tagInterracial LoveAnd Joshua Came Down to Jericho Ch. 07

And Joshua Came Down to Jericho Ch. 07

byThe Avenger©

Chapter 1

Josh felt like an African hunter of old, going through the bush with his spear, hunting a nice buck to feed his family. Only the type of buck he was hunting did not go on four legs but two. And its name was not buck, but white.

The first white woman that Josh wanted to break and feed to his studs was Carrie. He couldn't wait to see the sadistic white woman black fucked by him and his studs. She had it coming, for a long time. Most black men hated her, for she had bashed them and used them for white women to practice kicks and punches on them in her self defense lessons.

On a Wednesday, Josh drove to Carrie's house, where she lived with her husband, to do her garden. The young black man with the master plan pulled up at his port of call, a sprawling dwelling, with a nice, huge garden.

Carrie never talked to him. She hated him and just couldn't stand his black ass, after he had humiliated her twice, (see Ch 1). Usually, her husband gave him the instructions if any. But generally, he had free reign.

They wanted some new flowers planted and so he decided to find out where they wanted them, so he could check if her husband was at home. Dressed in his drab, over-sized overalls, he walked up to the house and heard their loud voices through the slightly open porch door. It sounded like they were having a row, as usual. He removed his boots, walked onto the porch and knocked.

After several knocks, the door was yanked open by a big, obese man in his mid fifties, with a red, jowly face. He was dressed in a golfing outfit in which he looked comical rather than athletic, with all that gut and flab. For his friends, he was Ran, for lesser beings like Josh, he was "Mr Brandon Atkins, sir." Abe had told him that Ran put out his wife and children five years earlier and then married Carrie. Carrie was from the less richer white families, and Ran was from good, old money, therefore she had married him to improve her social standing and have access to his wealth.

"What you want?" Ran barked angrily at Josh like he was a truant dog about to catch a fat kick to the ass.

"Morning Mr Atkins sir, I need some instructions on the new flowers."

"The hell you think I give a damn about fucking flowers!" He banged the door in his face.

"Carrie, that garden nigger wants to know about some flower bed," he heard Brandon's muffled voice say.

"Tell him to fuck off and take his jungle bunny ass the fuck back to Africa!" an angry female voice shouted.

"Carrie, I told you no smoking in the house! And take care of the damn flowers. That's a woman's job."

"What you care anyway, you never here!"

"Fuck! Stop annoying me, Carrie! Dammit! Go talk to that nigger!"

"Well, fuck you and fuck that nigger!"

"Oh yeah! skank ass white whore! I'm gonna jump that white ass like Kris-Kros bitch!" Josh snickered to himself.

Didn't the bitch know she was simply making it harder on herself, he decided, rubbing his cock as he walked to the edge of the porch, to gaze at the sunny, green garden, hearing the foul mouthed woman cussing her old husband out with a barrage of very vile language.

The door was yanked and Josh turned, to find himself staring at the redheaded twenty something sadist. Her long, red, curly locks were tied at the back in a pony. Carrie had a long, wide face with a slightly hooked nose, intense, cold gray eyes and a wide, thin mouth. Her thin upper lip was constantly curled back, exposing her teeth in a permanent sneer. There was something humorless and almost sad about her. Her brows were trimmed, giving her a predatory look, that was intensified by her fierce frown.

Carrie had a very athletic, sturdy body, reminiscent of tennis player, Amelie Mauresmo. She had wide shoulders and hip bones, with a flat belly and slim waist. Her hips were flaring, her ass cheeks big and firm, and her thighs were big and muscular, her legs athletic. She had a pair of fake tits you could have spotted a mile away. They looked like she had borrowed them from a chick in LA, yunno, some wanna be movie star turned gold digging bimbo and part time Stripper, named Cinderella with the Glass Slippers. Probably a present from her old, stupid husband, or an order, probably. Get these big ass fake tits or get the hell out, bitch!

She was dressed in a knee length, pink gown that was plastered to her wet skin and flip flops. She was angry as hell. Her cold, gray eyes blazed at Josh.

"The hell you want?" she snarled, looking at him like he was trash that the cat just dragged in.

"Its about the new flower bed," he responded. "Where would you like it?"

"Put it up your black nigger ass," she sneered, and broke into a harsh, bitter laugh. He could smell alcohol on her breath.

"Women!" Ran said in a booming voice as he walked in and stepped to his wife. "Always making trouble for nothing!" he said, putting his arm around her shoulders. "Feeling better now!"

"Don't fucking touch me!" she growled, hitting his hand away. "Go and have fun on your stupid golf course."

"Its not about fun darling, its about business. I have to meet some very important people."

"You have to meat some impotent people? Don't forget your Viagra," she sneered and laughed in his face.

"Watch your damn tongue Carrie. You should lay off the alcohol, dammit! The fuck you smiling at boy! Wanna feel my boot up your ass? You demented shine! Know your place, dammit!"

"Sorry sir, my thoughts were elsewhere..." Josh said, backing off to a safe distance.

"That's when the problems start, when you people try to think. All of a sudden, your running around with a big head full of stupid ideas," Carrie sneered at Josh. He looked into her eyes and saw meanness. She was an ornery woman, that had to be broken.

"My wife is right. Concentrate on what your good at and you'll be one happy nigger. Hear me, boy!" Ran said, and he thought he was giving him sound advice.

"Yes sir Mr Atkins sir," Josh said nicely, smiling, knowing that Ran had just sealed the fate of his bitter, sadistic wife and his as well.

Ran pulled his fat wallet out and took out a large sheaf of bills.

"Darling, go and do some shopping. We'll drive over to Dickson and eat at that favorite place of yours in the evening. Alright? Do I get a kiss?"

She simply snorted and stormed inside.

"Fucking stupid whore!" her husband snarled and threw the money on the table. "Don't you dare touch it boy!" he sneered at Josh and stormed off around the house. Josh heard him banging a car door shut, then his car tore down the driveway and roared away down the street.

Josh looked inside the house and Carrie lighting a cigarette and puff angrily. She poured herself a healthy amount of scotch into a glass and knocked it down.

Chapter 2

Josh went to the car and picked up a cam coder and put it in a tiny bag. Then he pulled out a fat blunt and lit it, picked up Brandon's cash and walked into the house, kicking the door shut behind him.

"What the hell you doing in here. Get the hell out, you stupid nigger!" she snarled.

Josh threw the cash at her feet and exhaled calmly at her. She simply gasped. She couldn't believe it. Then he said, "Here's a little cash for you, Carrie, you stupid whore! White trash cunt! Fuck you!"

"What!" she exclaimed going livid. She threw her arm back and hurled the glass at him. Josh ducked and it whooshed past his head and crashed on the wall behind him.

"You missed, you stupid cunt!" he laughed, and then paused, to puff on his blunt.

"I am gonna whoop your black nigger ass!" she growled and charged at him like a buffalo She took a swing at his head and he sidestepped neatly, caught her arm and yanked her sharply to him, and gave her a perfect clothes line with his other arm, hitting her just above her breasts, sending her crashing onto a couch, making her see flashing lights. He laughed loud, and puffed on his blunt.

Carrie sat up groggily and shook her head to clear it.

"Ain't that easy to whoop my black ass huh, Carrie, when there ain't no deputies Tim and James to hold me down huh?" he taunted her and put a hand in his pocket, as the other held the blunt to his lips and he just strutted like a proud cock before her.

Carrie snarled like a beast and charged him. She threw her hardest punch at his head. He head butted her fist with his forehead and she shrieked, grabbing her wrist in pain. He laughed and she went mad as an animal and jumped at him, talons bared. Josh put the blunt between his lips and caught her swinging arms. He put her hands in one powerful, big black hand and bitch slapped her, forehand, backhand and forehand. He only used half his strength but her stupid head snapped back. He grabbed her face and shoved her into the couch.

"You hit me!" she shrieked in disbelief. "By the time the Sheriff and his boys are through with you, you will be wishing you were dead, you stupid Nigger!"

His face twisted in such an angry, dark mask that Carrie gasped.

"You know what Carrie, you the one that's dead. Remember what you did to me, humiliating me, beating me up and shit. Carrie, I am here to murder you!"

"No!!!" she whimpered, suddenly going crazy with fear. She hastily tried to run. Josh snatched her by her red hair and yanked her back. He shoved his dark, angry face into hers.

"if you scream Carrie, I will break your neck before anybody gets here. They might get me, but you will be dead. Is that clear," the ashen faced red head nodded.

"Gosh, I have been looking forward to this Carrie, believe me!" he laughed like a psychopath. Carrie looked into his face and got real scared. His eyes had a crazy shine.

"No Josh! Please. I am sorry. I know what I did to you was wrong..."

Josh grabbed her by the front of her gown and shook her hard. She tried to knee his balls and he blocked with his hip.

"You wanna fight, huh!" he smacked her hard, left, right, left. Then he head butted her, dazzling her. But he wasn't finished. He ran with her to the wall and smashed her back against it. He pinned her to the wall with one big hand around her neck. Then he raised a meaty fist. He kissed his fist, bounced it up and down a couple of times and got ready to launch it.

Carrie whimpered and trembled with fear, her face going ashen as she looked at his muscular torso and his big, powerful black arm and the thick, meaty fist. Then he launched it at her scared face. She shrieked and tried to duck. Josh missed her narrowly, intentionally, sending his fist into the wooden wall, knocking a huge hole in it. Carrie stared at the hole, and started sobbing heavily, wailing like a baby...

"Fuck! I don't believe this. You made me miss!" he swore incredulously and gave her fast, frenzied slaps to the head. "How dare you make precious miss. How dare you!!!! Stop crying..." he poked her hard to the forehead. "Stop it immediately..." she fought hard to sniff back her sobs and wiped her eyes fast. "Listen Carrie, when precious hits you, you don't move, alright?"

"Yes!!" she whimpered. "Please Josh, lemme go, please!!! PLEASE!!! I will give you anything you want.

"Anything?" she nodded hastily. "I want you dead. Can you give me that?"

"No! Please don't kill me!"

"But I wanna kill you, you stupid cunt! Don't you understand? Are you dumb!" He grabbed a newspaper, rolled it together and started hitting her with it, frenziedly, breathing like a maniac.

Carrie whimpered and sobbed, covering her face with her hands. "Fuck Carrie! What are you doing, crying girl? Dint I say not to cry? You are making me mad, that's what! I hate this! Shit!!!!" he cried, as if he was so anguished. "Why? Why? Why? How can you make me mad. You are just like the others. That's why I had to kill them. What!" he exclaimed, cocking his ear.

"Kill. Kill! Carrie, who else is in here. Some voices are saying I should kill! "Stupid cunt! Gotta kill her. Have to kill her. Kill her dead. Beat her, stab her, strangle her, murder her." That's what they are saying Carrie. Do you have a sharp knife in your kitchen?"

"No!" she wailed, shaking, realizing she was in the hands of a mad black man, a psychopath. "Please don't kill me Josh! Please don't listen to those voices" Carrie begged and dropped to her knees, grabbing on to his overalls and crying pathetically.

Josh removed the belt of her gown and made a noose of it. Her put it around her neck and wrapped the other end around his fist.

"You my little dog now Carrie. My little lamb to the slaughter!"

He yanked her to her feet and ripped off her gown. She stood before him, trembling with fear. She was wearing boring full panties and a dull bra. They didn't even match.

"Fuck Carrie, how can you wear such shit when you are going to die. This makes me mad!"

He made as if to slap her. She shrieked and put her arms up, then he kicked her legs from under her. As she fell, he caught her and yanked her around, then he shoved her face first into the wall and pinned her there.

"Don't turn around. I don't wanna see your face when I kill you! This wont hurt, I promise. You wont even feel it."

"A-a-a-a-a-a-aaaaaaa!" Carrie bawled like a cow in immense pain, shaking. Then she pissed on herself.

"Look at yourself Carrie, pissing all over yourself, you stupid cunt. Alright, I wont kill you, but you have to do exactly as I say. One mistake and I will knife you, alright? And you say Master, alright?"

"Yes master," Carrie sobbed pitifully. "I will do anything, just don't hit me and don't kill me please Master."

Chapter 3

Josh dragged the paralyzed sadist to the bathroom by the leash and ordered her to strip off her piss stinking underwear. She whimpered and hastily did so. He pushed her under the cold shower and she didn't even feel the cold water. He then told her to dry herself, and dragged her to the bedroom.

He told the pale, whimpering, trembling woman to kneel at his feet. He ripped her drawers open and put an outfit together for her. Her husband must have been kinky, for Josh found a part of the ward robe filled with kinky, sexy clothes. He chose a red, mesh mini dress, a matching, tiny, see through, stretch lace thong with a split crotch and red half cup bra. Then he picked a pair of red stockings and matching, high heeled red leather pumps.

"Put these on, bitch! Fast!" he threw the clothes in her face and they hit and fell to the floor. She sobbed. He raised his hand and she stopped that shit and got dressed so fast, almost falling over herself.

Josh ran his finger nails several times up and down the stockings, tearing and laddering them, so they looked like they belonged to some cheap, broke ass whore. Then he made her put on too much red gloss to her lips. He grabbed her and forced her before the mirror. She tried to avert her eyes but he yanked on her hair and made her look.

"Look at yourself now Carrie, you look like a fucking whore don't you? Answer bitch. Say it bitch, don't make me have to, alright precious, kill her..." he said to his fist and spat on it.

"Yes sir, I look like a whore! A cheap white whore!" she whimpered desperately, her eyes all red and glassy.

"Good girl. But I wont laugh at you, no sir, I will treat you good. Though I am going to fuck you like a whore!"

She started sobbing pitifully.

"Oh, you don't wanna fuck a nigger, not even to save your life. Alright then, lets go to the kitchen to find a nice, sharp little knife!" he poked her sharply in the belly and she cried, cringing.

"No! I will do it! Anything you want sir. Just don't kill me please!" she whined.

"Take off my overalls, you worthless cunt! Fast!" Carrie fought to control her trembling hands and opened his overalls and pushed them down his shoulders. Josh kicked them off and stood before her, in a vest and spandex shorts. Carrie seemed to even become more scared as she saw his bulging, muscular torso and the thick bulge in his shorts.

"Here, take a look at this big, black dick!" Josh said, pulling his cock out of his shorts. Carrie's scared, weeping eyes glared at a long, thick, jet black cock with thick veins that were pulsing with blood.

"Ain't it a nice, big, black Nigga dick, white bitch!" he slowly stroked his thick shaft and her eyes followed his hand and his dick. "And it will be the best dick you ever fucked. Yeah bitch! You get this, you will forget your husband's old cock and all the other white dicks you ever fucked." he pulled the foreskin off the thick head and it emerged, big, shiny and heart shaped, with thick cream welling up in the incision.

"No!" she wailed, cringing Josh raised his big hand and pimp slapped her hard and she begged for pity.

"Please! Master! Sir!" she croaked desperately. "I will do anything you want. Anything Master. Please! Just don't hit me..."

"Lick my face! Do it! Like a good dog, with a big old tongue! Fuck, didn't I say dog? I want you panting and lapping!" She shot on her tip toes and licked his face desperately, like a dog. She lapped all over his skin till he was slick with her saliva.

"Lick my fucking chest. Do it whore..." he pulled her to his chest. She whimpered and started licking his chest.

"Yeah, lick my flesh. Chew it. Show me how much you love my black muscles... Suck and shit. Bitch, I want you to fucking feast on me...."

His hard voice rang out and she obeyed. She licked his chest slavishly till it was wet.

"Shit bitch! Suck on my nipples. Get them hard bitch. Suck!!! Fuck..." he pinched her cheek roughly and she sucked his nipples. She had had much practice in catering to a demanding man, for her husband Brandon, was rich and he made it her duty to please him. Carrie now did all she could, sucking, licking teasing him with her teeth and tongue. She almost cried with joy as she finally felt his nipples grow and harden.

"Yeah, that's better Carrie. If you keep on being such a good girl, I wont hit you anymore. Hell, I might not even kill you!"

"I will do my best Master!" she whimpered slavishly.

"Get down on all fours, you worthless white whore!" she sank to her hands and knees. "crawl to me, like the good little dog you are..."

He back pedaled, pulling her by the woolen belt from the robe, that was still tied around her neck. She crawled after him.

"fuck Carrie! What the fuck is that!" he made as if to kick her and she whimpered like a tortured dog. "Do it nice and sexy. I wanna see them hips swing and that ass rolling. Don't piss me off again!"

Carrie did her best to look sexy as the scared, paralyzed woman crawled after her tormentor. Josh took the cam coder from his bag and set it up nicely, connecting to a wide screen monitor. The image of the room filled the screen. Then he led her to a wall and leaned against it, and fired his joint. Then he picked up a big, earthen flower pot from a window pane and lifted it.

"Come here. Now if you fuck up once, I am smashing this on your head," he growled. "And you know it will break like glass and cut right through your skull," Carrie looked into his eyes and saw he meant it. "Kiss my feet, whore!"

Carrie whimpered, looking at the monitor, where she saw herself, dressed like a white whore, kneeling at the black man's feet.

"Do it! Oh alright, have some flowers bitch!" he raised the pot high with both hands. She saw him in the monitor, looking like he was just about to destroy her head.

"I will do it!!!!" she whimpered and dropped her face to his feet. He made her take off his socks and lick the tops then the soles and heels of his feet and even the ankles, till they were wet. She was crying. He kicked her head lightly.

"Stop crying or you gonna get it. I want you to fucking smile and lick your way up my leg and thigh, white whore..."

He pushed one leg in face and made her lick a blazing trail upwards, leaving his skin slick and shiny. He threatened her and she forced herself to blink back her tears and smile, even as he laughed at her and made her die from humiliation.

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