tagInterracial LoveAnd Joshua Came Down to Jericho Ch. 04

And Joshua Came Down to Jericho Ch. 04

byThe Avenger©

Chapter 1

Josh was sitting home with Abe an evening later when Rachel dropped by. She told them that Steve, Yvonne's husband and Svenia's dad had impregnated a black girl, one of those that were forced to serve the rich white men of Jericho at the golf club. He had tried to force her to abort but she had convinced him that she would give it up for adoption out of town. When he had sent some guys to pick it up, the girl had run off. Now she was on the run, probably hiding somewhere with some black folks, and the Sheriff was after her.

Josh's heart skipped a beat. This could be the big break he needed, something he could use against Steve. He told Rachel that he wanted her found and brought to him. He gave her money and said to reward anybody who would bring her and the kid.

Meanwhile, he decided to see if he could gain access to Steve's study through his wife, Yvonne, so he could snoop around a bit. He would have to put some pressure on her.

A couple of days later, Josh was a black man on a mission as he dropped by on a sunny afternoon, to meet and meat Yvonne. He found the kitchen door open. He locked it and started stripping his clothes, leaving them on the floor. His cock hardened, wondering what his favorite white house wife was wearing for him.

Yvonne was waiting for him in the living room, kneeling on her husband's couch, with her back to him. She was dressed in a transparent, berry colored spandex, mesh chemise, with an open, strap back, adorned with a floral appliqué. The sides had long splits, leaving the bottom of the sexy garment hanging like skimpy loin clothes. Her fine, alluring ass globes peeped through the flimsy material, so did a tiny, matching g-string with a split crotch, that disappeared in her deep crack. The berry color looked so hot on the golden tanned dark blond.

She didn't say a word, just wagged her ass and exhaled thick weed smoke through lips that were a bright berry gloss. Josh didn't say a word neither, just walked up to her face, palming his thick meat. She put the joint between his lips and grabbed his cock, as he pulled the neck of her dress down and her thick creamy orbs spilled into his dark palms. He smacked her tits with his dick, making them bounce, then he tweaked on her thick, engorged nipples. She shuddered and moaned as she licked his thick, black shaft with her pink tongue and smeared her lips all over it like a sweet, delicious candy stick, till it was gleaming with her spit. Then she bore down on him and swallowed his meat up between her stretched, alluring lips.

He started stroking her head affectionately and she purred like a sweet cat and and moaned with hunger as she smacked and slurped away, producing loud, wet succulent sounds that were like erotic music to his ear. He almost called it Jazz.

Josh let his favorite white mom feed her hungry mouth on his black meat as he took several, deep puffs of the blunt and felt the drug blow up and expand in his head, spreading a warm numbness and an exciting tingle all over him. Something about the weed always seemed to send an extra amount of blood to his cock. He had once told Yvonne, and since that day, she was always saying, "Yeah, Josh come on baby, smoke that shit!"

He pulled on her dark blond hair and shoved his cock at her, stuffing the white mom's pretty, heart shaped face full of hard, throbbing black cock. Yvonne groaned with longing as she took him in her throat with ease. She swallowed up his entire meat and started fucking him with her slick windpipe.

She looked up, a wild fire blazing in her eyes, her stretched lips smiling around his cock and nodded. Josh felt a wild arousal and let the blunt dangle between his lips as he hooked his fingers behind her head and started yanking her on his meat, fucking her face hard, just the way she liked it. She gobbled and gurgled in her throat and cooed like a dove at the same time, as her body shook and her ass wagged like a happy dog. Then she started rocking on her hands and knees, throwing her mouth at his meat, using her entire body to get her throat fucked real deep by the big, fat, young virile cock.

Josh watched her get all frenzied and wild from her arousal. When her face was a nasty, animal like snarl, he smacked her head and pulled his cock out of her pouting mouth. A long string of saliva and mucus hung between her lower lips and the hard tip of his dick. She sucked it up lasciviously as she grabbed and pumped his engorged, excited meat.

Josh stayed cool like an old school vet as he walked around the couch. He fished her g-string out of her ass crack and gasped. A black butt plug was protruding out of her ass, like he had told the white slut mom to do.

His long, hard black meat slid through the split in the crotch of her panties and he fucked her pussy long and good, making her cum hard all over his meat. Then he pulled the plug out of her pink hole, leaving it gaping round, contracting like it was breathing. He put the plug to her lips and she licked and sucked it lasciviously. Then she lost interest in it, sucked her fingers wet, and reached back, to hook her digits into her gaping, pink hole and pull it wide open in invitation.

Josh was impressed by the slut he had made as he eased his meat into her hole. She was impressed by her favorite, young black stud's meat as she released her hole and it simply clamped tightly around him.

He fucked the shit out of her ass and had her bawling as she frigged her cunt vigorously and made her genitals explode repeatedly. When his orgasm approached, he would pull out and cool his cock in her mouth.

He outperformed himself, setting their next personal best, fucking her for four solid hours, using her mouth, pussy and ass, giving her countless orgasms and gallons of cum to drink. He put her in such a blissful, delirious daze that she wanted to vote his black meat for President, fuck Clinton, Obama or McCain and whatnot. Even Al Gore's possible candidature would never have interested her, she said ernestly.

"Shit Josh," she laughed happily. "You make me talk shit like a white trash whore!"

"Listen Yvonne, I wanna fuck you in your husband's study," he told her, fingering her well used, cum filled, raw cunt gently.

"No!" she exclaimed. "We cant. That is his room, his domain."

"So? Come on. We fuck in your bed, don't we? And I even picked it anyway."

"Then that should be enough for you."

"Humor me, please, Yvonne. I just wanna do it, once."

"Ah ah. Forget it. No way."

"Come on mama..."

"he keeps it locked. He doesn't want me or the kids in there, when he ain't home?"

"What's he got buried in there. Come on. Get the key. Steal it from him if you have to."

"Is this some kind of male ritual thing now or what?"

"Maybe. In fact, yup."

"Ah ah. No way."

Josh started feeling annoyed, and she started feeling irritated. His voice got harder and he said she had better get her act together or she would never be allowed to feel his cock in her pussy or ass ever again. She told him to back off. He told her to jerk off but quit the jaw jerking and just do it. They started sneering at each other. Josh got dressed and said he was leaving. She said, "No Josh, not like this." He said, "Fuck yeah!" and fucked off.

Yvonne was pissed. She couldn't stand that she and her lover had just had their first fight. But she didn't even consider succumbing to his desire. Her husband's study was his domain, that she and the kids never violated. He had expressly told them not to go in there. And he kept it locked anyway.

Josh didn't call her all day. In the evening, as her kids were having supper, she sneaked off to the toilet and called. He simply clicked her away.

She lied to Svenia that a friend of hers needed her in a hurry and the pretty white wife jumped in her car and drove across the tracks, to placate her lover. Josh didn't hug her back, and he gave her no sweet smile or dirty laugh. He didn't even make one joke, just kept looking at her like, "The fuck you want?"

Yvonne wondered was it his age, his male ego, or was he just dumb to make an issue about a single room when he could fuck her in the rest of the large house, whenever, however and in whichever hole he pleased. But she didn't wanna fight, she wanted to make up and make love. She stripped off her dress and showed him the tiny, zipper thong she had worn especially for him. She pulled the zipper down and showed him that she had shaved her cunt clean, just for him.

Josh sat across the room from her and told her to frig, while he stroked his big cock, and she gazed lustily at it and frigged hard till she was just about to cum. Then he told her to stop it right away. He stood over her and smacked her tongue and tits with his cock. Then he grabbed a handful of her hair and rubbed his meat all over her face, on her forehead, cheek, eyes, under her nose, on her lips and even behind her ears, and on her chin and neck. She shuddered and gurgled and chased after it with greedy eyes and lips. Then he shoved it in her mouth and let her suck just a little bit, then he exploded in her mouth in record time, without even making an effort to hold back.

She was very restless and unsatisfied. She was spoilt, used to sucking and fucking him for hours on end. But Josh laughed at her and said he was serious about slapping her with sanctions.

She got real mad and called him a mean ass hole.

"This hurts me more than it hurts you, believe me," he told her, laughing. She said he should just wipe the stupid idea out of his mind. He remained adamant and sent back home, with nasty, unsatisfied itches in her mouth, pussy, ass and clit.

The following afternoon, he dropped by and continued torturing her, saying he was slapping her with sanctions like the U.N. did Qaddafi, Saddam and Milosevic.. She couldn't hug him, kiss him, suck him, fuck him or eat his ass.

She started crying, saying, "How can you, Josh darling, why are you doing this to me?

He did feel a bit sorry for his horny, desperate white wife friend, so he fucked her pussy just a little, to show her what she was missing. As she was humping him hard, trying to cum, he pulled it out and let her suck it. As she was trying to suck and wank him feverishly, and yank him down her throat, he pulled his dick away and fucked her ass. As she tried to have an ass orgasm, he pulled it out and told her,

"Get your act together, if you ever want this dick to fuck you properly again."

Then he jerked his big, black cock and shot it in her face. She called him cruel as she scooped up his cum and licked it off her fingers. He laughed and she snorted and tried to attack him and take his black cock by force. She would have jumped on him and fucked him hard and fast, but he pushed her off. She couldn't believe it. He laughed and left her horny, rubbing her legs together like a cricket, but mad as hell, lapsing into the local accent, saying "For-git it, young buck, jest you for-git it.."

As Josh was leaving her house, he met Svenia coming from school. The slimmer, younger, taller version of Yvonne was dressed in a tank top and tight jeans, with her school bag slung over her shoulder. As she saw Josh, she broke into a wide smile and his face split into a big grin. She walked up to him, blushing before he even told her she was looking good.

"What you doing here? I thought you do our grounds on Friday?" she said in a sweet voice, flashing him a sweet, heart melting, shy smile.

"I had forgotten some tools here. How is life?" Josh asked, hoping she couldn't hear his heart thudding.

"Cool. I am just about to go for a jog, but I am feeling a little lazy," she said shifting on her feet, stroking back her hair, again and again. She was blushing so much her skin felt hot.

"You run a lot, huh?"

"Yep. Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays."

"Work hard for that hot body huh?" he said, giving her a flirtatious smile.

"I put on weight quickly, yunno," she responded, stroking her hair back. "How you been doing?"

"Fine..." Josh saw that Yvonne had just come to the bedroom window and was watching them. "Listen, I gotta rush off and do something."

"Ain't your working day over yet?" she asked, as if she was reluctant for him to just leave so soon.

"I got something else to take care of. Maybe I will join you for a jog one of these days. Enjoy yourself, pretty woman."

Svenia blushed and waved. Josh would have loved to gaze after her fine bottom but he didn't think it was nice or wise, when frustrated Yvonne was watching. He jumped into his car and drove off.

Chapter 2

Josh drove to a glade and smoked a fat blunt under the warm, soft evening sun. He gazed at the red, beautiful sunset as he puffed and got high. The beauty was overwhelming. It was something to share with someone he loved. He felt such a strong yearning, and one face kept flashing into his vision.

He knew he was taking an unnecessary risk, to satisfy his selfish longing. But he wanted her. He had to have her. He was a man, and she was the woman he wanted.

Josh parked his truck at the edge of the wood where Svenia went jogging, well hidden in the low hanging tree branches. He killed the motor, took a chilled bottle of water from the cooler and went to stand besides a tree, next to the path. He heard her jogging and panting on the soft, tree covered path well before she came to sight. Then he saw her, looking hot, in tight, drawstring shorts and a sports bra that held up her sexily jigging breasts. Her hair was tied back and she was covered with a light film of sweat that made her very sexy.

"Hi there Svenia!" he said and she jumped with fright. As she recognized him, she broke into a wide smile at the muscular, athletic black man, dressed in a white wife beater, a pair of loose basketball shorts and trainers as she came up to him.

"You scared the hell out of me," she said, smiling and gasping.

"Sorry. Want some water..." he handed her a cold bottle from the cooler. She took it gratefully and threw her head back, gulping the water down.

"I should be going home. I have some homework to do," she said, shifting on her feet.

"Stay and chat with me for a sec," he said in a firm but gentle voice and took her hand.

"No!" she gasped and tried to pull her hand back.

"Yes!" he said confidently, casually.

Svenia gazed down at her dainty, pale hand engulfed in his big, black hand. The sight aroused and mesmerized her. But she knew it was dangerous, in Jericho.

"No Josh. I cant. You would get into some serious trouble," she pleaded.

"Are you telling me you are not worth any trouble I would get into?"

She blushed, smiling, and averted her eyes from his, or she would have drowned and died happily.

"I am not taking no for an answer Svenia. Come with me Svenia!" he said firmly, confidently, as he put his hand on the bared small of her back, and squeezed. Then he nudged her into the thick wood.

She didn't know him, didn't know what he was planning, and she had been warned about how barbaric and dangerous black men were. What if he fell over her, she would be powerless. Svenia felt scared, and thrilled. She knew she shouldn't, but she could tell he wouldn't settle for less, so she let him lead her.

He took her to his car, well hidden in the bushes and eased her fine ass on the hood of his car. He sat next to her, very close, his thigh lightly touching hers, and didn't release her hand and she didn't pull it back. She felt good, and safe in his big, gentle, black hand.

"Tell me about yourself," he said, in the deep, dark voice that had been in her ear ever since she met him. She looked into the deep, brown eyes that she had been seeing in her dreams, hoping to never look into again.

"What do you wanna know," she asked shyly.

"Everything," he replied, smiling.

"I'm boring. I'll bore you to death..."

"Then I will die a very happy man."

The conversation came easily. They just clicked. He listened as she got excited, and her face started beaming, telling him she wanted to study in Hawaii, and become an ocean biologist. She wanted to work with whales and dolphins. He had never thought of such stuff, but suddenly found it cool, because she said it.

She asked him about his family, and he told her as much as he could. Time flew by, as they chatted, laughed and flirted. Josh had a dirty sense of humor, that made her gasp and laugh heartily. She was surprised when she realized that he was stroking her hand and she was stroking him back. But it felt so natural, so she didn't even trip.

After almost an hour, Svenia said she had to leave or her parents would get worried.

"And I need to shower as well, with all this sweat. Uuuuuu!"

"Come here and lemme smell you," Josh slid his arms around her and pulled her body into his. Svenia was taken by surprise, but she did not resist. Her arms hung limply down her sides as Josh engulfed her in his powerful arms and gave her a long, gentle hug. She fell in love with his body immediately, strong, muscular, athletic, hard yet soft, and hot. Bristling with virility.

"Mmmmm. That body feels so good. You built for hugging," his deep, dark voice rasped into her ear, making goosebumps break over her skin. He loved her body, ripe, soft, yet firm, radiant, bubbling with energy.

"hi hi, you too," she giggled through a parched throat.

"Then hug me. Lemme feel that wonderful body..."

"Hi hi. Thanks," she giggled sweetly, her heart leaping into her mouth. She slid her arms around his middle and he squeezed her, gently, firmly. Svenia felt lightheaded, like she was floating. He nuzzled her head and she nuzzled him back. He kissed her cheek and she giggled and pulled back.

"Sorry, I start giggling when I am excited. Hi hi.." she said sweetly, her face beaming with joy and excitement.

"You ticklish too, huh?"

"Don't you dare Josh! We don't wanna attract attention, remember. No!!! Hi hi hi"

He only did it lightly, then he stopped, and got serious.

"Can I have your number?" It didn't sound like a question.

She gave it to him.

"Call around nine please, when I am alone in my room. Have a nice evening, Josh."

As she pulled her hand back, he held on to it and squeezed it. She squeezed back and giggled, her face beaming, her eyes shining with excitement.

He stood besides his car, gazing after her as she jogged out of sight, her thick, round ass bouncing sexily.

Josh went home feeling excited, and very warm around his heart. It wasn't just his dick feeling excited about a young white pussy. He liked her, big time.

Josh called Svenia up several times during the following days. She would chat to him, snuggled up in bed, hugging her favorite, big teddy bear, wishing it was Josh, but never telling him.

The two of them would chat for ages, about their families and lives, and whatnot. Josh always had to be careful, for he did not want her to know too much about him, as he was supposed to be a simple gardener. But Svenia never pressed him. She seemed only glad that they had gotten to know each other.

After several calls, Svenia brought up the situation in the town. She was not ignorant about the disparities of blacks in their town. She said she hated they way the whites, like most of her school mates, looked down on blacks.

"Its so pathetic. Sometimes I feel embarrassed to be white!"

"Yeah. At least not all white people are like them, I guess. I mean, you are a nice person. I like you."

She paused and then rasped. "I like you too."

"Do you wanna show me around tomorrow?"

"Yes," she rasped again. "But it is dangerous Josh. I don't want anything to happen to you. The guys here are messed up," she paused. "My dad would be mad as hell!"

"We are not dating, are we?" he teased. She didn't answer, she only gasped. "I will pick you up at our spot in the wood, right?"

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