tagNon-EroticAnd His Heart Melted Part 2

And His Heart Melted Part 2


A word of warning before you proceed any further. These pages contain works of fiction, the religious nature of which may be offensive to some readers. Please use this site responsibly.

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* * * * *

8 - Disaster

By July, it became apparent that Darren would soon propose to Angie.

However, Angie was having second thoughts. In her mind, she was constantly comparing Darren to John, and finding that Darren fell short. She tried to make sure she wasn't judging Darren unfairly, but the doubts were still there. She talked to John about the fact that she had doubts, but she couldn't really express what she felt. Also, Darren had been pressing her to quit college.

John suppressed his own feelings, trying to be objective, but also praying with Angie about the matter. He did not like Darren personally, and felt that she would be making a mistake to marry him. But John stressed that he would support Angie no matter what decision she made.

In mid-July, Darren asked Angie out for a Friday night date, saying he had something special planned. He took her to a very nice restaurant, and after dinner he proposed to her.

She said no, and he was furious.

Darren yelled, "What are you trying to do to me? I've been patient, and waited to marry you to make love to you. I loved you, and this is how you repay me?"

Angie was in tears. Darren stormed out of the restaurant, leaving the bill unpaid. She heard his pick-up speed out of the parking lot. The servers calmed her down a little, and asked her what they could do for her. Angie asked to use a phone.

It was after midnight when Angie called John. She started crying again, so the restaurant manager took the phone. She told John briefly what had happened, and gave him directions.

John drove to the restaurant, went inside, and spoke with the manager.

John then took Angie out to his car. He put her in the front passenger seat, buckled her in, and went around to his side of the car. By the time he got in, Angie had unbuckled the belt, lifted up the armrest that he always used, and scooted over to the middle of the bench seat. He helped her to buckle in again, and began the drive to her apartment. She leaned on his shoulder as he drove. He put his arm around her, and held her close. She cried softly until she fell into a light sleep.

Arriving at Angie's apartment, John gently woke her up, and walked her to her door. He got her keys out of her purse, opened the door, and took her inside. He stopped a moment to close the door.

John led Angie to the bedroom, and helped her to undress, leaving her in her underwear. He went to her dresser, opened a drawer, and took out one of the oversized T-shirts in which she liked to sleep. He helped her put on the shirt, trying not to notice that she had taken off her bra, then she climbed into her bed.

John tucked her in, leaned over and gave her a quick kiss on the forehead, and started to leave. Angie reached out and grabbed his arm, stopping him.

"John?" Angie asked softly.

"Yes, Angie?" John said as he sat on the edge of her bed.

"Please stay with me," Angie pleaded, caressing John's hand.. "I don't want to be alone tonight. I just need to have a friend here, Okay?"

"Sure. Just let me freshen up a bit." John returned to Angie's dresser, and took out a T-shirt for himself. He then went to her bathroom, and took off his sweaty shirt. He washed his face and torso, and put on the T-shirt. It was pink, with bunnies on the front. He kept his jeans shorts on. As he came back into the room, she saw him in the shirt and giggled girlishly.

"Oh be quiet!" John joked as he lay down on top of the covers. Angie snuggled up against him, pulled his arms around her, and quickly fell asleep.

John lay there quietly for a long time, just holding Angie tight. He thought about her a lot before going to sleep. About how he had been in love with her for so long. About how he was learning to love her more in his actions, in how he treated her. About how he had grown to love her more in his heart. About how this might be the last time he ever got to hold her.

And John prayed to God, asking for help and strength.

Finally, John slept.

9 - Aftermath

John awoke that morning to find that the bedspread had been placed over him. As he sat up, he smelled something cooking. He checked his watch, and saw that it was 10:30.

John got out of bed, and noticed his T-shirt lying on top of Angie's dresser. It was clean. He stumbled through the kitchen on his way to the bathroom, his clean shirt in hand.

"Good morning, sleepy head." Angie called teasingly.

"Mornin'," John muttered as he closed the door behind him, hearing her giggle. He came out after taking a quick shower, and saw that she had breakfast on the table.

"Feeling better now?" Angie asked.

"I will after I've eaten."

"This is all mine! You'll have to cook your own," Angie teased again.

"Well, I guess you're feeling better too."

Angie looked over at him as he sat down at the table, and smiled softly. "Yes I am," she said. "Thanks to you."

"What did I do?"

"You got out of bed at midnight on a night when you were very tired, and you really needed the sleep, just for me. And you have never, ever taken advantage of me, not even last night."

"Well, one could say this 'temporary marriage' scheme of mine was taking advantage of you."

"You're overanalyzing things again, John. In fact, I was probably the one taking advantage of you in this whole thing. I wasn't very fair to you at all, stringing you along while I dated that JERK." With that she started crying again.

Angie told John all about what had happened the previous evening with Darren.

"Well, I'm glad that you called me."

"Me too." Angie smiled at John again, and his heart melted.

By this time they had finished eating, so John began helping Angie clear the table.

"You don't have to do that, y'know," Angie said.

"I know," John replied, "but you didn't have to wash my shirt.

"Sure I did-it was stinking up my bathroom!" Angie teased. John snorted his response.

But just as Angie stuck out her tongue, John's beeper went off. It was his boss's number. He asked to use the phone, and called the number. His boss wanted him to come in to work to help out with a problem on with a corporate client's computer system.

As John hung up, he noticed Angie's downcast expression. She had heard enough to know what he had to do.

"Do you want to come with me?" John asked. "There won't be anyone else there. Also, there's a Christian concert in my town tonight. I'd like to take you to it, if that's okay?"

Angie smiled broadly. "I'd love to go. Do I have time to get something to wear tonight?"

"Sure. Hurry."

Twenty minutes later, Angie was ready. And it didn't bother John that she had taken that long. He was just happy to be with her at all, and intended to enjoy whatever time they had together to the fullest. He carried her make-up kit and some other things to her car, while she brought out a couple of outfits. Evidently she hasn't decided what to wear yet tonight, he surmised.

John had suggested that they take Angie's car. She agreed; she usually let him drive, and he liked her sports coupe a lot better than his sedan, especially on the highway.

10 - A Good Day, A Wonderful Evening

The job took several hours, but in that time John and Angie were able to talk and cut up the way they liked to do.

Afterwards, they went to John's apartment to shower and change clothes. Angie showered first.

When John was finished with his shower, he went into the bedroom, and saw Angie sitting on a chair in front of his mirror, preparing her hair. She was wearing only a black lace bra and matching panties.

"Wow!" John exclaimed. "I haven't seen you like this in such a long time."

"What do you mean? You undressed me last night! Don't tell me you had your eyes closed!" Angie giggled.

"I thought you looked beautiful then too. But you weren't smiling like you are now."

Angie got up, went over to John, and kissed him lightly on the lips, then hurried back to the chair.

"I hate to stop now, but we'll have to hurry or we'll be too late to get dinner before the concert. And I'm starving!" she said.

John shook his head, as if confused a little, and went to his closet to finish getting dressed.

Through the mirror, Angie caught John stealing a few glances at her, though he seemed to be trying not to stare. Not that would I mind, she thought.

When John was through getting dressed, he went into the living room to see what the Braves were doing on TV while waiting for Angie to finish.

Several minutes later, Angie called to John from the doorway to the bedroom. "I'm ready."

John turned, and fought to keep his jaw from dropping. He lost. Angie looked so beautiful. She had on a short black dress that seemed tailor-made for her petite, toned body. But he couldn't decide what looked better: her never-ending expanse of leg, or her tantalizing cleavage that peaked out from the low-cut neckline of the dress. Her brown hair framed her cute face. But it was her smile that truly enthralled him.

John swallowed hard. "Are you sure you should wear that? I've never seen you wear something that . . . revealing . . . in public before." Then he added, "Unless it was on a beach."

"You don't like it?" Angie whimpered.

"I love it," John said, "but I'm not so sure you should go out like that."

"Oh, I have a top that covers up most of this," Angie said, placing her right hand over her breasts. "But I wanted to give you a preview, to see your reaction first. It was worth it," she giggled.

John's heart melted. There was that smile again.

"But your thighs are still showing," he said, when she had returned after putting on the outfit's top. "And we're going to a Christian concert, remember?"

"Humor me, please?" she asked. "I just want to enjoy myself. For a change."

"You really weren't happy with Darren, were you?" John inquired.

"No, I wasn't," Angie admitted. "Besides, if I had ever gone out with Darren dressed like this, he wouldn't have been able to control himself," she said playfully.

"I can't imagine why," John teased back.

They went out to her car.

John was so proud to be with Angie at dinner, and at the concert. She turned heads everywhere. Especially his.

* * *

Not long after the concert had started, Angie held John's hand, and leaned on his shoulder. After several minutes, he put his arm around her; she snuggled even closer to his body.

After about forty minutes, Angie whispered, "John, I just realized something."

"What?" John queried softly.

"Who paid for the dinner?"

"Tonight?? I did. You were there when I-"

"No," Angie interrupted, "I mean last night. Darren left before we had finished, and I didn't pay for it."

Someone behind them made a shushing sound, so John stood up, and led Angie out of the auditorium into a hallway. They found a stairwell, and sat down on one of the lower steps, holding hands all along.

"I paid the bill," John said. "The manager told me that Darren left without paying, and that you had said you didn't have any money or cards with you."

"That was very sweet of you. I'll pay you back." She kissed him lightly on the lips, and then fully. Her arms encircled his waist, while his reached for her shoulders and neck.

They heard people approaching, so they stood up quickly.

"Let's go home," Angie said softly. John's eyebrows rose slightly at her last word.

They walked out of the building, still hand in hand.

When they had reached her car, Angie took her cover-up off, and handed it to John; the humidity was stifling. She insisted on driving; it was her car, after all. John opened the driver's door for her, then got in on the other side.

Angie drove straight to John's apartment, taking only five minutes, and they held hands all the way home. The only bad thing about the coupe right then was the console between the front passenger seats. Angie would have rather snuggled up against John.

As it was, John found it hard to keep his eyes off of Angie's breasts, even in the dim light. He had done his best not to gawk at her in public, and had succeeded. But now, in the car alone, he found it hard to control himself. Well, she is still my wife, he thought. And at least I'm not driving!

As soon as they'd walked inside his apartment and closed the door, Angie started to take her clothes off.

"What are you doing?" he asked.

"Undressing." Angie came over to John, turned her back to him, and motioned for him to unzip her. He complied. "I saw what you were staring at in the car," she said playfully.

"Well, what did you expect, dressing like that??" John asked embarrassedly.

"I expected you to be all over me, silly boy," Angie replied with a grin.

"But you were driving!" he exclaimed, more than a little surprised at her reaction.

"I can drive and be fondled at the same time, y'know?" Angie said as she entered the bedroom, and let her dress fall to the floor.

"Really? When did you discover that?" John finally began to realize what was happening.

"It wasn't with Darren!"

"I believe you. He would have never let you drive!" John teased.

Angie threw her bra at John, but he was too busy undressing himself to catch it. She went to him and kissed him. Hard.

As Angie led John into the bedroom, he stopped to set the alarm clock. By the time he had finished, she was lying naked on his bed, waiting for him. He hurried to join his wife.

11 - Questions

John's alarm went off nine A.M. Sunday. He had intended to get up at eight, but his attention had been elsewhere while he had been setting the clock. As it was, they had needed the extra hour of sleep anyway. Their slumber now interrupted, they rolled apart. John rose and went to the bathroom. As he was getting dressed, Angie got up and started getting ready also.

When it was time to go, John called to Angie.

Angie came out wearing a dress that hid a lot more of her body than the one she had worn the night before. She still looked beautiful to John, maybe even more so.

They went outside to the car, John let Angie in the passenger side, and then got in himself.

"Whose church are we going to?" John asked cautiously.

Angie looked at her watch. "Your church is a lot closer; let's go there. Besides, I'm anxious to hear your pastor preach."

"Okay." John drove out of the parking lot, and headed toward his church.

"Angie, about last night-I don't really know what to say, other than to thank you for a wonderful evening."

"You're welcome, John. I enjoyed myself too."

"What does this mean concerning our Agreement?"

"I don't know yet. We'll figure it out, I promise, but please give me some time." Angie reached out and took John's right hand. She held it, and squeezed it affectionately.

When they arrived at his church, they were much too late for Sunday School. They slipped in and sat near the back just as the worship service was starting.

The pastor's message was a continuation of his series on Ephesians. He briefly summarized his previous sermons on the Husband and Wife. Angie heard what the Bible said on the role of a wife, and also what the preacher had said on the husband loving his wife unconditionally. That reminded her so much of how John had been treating her lately. Her heart was convicted.

After the service was over, John led Angie over to meet some of the church members, introducing her as his friend.

But when they met the pastor, Angie quickly interrupted John's introduction and said, "I'm his wife. We've been separated for a while. But after what you said this morning, we have a lot to think about. Thank you."

John was stunned.

The pastor thanked Angie for her comments, and said he would be praying for them.

John and Angie left the building, and they headed to her car.

John asked quietly, "Uh, Angie? Are you sure you should have told Pastor Williams we're married?"

"Yes, John, I'm sure," Angie responded. "He really helped me to see what true love really is, and that I didn't have that with Darren. And I wanted him to pray for me-us."

"Okay," John said.

They got into the car. As John started the engine, Angie said, "Let's stay at your place this afternoon. We can get our things, and go to my place tonight after church, if you want."

John was a little surprised, but tried not to show it. "Sure, I'd like that."

"Great," she said.

As John drove, Angie held his right hand, leaning on his shoulder as best she could. The coupe's console was getting in her way again.

"I really did have a good time with you last night, y'know," John said. "The whole day, actually."

"But especially making love?" she inquired.

He chuckled. "You know me too well."

"Yes, I do," Angie replied with a sly smile.

"I won't lie and say I didn't enjoy that," John continued, "but, really, I just like being with you, y'know? You are my best friend. I can't talk to anyone else the way I talk to you."

"I feel the same way," Angie said. "But, I assume you wouldn't be opposed to more tonight?"

John glanced at her and smiled broadly. He didn't need to ask "more what?"

"We'll need to get some protection first, 'cause I'm off the pill. I went off of it after we broke up, 'cause I figured I wouldn't need it."


"Yeah, I didn't really like being on it."

"Why didn't you tell me?" John asked.

"That I was off of it?"

"That too, but I meant your not liking it. We could have tried something else, y'know."

"It wasn't that bad, so I didn't worry about it."

"Look, I want to know those things. I don't want you to suffer needlessly, you understand?"

"Yes. Thanks."

"Okay, there's a pharmacy near my apartment. I'll run in and get something."

* * *

At 7:30 the next day, Monday morning, Angie's alarm clock went off. She reluctantly untangled her body from John's, and slipped out of bed. John groaned as she got out, and she realized he was waking up. Slowly, of course. John Morris hardly ever woke up quick­ly.

After a trip to the bathroom, Angie set out some milk and cereal, then returned to the bedroom to attempt to wake up John.

"Honey," Angie said softly. "It's time to get up."

"I don't want to get up," John whined. "Can't you come back to bed?"

"No. I have to go to work. And so do you. We'll have plenty of time together tonight, and the next night, and the next . . ."

Angie gave him a quick kiss, and left the room. "Come on, John, get up," she called back. "I'm your wife, not your mother!"

"Praise the Lord for that," John muttered as Angie left the room. She pretended not to hear him.

John went to the bathroom to freshen up, then came into the kitchen. "Where are we going to stay tonight? Here, or at my place?" he asked.

"I was thinking you could stay here for a few more days, then we could go to your place for the weekend," Angie answered.

At this point, John really wanted to know how long this was going to last, but he was afraid of what she might say if he pressured her. So he left the question unasked.

"Sounds good to me," John replied.

* * *

That night, they took John's sedan, and went out to dinner. Angie took advantage of the car's bench seat, and snuggled up against John.

* * *

Late Tuesday morning, John called Angie at her workplace. "Angie, I found out today that I have to go to [Calhoun] tomorrow to work on a client's computer system. Which means I have to leave very early in the morning. So I'll need to stay at my apartment tonight."

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