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Ancient Heart


The night sky, clear and cloud free, sparkled with a billion stars. The moon hung near the horizon glowing yellow like a great dragon's eye looking down on the silent forest. A dark form rose high into the darkness wings spread wide, caressing the chill air as they beat in a slow steady rhythm. Spinning in the air she folded her wings and let herself drop like a stone toward the earth. The air sped past her with a rush of sound. At the last possible second she opened her wings and pulled up, gliding low over the tree tops. Her heart beat inside her chest, her blood singing with the joy of her flight.

This was one of the few pleasures left to her. She had searched the world over and found no other like herself. She was truly and utterly alone in a world that had all but forgotten her kind. In her loneliness she would seek out what comfort she could find in the arms of a human lover, but it was never enough. Although somewhere in the ancient past their races had been one, humans had lost their inner spark. They had given up the dragon fire and become bound to the earth. Now they walked when once they had flown, they toiled and labored when once they had been Lords of the sky.

When she could stand her solitary existence no longer she took her human form to lie with one who had caught her eye, but it was cold pleasure. For if she did not keep tight control the dragon fire within would sear and scorch her human lover. That is why, on this night, she flew. She strove to drive the need from her body. It had been so long since she had felt that inner burning but with the rising of the moon it burst within her like a flower in full bloom.

Folding her wings she skimmed low over a small lake. Her tail dipping into the cool water and leaving a swerving wake behind her, but nothing could cool that which was within her this night. As she turned in a slow graceful curve her large black eyes caught the glow of a fire at the lakes edge. A smile curved her lips and a rumble began deep in her throat. There was no denying the craving any longer.

Silently she landed near the waters edge, out of the circle of light cast by the small fire. Her body rippled as she changed, her golden scales becoming smooth pale skin, the ridges and delicate horns of her head became long dark tresses that framed her face and lay in waves across firm high breasts. Weaving herself a long sheer gown from the evening mist she walked toward the fire's glow. There was only one human there, a man. Tonight he would be hers.

At the edge of his campsite she paused, her sense of smell picking up a strangely familiar scent. It was so faint as to almost be a memory. She sniffed gently and it was gone, merely a figment of her imagination.

The man lay on a pile of furs near the fire. To her surprise all he wore was a kilt around his waist. His hands were linked behind his head and he seemed to be staring up at the moon. Her eyes traveled over him appreciatively, the broad shoulders and the strong chest that gave way to a sculpted stomach. She smiled wickedly as she contemplated what might be hidden by that bit of cloth he wore. His well muscled legs were crossed at the ankle and one foot moved slightly as if tapping. She put her hand to her lips trying not to release a sound of amusement. The man was humming to himself. For just a moment she thought to turn and leave him in peace. Something about him stirred her and she did not want to be the cause of any harm coming to him. Then he shifted and the heat within her body flared to new heights. She would have him.

The warmth of the fire welcomed her as she stepped into its light. The gown she wore barely shadowing the body beneath it. The man turned his head at the slight sound of her tread and his eyes seemed to widen a bit in surprise. As she stepped closer she let her gown fade away leaving her bare to his gaze. His eyes swept over her and a smile spread across his face. Oh he is a handsome one, she thought. He raised himself up on one elbow as she stopped beside him but she placed a hand on his shoulder pushing him onto his back once more.

"Wha...?" He started to speak and she leaned forward and silenced him with a kiss.

Her lips moved against his softly at first then with more intensity as she felt him respond. Their tongues darted out swiftly twinning together, dancing playfully, tasting and teasing. She covered him with her body, settling lightly across his hips. She bit her lip to hold back the lustful growl that vibrated quietly in her throat as she felt the hardness of him against her.

Keeping her lips locked to his she slid her hands down over his chest, her nails sharpening into talons as they grazed over his skin. He gasped into her mouth as she flicked one sharp tip over his nipple. Her hands moved lower reaching for the flimsy cloth that separated her from what she wanted, no needed, to have. She sat up and with a minor flexing of her fingers her talons shredded the kilt he wore. She didn't look at him for she knew that dragon fire had turned her eyes to molten gold.

The heat of him as she curled her fingers around his hard shaft called to her. This was what would satisfy the craving, this heat that she had to feel inside her. There was no time for pleasantries, no time for words. She raised herself up and in a swift motion impaled herself on him. She threw her head back and released a loud growl of pleasure.

As she moved her hips in slow torturous circles she felt his large strong hands cover her breasts, squeezing and rolling them firmly. She hissed as his fingers closed over her nipples and pinched them hard, her teeth clenching on her lip. His hands stroked down to her hips to grasp her with a sudden fierceness and she felt sharp stinging as of tiny blades barely pricking the surface of her skin.

The fire was hard upon her as she tilted her head to look down at him. Her eyes burned red now, her passion nearly overwhelming her. To her surprise she gazed into eyes that glowed as brilliantly as her own. The man's skin had shifted from bronze to a darker almost ebony blackness, the tips of his fingers were now tipped with razor sharp talons. She opened her mouth thinking to speak and he issued a long deep growl that burst over her like the sweetest flames.

His hands gripped her hips harder and he pulled her against him. The tables had been turned and she was now the captured prey. She lay her hands on his chest to steady herself as he began to move beneath her. He began to thrust his hips upward against hers at first in long slow strokes then with increasing force. Mist began to swirl around them, steam from the heat of their passion. With each thrust his hands brought her down to meet him. She lost all sense of control and the dragon within her took full reign. She dug her talons into the skin of his chest leaving shallow red scratches and leaned forward to sink her teeth into his shoulder.

She felt it, that burning she had been so long without, the fire that could never be ignited by a mere human. She rose up again, her head thrown back to scream to the moon and she heard his deep primal cries join her own. The molten heat of him swelled and burst forth inside her and she cried out even louder as the transformation washed over her with her release.

Taking the greatest care of the shimmering golden wings that lay quivering along her back he held her to him and turned her with him so that they lay side by side. After a moment she opened her eyes and gazed at him. He was the most beautiful creature she had ever seen. His scales glimmered darkly in the moonlight, the long curved horns atop his regal head shone like finest ivory. He raised a black wing tinged beneath with the darkest purple and draped it over her body like a cloak. There was a latent glow deep in his eyes.

"I have searched long for you, my hearts desire." He said in a low rumbling voice. His tongue snaked out and trailed along her long neck. Then he raised himself and spread his wings wide. The dragon fire began to glow in her eyes again as her gaze took in his magnificence. "Now you shall never be alone again."

"Come." He said, "Let us fly.....together."

As she spread her golden wings and took to the night sky at his side she reveled in the burning of her blood and the joy of the night.

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