hands and the flood gates opened.

“Hey, hey, hey,” comforted Purvis, “there’s no need for tears. Really, I didn’t realise you wanted this so badly. I just mentioned Taylor because she used to be Anchorman at college; I thought she might be a logical choice. Listen, how about we take a screen test this evening, after the evening show has aired?”

Gaynor nodded, drying her tears with a handkerchief from Purvis’s blazer pocket. Pulling up a chair, he sat next to her and put his arm around her shoulders, gently patting her arm with his right hand, and placed his left on her thigh. Gaynor hadn’t noticed at first, but when she did, she thought that this might be her only chance at securing the job.

She continued to feign tears now, hoping that Purvis would take advantage of a poor, defenceless young woman. He gently rubbed his left hand on her stocking and slowly, his fingers found the stocking top. She felt him touch the soft skin of her inner thigh as he whispered comforts in her ear.

Purvis saw an opportunity to seduce this pretty young woman, sat weeping in his office. He had no more appointments that afternoon, and his secretary had left as Gaynor arrived. His left hand was busying itself, exploring Gaynor’s stocking covered thigh, and eventually, he built up the courage to take it further, touch the woman’s flesh. After all, she did say she’d do anything for the job.

Feeling bolder, he felt the elastic of Gaynor’s suspender belt and following the tape he could felt her silky panties. Pulling the silk to one side, he brushed his forefinger along Gaynor’s slit. She had stopped sobbing now and had let out a quite sigh as he lightly touched her clitoris, then ran his finger through her vulva, feeling the warm, moist juice that had begun to appear.

Gaynor knew this was her chance. She plucked up courage and decided in a flash to let her boss seduce her. She had broken up with her boyfriend over a month earlier, and she was more than eager to feel a hard cock inside her instead of a plastic vibrator. She let her legs part slightly, allowing Purvis better access. He pressed gently at her opening and slipped a finger into her.

Gaynor lifted her head to face her boss. They kissed, meagrely at first, but soon, their tongues were exploring each other and his hands began to unbutton her blouse.

Purvis stood, lifting Gaynor, and without their lips parting, they continued their French kiss as they fumbled with each other’s clothes. First, Gaynor’s blouse dropped to the floor, followed by the bra. Purvis’s shirt was next. Gaynor fumbled with his belt buckle and soon his trousers were at his ankles. He kicked off his soft shoes and stepped out of his trousers.

Purvis wiped his desk clear of paperwork, pens and the telephone, ‘clash, ping’ it complained as the receiver bounced and stretched the cord. Gaynor laid back and let her boss lift her skirt above her hip. Her black silk panties were torn off by his impatience as he dived onto her pussy, his tongue darting across her clitoris and probing her vagina. She groaned as she felt an orgasm build up from within. His hands squeezed her 36”B breasts, twisting and pulling on her nipples.

Gaynor loved having her nipples played with. Steve, her ex boyfriend, could make her cum just by playing with them. And the excitement now added to their sensitivity. She let out a muffled scream as she tensed and shuddered. Purvis drank her liquid.

His wife loved the way he could control her with his tongue. Long and broad, he could tease her g-spot with his tongue and now, Gaynor was receiving the same treatment.

“Fuck me,” she panted as she felt another orgasm ride from the depths.

Purvis removed his shorts and placed the head of his cock against her pussy. Slipping it into her, inch by inch, he felt her shudder to her third climax in a matter of minutes. ‘This woman is hot’ he thought to himself ‘a regular nymphomaniac’.

Gaynor held her breath as she felt his length penetrate deeper and deeper. She raised her head to watch his cock slide into her pussy. She loved to see her pussy take cock, and in her bedroom, she had Steve fit a mirror on the ceiling. She used to like to lay back and watch herself, legs spread wide, take Steve and watch him pound her pussy, his cute butt tense with every thrust.

She threw her head back as another orgasm ripped through her when Purvis’s cock head pressed hard against her cervix. “Fuck it, fuck it,” she ordered.

Purvis felt her vagina tighten its grip on his cock. He realised he couldn’t hold out much longer, so he thrashed his Floor Manager.

“I’m cumming,” he gasped as his cock pulsed and exploded his semen deep in Gaynor’s pussy.

Gaynor, feeling his cock throb and his semen explode inside, screamed as the intense pleasure of orgasm once again rushed through her.

Purvis pulled away and lifted his shorts. Sheepishly, he took Gaynor’s hand and helped her off the desk.

“Okay,” his whispered, out of breath, “the job is yours.”

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