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Ancient Egyptian Love


It is the fourth day of August in the year 50, and I am bored. It isn't easy being the Pharaoh of our wonderful country of Egypt, but I have already been around the new pyramid, and seen that the building was going well, and my young husband Ptolemy has gone off somewhere. I'm so bored! I think I shall probably just call it a day and go for my bath now. I turn round, and see my faithful servant, Femi, standing behind me. "I would like to have my bath now please Femi," I say to her, and as she nods I walk back into my room. It doesn't take long to get the bath ready, as the water is kept outside in the sunshine so it is warm.

"Your bath is ready mistress," says Femi as she walks into my room. She has her head bowed slightly as I walk past her, but I can still see her pretty features. I take in her dark slanted eyes, and her ivory skin. She's easily the second most gorgeous girl in the whole of Cairo, which is why I keep her so close to me. I know she would never betray me though, I almost feel like she is a friend to me. Of course the Pharaoh of Egypt has no friends, only an annoying younger brother husband, but it was my father who approved that. I know she is still behind me as I walk into the bathroom, and my eyes fall upon the bathtub. It is a gorgeous bathtub, with patterned tiles round it and rose petals dropped over it. Femi comes up to me, and pulls the straps of my white dress off my shoulders and lets it slide to the floor. I can feel her slender fingers warm upon my shoulders, then she moves them away.

I walk over to the side of the bath and take the piece of cloth I use to tie my long black hair out of the way so it doesn't get wet. I turn around and can see Femi looking at my naked body. I look at her and take in the sight of her. She has a plain thin white dress on, so I can see her dark nipples erect beneath the fabric. She wears her dark hair to her shoulders, framing the delicate features that make up her face. I go up to the edge of the bath and step into the gorgeous warm water. Femi comes over and starts to wash my body.

I lean my head back and close my eyes as I feel her hands roaming my body. She is washing my shoulders, my neck, my arms, down to my breasts. This is the way she always washes me, but something feels different this time. As she washes me, massaging the soap into my breasts, I feel a low moan escape from my throat. I keep my eyes shut, and I feel my face going red with embarrassment. I hope she didn't hear me. I can feel my heart pounding in my chest underneath her warm hands, but she doesn't seem to change what she is doing, she just lowers her hands to wash my stomach. I can feel myself getting a bit hot now. She starts to wash the tops of my legs, and I let another moan escape me. She now moves her hands to my inner thighs and I can barely contain myself. I'm starting to moan quite loudly now, when she moves her fingers over to my clit and starts to wash that too.

I'm so turned on that I can feel myself getting close, and then I can feel warmth flooding through me as I reach my climax. I open my eyes in just enough time to see her lean in towards me, then I can feel her soft lips against mine. I don't even think about it, I just pull her towards me, so she falls in to the bath with a large splash! But we barely even notice as we kiss compassionately. I lift my hands to feel her breasts through the thin dress, playing with her rock hard nipples, then rip the dress from her and let my mouth meet her right breast. She starts to moan, so I nibble it a bit then I pull her legs apart and I take in a deep breath as I go under water and place my head between her legs. Even under the water I can taste how aroused she is and I let my fingers slip inside her, fucking her with them harder and harder as I flick her clit with my tongue. I only leave her to come up for air, until I feel a shudder run through her body, and I know she has orgasmed. I come back up, and deeply kiss her so she can taste herself. She falls into my arms, and lets out a content sigh, and we sit there catching our breath.....

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