tagLoving WivesAnd Here We are Now

And Here We are Now


Before we get to where my wife and I are now, you need to know where we were.

I am considerably older than my wife, just an average looking guy who happens to be "hair-challenged". Don't think I have ever heard my name and "hunk" in the same sentence.

Neither does my wife fit the fantasy descriptions seen on these sites. No giant jugs (those will be a problem for women as they get older) but her nipples have always been incredible. Very seldom wears a bra and, as a result, when things are "right" and her nipples are "happy", even at age 45 she can still turn heads when we're out.

Just 10 years ago my wife and I had a more than active sex life. We fucked and sucked in places I had only dreamed about in college. She knew more ways to bring my pecker back to life than any hottie I had in school. In turn, I taught her that there are MANY ways to tease and please a woman beyond her endurance.

Usually, by the time we were finished, we were totally fucked out and her pussy was always dripping cum (I've been shooting blanks since I was 30 so we never had to sweat the "small" stuff).

We were older now, but the love and lust were still there strong as ever. We have been married over 25 years and, while we each have done a little groping with some VERY close friends, neither of us had ever actually screwed anyone else since we had been married. We fucked each other's eyeballs out at every opportunity and lusted over every hot gal and guy that came along. Naturally, neither of us has ever asked the other about our sex lives before we met.

Then came my first heart attack and our golden fuckathon turned sour in a hurry.

Six weeks in recovery gave us some new perspectives about our life together. First of all, I was still alive. Secondly, we were even closer than before.

Unfortunately, there was a side effect to the medicine ... I was now a charter member of the local LNS (Limp Noodle Society). No matter how hard she tried, my soldier just would not salute the flag!

At the time, I had just turned 50 and my wife was in her mid 30s. Neither of us was ready to believe that our sex life was over. At first we thought I would be back to "normal" any day. We also discovered that I'm allergic to those little miracle hard-on pills. I may want to go out with a bang, but not like that.

After another few months with no noticeable change (to quote Burger King ... "not a bone in a boatload") we started experimenting with toys a little bit. After all, my head was still in the game even if my dick wasn't.

However, even that part had just about faded away after I had second heart attack about six years ago that left me very depressed and even less able to "perform". That time, I lost all interest in sex and sank deeper and deeper into depression...and I was taking my wife along for the ride. She still loved me dearly and almost never left my side when we were together. She was always touching and reassuring but I could see the twinkle in her eyes flickering until it finally just died out.

After a couple of years, I was ready to go off the deep end. The more depressed I became, the harder it hit my wife. She was blaming herself for everything from causing my heart problems to being such a poor wife that she couldn't get me excited anymore.

As hard as I tried, I just couldn't get her to believe that nothing was wrong with her ... it was all due to the medication and depression.

She had just about stopped seeing her friends and only left the house to go to work. I was only able to work part-time so that meant that she was now the "breadwinner".

At least work was something she could throw herself into and see results. Her efforts were paying off and she was moving up the ladder. She soon discovered that dressing like a worn out drudge wasn't helping her career and reluctantly asked if we could go shopping for some nicer clothes. She had to give a presentation in Atlanta and just couldn't show up wearing those old clothes.

I was delighted ... here was a chance to try digging her out of the cellar of despair. We headed to the mall and started looking to outfit the "new" woman. Once she had made a few selections, I suggested that she really needed to try them on before making any final choices.

While she had let herself go a little bit, my wife's body still looked fantastic and the new clothes were just the ticket. When she looked in the mirror, the "older" woman was gone. In her place was a vibrant, sexy woman.

As she posed and twirled in each new outfit, I wandered over to the lingerie area and started browsing. Each piece of satin and lace I touched brought memories flooding back and my mind started seeing my wife looking more than desirable each second.

While saleswoman was wrapping everything up, I had her hold out one dress ... a sassy little black number with a flirty skirt.

My wife was still behind the curtain in the dressing area so I handed the dress to her and said, "How about trying this one! We're going to celebrate a little and I want to see you in it."

She protested at first but then gave in and put it on.

When she finally stepped out, she took my breath away! Gone was the dowdy look. Here was a woman that knew how to wear a party dress! ... It was almost perfect.

The saleswoman and I looked at each other and I turned back to my wife, "Uh, honey, if you want that dress to look right, that bra and those granny panties have got to go."

I handed her a tiny pair of sheer panties and asked her to wear them instead.

"What about a bra?"

The saleswoman giggled softly, "I've never seen anyone wear a bra with that dress."

My wife quickly looked around and then, with the old twinkle in her eyes flashing once more, slipped her hands under the dress. Seconds later, her white cottons slipped down her legs to the floor. Stepping out of the grannies, she grabbed the filmy garment out of my hands and very slowly pulled them tightly into place.

Still grinning, she turned her back, lowered the top of her dress, unhooked her bra and tossed it over her shoulder. Before she pulled the top back up, my wife gave each of her tits a nice little squeeze and then tweaked her nipples.

When she finally turned to face us once more, she was perfectly silhouetted by the bright doorway light. We could see every curve and my eyes followed her legs right up to the Promised Land. Her hot little nipples were practically poking through the dress.

Never tearing my eyes away from my wife, I told the saleslady, "We're DEFINITELY taking that one!"

By the time we returned home, she had been wined, dined and discreetly felt up as we ate our dinner. We both noticed the glances she was getting from the other men (and a couple of the women) in the restaurant and got the giggles when her nipples constantly popped up and pressed against the fabric of the dress.

We barely got home before the dress was on the floor of our den and my face was buried in those sheer panties. For the first time in over two years, my wife was exploding as I slid the soft fabric to the side and licked her pussy and tweaked her fantastic nipples.

She must have had a dozen orgasms over the next few hours and we were both lying on the floor totally spent. All she had left on were the lace panties and they were barely hanging on her ankle. That's when she suddenly realized that I was still fully dressed.

For a change, it not only didn't bother me that I wasn't hard. In fact, I thought it was hilarious...I was eating pussy like a mad man and loving it!

Before my wife stopped quivering from her first orgasms in months, I rolled over and sucked a nipple into my mouth as I slid a couple of fingers into her soaking pussy. It was just like high school again ... finger-fucking and titty-nibbling.

Moments later, she blew off in her hottest cum of the evening!

I lay back, savoring the wonderful taste of pussy juice, grinned, and said, "I think we just may have found a new hobby."

For the first time in many months, my wife laughed, kicked off the panties, and grabbed my crotch. "Let's get you in the shower and get me washed off of you."

Twenty minutes later, we were still in the shower and she had a lip lock on my soft dick. The excitement of the shopping, three hours of eating pussy, and my wife's fantastic mouth were actually having an effect. There was no raging hardon but at least there was enough for her to suck and she was doing a world-class job of it.

When she gave my balls a squeeze, I could take no more. It seemed like two year's worth of cum flooded her mouth and shot down her throat! That was a surprise to both of us. We really didn't know that a limp dick could still shoot a load like that.

The next day, my beaming wife left for the 3-day Atlanta conference and I was happier than I had been in years.

But when she returned on Monday, she was very subdued...almost sad. When I got her to bed, it was all I could do to get her to even cuddle, much less let me make love to her. Once again, there was no enthusiasm for sex ... or life, for that matter.

That triggered another round of depression for me and so it was back to the psychiatrist once again. This time I was assigned to a female doctor and I was very uncomfortable with that. How could I talk to a woman about not getting any pussy because my dick was a limp noodle?

We were mid-way through our second week when the doc looked me in the eye and asked, "Why won't you really talk to me? I've seen your records and I know about the past sexual problems. Are you having trouble again?"

Naturally, I muttered the traditional male denial, "I'm doing alright."

The doc shrugged and said, "maybe so, but I've been sitting across from you for almost two weeks and you haven't even tried to look under my skirt. By now, most of my male patients can tell me what color panties I have on each day."

BUSTED! I really had neither noticed that her skirt was very short nor that she usually kept her legs slightly spread.

I slowly turned and made a point of staring right up that little skirt. I had to grin when I noticed that her panties were almost totally transparent. If it had not been for the soft blue color, I would have sworn she was going natural. As it was, I did get a great view of her trimmed bush and a fairly good downblouse view.

"Nice landing strip, Doc!" The doc smiled and slowly spread her legs a little wider, "now isn't it better that you've finally noticed that I'm a woman?"

She leaned forward, making no attempt to cover up, "I'm going to suggest a therapy that's a little unusual ... I want you to log onto one of the soft-core porn chat rooms and see if you can find one of those gals that looks a little like your wife. For a few bucks, you can talk with them and they never seem to have a headache. Perhaps that will perk you up again and take your mind off the real problems for a few days...go ahead and lose yourself in a little harmless fantasy.

At first, I was the only one to browse and I very rarely saw anything that raised an eyebrow, much less anything else. One evening I was checking out a "tiny tits" model (my favorite fetish over the years) when my wife came in and "caught" me (I wasn't hiding, just wasn't browsing when she wasn't around). Instead of fussing, she sat down and we had a great time "picking out the good ones" that we both liked. She based her choices on pussy, I went for the nipples.

Anyway, one thing led to another and we kept trying different models and losing interest quickly in most of them. Then when we found "Irresistible" and WOW! My wife came out of her shell and ready for action. The teaser showed just enough to keep us watching but the chat brought it home!

We had a great time that night both during the chat and later in bed.

I had just finished telling her that I had read that the models were willing to play a bit more if we bought some private time. Her eyes were really twinkling with anticipation as we went back upstairs to the computer room and logged back on.

Sure enough, Irresistible was still online. We bought some time and started a little "chat". The model was perfect and tried anything and everything we requested. She thought it was great that my wife was with me.

My wife had slipped on a teddy but nothing else so she took care of typing while I played with tits and twat. Watching the model poke some beads into her pussy "inspired" me so my wife slid off and started a slow BJ. Pardon the pun, but I gave the model a blow-by-blow description while she got closer to the edge herself.

Irresistible turned with her ass to the camera with legs spread so I had a great view as she slowly pulled the beads out of her twat. When she gave the last bead a good yank, she collapsed into a quivering mess and I blew an even bigger load down my wife's throat.

It had been years since I had pulled off a "twofer" but this was an exceptional evening. While I couldn't go for three, my wife's motor was still running full throttle! I learned long ago that a talented tongue and nimble fingers can go a lot longer that even the hardest cock so I plunged ahead to give her a real tongue lashing.

As we lay there in the afterglow, I continue to stroke her clit until she was squirming on my finger once more. I paused for a moment and allowed as how the model had been truly inspirational. Too bad it had cost so much.

As I slid a couple of fingers even deeper, my wife said she might be able to get a friend from work to join us for a little party...wouldn't cost anything and might be a lot of fun.

Sounded great to me but I knew that my situation wasn't fair to my wife. She had always been a very sexually active person and I knew that she had to be missing a nice hard cock. She was now in her 40s, still had firm tits and hot nipples so she was never lacking for guys hitting on her. So I suggested that she might invite a couple or guys as well. I even suggested that, just for the hell of it, she might accept one of the nasty offers that came her way. She just wouldn't hear of it.

When I suggested it again a couple of nights later, she got very quiet and just said, "I don't think so."

Suddenly, she was on the verge of crying and uttered those words that every husband hates to hear, "We need to talk."

I thought maybe I had pushed too hard but that wasn't the case.

She held up a small white box ... "this came by courier today and it may ruin our life forever."

She went on, "When I was in Atlanta three years ago for that presentation, Maggie and I got drunk and had sex with some of the guys at the conference. One of them had a video camera. Now he wants me to fuck him again or he'll post this on the Internet."

It took most of the afternoon, but I finally convinced her that I wasn't mad. I told her there couldn't be anything on that tape that would ever make me love her less and that I was certain we could work through past this asshole. I was downright excited. After all, I had been the one pushing for her to be her sexy self. How could I be mad? It took a few more hours of talking and a glass of wine before I convinced her to show me the video and to fill me in on every little detail.

After her presentation she went for a drink with her best friend (a co-worker). A couple of guys from the conference soon joined in and everyone was having a great time dancing, telling lies, and teasing. My wife had worn that little black party dress and it was a hit with the guys. (It should have been, it was so short that even a little twirl gave a hint of panty.)

As they danced the guys let their hands roam a bit and it didn't take long before they found her braless tits. A couple of good "innocent" brushes and her nipples were ripe for the picking. My wife said it was an incredible feeling.

During the slow dances, they would maneuver her into a darker section of the room and really do a great job of copping a feel. One even managed to get his hand under her skirt so that he could play a little grab-ass. She said she moved his hands away and told him to slow it down.

They all had dinner and a couple more drinks. She was seated next to the bottom grabber and said he put his hand on her knee and gently started stroking. It felt great so she relaxed and let him play a bit. After all, no one could see under the table. He slipped his hand higher and higher until it slid neatly under her short skirt. He was now stroking the inside of her thighs and my wife was starting to respond in spite of herself. A couple of low moans signaled her approval and he went for the gold!

There they sat, sipping wine and chatting while he had her panties pushed to the side and a couple of fingers buried in her twat under the table. That action always gets her motor running and that night was no exception. Fortunately, laughter over a raunchy joke covered her first orgasm of the evening.

He withdrew his hand, looked her in the eye, and calmly licked her juices from his fingers. She said her pussy was absolutely on fire.

Another slow song came up and her new partner pulled her to the floor once more. It only took him a few seconds to find an even darker area. He pulled her tightly to him and cupped her ass under that short skirt. This time, he didn't settle for a quick feel.

My wife said she could feel him getting harder as he pressed himself into her. She didn't protest at all when he slid a hand into the back of her panties...not even when she felt him sliding them down to give him better access.

Anyone watching them could have seen those flimsy little panties as he pushed them down until my wife just gave up and stepped out of them. He picked up the soaked material and slipped them into his coat pocket.

The song ended before he could do anything but give her wet pussy a quick fingering on the dance floor but it was enough to give her a real knee-trembling orgasm.

When they returned to the table, her friend leaned over and said, "looks like someone is having more fun than the rest of us!"

Several drinks later they were all roaring drunk and started flirting with each other. Before long, they were making out like teenagers and got hot and stupid enough to play a version of "Truth or Dare". That got everything rolling.

When it was my wife's turn, her best friend asked the usual "Truth or Dare". Knowing her friend might have a nasty surprise dare in her mind, my wife said, "Truth."

Her friend got an evil little grin and asked, "When was the last time you had an orgasm?"

My wife tried to get out of answering but teasing from her friends and a few glasses of wine won over logic, "about 10 minutes ago...out on the dance floor."

With that, the guy pulled her wet panties from his pocket and dropped them in the middle of the table.

All of the other truth or dare challenges were just as hot and raunchy and it was suddenly my wife's turn again.

This time her friend got her to accept a dare, "I dare you to prove those are your panties in the middle of the table!"

My wife stood up and faced everyone. She slowly raised the hem of her little dress until it was at her waist. She just stood there with her dripping twat on display as everyone cheered and applauded - including a bunch of folks at other tables.

When she heard the other tables shouting and cheering, my wife turned beet read and yanked her dress back down.

The headwaiter came over and gently suggested that it might be time for them to move their party elsewhere.

My wife said they went back to one of the hotel rooms and after that, she didn't remember much. The next day when she asked her friend Anna, the answer was "maybe they'll let us see the video...I was drunk too."

My wife said she nearly fainted, "Video, what video?"

When she got back from the conference, she kept expecting to hear something about the video but nothing until the package arrived..

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