tagGroup SexAnd Joan and Anthony Make Six

And Joan and Anthony Make Six


‘Dave won’t be home until four-thirty,’ she thought as she rinsed the soapy lather from her body. She dried and spent some time on her hair, making it look the way I liked, tied up off the shoulder. She applied her make-up and dabbed some Obsession perfume on her pulse points. ‘That should do it. Now, what shall I wear,’ she mused. She opened her wardrobe door and chose a light summer frock that was almost transparent when lit from behind. ‘Yes, perfect’.

Her large firm breasts pressed against the cotton material of her frock, making her nipples swell a little. Tanya pulled up her black silk thong panties and ran her hands over the silky material. ‘Shit, I’d better not do that or I’ll have to change my panties before he gets home,’ she thought. She pulled down the hem of her frock and straightened up, checking her look in the mirror. Tanya smiled at what she saw.

She had had a busy day at the hospital. There had been a multiple road traffic accident and the victims were brought into her A&E unit. Two had died of their injuries and four were critical, the remaining six victims had been admitted for varying degrees of injuries ranging from head trauma and broken bones to minor lacerations and shock. Tanya had been in similar situations before, but, thankfully, they were few and far between. But seeing these people brought back vivid memories of my accident. She hated that and tried to wipe it from her mind.

‘Time to relax awhile,’ Tanya thought as she poured a tall glass of white wine. ‘Only another hour and I will be home,’ she smiled and sipped her wine. ‘Better call Julie to make sure everything is set up okay.’

Tanya replaced the telephone receiver after confirming Julie was all revved up as much as she was. She checked her make-up and hair once more then sat in the sun on the patio, finishing her second glass of wine.

“Hi babe,” I called as I dropped my briefcase and hugged my beautiful wife. We kissed and caressed each other, eyes firmly shut tight and smiles on their faces. “Everything alright?” I asked.

“Couldn’t be better,” replied Tanya. She kissed me again, then, “You’d better get showered and changed. Julie and Mark will be over in an hour to pick us up.”

“Where are we going?” I asked as I climbed the stairs.

“Just out for a meal and a few drinks at Joan’s.”

Joan was an old work associate of Tanya’s. Joan was a nurse at the hospital until she decided to give it up when she married her millionaire boyfriend Anthony. Now, she relaxed in her eight-bedroomed country house set in twelve acres of rolling countryside. Although Joan was now, technically, a millionaire too, the money hadn’t changed her personality. She was still ‘good old Joan’ and hadn’t changed in the fifteen years or so that Tanya, Julie and Joan had known each other. Anthony was alright too. If you bumped into him on the street, you wouldn’t know he was loaded. They were a perfect match for each other.

Mark honked the horn and soon the four were driving into the country. It had been an unusually hot sunny day and temperatures we just beginning to tail off to a cooler 26oC. Mark’s old car’s air conditioning consisted of winding down windows and putting the face vent blower on full blast. By the time they arrived at Anthony’s, they were almost ready for another shower to cool off.


Joan greeted us with a glass of ice-cold punch. We sat on the patio and talked. Exchanging usual information on who’s doing what to whom kept the girls busy. Mark and I joined Anthony at the poolside.

“I could just do with a dip in there right now,” Mark commented as he took a sip of cold beer handed to him by Anthony.

“It’s all yours pal,” Anthony said stretching out his hand to the pool.

“No, don’t think so, no swimming gear,” Mark returned after a few moments to contemplate the temptation.

“Don’t let that stop you, old boy,” replied Anthony, “I rarely wear any swimwear when I go for a swim.”

We laughed and took another sip of our beers. “Yes, it is rather tempting, isn’t it?” asked Anthony. “Oh, what the hell.”

Anthony stood, dropped his shorts and lifted his shirt over his head, then ran and dived into the welcoming water. The splash called Mark and I to do the same. We stripped and joined Anthony in the water. The feel of the water on my exposed genitals gave me a thrill.

At the patio, the splashing sounds drew the girls’ attention. “What are they up to?” asked Julie.

“Looks like they’re cooling off in the water,” answered Joan.

“But they haven’t any swimming trunks,” retorted Julie.

“Looks like they’ve got the right idea then, doesn’t it?” exclaimed Joan.

“I wouldn’t mind joining them,” added Tanya.

With that quotation, Joan stood and rambled over to the edge of the pool. “You boys enjoying yourselves in there?”

“Yes,” answered Anthony, “why don’t you join us?”

“Why not indeed?” answered Joan, questioning herself. She placed her drink on the poolside table, and then slipped out of her summer dress and in her bra and panties, she dived into the cool water.

I looked around and could see Tanya and Julie giggling at the edge of the pool, “Well, come on then,” I shouted.

Tanya looked at Julie, Julie at Tanya. They too placed their drinks on the table and slipping out of their frocks, dived into the welcoming water.

Neither Tanya nor Julie wore a bra. Anthony asked his wife, “Why don’t you fall in with the girls and get rid of that bra of yours?”

Joan laughed and unhitched her bra, throwing it onto the poolside. There was a lot of splashing and soon two teams formed, naturally - boys against the girls, who could splash the other the most?

After several minutes of flaunting about the pool, breasts bouncing out of the water from time to time, the game began to get a little more physical. On occasions, I felt a hand brush against my cock as I teased Joan. Shortly afterwards, a pair of panties came floating to the pool surface, then another and another. All six of us were now totally naked in the water, and with the game getting louder and more intense, the touching was inevitable.

I tackled Tanya, making sure I tweaked her nipples in the process. Tanya retaliated by pulling my cock before she turned and splashed me. Mark and Joan were busy splashing each other at the far end of the pool, whilst Anthony and Julie were having similar fun in another corner.

Eventually, the noise level dropped and the gang simmered down. Tanya clung onto my neck, allowing her to float with her legs wrapped around his waist, her pussy firmly against my side. Joan led Mark into the centre of the pool. Her hands could be seen guiding Mark by his cock. Anthony and Julie swam toward the group, then as they approached the centre of the pool, Anthony submerged, swimming between Joan’s legs, turning in the process and surfacing behind Joan. He cuddled his wife and kissed her neck. Julie rejoined Mark and soon all were at various levels petting.

I placed my right hand under Tanya’s ass and let two fingers slip into her pussy. Tanya, still wrapped around me, squeezed me with her thighs.

Mark and Julie were French kissing, his cock swelling and nudging against Julie’s stomach. She lifted herself and wrapped her legs around Mark’s waist, letting his cock slide into her pussy.

Anthony and Joan were also in a similar position. All three couples fucked in the pool. Joan couldn’t believe what was happening in her own back yard. She had never had sex in front of anyone but her own partners before. This was new and exciting. She felt Anthony tense as he came inside her. She let out a gasp as she too came to a shuddering orgasm.

Mark was about to cum when Julie withdrew from him and submerged. She took his cock into her mouth and finished him off underwater. Mark thought this was fantastic, but wasn’t sure how long Julie could hold her breath for. She didn’t have to hold out for long, he filled her mouth almost as soon as she had her nose buried in his pubic hair.

Tanya had swivelled around to allow me to enter her. I fucked my wife vigorously, water splashing between us as I slapped my stomach against Tanya’s. We came together, my cream oozing into her pussy.

*** All three couples climbed out of the pool and sat on chairs and lounges. Naked, we laughed and joked away any embarrassment some might have had and just carried on conversations and drinking as though fully clothed.

“Shall we eat?” asked Joan after a while. They stood and followed their host to the dining room. Still naked, they took seats at the table. Joan made sure she sat opposite Anthony and between Mark and me; Julie was opposite Mark and to the left of Anthony; Tanya on Anthony’s right sat opposite me.

Our conversation was a little off at first; Joan and Anthony had never done anything like this before, and Julie and Mark had only once before had exposed themselves to (and fucked) another couple - me and Tanya.

Mark and I changed the conversation to break the ice. “So, Anthony, how long have you and Joan been married?”

“Three and a half years now. And what a three and a half years they’ve been too. Fantastic! But this is the first time we’ve done anything like this before. I don’t know why we haven’t done it before, it’s great.” As he finished his sentence, Joan smiled and lifted her foot, gently placing it on Anthony’s cock. Anthony smiled at his wife.

“Well, Tanya and I have done something similar several times now over the past eighteen months,” I returned. “Yes, it all began quite by accident really; I won’t go into details, suffice it to say that we too enjoyed it so much, we take every opportunity to do it whenever we can now.”

“Yes, and I can see why,” said Anthony as he gestured to Julie and Tanya. “And the girls like it too eh?”

“You bet,” said Tanya. “There’s nothing like having another man’s cock inside you and your husband there to support you. It’s such a turn on too. Even watching him take another woman makes me wet.”

The conversation turned sexier, and after we finished our salad, we retired to the lounge. “How about we all play a little game to get things going?” I suggested. All agreed.


I explained the rules. One at a time, they would blindfold one of the girls. Then, she would kneel and taste a cock, trying to identify the owner. She had to keep her hands behind her back and the only touching allowed was with the mouth.

Joan placed a black silk scarf around Julie’s eyes. Then Julie knelt in the centre of the lounge, between the two four-seater sofas. Mark stood in front of her and she stuck out her tongue, probing the air until she finally found the cock. Julie licked the shaft and found it had a small drop of liquid coming out of the tip. She licked it away and then took Mark’s cock deep into her mouth. Mark’s flaccid cock began to harden and soon Julie was enjoying the sensation of an unidentified cock in her mouth.

“So,” asked Tanya, “who’s is it?”

Julie took several more seconds to consider, then, “Anthony?”

“Okay,” continued Tanya, “Anthony. Next cock please.”

Anthony took Mark’s place. His cock was already hard the tip was covered with his pre-cum.

“Hmm,” said Julie, as she tasted the fluid, “this is nice too.” Julie engulfed Anthony’s cock and sucked hard on him. Then pulling away, “Dave, this is Dave.”

“Okay, Dave. Next,” Tanya smiled.

I stood in front of Julie. Her head moved slowly forward, her tongue tasting the air. I teased her by moving slightly, making Julie miss my cock.

“Where is it?” Julie asked. Then she found it, taking in the musky smell and salty taste of my pre-cum. Julie moaned at the pleasure of having her third cock in her mouth. This one was slightly larger than the others, she wasn’t sure. She knew it wasn’t Mark’s, it was larger than her boyfriend’s cock. Pulling away, she said, “Wait a minute, this isn’t Mark, this is Anthony and Anthony’s was Mark.”

She removed her blindfold and realised she was wrong. “Well, how did I do?” she asked.

“Not bad, one out of three, eventually,” Tanya announced, then took the blindfold and placed it over her eyes. Tanya knelt where Julie had been and took her first cock. “Hmm, I think this one is… Anthony.”

Anthony pulled away and was replaced by me.

“And this one is,” Tanya took another taste, feeling every bump and crease with the tip of her tongue. “Mark.”

Mark took my place and Tanya confirmed it to be my cock.

“Okay, one out of three. The score is tied as Joan takes her turn,” announced Julie as she tied the blindfold around Joan’s eyes.

I went first. Joan gently took the unknown cock into her mouth, tasting it and teasing it at the same time. I hadn’t had my cock sucked this way before. My cock stiffened as Joan gave a final suck before announcing, “Dave.”

Anthony took my place. Joan repeated the exercise. “Anthony.”

Mark took Anthony’s place and just as Joan was about to announce the owner to be Mark, she placed a hand on Mark’s thigh.

“Cheating, cheating,” Tanya and Julie protested, “you touched his leg, that’s not allowed in the rules. You have to pay the penalty for that,” Tanya announced.

“And what might that be?” asked Joan, her blindfold still in place.

Tanya took her by the arm and led her to a sofa. Tanya had Joan kneel over the sofa, her ass in the air. “Okay, the penalty is that you have to identify the cocks again, only this time it will be harder.”

Mark and I knew what was coming up. They took Anthony and whispered in his ear to place his cock into Joan’s pussy. Anthony did as told and slowly penetrated his wife. This was a new sensation for him, and Joan.

Joan, not knowing to expect, felt a nudge at her vagina. Then, she could feel a cock enter her, slowly penetrating deep into her vagina. She wanted to groan, but stifled the urge. Instead, she dropped her head onto the back of the sofa and gasped for breath as the cock inside her began to pound in and out.

“Next!” Tanya announced.

I took Anthony’s place, then just before I entered, Joan announced the owner of the first cock to be Mark. I applied pressure and slid into Joan’s pussy. I too fucked Joan with the same style and pace as Anthony had previously. Once again, Joan tried to muffle her pleasure. My cock was slightly larger and she loved the thought that she was getting fucked by someone; but she didn’t know who. I pulled away as Joan announced, “Dave!”

Mark took my place and resumed the pace. Joan was now almost cumming. She felt her orgasm heat up from the depths and her toes began to tingle. “Anthony! Anthony!” she panted.

“Enough!” Tanya announced as Mark withdrew from Joan’s wet pussy.

Julie removed Joan’s blindfold and placed it on Tanya.

Tanya knelt and took the first cock. My cock was still damp with Joan’s juices. Tanya tasted the juices and lapped eagerly at his cock. “Dave,” she announced after a short while.

Mark took my place and again, Tanya tasted Joan’s pussy on the cock. “Mark!”

Anthony’s turn, and he was now very excited. He felt the hotness of Tanya’s breath as she took him deep into her mouth. He gazed down at her large breasts, nipples erect; he wanted to suck on them. It was all too much and he ejaculated into Tanya’s mouth. Tanya was prepared. She felt the cock in her mouth tense and recognised it as the precursor to ejaculation. She didn’t waste a droop.

Anthony couldn’t believe this beautiful woman, almost a stranger really, as he’d only met Tanya once before, had swallowed his semen. His cock lost some of its stiffness, but not much. He was keen to fuck now.

“Anthony!” announced Tanya.

As she stood, the group cheered the outright winner, Tanya.

“So, Tanya, what’s your prize?” Anthony asked.

“I’ve already received it,” she winked at Anthony.

“Okay, now it the boy’s turn,” Julie announced.

Now, it was the guys who wore the blindfold. They had to taste pussy and identify its owner.

I went first and identified all three correctly. Mark also had identified correctly. Anthony’s turn and Tanya moved forward onto Anthony’s tongue. Anthony knew it wasn’t Joan, as Joan had pubic hair. Julie and Tanya were freshly shaven. He mixed them up and got one out of the three correct.

The ice had truly melted now and soon, I was fingering Julie, Mark had Joan and Anthony was receiving another dose of oral from Tanya.

Although Julie loved her boyfriend, she had a thing about me. Ever since I had fucked her, and I had only fucked her once before, she couldn’t stop herself getting wet and worked up whenever she thought about it, and she thought about it a lot.

Julie took my cock in her mouth and brought me to full erection. Then, she stood over me and impaled herself on my 8” of thick cock. She felt me nudge her cervix and this made her shudder in a mini orgasm.

I knew there was something about Julie, that she was hiding more than she was letting on to. I liked Julie very much and enjoyed making love to her. Her pussy was a little tighter than Tanya’s and she felt good on me. Julie began to writhe on my cock. I just laid back on the rug and enjoyed every second of it.

I turned my head to see Anthony sat with Tanya just about to sit on his lap. She had hold of his cock at its base and guided it into her pussy. Her back turned to Anthony, she fucked him as she watched her best friend, Julie, fuck her husband. Tanya knew Julie had the hots for me, but she didn’t mind. Tanya knew that her relationship with her husband was a solid one and that I would never break the rules.

Joan was kneeling over the sofa again. Mark pumped his shaft hard into her pussy. His thumb circled her ass and using some of her juices to lubricate, he pushed his thumb into her opening. Joan felt the tightness give way and the initial pain turned almost immediately to pleasure. She had never been fucked in the ass before, and now she was willing to give anything a try. Mark pulled out of he vagina and placed the tip of his cock at her ass. He pressed gently, meeting resistance as he tried to enter Joan. He told her to relax; she did and his cock popped into her. Joan squealed as she felt the pressure give way and Mark’s hardness enter her. It was extremely tight, but the pleasure was so intense, she began to cum almost immediately. Mark slowly fucked her hole, allowing Joan to get used to his size. He could tell that she didn’t ass-fuck and he was gentle with her. Her groans told him she was cumming. His pace increased and soon, he too was cumming. He pumped his hard shaft into her, it full 7” burying deep inside. He felt his semen rush through his cock as he exploded into Joan. Joan felt his cock pulse as it pumped out his fluid. She almost passed out as the intense orgasm made her dizzy.

Anthony watched Tanya’s ass rock back and forth, up and down, as she fucked his cock. He was glad now that he had cum twice already. This meant he could last a little longer. Tanya swivelled around to face her lover. He took a nipple between finger and thumb and twisted it gently; he suckled on the other. Tanya loved having her nipples played with. They were extremely sensitive and knew that if they were treated right, they could make her cum. Anthony was a little too eager though; his technique needed more work, but still, she enjoyed his ministrations.

Tanya felt Anthony’s cock pulse inside her. He was about to cum again. She bounced harder on him as he shot his cum deep into her pussy. She felt every drop as it blasted deep inside her. She shuddered as she climaxed.

I sucked on Julie’s nipples. They were hard and erect. Not as big as my lovely wife’s but nevertheless, they were good. I felt her pussy tighten its grip on my cock as she received another orgasm, her second in the last couple of minutes. It was too much for me and I let go, filling her pussy with my fluid. Julie shuddered as she felt me cum inside her. ‘I love this man,’ she said in her mind, I saw it oin her expression, as she kissed me passionately on his lips, her tongue exploring my mouth and wrestling with my tongue.

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