tagNonConsent/ReluctanceAnd For The Loser...

And For The Loser...


"I'm home," she called out. It was early Saturday; about 10:00; she had been out for a girl's night. She heard her husband call out from the kitchen, and she led her guest in to meet him. On the way she was greeted by the scent of breakfast, and her stomach let her know it was interested.

"Did you have a good time?" He kissed her as she approached, but pulled back from a deeper kiss when he saw the other girl. "Oh, company," he said.

"This is Lana," Sherri told him.

Nick extended a hand, which Lana took and gripped lightly, as girls do. "I'm Nick, Sherri's husband." He looked at them both. "I was making breakfast, you guys want some? I'll make more." Lana hadn't spoken, remaining tight-lipped and silent. "Your friend doesn't say much," he quipped, "you want eggs?" he offered.

"That'd be great," she replied, "I didn't realize how hungry I was 'til I got here and smelled it," she smiled. "Lana will have some too, I think. She's not really my friend, though; she's Maries friend, we met last night. Actually," she said with a smirk, looking at Lana, "she's my prize."

"Your prize? How's that work?"

"Not all of her, to be fair," Sherri explained. "We were playing cards last night at Marie's house."

"Must have been some party."

"Stop. We were drinking and laughing it up, as always. Lana was visiting Marie, they're friends from college," she related, sitting at the table, watching her husband break eggs into a bowl. "Someone suggested playing cards; actually, it might have been Lana." She turned to the other girl, who was standing at the table. Sherri reached out and pulled a chair out, motioning for her to sit. "It was you, wasn't it? You can answer."

"Yes, I suggested the card game."

Nick had turned to see the exchange with a quizzical look on his face. Sherri glanced at him with a self-satisfied grin, then back to Lana, and rested her chin in her hands, her elbows on the table.

"How did that work out?"

Lana's face turned red. "Not the way I expected," she said.

"Turns out," Sherri said to her husband, but still watching her guest, "that she's a pretty crappy card player." She grinned at the other girl. "Tell him what else."

Lana looked up at Nick. "I bet foolishly and over my head," she stated, clearly not wanting to say the words. "I bet with my heart and not my head, and I overextended myself," she added.


"My mouth wrote check my purse couldn't cash," Lana said with resignation. "I had to put my money where my mouth was, and didn't have it."

"And now?" Sherri goaded. "Tell him," she said with a wide, victorious smile. Then turned to her husband. "Get this."

"I have to put my mouth where my money should be."

"Very good, sweetie," Sherri told her. She turned to her husband. "You should have seen her, Nick. It was priceless, really. She bet everything on these total shit hands, she telegraphed her bluffs; God, it was comical."

"How much did she lose?"

"That's the thing. She ended up losing money she couldn't afford to lose; bad enough, right? Like rent money." She turned to the other girl. "But what else did you bet? Tell him," she grinned.

"I bet money I didn't have."

"That's right, you bet money you didn't have." She turned back to Nick. "So, all night, we're doing the drunk chant; surprise, we were all loaded. The drunk chant was 'put your money where your mouth is'; every time someone raised, we'd be barking drunk, shouting that phrase and laughing. All in good fun, of course." She raised her eyebrows and angled her head sideways to indicate the other girl. "Until we figured out that 'someone' didn't HAVE money to put up."

Nick spooned out a couple of plates of eggs, and walked them to the table, placing them in front of the ladies, then returned to the counter for utensils and his own plate. He sat, handed out the flatware, and began eating.

"Go ahead and eat, Lana," Sherri said to the other girl, and Lana picked up a fork and dug in.

"So," Nick asked between mouthfuls, "how'd you resolve the money thing?"

"Oh, obviously," Sherri explained around a mouthful, "she couldn't give me what she didn't have, and none of us were willing to take her rent money, and she's supposed to fly home next Friday, but she bet THAT money too." She rolled her eyes, and turned to Lana. "Didn't you?"

"Yes," Lana said meekly.

"Yes, you did," Sherri echoed, disdain tainting her comment. She turned back to Nick. "But we sure weren't gonna let her off welching, right?"

"A bets a bet," Nick echoed.

"And I was the big winner," she explained. "I let her pay off the little she owed the other girls. But I didn't take her money," she explained. "We came to an agreement," she turned to Lana, "didn't we?"

"Yes." Lana had stopped eating. Her face was completely red. Sherri could almost feel the heat of her embarrassment. She grinned.

"And what was the agreement? Tell Nick what we agreed."

Lana heaved a huge sigh and straightened her shoulders. Because I am unable to 'put my money where my mouth is' I will have to," she stalled, and took another breath, "to put my mouth where my money is," she finished.

Sherri clapped and bounced in her seat, and turned back to Nick. "Perfect, right?"

"I don't get it."

"Her mouth. Her big mouth, that got her all her trouble, that's what I won." Nick shrugged his confusion. "Her mouth belongs to me for the rest of the weekend. She's staying with us today and tomorrow, and on Monday I'll bring her back to Marie's house. Until then, her mouth is mine, to make her say and do and drink and eat whatever I tell her." She turned to Lana. "Right, Lana?"

"Whatever you say, yes." Sherri squealed in delight.

"Oh, you should have seen us practicing in the car on the way home," she effused, "it was so cool. I gotta hand it to her, she's a trooper so far." She turned to Lana. "Go ahead, tell him. Like I told you in the car."

A look of dismay and resistance crossed Lana's face as she stared at Sherri, then she blew out a breath and turned to Nick. "Nick, I want to suck your cock. I want you to fuck my mouth and cum in it." She gritted her teeth when she finished.

"Great, right? I can make her say anything. But better than that," she grinned mischievously, "she'll actually do it!" She looked at her husband, who was sitting with his mouth open, wide eyed with astonishment.

"Really? No way!"

"Fuckin' way!" A look passed between them, unspoken messages and ideas exchanged as their eyes met. "No pussy, no tits. But her mouth is all mine to command," she said, smiling tightly. Her eyes narrowed and brows lowered in an evil leer.

Nick pushed himself away from the table and sat back in the chair. "We should get started then!" He pulled his sweatpants open and slipped them down, exposing his cock, and pushed his pants to his knees. He spread his legs. "I could use a good blowjob, Lana, come on over."

Lana sat still, and looked at Sherri. Sherri looked to her husband. "She's not yours, sweetie, she's mine," and then turned back to Lana. "Lana, go suck Nick's cock. Make him cum with your mouth." Then turning back to Nick, "you might want to stand up for this," she winked.

Nick got to his feet and worked them out of his sweats, placing his hands on his hips with his feet apart. Lana looked up at Sherri and scowled, and then stood and walked to Nick. She looked him in the eye with a clear communication of her distaste, reluctance and resignation. Nick tuned to Sherri, grinning.

"I think it's better because she doesn't WANT to do it," he laughed, "but she'll MAKE herself do it!" He turned back to Lana, who scowled at him before settling to her knees without enthusiasm.

"Lana, you might not enjoy it," Sherri advised, "but make sure your mouth acts like it loves cock." She leaned in to her. "In words AND action." Lana's angry eyes turned to Sherri, her lips tight. She blew out a breath, and rested her hands on Nick's thighs, and looked up at him.

She inhaled deeply, held it, and exhaled as she readied herself. Nick watched her face change as she prepared her mouth to perform. Her glare softened as her face approached his erection. "M-mm, Nick, your cock looks nice and hard," she told him, sounding only a little forced. "I can't wait to get it in my mouth and suck you," the last part sounding emotionless and deadpanned. And then she craned her neck and reached her open mouth over the top of his cock, taking the head inside and sucking as she swirled her tongue around the crown.

"Oh, that's nice, very good start," Nick sighed. He turned to his wife as Lana's tongue tickled the underside of his shaft, below the head. "I kinda love that she's hating this, but doing it so well anyway!"

"Good girl, Lana," Sherri called to her, "or rather, good mouth," she snickered. "The no hands thing is a nice touch."

Lana popped off. "You didn't win my hands."

"Oh, did I tell you to stop and talk with MY mouth? No, I don't think so. Get back to it!" Lana scowled and took his shaft back into her mouth, and this time pushed far down his shaft, taking about two thirds of his length, and sucked her cheeks in as she slowly pulled her lips up the shaft. She shifted her hands higher and tried to guide Nick's height to improve her angle, but after a few awkwardly stretched strokes, she pulled off.

"Crouch down a little," she suggested, "I can't get the angle. To do it right," she added. Nick adjusted his stance a little, lowering his hips, and she opened her mouth and took the head back inside, this time only pausing when she reached the two thirds, then, with the improved angle, worked her head closer, extending her lips, and pushing her face into his crotch until her nose was pressed into his pubes and her lips tightened at the base of his cock. She made a little gagging sound as his cockhead slipped into her opened throat.

"Oh, holy shit, that's fucking great!" Nick shouted. Lana pulled back, inhaling deeply as the cock slipped from her mouth, thick strands of saliva stretching from his shaft to her lips, dangling to her chin. Her tongue licked the head as she rubbed her wet lips up and down his shaft, then her hands wrapped around his butt as she opened again, and bobbed her head on him, taking his length fully into her mouth on a series of deep penetrations. Her breath made 'glug' sounds each time the cockhead pushed into her throat, but she continued with abandon, stroking his cock with lips and tongue as her mouth swallowed him.

"Nice moves!" Sherri admired. Nick's groan confirmed his agreement. "You like that, baby?" Sherri asked her husband. "She's doing a good job, huh?"

"Fucking incredible."

"Yeah, that's a hot mouth sucking my man's cock," Sherri told Lana. "Tell him how much you love it, Lana. Tell him how good his cock feels in your mouth!"

Lana's eyes flashed anger at Sherri, her mouth still filled with cock, and then she pulled off and looked up at him. "I love your cock in my mouth, it feels so good, it's so hard, m-mm." She licked the tip. "I want more."

"Tell him you want him to fuck your face." Again the momentary glare flashed. Sherri could see she was really pushing her limits. "Tell him! Tell him dirty and nasty with my mouth!"

"Fuck my face, Nick; shove your cock in my mouth, fuck my mouth like a cunt!" Lana snarled, and then held her head still, open mouth poised at the top of his shaft. She braced her body, and Nick saw her relax her jaw. He pushed his length into her and began thrusting.

Gug-guh- guh- guh- guh came the sounds from her open mouth, and Kerry heard his wife laughing as he fucked the girls mouth, feeling his cockhead push past her epiglottis, and his pubic bone bouncing of her lips. She was a trooper; she held her head still, she didn't push back on his thighs, and she took his oral fuck like a champ. And he grunted as his climax approached.

"You gonna cum, baby?" Sherri asked her husband, "you close? Don't shoot down her throat, I want it in her mouth, so she can taste it," Sherri giggled. Nick watched her bristle at his wife's words; as much as she seemed enthusiastic about the cock in her mouth, she still rebelled at being instructed by Sherri! Knowing that she harbored a hidden reluctance made it hotter, and he felt his climax build more quickly.

"Oh, yeah, here it comes, Lana, you want it?" She looked up at him, with resignation in her eyes as he eased his thrusts, and pulled back so only the head was in her mouth. She took a moment to answer, with a sidelong glance at Sherri, but her tone sounded enthusiastic.

"Yeah Nick, give me that load of hot cum in my mouth," she urged him, sounding convincing, but showing distaste in her eyes. The conflict made him surge as she opened her mouth and held it at his cockhead.

"Yeah! Yeah, here it is, take it, Lana!" His legs tightened and buckled and then he groaned as the first blast launched from his cock, splashing onto her flattened tongue. His extended groan accompanied the rest of his load, and he looked down to see her wincing as she held her mouth open, her tongue half submerged in the thick pool of jizz. His spasms eased, and the last pulses dribbled his remnants onto her upper lip, and he exhaled and pulled away from her face.

"Let me see!" Sherri called, and Lana tuned to face her, rolling her eyes as a drip escaped her open mouth. "O-oh, good one, baby, you filled her mouth nice! Fuck, that's nasty." She giggled evilly as Nick dropped back into his chair. "Okay, Lana, you can swallow now," she told her.

Still on her knees, her eyes half-closed with resentment, Lana closed her mouth and swallowed twice, then nearly choked at the thick goo want down her throat. She made a disgusted face and smacked her lips at the awful taste and texture, and Sherri laughed.

"Oh, that's priceless, Lana," she guffawed, "now tell him how yummy it was!" she teased.

Lana was still sputtering as she managed to croak. "Yum, your cum was delicious, it was so good in my mouth." Her eyes crinkled a little and she smiled slightly, looking in his face. "You have a nice cock and I enjoyed sucking you, and thank you for the mouthful of cum."

Nick looked at her, and half believed her following the excellent blowjob. He wondered if it was the 'being told' that made her enjoy it less. He returned her smile and sat back, his dwindling cock resting on his thigh.

"Good girl," Sherri told her, and Lana's brief smile vanished. "My turn now, dear. Let's go into the den where we can be more comfortable." She chuckled. "Or at least I can!" She stood, and Nick held a hand out and helped Lana to her feet. The least you can do, he thought, is help a girl up after she swallows your load!

They followed Sherri to the den, and she plopped herself on the big sofa. By the time Nick sat across from her she had her pants open and pushed to her knees. Her panties joined them as she slipped her shoes off, and pulled her legs from the garments, and then slid down so her crotch hung on the edge of the sofa cushion. She spread her legs wide and placed her hands behind her knees.

"Tell me you like my pussy. No!" she laughed. "Tell me you like my CUNT!" she told the standing girl.

Nick watched as Lana's spine stiffened, staring between his wife's legs at the hairless delight.

"I really like your cunt, Sherri," she snarled.

"Like you mean it!" Sherri barked.

Lana took a breath, gritted her teeth and said, more enthusiastically, "Your cunt looks so nice, I can't wait to eat it."

"Yeah! Thats it! I knew you had it in you!" she snickered. "Now get your tongue inside me," she said as Lana, still dressed, worked her way to her knees between Sherri thighs. Nick could see the glistening wetness between her spread lips, and red slicked hole as Lana's face closed the gap. He moved to another chair for a better angle as Lana's tongue emerged and extended, and he settled in as she made the first swipe from the base of her puusy, up the length of the slit, scooping a generous coating of the thick, syrupy fluid.

"Oh, yeah, that's nice," Sherri said, her head angled down to watch, her shoulders buried in the back of the couch. "Swallow it, swallow my cunt juice!"

Nick saw Lana pull back, close her mouth, and swallow, and unbidden, she returned to the delectable hot feast that was Sherri's pulsing cunt. She began licking eagerly, up one side and then the other, teasing around the emerging nub at the top, and Sherri moaned and groaned with each caress. Without the goading, Lana seemed to become more enthusiastic; the absence of reminders of her compulsion allowing her to participate more fully. Nick watched as she pointed her tongue and speared it inside Sherri's open hole, digging inside for the liquid treasure, her head shaking back and forth as she burrowed.

"Holy shit, that's so fucking hot," he hissed quietly. Sherri didn't hear over her moaning, but Lana did, and she peeked up at him from the corner of her eye; he thought he saw a devilish twinkle flash at him, but then she was back to her task. She moved up now, and he watched the pink tip of her tongue circle the pink clit poking from the top of Sherri's slit. His wife gasped at the contact, and then cried out unintelligibly as Lana closed her lips around it and tormented the swollen nub.

Nick stroked his renewed erection as he watched his wife climb to her climax at Lana's mouth. He grinned silently, wondering if Sherri would squirt just from having her clit stimulated. He saw her legs thrash, and clench, and then freeze as her cries escalated, and then her thighs clamped down on Lana's head as she came, screaming. The first blast of her squirting ejaculate hit Lana in the face, but she adjusted for the second one, holding her mouth open in front of his wife's exploding cunt, and the juices shot straight into her mouth.

He was fully hard now, and as much as he wanted to fuck Lana he wasn't going to make that move; this was Sherri's winning, and she had only won the girls mouth. He stood, and pushed her head out of the way, and shoved his cock into Sherri's cunt while she was still coming down from her orgasm. He was already close from stroking himself and the erotic lesbian action, and he furiously pummeled her hole, pounding her cunt with the eager insistence of need. Her orgasm returned, stronger and harder, and the clenching in her velvet sheath pushed him over the edge, and he came, bellowing and cramming his cock deep, spilling his second load of the day.

Spent, he slipped out of his wife and looked down at her. The mischief he felt was mirrored in her eyes.

"Suck him clean, Lana," she said to her, but looking directly at Nick as she did. "Suck off his cum!"

Nicks eyes closed as he felt the girls lips circle his sensitive head and suck the combined juices off them. She slobbered and licked until he began to soften, and pulled off with a wet pop. He looked at her, and she licked her lips, shiny with his cum. Her chin glistened, and her blouse was wet down the front from Sherri's squirting.

"My turn, Lana," Sherri commanded, and Kerry saw her face tighten as the girl bristled at being told to do more; he could see his wife's words took the enjoyment out of it. While he had taken pleasure at her resistance prior, he now felt a sympathy. But Sherri noted the change in Lana's demeanor, and called her out. "Hey, Lana, let's go. That's my mouth for the weekend, so get busy!" He watched as the girls eyes narrowed and she moved between his wife's legs.

"What's the matter, Lana," she asked as the other girl extended her tongue beneath Sherri's red and swollen cunt, and curled it up, scooping a gooey dollop of cream from her oozing gash. "Don't you like licking cum from my cunt?" Lana glanced up at Nick with a pool of his cum on her tongue, fresh from his wife's hole, and her eyes flashed a momentary intolerance at his wife's goading. But then she smiled and pulled her tongue in, still looking at Nick, and swallowed. It wasn't the activity, he knew then, she was actually enjoying using her mouth for such dirty deeds. It was his wife's commanding attitude and condescending tone that made her resist. But Sherri's next words showed that she hadn't figured that out.

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