tagNonHumanAncient Cycle of Lust

Ancient Cycle of Lust

byKev H©

© Copywrited 2006. All Rights Reserved. You may not copy or share this work without my written permission. Please respect creative ownership.


The day I wrecked was a beautiful day. The early morning sun bathed the spring-green hills in a gentle light. Gas mileage be damned, I drove with the windows down, savoring the crisp country air. I was alone on the road, zoned out, humming some unrecognizable song.

Then I saw the tree. Like everyone I have seen many trees, enjoyed the shade, and as a child, enjoyed the view from high in their limbs. But this tree was perfect in its shape, color, even its stark loneliness. I stared at it as the urge to stop battled with the urge to reach my destination.

If you have never been deep in the beauty of nature, away from man's interference, then understanding is difficult. If you have never seen a sight that took your breath away yet gave you a sense of serenity, then you will feel that my reaction was odd. But rather than be embarrassed for it, I am sad that you have never been lucky enough to relate.

The sound of gravel under my tires gave me a split-second warning as I rolled into the shallow ditch. Cussing my inattention, I corrected my drift, but not before bouncing off a large wooden fence post and its barbed wire. Coasting to a stop, I sat there staring at my steering wheel. I knew the paint job would look horrendous, but it was easy for me to shrug off something I couldn't change.

Besides, I caught myself looking at the tree again. I got out of my car and walked across the road to get a better view. It stood alone a few hundred yards from the road. If only I could paint, I'd have found the perfect landscape to capture. Without giving it another thought, I hopped the fence and began walking.

I have always loved being in nature, communing. But this was something more potent, more compelling. This tree had an incredibly rich tint; I wanted to be near it, to touch it. Which is exactly what I did as I approached it.

"Hello," I said softly, looking up at the lush leaves.

"Hi." I started as a woman came around the tree to greet me. Her grin widened as she saw how she had goosed me. I was about to apologize for being on private property when I noticed her naked state. Shapely legs of amber skin, dark bush of curled hair, smooth waist, full breasts with happy nipples, long hair like polished bronze, sweet smile, cute nose, and...I involuntarily took a step back. She had deep green eyes with no whites, all the exact shade of the leaves of this tree.

"Oh, don't be like that," she pouted prettily. "Stay and visit."

I felt drawn to her, compelled to stay. But my rational mind was tied in a knot, so I could only reply, "Umm. I was just saying hi to...umm, this tree."

She giggled. "I know that. And I said hi back. Am I not just as beautiful in this form?"

"So..." I cleared my throat, glancing down again at her demurely closed legs that showed only the top of her pubes. My rational mind was coming up with some strange answers to this situation. "I'm having trouble with this. You're a tree?"

"Of course. I am the tree and I am me," she replied in a singsong voice before reaching up to stroke the base of her left breast. "I love feeling human."

I grasped at understanding. "So you are like its spirit?" This earned a sexy laugh.

"You humans try to divide and separate out components without realizing they are an integral part of the whole, the whole of nature. But if you must have an example, you know how your cock sometimes has a mind of its own?" She glanced meaningfully at the bulge in my pants. My reaction did not surprise me, given her naked beauty, but it was surprising that it happened unconsciously. "I am like that, like the function with all the independence and joy that comes along with it, but no more a separate part of this tree than your cock is separate from you. I can show you far better than I can tell you.

"Come on, touch me," she encouraged, eyes sparkling with her humor. "You won't get splinters." I touched the most neutral place of her I could reach. Here was this incredibly arousing...thing standing naked before me, waiting for me to touch her, and I shyly caressed her shoulder. The skin was amazing, smoother than the finest sanded wood and supple, but definitely not human flesh. It was firmer, as if it was far thicker than human skin.

"Feel this." She stroked the back of her fingers across my cheek. The touch made my erection throb. Then she reached up with her other hand, gripping both sides of my head.


Moody, dark clouds hang heavy in the sky. All colors seem larger than life, the golden grass rippling in the wind, the purple mountains in the hazy distance, the lush green of the lone tree. The woman stands at the base of the tree, hair whipping around her face and bare chest. Standing as serenely as a statue of a goddess, she watches the stranger crest the nearest hill and spot her. This stout man runs to her, furs and unkempt hair billowing in the gusts of wind.

He grabs her arms, spinning her and pushing her to the ground. The woman's gasp of surprise at the rough treatment does nothing to slow the man, who has removed his erection from the top of his crude pants. Spitting in his hand to wet the tip of his cock, the silent one urgently mounts the woman as a stallion mounts a mare. Quickly he thrusts, oblivious to all but the feelings rushing from his cock to his head. Grunting as he begins to come, his eyes go wide with the overpowering sensations. The woman has slipped a hand under her, cupping his balls as he goes rigid inside her. The frenzied man begins to pant and moan as his orgasm empties him like never before, turning his muscles to jelly and pulling him to the ground.

As he recovers, he takes her hand, motioning her to come with him, but she shakes her head. After gazing into her eyes for the first time, he nods in understanding. She watches him recede in the distance before lying down at the base of her tree, fading from view.

Time begins to speed up exponentially, as the clouds race away from the sun. Vibrant green and brown sprouts rise through the grasses all around the single tree. Days and nights begin to blur together. As quickly as they become small trees, more shoots appear around them. Faster they grow until the surrounding hills are covered with a beautiful forest, stretching into the distance.


"Holy shit!" I exclaimed as my awareness became my own again.

With a grin, she explained, removing her hands, "That was my memory. An ancestral memory, you might say, from one of the very first of us." I just stared in shock at her as she leaned in to brush her lips against the skin of my neck. "Ready for more?" She asked softly, licking the lobe of my ear.

When I nodded dreamily, she replaced her hands on my head.


This woman circles a very young man, touching him lightly on different parts of his body. He shivers with anticipation, but every time he tries to embrace her, she restrains him. His erection is throbbing uncontrollably as she kisses his chest and licks his nipples. He groans, on the verge of release, but she grips his cock tightly, preventing it. A thin stream of pre-cum leaks out to be collected on the tip of her tongue.

She leads his hand to her stomach, inviting exploration of her curves. Slowing him when he moves too quickly, she teaches him the joys of patient love in the face of all-consuming desire. She steps back from him, fanning his flame with her sensual gaze, touching herself and rocking her hips. She gives a low laugh of pleasure, as he can wait no longer. He rushes to her, scooping her in his arms and pressing up against the tree, impaling her with his raging lust.


"That was our gift to mankind." She stated, though I needed no comment to understand what had happened and the implication to the future of human sexuality; I was there, having lived the memory in all its eroticism. My body vibrated with tension.

"Please touch me...more," she pleaded with her green eyes locked on mine, "oh, the ancient ties we can share." My earlier discomfort was understood and resolved. I caressed her slender neck, cupped her breasts in shaking hands, as her hands deliberately unbuttoned my shirt, sliding it from my shoulders. Her breathing was coming faster now, which matched mine.

"I have waited twenty lonely seasons," she whispered, "for you to commune and bond with me." Slowly our lips were drawn together, and we kissed passionately.


The full moon is so bright it lights the stone alter like a spotlight; the trees are eerie in their unreal definition against the night. On the altar sits a human woman, scorn marring her otherwise pretty face. She would run but the robed man behind her holds her firmly. Walking slowly toward them from the tree line is a tree spirit in all her naked glory, flaming long hair like a tapestry displaying the wildest colors of autumn.

The woman squirms in his arms, with alarm in her widened eyes. The spirit raises the woman's thick skirts and snakes an arm out of view. The human woman gasps in surprise, eye growing larger in shock. Her knees rise, making the skirts bunch at her waist and reveal the spirit's hand buried in her. She trembles as the spirit lowers a strikingly beautiful face to the gap made by her parted legs. Wails of ecstasy roll into the night as the human woman experiences her first orgasm.


My clothes must have been removed while we shared the vision, while we kissed. She urgently licked my neck as she clasped my raging erection to her belly. My eyes were closed and I was lost in the feelings and the memories that had become a part of my sexual being.

"Come to me, my man." She led me to lie in the shade of her tree. Straddling me, she slid onto my cock, and I felt consumed.


Amidst the snow and the shockingly close sounds of violent battle, two lovers roll on the ground. They bite and suck at each other, leaving spots of glistening moisture. The man has barely shed his uniform before plunging into her. The spirit claws his back, pulling him deep inside her even as she cries for the damage the war is causing her.

"Save me," she cries as he thrusts into her repeatedly. Tears coat his face as he is drawn into her pain and urgency of life. They kiss desperately as he goes rigid inside her. Even as the gunshots, cries of pain and explosions get closer, the man holds her tight, squeezing her with fierce passion. Finally, he separates, replaces his clothing and grabs his nearby rifle.

"You will live," he states with conviction as he turns to go, but he pauses one last time. "Remember me...please, my love." And then he was gone.


Shared emotions coursed through me, and I sensed the vastness of time from their perspective. My vision dimmed as my consciousness threatened to desert me. She was my heaven, clenched to me with the intense fulfillment of her longing, and I was equally aware of the pleasure she felt from me being buried deep in her. The gift meant so much to me; I felt the hot tears on my cheeks. She leaned down to lick them before locking her lips on me again, and I was immediately lost, no longer knowing the difference between past memory and current memory.


The spirit gasps at the moment of penetration. Perfect breasts with their aroused nipples sway from motion of their lust. The man's muscles stand out with the strain as he bucks under her. They both thrash wildly, but it is precise and coordinated on some level that defies logic.

The curve of the perfect hip, the flow of nectar at the place of union, the sounds of drenched passion...


Through the haze of glorious rapture, I could feel my essence throbbing up into her, seemingly without end. A powerful suction kept me from backing away from my high as I rolled from one wave to another in this sea of ecstasy.

As I floated down, I stroked and kissed her in the deepening shadows of late evening.

"My cycle is now complete," she sighed happily in my arms, her hand on my thumping heart. "We breathe rich life into the world, and we have created our own memory." She knew not to thank me, for my reward was equal or greater than hers. As long as my soul has awareness, I will remember the moment and the ancient history with the vividness of a fresh dream.


Each year I visit this spot where our history was made, and I count more small saplings. Life springs with zest from this spot, and I feel joy, a strange fulfillment and protectiveness. As soon as I was able, I bought this entire area, so now I worry less about what could happen.

I relaxed in the shade, closing my eyes and feeling her around me, with me. One day I will be gone from this world, but then again, perhaps not.


My warmest thanks to my proof reader and sounding board, lilredjammies. You are indeed the Sublime Goddess of Grammar.

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